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Top 25+ Funny Gift Ideas for Her that Give a Good Laugh
Gift Inspiration

Top 25+ Funny Gift Ideas for Her that Give a Good Laugh

03 Apr 2024
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Looking for a way to bring endless laughter and joy to the special women in your life? Let’s dive into the world of funny gift ideas for her we present in this article to bring smiles to her face.

Exploring Top 25+ Funny Gift Ideas for Her to Give Endless Delight

Let’s not prolong the wait! Here comes the thoughtful collection of humorous gift ideas for women that will make her shake with laughter.

Funny Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Birthdays can be more fun and memorable when celebrated with laughter. So, let’s pick funny birthday gift ideas for her that cheer her up, bring her joy in a unique way with our collection of funny birthday gift ideas below:

  • Personalised ‘What A Lovely Morning 40th Birthday’ Mug: This mug inspired by 40th birthday gift ideas for her funny will make her go “tee-hee”. With a funny illustration of her waking up one morning and shocked to realise she’s already 40, this custom mug will become a heartfelt gift for her on birthday.
Funny Present Ideas For Her

Personalised What A Lovely Morning 40th Birthday Mug

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  • Custom Bobblehead: As you choose the best funny gift ideas for her, how about a bobblehead customised with a hilarious twist for her? You can exaggerate her features or place her in a funny pose to make it a source of laughter and a memorable keepsake of her special day.
  • Personalised ‘It's Your 30th Birthday” Phone Case: This lovely custom phone case with a touch of humour is surely one of the best funny 30th birthday gift ideas for her. We also help you redesign it with ease by providing different customisation options available from adding your funny joke, to editing the image printed and colour displayed.
Comedy Gift Ideas For Her

You Can Choose Funny Gift Ideas For Her With Personalised It's Your 30th Birthday Iphone 12 Phone Case

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  • "Emergency Chocolate" Survival Kit: Create a DIY kit filled with various types of chocolates and a label that reads "In Case of Emergency, Break Glass." This sweet delight is the perfect option for gift ideas for funny friend as it satisfies her chocolate cravings while adding a humorous touch to her birthday celebration.
  • Personalised ‘This Woman Turn 40 Today’ Hoodie: If you are looking for the funny 40th birthday gift ideas for her, this special hoodie is what you need. Featuring a happy woman joyfully welcoming her new age, this little hoodie can become her favourite especially when customised further with her name, birth year and, of course, your funny messages.
Hilarious Gift Ideas For Her

Personalised This Woman Turn 40 Today Hoodie

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  • "Hangry Kit": As you choose the most funny gift ideas for her, why not put together a care package filled with her favourite snacks and treats labelled with humorous tags like "Emergency Hangry Relief" or "Instant Mood Booster."? This gift will not only satisfy her cravings but also bring a smile to her face whenever she needs a snack break.
  • DIY "Unicorn Poop" Bath Bombs: Create colourful bath bombs with a whimsical twist by shaping them like unicorn poop and packaging them in a funny and vibrant way. These playful bath bombs will add a touch of magic and laughter to her self-care routine.
  • Personalised ‘21 And Legally Drunk’ Mug: You should not miss this funny custom mug with a witty quote saying that she can be legally drunk now. This option from our collection of funny gift ideas for her celebrates her new age and new journey in a witty way possible.
Humorous Gift Ideas For Women

Personalised 21 And Legally Drunk Mug

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Funny Gift Ideas for Her on Anniversaries

To mark the love journey milestones in a heartfelt way, a funny gift idea for her is your go-to option. With a touch of humour, the whole love story will be blessed with joy. So, here are top funny gift ideas for women on anniversaries to try:

  • "Love Coupons" Booklet: Craft a booklet filled with humorous love coupons redeemable for things like breakfast in bed, a night off from chores, or a silly dance together. These playful coupons will add laughter and spontaneity to your anniversary celebrations.
  • Couples Caricature Portrait: Among all funny gift ideas for her out there, a funny and exaggerated portrait of the two of you showcasing your unique personalities and quirks can serve as a humorous reminder of your love and shared adventures.
  • Personalised ‘My Love For You Is Much Bigger Than The Sun’ Mug: You can express your love in a humorous way with this lovely crafted mug. Featured with a silly and fun image of yours, this mug can tickle her right the moment she opens the gift.
Funny Gift Idea For Her

Personalised My Love For You Is Much Bigger Than The Sun Mug

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  • "Grow Your Own Boyfriend" Kit: Gift her a playful DIY kit that includes a small plush toy and instructions for "growing" her own boyfriend by submerging the toy in water. This lighthearted option from our list of funny gift ideas for her will bring laughter to your anniversary celebrations and serve as a charming keepsake
  • Personalised "Dancing Groot" Planter: Get her a potted plant with a twist—a planter featuring the character Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy that dances along to music. This funny and unique gift combines her love for plants with a touch of whimsy and entertainment.
  • Personalised ‘Only You Give Me That Feeling’ Sequin Pillow: Let’s fill this pillow with funny moments of you two, and craft funny inside jokes to make her laugh hard whenever she hugs it.
Funny Gift Ideas For Women

Personalised Only You Give Me That Feeling Sequin Pillow

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Funny Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

You can spread holiday cheer with funny personalised gifts that tickle her funny bone. In this part, we recommend you top hilarious gift ideas for her on Christmas to ensure you guys have the best festive season to remember:

  • Punderdome: A card game that challenges players to create the best puns based on prompts, perfect for entertaining holiday gatherings and bringing out her witty side. Such gift ideas for her will provide hours of laughter and bonding with friends and family during the festive season.
  • "Santa's Little Helper" Wine Bottle Cover: Dress up her favourite wine bottles in festive attire with a Santa Claus-inspired wine bottle cover complete with a miniature Santa hat and beard. This hilarious accessory will add a festive touch to her holiday gatherings and make everyone chuckle.
  • Personalised ‘My Cats Are Perfect Christmas Decor’ Pillow: For cat moms, this is a must-try option when it comes to funny gift ideas for her. With funny animated images of her cats and a hilarious joke, such presents with humorous gift ideas for women will make her go “ho ho ho”.
Funny Present Ideas For Woman

Why Don't Pick Funny Gift Ideas For Her with Our Personalised My Cats Are Perfect Christmas Decor Pillow?

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  • "The Office" Dundie Award Trophy: Present her with a replica of the iconic Dundie Award trophy from the TV show "The Office," customised with a humorous title like "World's Best Cat Mom" or "Queen of Puns." Such nostalgic funny Christmas gift ideas for her will delight fans of the show and add a touch of humour to her Christmas decor.
  • Novelty Socks Subscription: Gift her a subscription to a service that delivers quirky and funny socks to her doorstep every month. From silly patterns to hilarious designs, these socks will keep her feet warm and her spirits high throughout the winter months.
  • Personalised ‘Like A Normal Mummy’ Christmas Mug: Choosing this custom mug for her, you can fill this Christmas with shrieks of laughter for her. Customised with images of her and kids around, such funny personalised gifts for her add to the joy a touch of personalisation that will move her heart.
Funny 30th Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

Personalised Like A Normal Mummy Christmas Mug

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Funny Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Her

Secret Santa Gift Exchange is fun and can add surprising elements to every gifting event. So, to make her Secret Santa experience unforgettable, you should select gifts that are both amusing and thoughtful. And, here are some ideas to consider:

  • Personalised ‘Best Girls Trip’ T-Shirts: The laughing vitamins come from the funny animated image of your girls chilling on vacations together. With a little more touch of customisation, this can turn into the best present with funny gift ideas for her.
Funny Present Ideas For Her

Personalised Best Girls Trip T-Shirts

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  • Customised Face Pillow: Create a pillow featuring a funny photo of her face printed on it, guaranteed to make everyone laugh during the Secret Santa exchange. This funny gift ideas For Her adds a personal touch to her home decor while bringing smiles to everyone's faces.
  • "Grump-O-Meter" Mug: Gift her a mug with a quirky design that features a "Grump-O-Meter" scale, indicating her mood level based on the amount of coffee left in the mug. Such practical yet funny secret santa gift ideas for her can add a dose of humour to her morning routine and make her smile even on the toughest days.
  • Personalised ‘I Work Hard’ Tote Bag: This tote bag customised with a funny quote of “I work hard so my cats can have a better life” will surely add more fun to the gift game. With a lovely customised image for her, this gift from our collection of personalised gift for her will make her go “aww” when receiving it.
Comedy Gift Ideas For Her

Personalised I Work Hard Tote Bag

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  • DIY "Emergency Laughter Kit": Put together a mini emergency kit filled with items guaranteed to make her laugh, such as funny memes printed on cards, a mini joke book, and a stress ball shaped like a laughing emoji. This thoughtful and amusing gift will lift her spirits whenever she needs a pick-me-up.
  • "Wine Condoms": These wine stoppers come in the shape of tiny condoms and are perfect for preserving unfinished bottles of wine. This funny yet practical gift will have her and everyone else at the gift exchange laughing while ensuring her wine stays fresh.

How to Make Sure Your Funny Gifts for Her Are Still Appropriate?

One problem when it comes to choosing funny present ideas for her is that they tickle you yet can’t tickle her. That awkward and embarrassing situation may scare anyone and make them hesitate to choose comedy gift ideas for her. But, worry not! Here are some tips for you to choose the right funny gift for her that will make her laugh not make her shocked with embarrassment:

  • Consider her sense of humour: Take into account her personality and preferences when selecting funny present ideas for woman to avoid anything that could potentially offend or embarrass her.
  • Personalise the gift: Choose funny gift ideas for her that reflect a shared joke, memory, or interest between the two of you. In this way, you make sure she’ll get the joke.
  • Opt for subtlety: Instead of choosing a gift that relies on shock value or crude humour, look for witty and clever options that are more subtle in their comedic approach. 
  • Gauge the appropriateness: Before finalising the gift, consider whether it would be suitable for the occasion and the setting. Ensure that the humour is appropriate for the context and won't cause any awkwardness or embarrassment, especially if the gift will be opened in front of others.
Hilarious Gift Ideas For Her

Make Sure Your Funny Gifts for Her Are Still Appropriate

Hilarious Wrapping Styles to Elevate the Fun for the Gifts to Her

You can always double the fun brought by funny gift ideas for her with a quirky creative wrapping style. So, to make her go “ha ha ha” right the moment she receives your gift, let’s choose a real fun style for your gift wrapping. Here are some clever and witty ways to wrap your present:

  • Comic Strip Wrap: Use wrapping paper featuring comic strips or cartoons to add an extra layer of humour to the gift. You can even customise the comic strips to include inside jokes or funny anecdotes between you and her.
  • Mismatched Wrapping: Wrap the gift in a combination of different patterned papers, creating a whimsical and eclectic look. Add mismatched ribbons and bows for an added touch of charm. This playful style reflects the fun and spontaneity of your relationship.
  • Emoji Gift Wrap: Decorate the gift with large emoji stickers or emoji-printed wrapping paper. Choose emojis that represent laughter, joy, and excitement to set the tone for a fun and lighthearted gift-giving experience.
  • Puzzle Wrap: Wrap the gift in multiple layers of wrapping paper, each with a piece of a puzzle printed on it. As she unwraps each layer, she'll piece together the puzzle to reveal the final gift. This interactive wrapping style adds an element of surprise and entertainment to the gift-giving process.
Humorous Gift Ideas For Women

Wrapping Styles to Elevate the Fun for the Gifts to Her.

In short, choosing funny gift ideas for her should always be a delightful journey, so don’t stress but enjoy it and be creative. At Personal Chic, we offer a wide range of humorous and personalised gifts perfect for any occasion. Let’s explore more and have fun together!

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