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Best 30 Funny Cat Gifts UK That Are Unusual For Cat Lovers
Gift Inspiration

Best 30 Funny Cat Gifts UK That Are Unusual For Cat Lovers

20 May 2024
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If you want to bring laughter to a cat lover, Personal Chic offers the perfect funny cat gifts UK! Whether it's for a cat dad or a cat mum, this collection of funny cat presents will add a whimsical touch to their daily routine.

Top 30 Funny Cat Gifts UK That Will Make The Cat Lovers Laugh

Personalised gifts activate the brain's reward centres more strongly than non-personalised ones, resulting in a greater sense of appreciation and emotional attachment (a study by the University of Miami). Therefore, your hilarious cat gifts can make an even deeper impression when it's customisable. Here are the best funny personalised gifts for cat lovers from Personal Chic for you to choose from.

Funny Cat Gifts For Her

With over 500 designs to choose from across various products at Personal Chic, you can find the perfect cat gifts for women. Personal Chic highlights our best sellers to help you narrow down your options, but there are plenty of funny cat presents to explore on the website.

  • Funny T-Shirt Design For Cat Mum

With over 47,000 units sold last year, customised t-shirts are undeniably the most beloved and sought-after product at Personal Chic. Made from premium ring-spun cotton, these custom cat t shirts ensure both style and comfort—two essential criteria for the perfect hilarious cat gifts for her.

funny cat t-shirts with colourful design for cat lover

Funny Cat Mum T-Shirt Design

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funny cat shirts for cat mum with definition

Funny T-Shirt For Cat Mum

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Personal Chic offers t-shirts with designs suited for every age group, catering to everyone from quirky cat ladies and cat grandmas to children. In the dropdown menu next to the product image, you can choose the age for the women's illustration on the shirt. Then, you can personalise it even more by using our design library to make it look like her, creating weird cat gifts that are tailored for her only.

funny cat t-shirts for cat mum with cat illustration

Funny Personalised Tee for Cat Mum

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funny cat shirts for cat mum with cat illustration and message

Cat Shirts For Cat Mum

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funny cat t-shirts for cat lovers with vibrant colours

Cat Shirts Personalised For Cat Mum

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Personal Chic provides choices that feature multiple cats on all funny gifts for cat lovers as well. If the cat-loving woman has more cats than the limit shown on the shirt, you can reach out to our customisation service to raise the limit and craft funny cat gifts for her that truly leave no cat behind.

  • Funny Mugs Customised For Cat Mum

Customised cups consistently rank among the top 3 best-selling products at Personal Chic, making them ideal personalised gifts for cat lovers. These cups feature humorous quotes and personalised illustrations of her and her cat, capturing their likeness and adding a special touch.

funny cat mugs for cat mum with human and cat illustration

Personalised Mugs For Cat Mum With Definition

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funny cat mugs for cat lovers with funny message

Customised Cat Mugs For Cat Mum

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Out of all the amusing cat mug designs, Personal Chic provides inspiration for funny messages tailored to all cat moms. Yet, if you desire your funny cat gifts to be more personalised, you have the option to entirely modify the default text and incorporate your own jokes, quirky slogans, or her catchphrase onto the personalised cat mug.

funny cat mugs for cat mum with cute cat illustration

Ceramic Mugs Personalised For Women

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funny cat cups personalised for cat lovers

Funny Customised Mugs For Cat Mum

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In addition to everyday mug designs, Personal Chic also offers holiday-themed weird cat gifts designs. With these designs tailored for special occasions, you can incorporate holiday-themed accessories, festive backgrounds, and personalised wishes to customise your gift for that specific occasion.

funny xmas cat mugs for cat lover with cat illustration

Christmas Cat Mugs For Women

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  • Funny Pillow For Cat Mum Personalised

Made from 100% satin, these customised pillows are perfect funny cat gifts for cat mums who love relaxing with their cats, taking lazy naps, or chatting with friends on the couch in the softest way. The addition of a zipper ensures easy access to the pillow's interior, allowing for effortless adjustments or customisation of the filling to suit her preferences.

funny cat mum pillow with human and cat illustration

Funny Cat Mum Design For Pillow

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funny cat cushion personalised for cat lover with funny message

Custom Cat Pillow For Cat Mum

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With various standard sizes and shapes to choose from, you can discover the ideal cushion to enhance any corner of her home, spreading joy throughout. On the 16 x 16-inch blank canvas, you can personalise the pillow with all her cats, include a photo, and add your personal message for her.

funny cat pillow customised for cat lovers with funny text

Cat Pillow Personalised For Women

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funny xmas cat cushion personalised for cat lovers[product[

Christmas Cat Pillow Design With Funny Quote

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funny christmas personalised pillow for cat lovers

Customised Christmas Pillow For Cat Lovers

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Funny Cat Presents For Him

Over the past two years, cat dad designs have become increasingly popular, with a significant search volume on the Personal Chic website. We've curated the most sought-after funny gift ideas for you, ensuring that one of these funny cat gifts will make him laugh heartily. 

  • Customised Cat Dad T-Shirts With Funny Design

“Excellent quality product with lovely decal. Sizing was great, true to size. Design was cute and my husband loved it as a birthday gift from our little cat. Would recommend and purchase again from this company.” - Georgina Jones.

The above feedback is from a customer who purchased a personalised t-shirt printed with a cat design. You can also have a satisfying experience when customising a t-shirt for a cat dad at Personal Chic!

funny cat shirts for cat dad with cute cat illustration

Cat Dad T-Shirt With Funny Illustrations

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funny cat shirts personalised for cat dad with funny illustration

Funny Cat Dad T-Shirt For Cat Lovers

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funny cat shirts for cat dad with funny illustration of human and cat

Cat T-Shirts Personalised For Men

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Not only on personalised cat shirts for people, but also on all other funny cat gifts for cat dads, you can customise the cat illustration to accurately represent the specific breed. You have the option to choose from four main categories: long hair, short hair, Scottish Fold, and Sphynx, each providing a range of colours to select from.

funny t-shirts personalised for cat lovers with funny text

Customised T-Shirt For Cat Dad With Funny Text

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funny cat dad t-shirts with cute illustration and text

Personalised Shirts With Fist Bump For Cat Dad

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  • Printed Funny Cat Dad Mugs 

Crafted from microwave-safe ceramic material, created using high-firing techniques, these cat dad cups can withstand temperatures of up to 400°F without any risk of cracking or breaking. This durability makes them practical and functional cat gifts for him that can be enjoyed throughout the year! Here are some funny cat mug ideas you can consider for that cat dad!

funny personalised cat mugs for cat dad with funny text

Customised Cat Mugs For Cat Dad

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funny cat mugs for cat dad with gaming theme

Custom Ceramic Cups For Gaming Cat Dad 

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For all cat dads with larger hands, the C-handle and rounded corners ensure comfortable handling. With a capacity of 325 ml, these personalised cat mugs can easily accommodate enough beverage for a lengthy chat, a relaxing moment, or a busy work session, which makes them perfect funny cat gifts.

funny mugs for retired cat dad with funny message

Funny Cat Mugs For Retired Men

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personalised funny cat mugs for christmas with cat illustration

Christmas Mug Design For Cat Lovers

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funny personalised cat mugs for christmas with funny text

Customised Ceramic Cups For Cat Dad

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You have two options: a single-colour mug or a two-tone mug available in red, black, navy, sky blue, and bottle green. And there's no need to worry about the print fading; Personal Chic always uses the finest printing techniques for all products. For these mugs, UV printing ensures that all the details on these funny presents for cat lovers remain as vibrant as new.

  • Funny Phone Case Customised For Cat Dads

With close to 10,000 units sold last year, personalised phone cases emerge as an outstanding choice for anyone still on the hunt for the ideal funny cat gifts for cat lovers. Utilising UV printing, these phone cases boast vibrant and rich colours, resulting in captivating designs that are sure to delight.

personalised cat phone case with photo and names for cat lovers

Customised Cat Phone Case With Funny Text

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funny cat phone case for cat lovers customised with text and photo

Funny Phone Case For Cat Dad with Photo

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Serving as both a token of your love and a practical accessory, our phone cases make perfect funny cat gifts. In addition to selecting a phone case featuring an illustrated animated character, you have the option to choose a photo phone case design and upload your favourite picture.

funny cat phone case personalised with photo for cat lovers

Cat Dad Phone Case Personalised With Photo

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funny cat phone case with cat illustration for cat owners

Personalised Cat Phone Case For Cat Owners

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funny cat phone case customised with photo for cat owners

Photo Phone Case Personalised For Cat Dads

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Personal Chic doesn't just offer cases for iPhones; we also provide options for Samsung and more. This means you can easily find cat gifts for him, whether he's an iOS or Android user.

How To Customise Your Hilarious Cat Gifts At Personal Chic?

Crafting your cat gift for a cat lover for the first time might seem unfamiliar, but fret not! Personal Chic is here to assist you every step of the way from coming up with your first gift ideas for cat lovers to creating your gift with detailed instructions on customising your funny cat gifts.

  • Step 1 - Select Your Favourite Funny Cat Gift: 

Personal Chic offers a diverse range of funny cat gifts for cat lovers designs. You can click on the categories and select "cat lovers" to view products tailored for cat enthusiasts. For additional filtering, you can use the search bar and enter the keyword "funny" to discover the most hilarious designs.

  • Step 2 - Start Your Customisation Journey: 

If you opt for an illustrated design, simply utilise our drop-down customisation menu to design the animated character. Alternatively, if a photo gift is your preference, select the photo you wish to feature on your funny presents for cat lovers. Ensure it is of high quality and not pixelated. Then, click on the 'Select Image' button and upload your picture.

  • Step 3 - Completing the Final Task: 

After finishing your design, take a moment to go through a brief checklist. Thoroughly review your masterpiece to ensure that no mistakes have been overlooked. This final step ensures that your creation is perfect before finalising your order.

With our funny cat gifts, you can convey how much you care about their interests and their furry friends, leaving them impressed with a smile every time they look at the gift. Personal Chic takes pride in offering top-notch funny cat presents UK and hopes that one of them will be your choice.

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