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The 30 Best Funny Father’s Day Decorations To Celebrate Dad
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The 30 Best Funny Father’s Day Decorations To Celebrate Dad

26 May 2024
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There is nothing better than organising dad’s day with amazing Father's Day decorations to show our appreciation for his important role in our life. Today, join us to explore the best Father's Day party decorations that will help you create an unforgettable experience for your dad - filled with love and joy.

The Best Father's Day Decorations to Create Lasting Memories 

Curious about when is Father's Day 2024 to start preparing for your Father's Day decoration? This year, Father's Day falls on Sunday, 16th June; so you should get prepared now. As collected from various reviews, from the table settings to the cake, and even the balloons, these Father's day decoration ideas by Personal Chic promise to stand out enough to make any dad feel like a king. 

Unique Table Decorations for Father's Day

Unique and creative table decorations for Father’s Day have the power to spark conversations and allow family members to bond over shared interests or memories with dad. So, here are father's day decorations to add extra warmth for dad’s meals on Father’s Day:  

  • Father’s Day Centrepiece
  • A stunning centrepiece is a fantastic idea to have either visually appealing or deeply personal. Choose elements that represent your dad’s passions—perhaps a model of his favourite car, a collection of small tools for the handyman, or even items related to his favourite sports team. Arrange these items artfully in the centre of the table, adding some greenery or flowers to soften the look.

    father's day decorations father's day centrepiece

    Father’s Day Centrepiece

  • Personalised Canvas for Father’s Day
  • As one of our favourite Father's Day decor ideas, a personalised family painting can evoke emotional or memorable moments about dad on a Father's Day party. Select your finest family portrait or a collage of special occasions, then have it printed on a premium canvas. To make the big piece of artwork become the centre of attention on the table, you can place it against a wall, and the smaller one on an easel.

  • Floating Tea Light Nautical Centrepiece
  • An aquatic centrepiece is a great father's day décor for dads who enjoy the water. First, fill a large, transparent glass bowl with water. To create a beachy vibe, you can add some tiny stones or shells to the bottom. After that, scatter a few tea lights on the surface of the water. The soft glow of the tea lights will evoke the tranquillity and serenity of a night spent by the sea.

  • Personalised Photo Mugs
  • Don’t overlook decorating the table with personalised photo mugs that save unforgettable dad’s moments such as a trip with family, special events in his life, or even candid shots that make him laugh. These father's day decorations promise to spark conversations and bring back fond memories throughout the meal.

    father's day decorations personalised photo mugs
    Personalised Photo Mugs for Father's Day Decoration
  • Grilling Utensil Bouquet
  • A bouquet of grilling utensils will make your dad, who is the master of the grill, grin. Assemble a variety of grilling implements, such as basting brushes, spatulas, and tongs. Place them in a small bucket or a solid vase, and then wrap everything up with a festive ribbon. This bouquet is useful—it's ready for the father's day party decorations —as well as a fun and original table decoration!

  • Tie-Shaped Placemats
  • Even while you can simply make tie-shaped placemats for your table by cutting colourful felt or fabric into the shape of a tie and placing it at each setting, this idea is sure to make him grin and set a playful tone for the dinner. In order to show your dad how much you care, choose Fathers Day decor colours and patterns that complement his style, whether it be bold checks, traditional stripes, or whimsical prints.

    father's day decorations tie shaped placemats
    Tie-Shaped Placemats

    Cool Father's Day Cake Decor Ideas

    A Father’s Day celebration for every dad is more wonderful if it is decorated with beautiful and delicious cakes. Here are some cool cake ideas for father's day decorations that will delight both the eyes and the taste buds.

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake
  • If your father enjoys the traditional pairing of chocolate and peanut butter, this cake is a treat for him. Layers of rich, delicious chocolate cake provide the foundation, and then creamy peanut butter icing is poured inside. Sprinkle some chocolate ganache and Reese's peanut butter cups over the top to decorate. And dad will be overjoyed when you pipe "Happy Father's Day" in chocolate frosting on top.

    father's day decorations chocolate peanut butter cake
    Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake
  • Football 54 Cake
  • If you're intending to watch a game together, a cake for Father's Day with a sports theme would be a hit. Form the cake into the shape of a baseball or football, then coat it with buttercream frosting stars and fondant strips. Also, you can include the team's colours in the design if your dad has a favourite squad.

  • Personalised Photo Cake
  • Among Father's Day decorations for cake, a personalised photo cake is a fantastic option to celebrate your fatherhood and make your dad feel truly special. You can have an edible photo paper printed with a specific meaning or your favourite family photo, and add it to your cake. Put the picture on top of your dad's favourite cake, be it vanilla, chocolate, or another flavour. Use matching coloured piped frosting to decorate the area surrounding the picture.

    father's day decorations personalised photo cake
    Personalised Photo Cake for Father's Day
  • Golf Course Cake
  • If you’re finding thrilling father's day cake decorations for dads who love to hit the links, a golf course cake is the perfect choice. Start with a rectangular cake and cover it with green frosting to resemble the fairway. Use crushed cookies for sand traps and blue icing for water hazards. Add mini flags to represent the holes, and place small, edible golf balls around the course. If you want to get really creative, you can even add a mini fondant golfer in action. This cake is a hole-in-one for any golf-loving dad.

  • Homemade Strawberry Shortcake
  • Consider creating a homemade strawberry shortcake for your father if you want to make him a cake for Father's Day by hand. This cake is straightforward, sophisticated, and packed with flavour thanks to its layers of fluffy biscuits or sponge cake, sweetened whipped cream, and fresh strawberries. It is finished off with more strawberries and a dusting of powdered sugar on top.

    father's day decorations homemade strawberry shortcake
    Homemade Strawberry Shortcake

    Awesome Father's Day Balloon Ideas

    Balloons are a fantastic way to add a festive touch to have wonderful Father's Day decorations to honour your dad. Even if you’re looking for something fun, touching, or grand, here are awesome balloon ideas for father's day party decorations that will help you set the perfect mood.

  • Thank you Dad for Everything Balloon 
  • For Father's Day, adding a balloon bouquet that expresses your dad's value adds a deeper layer of sentimentality. Select a variety of balloons, such as stars, hearts, and round balloons, in various sizes and shapes. Arrange for the words "Thank you Dad for Everything" to be put prominently on a giant central balloon. The last step is to select balloons that match your dad's favourite colours, and you could even include some with designs or patterns that match with his hobbies.

    father's day decorations thank dad for everything balloons
    Thank you Dad for Everything Balloon
  • Balloon Grill
  • If your dad is the BBQ king, a balloon grill for Father’s Day is a perfect nod to his grilling prowess. Create the base of the grill with black balloons, arranging them to form the legs and body of a barbecue grill. Use red and orange balloons to simulate flames coming from the top. You can even add some small foil balloons shaped like burgers, hot dogs, or steaks to complete the look.

  • Happy Father's Day Gumball Bubble Balloon Gift Hamper
  • If you’re looking for playful and eye-catching Father's Day decorations, consider a gumball bubble balloon gift hamper. These bright, gumball-shaped small balloons are stuffed inside clear balloons to create a lively and entertaining display. You can make the colours your own to fit a certain theme or just go for a rainbow look. Combine these bubble balloons with a gift basket that includes your dad's favourite candies, little electronics, or even miniature bottles of his preferred beverages.

    father's day decorations gumball bubble balloon gift hamper
    Happy Father's Day Gumball Bubble Balloon Gift Hamper
  • Superhero Dad Balloon Bouquet
  • A superhero-themed balloon bouquet is sure to make you proud of your amazing father because every dad is a superhero in his own special way. Select Father’s Day balloon ideas featuring the emblems and patterns of his favourite superheroes, then place a big balloon in the middle that reads "Super Dad." To further the design, add balloons fashioned like masks, speech bubbles from comic books, or capes.

  • "BEST DAD EVER" Silver Theme Balloon Bouquet
  • A silver-themed balloon bouquet that reads "BEST DAD EVER." has a chic and elegant appearance, making it an easy yet meaningful way to let him know how much you value him. For the message, you can use big foil letter balloons and contrast them with a variety of shiny blue, white, and silver balloons, making it more outstanding.

    father's day decorations best dad ever balloon bouquet
    "BEST DAD EVER" Silver Theme Balloon Bouquet

    Father's Day Grave Decorations

    Honouring a dad who has passed away on Father’s Day with Father's Day decorations can help keep his memory alive and show how much he is missed. Here are some touching Father's Day grave decoration ideas to help you commemorate his legacy.

  • Patriotic Wreath
  • A patriotic wreath is a fitting tribute for fathers who were in the military or who loved their country dearly. Make a wreath honouring his service and patriotism with ribbons, little flags, and red, white, and blue flowers. To further personalise it, you can add a banner that reads anything like "Our Hero" or "Proud Veteran."

    father's day decorations patriotic wreath
    Patriotic Wreath
  • Personalised Stone or Rock
  • As meaningful decor ideas, as well as perfect custom gifts, special stones or rocks engraved with your father's name, a special date, or a heartfelt message can serve as a lasting memorial. Some stones can also feature symbols or images that reflect his hobbies or interests, such as a fishing rod, a golf club, or a military emblem. Place this stone at the gravesite to create a permanent and personal tribute that will endure the elements and stand the test of time.

  • Photo Frame Ornament
  • As one of our favourite Father's Day decorations, photo frame ornaments allow you to keep cherished memories about dad close. Choose a weather-resistant, long-lasting frame and add a picture that embodies a memorable occasion or sentimental event. Place the ornament directly on the gravesite, or hang it from a little stand. This decoration can be enhanced with a little plaque bearing a statement or message that holds special value for him.

    father's day decorations photo frame ornament
    Photo Frame Ornament
  • Garden Statue or Figurine
  • Adding a garden statue or figurine that represents something your father loved can bring a personal touch to his gravesite. Whether it’s an angel, a bird, a beloved animal, or an object related to his hobbies, these father's day grave decorations can be a comforting presence. Choose a high-quality, weather-resistant material to ensure it lasts. 

  • Memorial Lanterns
  • As one of the most meaningful Father's Day grave decorations, memorial lanterns provide a serene and comforting light at the gravesite. Choose a lantern that can hold a candle or an LED light, and consider personalising it with an engraved message or a favourite quote. Some lanterns are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, making them suitable for placing directly at the gravesite.

    father's day decorations memorial lanterns
    Memorial Lanterns

    Fantastic Father's Day Theme Ideas That Every Dad Actually Loves

    Besides Father's Day decorations, finding the cool themes also brings you hard challenges.  Here are some fantastic Father's Day theme ideas that are sure to make every dad feel loved and appreciated.

  • Superhero Celebration
  • A superhero celebration would be a great way to honour dads, who are all self-contained superheroes. Use cutouts and posters of his favourite superheroes as decorations. Encourage everyone to dress up as their favourite characters, with the "Super Dad" of the day wearing a special outfit. Arrange father's day activities such as superhero trivia or a scavenger hunt to discover secret abilities across your home or outside. The hero within every dad will come to light thanks to this lighthearted and creative theme.

    father's day decorations superhero celebration
    Superhero Celebration
  • Sophisticated Picnic
  • A sophisticated picnic theme is the best way to create a calm and elegant setting that is suitable for spending quality time with the family. Pick a lovely outdoor location, such as your backyard, a garden, or a nearby park. Arrange your Father's Day decoration ideas with chic tableware, plush chairs, and a cosy blanket. Stuff artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, fresh fruit, and a variety of good wines or craft beers into a gourmet picnic basket. Add some relaxing music and read aloud from a classic novel or a book of poetry. 

  • Sports Extravaganza
  • If your dad is a sports enthusiast, a Sports Extravaganza theme is a perfect choice to make Father's Day decorations more fantastic and immersed in joy. Decorate the area with banners, souvenirs, and the colours of his preferred team. Create a little version of your favourite sport in your backyard, such as a round of golf, basketball, or football.

    father's day decorations sports extravaganza
    Sports Extravaganza

    Additionally, you can set up a huge screen viewing area where you can watch live games or rewatch old matchups.

  • Retro Nostalgia
  • Consider a Retro Nostalgia theme that turns your Father’s Day decor ideas into a trip down memory lane. Adorn your space with mementos from his preferred decade, such as retro furniture, vinyl albums, and unique posters. Play retro music and invite people to wear clothing that fits the era. Even better, you could throw a marathon of his fave old-school films. Serve comfort cuisine favourites like handmade burgers, soda floats, and vintage candies. 

  • Arts and Crafts
  • For the creative dad, an Arts and Crafts theme is a perfect fit to bond your relationship among family members. Set up a crafting station with all the supplies needed for a fun and creative afternoon. Choose projects that everyone can enjoy, such as painting, woodworking, or making DIY Father’s Day cards. You can also have a collaborative family project, like creating a family tree or a mural.

    father's day decorations arts and crafts
    Arts and Crafts

    Top 5 Unique Father's Day Gifts to Add Extra Joy and Special

    According to a poll of 500 people carried out by Personal Chic, 67% said using custom gifts like mugs or T-shirts with dad's name/photo made their Father's Day decorations more special and meaningful. So, if you want to make Father's Day more memorable, here are the must-have gifts to help family members get closer together.

  • Personalised Father’s Day Shirts
  • With 10000+ units sold last year, personalised t-shirts for family are one of the most popular gift choices that every dad can wear with pride. To deepen your unique relationship, personalise your special shirt with the names of your dad and other family members, heartfelt Father’s Day messages, and cute illustrations.

    father's day decoration ideas dog sleepshirt t shirt

    Personalised Dog Official Sleepshirt T-shirt

    Shop Now

    table decorations for father's day dog dad t shirt

    Personalised Dog Dad Shirt

    Shop Now

    Our Father's Day attire is available in a variety of sizes (XS-XL) and colours (neutral to vibrant). As perfect for any family member's shape and interest, these shirts are ideal matching items to make Father's Day decorations more special and bring a smile on every dad's face. "Grandad and the kids enjoyed it. Makes everyone happy!"

    father's day cake decorations grandadsaurus t shirt

    Personalised Grandpasaurus Shirt

    Shop Now

    fathers day decor grandad fist bump t shirt

    Personalised Dad Grandpa Kid Fist Bump Shirt

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    These Father’s Day tees often surpass expectations and create a lasting impact, with an average rating of 4.9 stars. These personalised tees are incredibly durable and comfortable. They have a mid-weight 5.0 oz fabric and are composed entirely of pre-shrunk cotton. Modern printing technique ensures that the vibrant designs will hold up despite numerous washings.

    father's day balloon ideas legend husband dad grandad t shirt

    Personalised Legend, Husband, Dad And Papa Since T-Shirt

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    father's day party decorations personalised daddy gang t shirt

    Personalised Daddy's Gang T-Shirt

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  • Personalised Father’s Day Canvas
  • According to a Canvas Press survey, 76% of respondents said that personalised canvas prints, as opposed to generic décor, added more delight to occasions like Father's Day. If you’re finding meaningful supplies or Father's Day decorations or unique gifts for dad who has everything, consider our personalised canvas with various themes and designs.

    father's day grave decorations personalised daddy are you ready canvas

    Personalised Daddy Are You Ready Canvas

    Shop Now

    father's day decorations personalised this dad belongs to canvas

    Personalised This Dad/Grandad Belongs To Canvas

    Shop Now

    Choose customisation options for your canvas like adding meaningful texts & names, family-themed graphics, or even uploading your favourite photos with you and dad or grandfather. These custom canvas for Father’s Day will delight the hearts of all dads and honour your fatherhood, for sure! Here are another top-selling designs from Personal Chic:

    father's day decorations the night you became my daddy canvas

    Personalised The Night You Became My Daddy Canvas

    Shop Now

    These superior canvases have crisp, vibrant colour reproductions of photographs that are stretched over a pine wood frame and printed on fine-textured brilliant-white canvas. These Father’s Day canvases promise to preserve memories and show your love for dad, grandad or any important man in your life.

    father's day decorations personalised family canvas

    Personalised Family Canvas

    Shop Now

  • Personalised Father’s Day Metal Signs
  • As In-Store Poll at Home Decor Store - 300 responses, 78% agreed that a personalised vintage-style metal sign would be a meaningful decoration to celebrate dad and capture happy family memories. To add extra joy for Father’s Day decorations, don’t skip our Father’s Day metal signs that suit your dad’s taste, whether it’s rustic, retro, or modern.

    father's day decorations welcome to the patio metal sign

    Personalised Welcome To The Patio Metal Sign

    Shop Now

    With the names of your father or grandfather, and clever Father's Day messages, you can simply create unique Father's Day presents or simply decor supplies to show dad's personality and let him know the love from family member's for him.

    father's day decorations welcome to the family metal sign

    Personalised Welcome to The Family Metal Sign

    Shop Now

    Also, our custom Father's Day metal signs are printed using DTG technology on sturdy aluminium to maintain their vibrant look for many years to come. Therefore, as priceless supplies or meaningful gifts from his children that he will cherish for years to come, any parent can proudly place them in his favourite area like his garden or garage.

    father's day decorations i can fix anything except your stupid metal sign

    Personalised I Can Fix Anything Except Your Stupid Metal Sign

    Shop Now

  • Personalised Father’s Day Mugs
  • Father-themed personalised mugs are consistently among the top five mug designs at Personal Chic. So, even if you want to surprise your dad with special gifts or simply add personal touch for the Fathers Day decor, these personalised mugs remind dad of your love and admiration daily each time he enjoys his favourite cups of coffee/tea.

    father's day decorations daddy gang mug

    Personalised Grandad/Daddy's Gang Mug

    Shop Now

    ‘When I ordered I thought for a mug it was a tad expensive.... but for the look and joy on the children's dad's face when he received it on fathers day was worth it’ - a wonderful feedback from Personal Chic’s customer.

    father's day decorations grandasaurus mug

    Personalised Grandadsaurus Mug

    Shop Now

    If Father’s Day photo gifts or presents with names aren't your thing, Personal Chic also has a variety of  Father’s Day mug themes from sentimental to funny designs. Plus, made from white ceramic and applied DTG printing technique, these mugs for Father's Day don't fade over time and can be cleaned quickly because they are dishwasher and microwave safe.

    father's day decorations papas little monster mug

    Personalised Grandpas Papas Little Monsters Mug

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  • Personalised Father’s Day Posters
  • An exceptional poster emphasising the connection between father and his child helps your Father's Day decorations get more meaningful than ever. Thanks to cutting-edge printing technique - DTG, every detail on our poster, from flowing hair to elaborate clothes, is vibrant and sharp without worrying fading for years.

    father's day decorations i can hear you say love me posters

    Personalised I can Hear You Say Love Me Poster

    Shop Now

    Plus, our Father's Day gifts are available in many sizes, which can be showcased in a stylish living room or or outside (perfect for hosting Father's Day celebrations in a park, garden, or restaurant).

    father's day decorations this is our life posters

    Personalised This Is Our Life Poster

    Shop Now

    Personalise it with dad’s names, heartfelt Father’s Day messages, themes that showcase his interests, hobbies that he’ll treasure for years to come.

    father's day decorations this mummy belongs to posters

    Personalised This Grandma Mummy Belongs To Posters

    Shop Now


    Awesome Father's Day decorations are an excellent way to show how much you appreciate your dad. From unique table decorations and cool cake decor to awesome balloon ideas and meaningful grave decorations, there are countless ways to make Father’s Day celebrations memorable. By adding personal touches and thoughtful details, you can ensure that this Father’s Day is one that your dad will never forget.

    Therefore, Personal Chic hopes the Father's Day gift ideas/supplies that we provided above can help you to find the perfect one to show our gratitude for great men in our life. Let us honour all of the fathers out there who have helped us become the men we are today. Greetings on Father's Day!

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