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Personalised Door Mats for Dog Lovers

5 / 5 ( 4 Review )

Express your gratitude and appreciation to dog lovers with Personalised Dog Door Mats . Various sises, designs, and high-quality fabrics are all part of our extensive selection of Personalised Doormats For Dog Lovers. Customised presents featuring your dog's name and a photo are a warm and fuzzy way to honor your precious friend. Dog owners will always appreciate thoughtful personalised gifts for dog lovers like custom dog doormat. A custom dog rug allows you to combine functionality and creativity, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere right from the moment someone steps foot on your porch. At Personal Chic, we've just released a brand-new assortment of custom door mats in an array of sises, colors, and patterns.

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Customer reviews of Personalised Door Mats for Dog Lovers

4 of 4 Reviews
Susan Goodchild
21 Aug 2023
Harvey's welcoming door mat v

Very pleased with it

Personalised When Visiting My House Doormat
Keith Baxter
19 May 2023

Welcome To My Home - Personalised Gifts | Door mats for Dog Lovers/Cat Lovers

Personalised Welcome To My Home Door Mats Cat Lovers
Oliver Queen
26 Jan 2024
So nice

The print has a very good quality and it's as advertised on the website.

Personalised Doll Couple And Dogs Door Mat
26 Jan 2024
Great item!

Received in good time. Love the item & can't wait to use it in our new home.

Personalised Doll Couple And Dogs Door Mat

Personalised dog doormat is an excellent idea for a home where dogs are cherished, greeting guests with a wonderful smile. Our custom dog doormat offers something for everyone, whether you prefer designs that are bold, vibrant, or humorous. Every design brings its own character, ensuring that each personalised dog door mats is as uniquely delightful as your furry friend!

Personalised Door Mats for Dog Lovers - a Must-Have Item for House Decoration

Custom dog door mats have always been a statement, but coupling it with our love for pets takes it a notch higher, welcoming every guest with the warmth that mirrors the joy our pets bring into our lives.

  • A Warm Welcome with a Personal Touch

A personalised dog doormat from Personal Chic keeps your entrance clean and free from dirt and mud tracked in by paws and shoes while reflecting your family's personality and values. Customised with your beloved pet's name, silhouette, breed likeness, or a heartwarming message, our personalised door mats with dogs not only enhances your home's curb appeal but also imbues your threshold with a sense of warmth and welcome that's unmistakably yours. 

  • Our Personalised Door Mats with Dogs are Safety but Style

Beside their decorative appeal, Personal Chic's personalised dog door mat prioritises the well-being of your household with their built-in safety features. Constructed from premium, durable materials, these mats are designed to withstand the rough-and-tumble of daily life with pets. 

  • Reflecting Your Dog's Personality

Ideal for a housewarming present or simply as a special indulgence, customised door mats serve as both unique and useful personalised dog doormat. You have the option to include cute dog portrayals, along with their names and the names of their owners, adding a personal touch.

  • A Symbol of Belonging 

More than just a functional accessory, a custom door mats for dog owners from Personal Chic makes it clear to any guest that your pet is not just an occupant but a cherished member of the household.

The Most Perfect Personalised Dog Doormats for Your Home from Personal Chic

Whether you're looking to celebrate your furry friend's place in your family or searching for a unique gift for a fellow dog enthusiast, Personal Chic offers the ultimate solution. Our customisation process ensures that every doormat reflects the character of your beloved pet, creating an inviting entrance that speaks volumes about the love inside.

  • Uncompromised Quality of Personalised dog doormats: Cafted from synthetic coir that are celebrated for their durability and excellent dirt-trapping capabilities, offer a stylish yet practical enhancement to both your home and office entrances. These door mats for dogs can withstand the daily hustle and bustle of a dog-friendly home, from muddy paws to playful scratches.
  • Two sizes available: approximately 40cm x 60cm for smaller entrances and 60cm x 90cm for larger doorways, Personal Chic’s custom dog doormats fit perfectly in any setting, blending functionality with a natural, rustic aesthetic that suits a wide range of decorating themes, from modern and minimalist to warm and farmhouse-inspired. The synthetic coir effectively captures dirt and moisture, keeping your floors clean while adding a touch of personalised decor.
  • Customizable options: What distinguishes our pet personalised dog doormat is the customizable feature, from inscribing your dog's name in elegant fonts to selecting designs that echo their breed or unique personality, allowing you to select from various dog silhouettes to closely represent your furry friend. You can further customise your mat with up to two lines of text, offering a unique touch that reflects your personal style. 

Tips to Engrave Personalised Dog Doormats At Personal Chic

Designing a bespoke doormat that celebrates your pet has never been easier! Our user-friendly platform allows you to swiftly create your own personalised synthetic coir dog doormat in a few easy steps.

  • Firstly, pick the perfect size to fit your entrance, combining practicality with aesthetic appeal. Our assortment of sizes ensures a perfect fit for any home, be it a quaint cottage or a grand residence, offering ample coverage while maintaining aesthetic proportionality.
  • Next, select from our wide array of dog breeds to accurately depict your furry family member in this personalised dog doormat. Whether you favour common breeds like golden retrievers and poodles or prefer something more unique, you have the liberty to choose the breed that truly resembles your pet.
  • Don't just stop at breed selection; personalise it further by adding your own text. This could be anything from a loving message, a witty comment, or your pet's name, allowing for that personal flair on your dog doormat.
  • Once your design is complete, add it to your basket, and our team will meticulously engrave your design onto the synthetic coir doormat, focusing on quality and detail.

There's no need to settle for an ordinary personalised dog doormat when you can have a custom piece that showcases your dog's unique character. Begin crafting your exclusive engraved doormat today, and greet your visitors with a distinctive blend of style, warmth, and the joy of a dog's companionship!


Personalised dog doormats for dog lovers, a delightful blend of functionality and design, are truly a game-changer for home décor. And as you embark on this journey, let Personal Chic be your trusted companion, ensuring every step you take, be it inside or outside your home, is filled with paw-filled joy.