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Personalised Tumblers

Quench your thirst with a touch of a Personalised Tumbler . Stay hydrated in style as you choose from various designs and colours to create a custom tumbler that suits your taste and needs. Add your name, initials, or a special message to make this uniquely yours. Whether you're enjoying a refreshing cold drink on a hot day or keeping your favourite beverage warm in colder weather, this personalised tumbler is a practical and trendy drinkware companion. Perfect for use at home, work, or on-the-go, it makes for a thoughtful and functional gift for yourself or a loved one. Embrace hydration in a stylish way with these personalised gifts from Personal Chic by your side.

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If you're looking for a unique and thoughtful gift that is sure to impress, personalised tumblers are the perfect choice. In this article, we'll take a closer look at personalised drinks tumblers, including what they are, why they make such a great gift, and where you can find them in the UK.

What Are Personalised Tumblers?

Personalised tumblers are drinkware items that have been customised with a name, logo, design, or message of your choice. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, including stainless steel, glass, plastic, and ceramic.

These custom tumblers typically feature double-walled insulation, making them ideal for keeping drinks hot or cold for hours on end. This makes them perfect for taking on-the-go, whether you're heading to work, school, or the gym.

Why Do Personalised Tumblers Make Such a Great Gift?

There are many reasons why personalised tumblers UK make such a great gift. 

  • Versatile Gift for Every Occasion

For starters, custom tumblers are incredibly versatile and can be given for almost any occasion, including birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and more. It's a gift that transcends age, gender, and background, making it universally appreciated.

  • Personal Touch For Thoughtfulness

They also offer a personal touch that shows the recipient that you put thought and effort into finding the perfect gift. Whether it's a custom name or monogram, a favourite quote or saying, or a special design or image, personalised tumblers are a unique and thoughtful way to celebrate someone special.

  • Everyday Use and Joy

Finally, personalised tumblers are practical and functional gifts that can be used every day. Unlike many other gifts that may only be used occasionally, a personalised drinks tumbler is something that the recipient can use and enjoy on a regular basis.

Why Should You Buy Personalised Tumblers from Personal Chic?

If you're on the hunt for the perfect personalised tumbler, look no further than Personal Chic. Here are some compelling reasons that make Personal Chic the go-to destination for these delightful and thoughtful personalised gifts.

  • Unmatched Quality: At Personal Chic, quality is never compromised. Each personalised drinks tumbler is crafted with meticulous attention to detail using premium materials.
  • Extensive Customisation Options: Personal Chic offers a wide array of customisation options. This level of customisation allows you to create your personalised tumblers that suit the recipient's personality and preferences.
  • Thoughtful and Unique Gifting: The personal touch of a custom tumbler from Personal Chic shows that you went the extra mile to find a meaningful gift, making the tumbler a cherished keepsake.

Choosing the Right Tumbler and Customisation Options

When choosing personalised tumblers, there are several factors to consider. 

  • Consider the size and shape of the tumbler. Depending on the recipient's needs and preferences, a larger or smaller personalised tumbler cup may be more suitable.
  • Consider the material of the tumbler. Stainless steel is a popular choice for its durability and insulation, while glass and plastic may be better suited for certain occasions or uses.
  • Consider the customisation options available. Some personalised tumblers may only allow for text personalisation, while others may allow for full-colour designs or even photos. Consider the recipient's preferences and choose a customisation option that will truly make the tumbler one-of-a-kind.


Personalised tumblers are the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you're looking for a custom tumbler for a friend, family member, or coworker, there are many options available in the UK. So why not give the gift of a personalised tumbler cup and show someone how much they mean to you?