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Top 15 Handmade Fathers Day Cards to Craft Love Thoughtfully
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Top 15 Handmade Fathers Day Cards to Craft Love Thoughtfully

14 May 2024
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Father’s Day is coming and it’s time to get the project of crafting some unique handmade Fathers Day cards started. In this section, we will provide you with an incredible collection of Fathers Day cards to make, and, of course, simple guidance to ensure this year's celebration is added with a special touch of love.

Top 15 Creative Ideas for Homemade Fathers Day Cards

Looking to add that special touch to Father's Day this year? Get ready to impress with our handpicked selection of creative homemade Father's Day cards! Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting out, these Fathers Day craft ideas are sure to inspire you to create something memorable for Dad. 

Passion-Themed Handmade Fathers Day Card

If you currently lack inspiration for what Fathers Day cards to make, let’s first look at what his passions, and his interests are. By incorporating simple details reflecting them, your handmade Fathers Day cards can give him a surprise. So, here are some homemade Fathers Day cards to consider:

  • Fish on a Hook Card: This design is perfect for the dad who loves fishing. First, you need to draw some fishes, seaweed on different coloured paper, then cut them to stick on the front page of the card. To create the underwater theme, let’s choose the ocean blue colour for your card as well.
homemade Fathers Day cards with fish theme
Fish-themes Homemade Fathers Day Cards for Dad
  • Handy Dad Card: This card is ideal for the dad who's always fixing things around the house, reflecting his passion for DIY projects. Now, you need to start with a folded brown paper and cut out a heart shape for the card. Add details like a white collar and dark blue pinafore to capture his image, and don't forget to include witty quotes as messages for him.
handy dad homemade Fathers Day cards
Handy Dad Handmade Father's Day Card
  • BBQ Card: This card celebrates Dad's love for grilling and outdoor cooking, making it perfect for the dad who's always manning the BBQ. Let’s begin by drawing a circle and cutting it in half to create the base and top of the BBQ oven. Craft rectangles of varying sizes for the legs and handle. Write your heartfelt wishes on a separate piece of paper and hide it between the two semi-circles, so when Dad opens the oven, the message is revealed alongside his grill.
Fathers Day card diy with bbq theme for dad
BBQ Father's Day Card With Fun Message
  • Superhero Handprint Cards: This design reflects Dad's love for comic books - or your kids’ love for superheroes, making it a card he'll treasure. So, to make such cards, you can use the handprints of your children or other family members to form the card shape. For decoration, you can refer to superman's costumes.
Fathers Day card diy for dad with super hero theme
Super Hero Themed For Homemade Fathers Day Card
  • Bear Card: This cute design reflects Dad's protective and loving nature. To make this, you will start by drawing two bear heads of equal size, cutting them out, and adhering them to form a card. Add details like eyes and nose using colourful circles, then personalise it with your favourite colours and heartfelt wishes.
Fathers Day cards to make with bear for dad
Bear Father's Day Card With Cute Design

Interactive/ Pop-Up Handmade Fathers Day Cards

Looking to add a little extra flair to your Father's Day greetings this year? Why not try your hand at crafting some interactive and pop-up handmade Father's Day cards! These delightful Fathers Day card ideas handmade not only express your love and appreciation but also add an element of surprise and fun that Dad is sure to adore.

  • DIY Father's Day Pop-Up Card: This quick and easy pop-up card features a heartfelt message that pops up when opened, adding an interactive element that Dad will love. So, now, you need to cut the cardstock into rectangular panels of desired sizes - one larger for "Thanks Dad," one medium for "for my crazy", and one small for "GOOD LOOKS!". Then, arrange the panels in that order from top to bottom with a slight staggering to create the effect shown in the image.
pop up Fathers Day card homemade for dad
Pop Up Father's Day Card With Surprises
  • Pop-Up Grill Card: Start with pink cardstock, cutting a rectangle for the grill body and two semicircles for knobs. From black paper, cut a rectangle for the grill door and two thin strips for the handle. Attach the handle to the door. Cut thin black rectangles for the grill grates. Fold the pink rectangle in half for the card to pop open. Attach the grill door inside at the fold and add the grates above. Cut flame shapes from orange paper and place behind the grates. Create utensil shapes from pink or white paper for the sides. Finally, write "Pop-Up Grill Card" on the front and your Father's Day message inside!
pop up grill Fathers Day card homemade for dad who loves cooking
Handmade Father's Day Card For Dads Who Love Cooking
  • Handprint String Art: To male this interactive design from our collection of handmade Fathers Day cards, begin by lightly sketching a simple star or geometric shape on your cardstock or canvas. Cut embroidery floss into lengths, ensuring they're long enough to stretch across the width of your shape guide with some excess. Secure one end of each string along the pencil outline using tape or glue. Wrap the loose end around the outline shape, crisscrossing to create a woven effect. Vary colours and patterns as you go, then secure loose ends on the back with tape or glue. Finally, erase any remaining pencil guidelines on the front.
hand string Fathers Day card homemade for dad
Cute Hand String Homemade Card For Fathers Day
  • Paper Air Balloons Card: Begin with green paper and cut out a large oval for the balloon. On white paper, draw and cut parallel horizontal stripes for the patterned balloon. Glue the striped oval onto the green oval. Cut an orange rectangle for the basket, adding a chevron pattern. Fold black paper into "V" shapes for handles and attach them to the basket. Glue the basket to the bottom of the balloon and add the handles. Use a popsicle stick or straw for support, attaching it vertically to the back. Optionally, glue cloud shapes for a whimsical sky scene.
Fathers Day card homemade with hot air balloon
DIY Father's Day Card With Balloon
  • Popcorn Card: This 3D Fathers Day card homemade design is easy to make and is perfect to reflect his love for popcorn. Let’s draw a popcorn box on the front page and glue yellow wool to represent popcorns for the interactive effect. You can also add funny quotes like “You’re the best pop!” to add some fun!
handmade Fathers Day card with pop corn for dad
Pop Corn Themed Card For Fathers Day

Printable/ Colour-It Homemade Father's Day Card

But, what if you are no good at crafting or painting, yet still want to give something beautifully handmade for your dads? Well, the ideas of opting for printable handmade Fathers Day cards following will save your day. So, let’s explore with us various themes and designs for Fathers Day card ideas handmade below:

  • Colour-in Dad Card: Let your child's creativity shine with this printable card featuring various themes and designs that they can colour in, making it a personalised and fun gift for Dad.
vibrant colour homemade father's day card for fathers
DIY Father's Day Card With Vibrant Colours
  • "My Dad Can Fix Anything" Colouring Card: Download this free colouring card and let your kids decorate it with crayons, markers, or paint. With such Fathers Day card DIY, you can help them express their appreciation for Dad's handyman skills in their own unique way.
Fathers Day card ideas handmade with cute quote
Cute Quote On Handmade Fathers Day Cards
  • Fill-in-the-Blank Father's Day Card: You can search for such fill-in-the-blank card samples on the Internet then personalise this printable card with your own heartfelt message or inside joke, making it a meaningful and memorable gift for Dad this Father's Day.
fill-in-the-blank Fathers Day card ideas handmade for dad
Creative Fathers Day Card Ideas
  • Colouring Fishing Father’s Day Card: This card design is perfect to add a touch of humour to your dad’s special day of the year with humorous quotes like “It’s Ofishcial, you’re the best dad.”
fish-themed Fathers Day card ideas handmade for dad
Fish-themed Colouring Father's Day DIY Cards
  • Modern Father's Day Cards: If you want to celebrate him as the best modern father, you can try this design for a card. You can create a design using Canvas for other picture-editing tools to easily add in your witty message for him like “Dad, we both know I’m your favourite.”
Fathers Day card ideas handmade with modern design
Father's Day DIY Card Idea With Modern Design

Levelling Up the Sentiment with Heartfelt Wish to Write on Your Fathers Day Card Homemade

Crafting a homemade Father's Day card is just the beginning! Now, it's time to infuse it with the perfect happy Fathers Day message to show Dad how much he means to you. In this section, we've got you covered with heartfelt wishes and messages to write inside your handmade Fathers Day cards.

  • "Dad, you're the MVP – Most Valuable Papa! Thanks for always being our biggest cheerleader. Happy Father's Day!"
  • "To the dad who's not afraid to get his hands dirty or his heart full. Happy Father's Day to the ultimate DIY king!"
  • "Dad, you're the real superhero in my life. Thanks for always saving the day with your love and wisdom. Happy Father's Day!"
  • "Here's to the man who taught me that adventures are best when shared. Happy Father's Day, and may our next adventure be the greatest yet!"
  • "Dad, you're like a walking encyclopaedia of dad wisdom. Thanks for always knowing just what to say. Happy Father's Day!"
best fathers day messages to write in fathers day handmade card
Happy Fathers Day Message For Dad
  • "Dad, you're the original Mr. Fix-It – whether it's broken toys or broken hearts, you always know how to mend them. Happy Father's Day to the ultimate handyman!”
  • "Dad, you're not just my father – you're my friend, my confidant, and my biggest ally. Thanks for always having my back. Happy Father's Day!"
  • "Wishing a Happy Father's Day to the man who's not just a father, but a true gentleman and scholar. Thanks for showing me what it means to lead with dignity and honour."
  • “Happy Father’s Day to the greatest man in my life, dad! Thank you for helping me rock the world!”
  • “It’s Father’s Day, so I want to say I love you so much! Thank you for your time and sacrifice. It’s the best to be your little girl.”

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Fulfil the Father’s Day Experience for Him with Thoughtful Gifts from Personal Chic

This Father's Day, don’t forget to go beyond the card and elevate the entire experience for Dad with thoughtful gifts that speak to his interests and passions. And speaking of the best Fathers Day gift ideas, a research conducted by Shutterfly revealed that 72% of fathers feel more appreciated when they receive a personalised gift. 

So, for the special celebration this year, let our selection of personalised gifts for dads make your handmade Fathers Day cards truly unforgettable.

  • Customised Apparel:

Interestingly, a survey by GiftTree found that 61% of men said they would appreciate receiving a personalised t-shirt as a gift, compared to 48% of women. So, this Father’s Day, let choose him personalised Father's day t shirts customised to represent your love:

personalised t-shirt for fathers day with bear illustration
Printed Fathers Day Shirt With Bear

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personalised father's day t-shirt for dad with dinosaur
Daddysaurus T-Shirts For Fathers Day

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custom fathers day tee with fist bump and kids name
Custom Dad Shirt With Fist Bump

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t-shirts personalised for fathers day with kids illustration
Personalised T-Shirts For Dad With Kids

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custom fathers day shirts for dad with kids
Custom Fathers Day Shirt For Dad With Kids

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  • Custom Canvases:
  • Making up over 40% of our sales in the celebratory month last year, customised canvas proved to be one of the best choices when it comes to personalised Father's Day gifts. So, let’s adorn his space with our premium canvas prints below, boasting crisp, colour-saturated photo reproductions on fine-textured brilliant-white canvas stretched over a pine wood frame.

    custom canvas for dad on fathers day with images

    This canvas, featuring photos of best moments of dads and his kids, is best to celebrate his Fathers’s Day.

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    custom fathers day canvas for dad with photo

    Infused with a touch of sentimentality, this lovely canvas is sure to pamper any dad on Father’s Day.

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    customised canvas for dad on fathers day with message

    This canvas, featuring an animated image of the whole family, is best to foster family bonds on Father’s Day.

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    • Personalised Mugs:

    Receiving 5 out of 5 star reviews, and recording up to over 2,000 sales each in the gifts for dad category last year, the following custom mugs will help you celebrate this special day unforgettably for your dad. Plus, with our customisation options available, you can get creative freely and get personalised sentimental gifts,funny presents, or even cute ones.

    customised fathers day mugs for dad with funny message

    This mug, designed with a touch of fun, is perfect to tickle him right on Father’s Day.

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    fathers day mugs personalised for dad with kids illustration

    This mug, customised with a lovely animated pic and heartfelt quote, will make any father go “aww”.

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    personalised mugs for fathers day with cute kid illustration
    Cute Kids Printed On Fathers Day Mugs

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    In conclusion, as you wonder what design of handmade Fathers Day cards to make this year, we hope our guide above has given you useful and creative inspiration. Let’s craft something from the heart and it’ll surely be his favourite ever. Happy Father’s Day!

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