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Top 30+ Funny Gift Ideas that Make People Laugh Hard
Gifts Guide

Discovering Top 30+ Funny Gift Ideas that Make People Laugh Hard

30 Mar 2024
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We can deny that gifts with funny touches never fail to impress any heart. But, to choose funny gift ideas that bring good laughs, it’s not an easy task to do. In this article, we will help you by presenting a collection of most light-hearted present ideas that surprise everyone.

How to Infuse the Funny Touches to Your Presents

Why can funny presents leave such a strong impression for everyone? And why can they be so favoured when it comes to gifting? Well, the answer is simple - because laughter is the best medicine, and what better way to spread joy than with a gift that induces giggles and guffaws? 

So, adding a touch of humour to your presents can turn an ordinary gift-giving occasion into a memorable one. Here, we suggest some interesting ideas to infuse laughing elements into your gifts: 

  • Quirky Gift Design: If your gift is tangible, you can opt for one that is funny designed. The recipient may burst into laughter right the moment it is seen.
  • Hilarious Message: The laughing vitamins can come not only from the funny gift ideas but also from a witty inside joke or a funny crafted messages which are displayed lovely on the gifts.
  • Funny-themed Wrapping: Don’t worry if your gift itself does not include any funny sides. You can still make the recipient laugh by a funny-themed wrapping.
Funny Gift Ideas Make The Best Memorable Moments
Funny Gifts Make The Best Memorable Moments

A Thoughtful Collection of Most Creative Funny Gift Ideas that Make Everyone Laugh Out Loud

Do you know what can make your funny gifts even more memorable? Well, it is personalisation! Funny personalised gifts that are specially customised will move whoever you plan to surprise right! So, let’s explore different ideas of funny present ideas for different recipient here:

Funny Present Ideas for Men

It’s true that men can be really difficult to shop for sometimes, but funny gifts can always pack a punch when it comes to choosing presents for him. So, here are our top funny gift ideas for men that should not be missed: 

  • Funny Button Cleaner for Dad: Are you looking for dad gift ideas with a funny touch? Trust me! He will definitely laugh hard when receiving this funny customised gift, especially when it is attached with this hilarious quote - “For dad who has everything, here’s your button cleaner!”
  • Personalised ‘Everyone Is Welcome To Classroom’ Doormat: This gift is perfect for a guy working as a teacher. With a funny customised doormat featuring humorous rules, you can not only honour his teaching career but also give him a source of endless laughter.
Funny Gift Ideas For Teachers
A Funny Gift For Those Who Are Funny Teacher

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  • Funny Decision Maker Die: This can be one the best ideas for funny gifts that will make him laugh hard especially when he’s facing a tough time. Let’s customise it with his name and also funny quotes to make it more cherished by him.
  • Personalised I'm Lacking Vitamin U Mug for Boyfriend: Wanna show your love to him in a funny way? Here’s your go-to option. Our hilarious mugs as gift ideas for men bring laughter not only from the quotes but also from the funny image that you choose to customise them with.
Funny Gift Ideas For Him
Show Him Love In A Funny Way

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  • Funny Retirement Die for Men: If he’s about to take his retirement soon, why not create something fun for him that both makes him laugh and reminds him of loving himself? This custom die is your answer! With witty messages to send him, this choice from our collection of funny dad gift ideas will make him laugh out loud.
  • Funny Fishing Lures for Him: Is he into fishing? If yes, you must try these funny fishing lures as you look for funny personalised gifts for him. They will not only give him laughter, but also show him that you treasure his interest!

Funny Gift Ideas for Her

When it comes to gifts with a funny touch for women, you should opt for funny gift ideas for her that combine laughter well with a touch of femininity. Below are top 5 ideas for funny personalised gifts for her that will pamper every girl in a humorous way:

  • Customised ‘I Hope We're Friends Until We Die’ Friendship Keyrings:  This option from our collection of gift ideas for funny friend will help you cherish your friendship with her in a humorous way. Customised with your names and an inside joke, this is truly a laughing source.
  • Personalised ‘Best Dog Mom I Woof You Mom’ Shirt: Is she a dog mom? Well, you’ve got to try this specially designed tee from our list of gift ideas for her. Not only does it spread joy with the witty message displayed but it also makes her feel cherished with the customisation for the dog image and other details that we offer.
Funny Gift Ideas For Cat Lovers
A Funny And Lovely Gift For A Cat Mum

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  • Custom Funny Calm Down Scented Candle for Female Coworker: This custom scented candle with a twist brought by the funny quotes crafted will never fail to entertain any woman’s mind! So, let’s get her this relaxing gift and make her go “ha ha ha”!
  • Customised Funny Potato Vodka Coaster for Her: You can add a touch of humour to her coffee table or bar with a set of potato vodka-themed coasters. Such funny gift ideas will not only make her chuckle but also act as a symbol of your care.
  • Personalised ‘Beware A Crazy Plant Lady’ Doormat: If she’s into gardening, don’t miss out on this funny personalised doormat for her. With a quirky quote of “Beware! A crazy plant lazy and her spoiled rotten cats live here”, and the heartfelt customisation for names and other details allowed by Personal Chic, this will surely be her favourite gift ever.
Funny Gift Ideas For Those Who Love Planting
This Will The Best Gift If She's Into Gardening

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Funny Presents for Kids

Kids love fun, so funny gifts are the best to give them no matter what occasion it is. So, with our funny gift suggestions below, your children will be entertained in a unique way:

  • Hillbilly Washer and Dryer:  This gag gift will be best to have for your kids in any fun games. This bears a fun twist that can not only make her laugh hard but also become a lovely decor for their space when hanging their favourite pictures.
  • Personalised ‘Grandpa Bear’ Door Mat: Are you looking for funny gift ideas for your grandchildren as a grandpa, don’t let this gift slip away! Customised with a witty image of papa bear with grandkid bears acting like being on a mission, this custom doormat can grant your kid a good laugh when entering his space.
Funny Gift Ideas For All Grandads
Grant His Kid A Good Laugh When Entering His Space

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  • Funny ‘ Bite Your Tongue No Bourbon in Prison’ Cocktail Napkin: You can add a dash of humour to family gatherings or kids' parties with these hilarious cocktail napkins. Featuring a witty phrase like "Bite Your Tongue - No Bourbon in Prison," these napkins will have any kid chuckling as they enjoy their drinks and snacks.
  • Funny Emotional Support Pickle With Positive Affirmation: You can delight your kids with a quirky plush toy that doubles as an emotional support pickle. Complete with a smiling face and positive affirmations like "You're Kind of a Big Dill" or "Pickle Perfection," this funny gift will provide endless entertainment and a dose of humour during playtime.
  • Personalised ‘Mummy's Gang Kids’ T-Shirt: You can gift your kids these funny custom tees from Personal Chic to represent your strong bond in a cool and hilarious way. And, don’t forget to customise it more by adding their names, the jokes you have to make these T-shirts one-of-a-kind gifts for your kids.
Funny Gift Ideas For Mums
These T-Shirts Are One-Of-A-Kind Gifts For Your Kids

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Top 20 Ideas of Funny Presents for Different Occasions

Each gift-giving occasion will need different kinds of funny gift ideas to infuse the event with joy. In this section, we’ll discover different funny gift suggestions that will spread the fun thoughtfully for each occasion.

Funny Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to celebrate with laughter. Here, we recommend you with top 5 must-have birthday ideas for funny gifts  that will tickle the him/her right:

  • Custom Caricature Portrait: Commission a personalised caricature portrait capturing the birthday person's unique quirks and traits. Such personalised birthday presents will not only bring laughs but also serve as a cherished keepsake, immortalising the special day in a fun and creative way.
  • Personalised ‘50th Birthday, You Deserve A Beer’ T-Shirt from Personal Chic: This funny customised tee featured with a quote of “you deserve a beer” makes it a perfect gift with a funny touch. This quirky gift can make him laugh out loud.
Funny Gift Ideas For 50th Birthday
Their 50s Will Be Better With This T-Shirt!

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  • DIY Prank Kit: As you look for the perfect funny gift ideas for birthdays, why not put together a DIY prank kit? You can fill it with harmless gag gifts like whoopee cushions, fake lottery tickets, and trick candles to create endless laughter for the special day.
  • Personalised ‘What A Lovely Morning’ 40th Birthday Hoodie from Personal Chic: You can surprise the birthday boy/girl with this funny custom hoodie which is humorously designed with a funny text displayed on it. Here, you can even customise it more by adding names, the birthday, and even editing the image to make the gift just-for-her.
Funny 40th Birthday Gift Ideas
Surprise That Birthday Boy/Girl With This Funny Hoodie
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  • Funny Memory Jar: Create a memory jar filled with humorous anecdotes, inside jokes, and memorable moments shared with the birthday person. Each note will bring a smile to their face as they reminisce about past adventures, making this gift both sentimental and amusing.
  • Funny Birthday Card: A custom card with funny birthday wishes or witty decorations can also make a perfect funny gift. With such funny birthday gift ideas, you not only give laughs but also give memories.

Funny Gift Ideas for Weddings

Weddings are a time for love, laughter, and happily ever afters. So, you can add an extra dose of humour to the occasion with present ideas that will have the bride and groom laughing for years to come. So, here are some funny present ideas that you can have for this occasion:

  • Marriage Survival Kit: Among all funny wedding gift ideas, this funny option will help the newlyweds fill their marriage with laughter and love. So, let’s assemble a marriage survival kit that is completed with humorous essentials like earplugs for selective listening, a stress ball for wedding planning woes, and a DIY "Emergency Romance" kit. 
  • Personalised ‘My Cats Are Sleeping’ Sequin Pillow from Personal Chic: This custom pillow captures your couple’s lovely moments in a witty and adorable way. Such gift ideas for weddings will bring them a good laugh and act as a keepsake for their special day.
Funny Gift Ideas For A Couple
This Custom Pillow Captures Your Moment In A Witty Way

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  • Personalised "Wedding Vows" Mad Libs: To have the best funny gift ideas for this special day, how about creating a customised "Wedding Vows" Mad Libs booklet? You can fill it with funny prompts and blanks for the bride and groom to fill in together.
  • Personalised Marriage Definition Mug: This funny custom mugs can sprinkle extra laughing ingredients to his marriage. With little more personalisation when featuring his names and the wife’s name, this can be a funny source of energy for him.
Funny Gift Ideas For Couples
Sprinkle Extra Laughing Ingredients To Marriage

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  • Mismatched Socks Set: Gift the newlyweds a set of intentionally mismatched socks featuring quirky designs like bride and groom characters or funny wedding-themed patterns. These whimsical socks will not only keep their feet warm but also symbolise the uniqueness and humour of their union.
  • Funny Beer Bottle Shot Glasses: These funny beer bottle shot glasses make the perfect groomsmen gifts! With the quirky design, these witty gifts can give them a great laugh on the occasion of marriage.

Funny Christmas Gift Ideas

'Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to spread holiday cheer than with funny Christmas gifts? Below, we present you with top 5 funny gift ideas for Christmas that will make everyone go “ho ho ho”:

  • Santa's Belly Fanny Pack: You can surprise your loved ones with a Santa's belly fanny pack. It consists of a jolly red belly and belt buckle to add a festive touch to their holiday wardrobe while keeping their essentials close at hand during Christmas gatherings.
  • Personalised Meowy Catmas Christmas Doormat: Do they love cats? If so, then don’t sleep on this recommendation! You can customise by adding funny jokes or printing the witty images of them to make this Christmas extra special and fun for them with Personal Chic.
Funny Gift Ideas For Cat Owners
Make This Xmas Extra Special With This Meowy Doormat

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  • DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit: As you choose the best funny Christmas gift ideas, why not choose a DIY ugly Christmas sweater kit. This funny creative present will spark festive joy as they help design their own holiday fashion statement.
  • Christmas Vacation Movie Mug Set: Delight fans of the classic holiday film with a set of mugs featuring iconic quotes and images from "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation." This nostalgic and humorous gift will evoke fond memories of the Griswold family's hilarious holiday antics with every sip of hot cocoa or eggnog.
  • Customised Funny Besties Christmas Ornaments: If you’re looking for something real fun and real cool to celebrate this Christmas with your besties, here’s your must-try option from our collection of gift ideas for friends! You should have a design that is customised with names of you two and maybe your favourite inside joke.
Funny Gift Ideas For Besties
A Custom Design For All Besties Out There!

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Funny Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Secret Santa exchanges always bring huge joy as they have surprise elements and the game fun. So, to match the theme, let’s think outside the box and opt for the most unexpected gifts to make any receiver go “wow haha” on opening them.

  • Silly Socks Subscription: Treat your Secret Santa recipient to a monthly subscription of silly socks featuring whimsical designs like pizza slices, unicorns, or tacos. This unexpected and playful gift will bring smiles to their face long after the holiday season has passed.
  • Personalised ‘I Thought I Retired But Work For My Cats’ Mug: This can be a perfect witty gift for a Secret Santa Exchange among retired friends. With a funny quote and also other hilarious customisation available, this present brings endless fun to the game.
Funny Gift Ideas For A Cat Mum
A Perfect Gift For A Secret Santa Exchange!

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  • Funny ‘Employee of The Month.. Self Appointed’ Badge: Gifts with such funny gift ideas are perfect for Secret Santa in the workplace. This can make everyone burst out laughing when it is opened.
  • Desktop Punching Bag: This suggestion from our collection of funny secret santa gift ideas can surely create the “wow” moments for everyone in the exchange. It provides stress relief and amusement, and is perfect for blowing off steam during busy workdays.
  • Personalised ‘Trick Or Treat’ Tote Bag from Personal Chic: This funny custom tote bag can make an awesome gift for Secret Santa Gift Exchange for families on Halloween. With a cute and funny animated of your family members, this brings the endless joy and love to the game.
Funny Gift Ideas For Halloween
This Custom Tote Bag Brings The Endless Joy To The Game

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  • Novelty Toilet Paper: Surprise your Secret Santa with a roll of novelty toilet paper featuring humorous prints or witty quotes. This practical yet amusing gift will add a touch of whimsy to their bathroom routine and provide a laugh-inducing surprise every time they reach for a square.

To sum up, choosing the perfect gift doesn't have to be a daunting task. It’s funny, so enjoy the fun! You can also visit Personal Chic today to explore our collection of funny gift ideas and make your next gift-giving occasion one to remember. After all, a little laughter goes a long way!

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