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The 100 Best Fathers Day Jokes To Make Dad Laugh and Groan

The 100 Best Fathers Day Jokes To Make Dad Laugh and Groan

25 May 2024
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To make sure your dad has a happy and fun Father's Day, there's nothing better than sending him some love with Fathers Day jokes. If you don't already know, we have a selection of hilarious dad jokes and clever puns that will make you laugh. Come discover the most original and hilarious jokes for fathers day with us today to make this day truly memorable!

Unique Yet Funny Fathers Day Jokes That Dad Will Giggle and Groan

Among all the sincere happy Fathers Day messages, how about adding some unique and humorous jokes that will make your dad laugh and wince? These jokes for fathers day, which range from witty one-liners to incredibly ridiculous puns, are sure to make dads who like a good chuckle smile even more.

Father’s Day Jokes One-Liner

Sometimes, the best jokes come in small packages, so one-liners are perfect for Father’s Day because they’re quick, clever, and sure to get a laugh.  Even if you want to make dad giggle, groan, or roll his eyes, these one-liners Fathers Day jokes for card promise to brighten his day and show him just how much you care.

fathers day jokes one liner jokes
  • Thanks for being the cool dad who makes it hard to be an uncool kid.
  • Happy Father's Day to the man whose bad jokes built my appreciation for comedy.
  • You're like a walking, talking dad joke in the best way possible.
  • Thanks for exposing us to puns and bad jokes at a young age so we'd build immunity.
  • Dad, your grilling skills might make you a master chef, but your puns make you a BARBEQUE-ING master.
  • Thanks for giving me something to roll my eyes at for 18 straight years.
  • Happy Father's Day to the dad who always kept us off-balance with his pun-jabi skills.
  • Thanks for being a rad dad who showed us life doesn't have to be too serious.
  • Dad, you're like a magician making the corniest jokes in the world appear out of thin air.
  • Dad, your jokes are like a colonoscopy prep - they really clear the room out.
  • Dad, if you were a vegetable, you'd be a 'cute-cumber'!"
  • “Dad, you must be a parking ticket because you've got 'FINE' written all over you!"
  • "Dad, you're like a broken drum—hard to beat!"
  • "Dad, you’re like a fine wine—you get better with age and always leave a lasting impression!"

Fathers Day Knock Knock Jokes

Jokes about knocks are timeless, and they are obviously ideal for Father's Day. These knock knock Fathers Day jokes for card are perfect for a lighter moment and will make your dad grin, whether you share them over breakfast or write them in a note.

fathers day jokes knock knock jokes


A: Knock knock.

B: Who's there?

A: Cows.

B: Cows who?

A: Cows go "moo" not "who"!


A: Knock knock.

B: Who's there?

A: Bless.

B: Bless who?

B: No need to bless you, I'm the one sneezing!


A: Knock knock.

B: Who's there?

A: Dough.

B: Dough who?

A: Dough-nutty kids know how to treat their dad!


A: Knock knock.

B: Who's there?

A: Lettuce.

B: Lettuce who?

A: Lettuce in, it's cold out here!


A: Knock knock.

B: Who's there?

A: Dishes.

B: Dishes who?

A: Dishes a bad joke, but your dad still loves it!


A: Knock knock.

B: Who's there?

A: Anah.

B: Anah who?

A: Anah-ther great dad joke for you!


A: Knock knock.

B: Who's there?

A: Bacon.

B: Bacon who?

A: Bacon a cake for you on Father's Day!


A: Knock knock.

B: Who's there?

A: Saw.

B: Saw who?

A: Saw a great dad when I look at you!


A: Knock knock.

B: Who's there?

A: Cargo.

B: Cargo who?

A: Car go "beep beep"!


A: Knock knock.

B: Who's there?

A: Llama.

B: Llama who?

A: Llama take you out for a nice Father's Day meal!

Clean Jokes For Fathers Day

Look for Fathers Day jokes that are suitable for all ages and settings, ensuring that family members can enjoy the laugh? Here are the best clean jokes  to share the entire family, and watch as your dad chuckles out loud.

fathers day jokes clean jokes
  • "Happy Father's Day to the man who taught me to appreciate the finer things in not putting my elbows on the dinner table."
  • "Dad, you're like a superhero...with the ability to ignore loud chewing noises and burps!"
  • "You're one smart cookie, but also a real silly-billy sometimes. Thanks for keeping us laughing, Dad!"
  • "Your skills at falling asleep on the couch are unmatched. It's an art form, really."
  • "Thanks for always 'LMAO' at my jokes, Dad...even if you have no idea what 'LMAO' means."
  • "We celebrated Mother's Day last month, so I guess this one is just for 'Fathering' around."
  • "Dad, you're like a modern-day superhero...fighting a never-ending battle against junk mail and clogged drains."
  • "Thanks for always letting me win at board games and video games when I was little. I realise now it was just to boost my self-esteem."
  • "Happy Father's Day to the manager of the 'Dad Joke' factory. The corniness never ends!"
  • "Remember when you tried to sneak green vegetables into everything? You get an A+ for effort."
  • "Thanks for introducing me to all the best classic rock bands...and subjecting me to your air guitar solos."
  • "Dad, you're like a cheesy B-movie...campy and cringeworthy at times, but we love you for it!"
  • "Remember when you thought you were so sneaky covering your grey hairs with a black sharpie? Good times."
  • "Happy Father's Day to the best 'Dad Dancer' around! The sprinkler and running man will never get old."
  • "Dad, thanks for always 'going with the flow'...unless that flow involves changing the TV channel from your favourite show."
  • "Thanks for imparting your infinite wisdom on topics like mastering the remote control and checking for monsters under the bed."

Christian Fathers Day Card Jokes

For families who celebrate Father’s Day with a touch of faith, Christian-themed fathers day jokes can be a wonderful addition to make the day memorable. Here are the best ideas combining lightheartedness with spiritual themes to reflect both love and joy in faith.

fathers day jokes christian card jokes
  • “How does Moses make his coffee? Hebrews it!”
  • “Why did the computer go to church? To get a byte of the holy spirit!”
  • “What do you call a sleepwalking nun? A roamin’ Catholic!”
  • “Why did the scarecrow get promoted in church? Because he was outstanding in his field of ministry!”
  • “Why do cows wear bells? Because their horns don’t work. Kind of like how we need prayer to get through the day!”
  • “Why was Adam a good father? Because he was the first man to know how to take a ribbing!”
  • “Why did the holy water break up with the tea? Because it found someone more divine!”
  • “What’s God’s favourite type of music? Soul!”
  • “Why don’t you see dinosaurs in church? Because they’re extinct, but faith isn’t!”
  • “Why did the grape stop in church? Because it found itself in a jam!”
  • “Why do we know Peter was a good fisherman? Because he was always netting a blessing!”
  • “Why don’t we ever see God using social media? Because He’s always following us in real life!”
  • “Why don’t you ever play hide and seek with Jesus? Because he always saves!”

Corny Fathers Day Jokes

Even though corny jokes are incredibly cheesy, they're actually humorous, so you're sure to laugh out loud at least. These are some ridiculous funny Father’s Day quotes that your dad will genuinely find funny.

fathers day jokes corny jokes
  • "Dad, you’re the only one who can fix things with a ‘dad bod’ of steel and a toolbelt of mystery!"
  • "Dad, you’re like a blender—always mixing things up and making life more exciting!"
  • "Why did the dad plant a light bulb? Because he wanted to grow a power plant!"
  • "Dad, you’re the original life hack—you make everything simpler, even when it’s not supposed to be!"
  • "Why don’t dads play hide and seek? Because good luck hiding from their dad jokes!"
  • "Dad, you’re like a pair of socks—always there to keep us warm and occasionally missing!"
  • "Why did Dad join the circus? Because he wanted to clown around more!"
  • "Dad, you’re like a good book—always full of stories, sometimes long-winded, but always cherished!"
  • "What do you call a dad who loves puns? A 'pun-dit'!"
  • "Dad, your sense of humour is like a fine cheese—mature, a bit strong, and always leaving a lasting impression!"
  • "Why did Dad bring a pencil to bed? He wanted to draw his dreams!"
  • "Happy Father's Day to a reel-y great're one in a million!"
  • "Dad, you're the mane reason I can always fur-get my worries."
  • "Father's Day is your mane event, so I'll try not to stirrup any corny jokes."
  • "You're my hair-o, making this Father's Day a mane event!"
  • "Dad, on your special day, I mustache you a question..."
  • "What did the blanket say to the bed? Don't worri, I've got you covered!"
  • "You're gneiss, you're a quartzite, Dad - a true gem of a father!"

Father's Day Card Jokes about Puns

Puns are the classic dad joke; they're humorous, witty, and even a little cringe-worthy. Here are the best Fathers Day jokes about puns —a certain way to make your dad smile and let him know how much you appreciate him.

fathers day jokes card jokes about puns
  • What do you call a funny mountain? Hill-arious!
  • Why can't you trust atoms? They make up everything!
  • Why couldn't the sailor learn the alphabet? Because he spent years at sea!
  • What kind of music do planets listen to? Nep-tunes!
  • What do you call a funny mountain? Hill-arious!
  • I had to drop myPm class. Too many idioms!
  • Why can't you trust atoms? They make up everything!
  • Why can't you trust atoms? They make up everything!
  • What kind of shoes do frogs wear? Opentoas!
  • Why was the stadium hot after the game? Because there were a lot of fans!

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The Best Personalised Father’s Day Gifts To Make Your Joke for Dad Truly Joyful

Jokes eventually get said and forgotten, but a tailored gift gives your dad a tangible keepsake that he can hold onto and remembers the times you two laughed together, according to study from Physical Memento. So, this year, pairing your fathers day jokes with personalised gifts can make Father’s Day even more special and honour your special bond for years to come. 

  • Personalised Father’s Day T-shirts
  • Customised Father’s Day T-shirts from Personal Chic are among the best-selling items, with +10,000 units sold last year. What makes our Personalised Father’s Day T-shirt worthy of splurge is that we use a special mineral wash dye method that gives them a soft yellow hue. Also, because these apparel are made entirely of cotton, they are cool, comfy and adaptable enough to promise that dad will look and feel great on his special day. 

    fathers day jokes great dad and kids t shirt

    Personalised Great Dad And Kids T-Shirt

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    fathers day jokes legend husband dad papa t shirt

    Personalised Legend, Husband, Dad And Papa Since T-Shirt

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    A custom T-shirt is an excellent way to blend style with comedy. Personalise your Father’s Day gift ideas with dad’s name, witty Fathers Day jokes and funny graphics. For instance, every time he wears a shirt that says, "World's Greatest Farter—I mean Father!" Dad will chuckle and remind you of your love for him.

    fathers day jokes world best farter ever t shirt

    Personalised World's Best Farter Ever T-shirt

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    fathers day jokes i have two title and i just rock them both t shirt

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    Additionally, a noteworthy feature that helps us earn a 4.9-star rating from our customer is the ability to astutely blend dad's interests into the father's day gift, promising its uniqueness and surprising quality.

    fathers day jokes we still your heart first then we still your bed cat t shirt

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    fathers day jokes best dad of a spoiled rotten cat t shirt

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    “We ask Papa to fix everything all the time, and if he is unable to,... we are in serious trouble. The apparel fit Papa well, even after he washed and dried it. The clothing felt good on him. Not a grumble from him!”

    fathers day jokes personalised dont mess with papasaurus grandpasaurus t shirt

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    dad joke fathers day grandpas papas little monsters t shirt

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  • Personalised Father’s Day Mugs
  • With up to 4.96 stars from customers, our personalised mugs with printed Fathers Day jokes are also a great option if you're looking for humorous presents that will make dad laugh and groan. These amusing Father's Day cups are made of high-quality - white ceramic, dishwasher and microwave safe materials, making them both unique and practical for daily use.

    jokes for fathers day nutrition facts mug

    Personalised Mummy/Dad Nutrition Facts Mug

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    fathers day jokes for cards good morning human servant mug

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    More than just a vessel for your favourite beverage, these 325 ml (11 Oz) mugs are perfect for keeping you “mug-nificently” hydrated all day long. Whether you're tackling a busy workday or enjoying outdoor adventures, these mugs ensure you stay refreshed and ready to go!

    father's day card jokes daddy at least you dont have ugly children mug

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    fathers day knock knock jokes grandpas little monster mug

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    Not only that, but you may create mugs just for your dad with ease with Personal Chic's 500+ themes and various customisation options. Including their hobbies into the design is also a clever idea to make him smile every morning, in addition to the humorous pictures of dad and amusing quotes for Father's Day.

  • Personalised Father’s Day Doormats
  • According to a Personal Chic’s survey, 74% of respondents value individualised presents that make them smile every day. Don't overlook our personalised funny doormat for dad if you want to find a personalised funny gift for him.

    clean fathers day jokes when visiting my house doormats

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    Printed with funny Fathers Day jokes, dad’s nicknames and witty illustrations, personalised doormat will make your dad grin and remind him of your shared sense of humour each time he gets home. “Great quality and such a fun white elephant gift!”, says Noah Smith, our loyal customer.

    christian fathers day jokes visiting my house doormat

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    Our Father's Day doormats use soft polyester microfiber fabric and sublimation printing, making them just as warm, fascinating, and welcoming as a big bear hug from Dad. Additionally, dad won't slip thanks to these antimicrobial and non-slip mats, which are ideal for his spectacular entrances and exits. 

  • Personalised Father’s Day Metal Signs
  • With our personalised metal signs, any dad's garage, man cave, or his beloved garden will have a dash of personality and fun. Designed with funny fathers day jokes, and illustrations, these personalised gifts for dad will always make your dad smile and chuckle, and they're as sturdy as dad's old tool collection.

    corny fathers day jokes my garage my own rules metal sign

    Personalised My Garage My Own Rules Metal Sign

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    fathers day jokes welcome to our patio metal sign

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    Also, made of aluminium, our special metal signs for Father's Day are resilient enough to endure countless tasks and the passage of time—much like Dad's renowned jokes! ‘The sign is greater durability than expected. For my dad, who fixes everything, this sign tells it all and he loved it!”, an amazing feedback from Lily Bell.

    fathers day jokes i can fix anything except your stupid

    Personalised I Can Fix Anything Except Your Stupid Metal Sign

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  • Personalised Father’s Day Pillows
  • With an average rating of 4.9 stars, our funny personalised pillows are one of thrilling Father’s Day gift ideas to inject some humour to dad's living area. This square pillowcase, measuring 40,6 x 40,6 cm (16" x 16"), is made entirely of polyester satin and has a lovely gloss and soft touch.

    fathers day jokes i like to stay in bed with my cat pillows

    Personalised I Like To Stay In Bed With My Cat Pillows

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    fathers day jokes you are the best cat dad in the hole world pillows

    Personalised I Love You Dad A W Hole Lot Pillow

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    The best thing is that you can personalise special cushions with your favourite photographs that preserve funny dad's moments and amusing Fathers Day jokes. Besides impact on starting a conversation, this personalised pillow for Father's Day is also a cosy addition to any couch or bed and will make everyone laugh as his best (and worst) jokes did!

    fathers day jokes legend grandpa pillows

    Personalised Legend Pillow Grandpa

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    fathers day jokes i created monsters they call me dad pillows

    Personalised I Created Monsters They Call Me Dad/Grandad Pillow

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    Tips to Have Clever yet Fun Father's Day Card Jokes

    If you want to make sure that your Fathers Day jokes are clever, funny, and tailored to your dad’s sense of humour, here are some useful tips to ensure that they’re both memorable and entertaining.

    fathers day jokes fathers day card jokes
    • Play on Dad Puns: Dads are infamous for their love of cheesy puns. Use this to your advantage by incorporating some punny dad jokes into the card. For example, "Happy Father's Day to the world's greatest farter...err...father!"
    • Poke Fun at Dad Habits: Gently tease your dad about his habits or quirks in a lighthearted way. For instance, "Happy Father's Day to the king of dad jokes and falling asleep on the couch!"
    • Keep It Light and Affectionate: While the Fathers Day jokes should be humorous, make sure they come from a place of love and affection. Avoid anything that could be seen as mean-spirited or hurtful.
    • Exaggerate His Skills: Playfully exaggerate your dad's skills or abilities in a humorous way. "Dad, your grill master abilities are so legendary, even the neighbours' dogs come over for your burgers!"
    • Use Wordplay and Rhymes: Get creative with wordplay, rhymes, or clever twists on common phrases. "You're one smart cookie, but also a real silly-billy sometimes!"
    • Deliver the Card on Time: Remember to deliver the card on time. Knowing when is Father's Day in 2024 is crucial—it's on Sunday, June 16th. Plan ahead to ensure your dad receives his clever and fun card on this special day.


    Incorporating fathers day jokes into your celebration is a fantastic way to show your dad how much you appreciate him. Even if through a card, a personalised gift, or a heartfelt laugh, these jokes will surely make his day special. 

    With suggestions from Personal Chic, we hope you find the funniest Father’s Day gifts that keep Dad’s jokes living on for years to come—just like your love for him and his endless supply of puns. So, go ahead and make your dad giggle, groan, and maybe even snort with joy this Father’s Day!

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