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Laugh your tail off with personalised dog mugs! Perfect for dog parents, pet lovers, and everyone who needs a cute puppy face to brighten their day. Discover our wide range of customised pet portrait mugs at Personal Chic.

Custom Dog Mug For Dog Parents

Being a dog parent is a badge of honour (and cuteness), and it's time you flaunt it. Be it a robust American Bulldog or a little teacup Chihuahua, our personalised dog mugs let you show off your fur baby to the world. No more explaining why you have dog hair on your clothes or why your bag contains more dog treats than human snacks. Let your personalised mug dog and owner do the talking (or barking!).

  • Personalised Dog Dad Mug

A Dog Dad is a special breed of awesome – they’re the ones found at the crack of dawn in the park, throwing frisbees, and talking in high-pitched voices to their four-legged companions. They endure slobbery kisses with a smile and wouldn't trade their paw-buddy for all the riches in the world. To celebrate these heroes, we have designed personalised Dog Dad mugs. Customised with a charming image of a man's best friend and paired with the proud title of 'Dog Dad', these personalised dog mugs make the ideal gift for any dad whose heart beats in sync with their pet's tail wags.

  • Personalised Dog Mum Mug

From the sleepless nights during house training to the joy of watching their fur babies master a new trick, a Dog Mum's journey is filled with highs and lows, much like parenting. That's why we've created the personalised Dog Mum mugs, an ode to the women who happily wear their dog hair-covered clothes like a badge of honour. Our 'Girl and Dog' personalised dog mugs beautifully captures the unique bond between a woman and her dog, making it an excellent gift for all the Dog Mums out there.

Personalised Dog Mug Gifts For Occasion

Looking for a 'paw-fect' gift for a dog-loving friend? Say no more. Our personalised gifts for dog lovers make for great presents that are guaranteed to bring a smile (and perhaps a wagging tail) to the recipient. Be it for birthdays, housewarmings, or simply because you love your friend as much as they love their pet, our custom dog coffee mug are sure to be a hit.

  • Personalised Dog Mug Fathers Day

Let's be honest; dads and their dogs share a bond like no other. From endless games of fetch to those secret treats slipped under the dinner table, a dog dad is a pup's best friend. So, for all the fathers who proudly scoop poop and bear the 'eau de wet dog', we've designed our personalised Fathers Day gifts. You can choose from a range of designs featuring heartfelt messages or customise it with a hilarious quote that captures the unique relationship between your dad and his canine companion.

  • Personalised Dog Mug For Mother’s Day

We believe that being a dog mum is just as demanding (and rewarding!) as being a human mum. Celebrate the woman who's always there to give belly rubs, cook special doggy dinners, and spend hours on end playing fetch with our personalised dog mugs for Mother's Day. Customise it with your dog's face, name, or a special message to show her how much both you and your fur baby appreciate her love and care.

  • Personalised Memorial Dog Mug

And for those times when your furry best friend has crossed the rainbow bridge, our personalised memorial dog mugs are the perfect way to honour and remember them. Our mugs come with heartfelt designs, such as personalised dog mug with angel wings, to comfort you as you remember the good times you shared with your departed pet.

Types Of Personalised Dog Mug At Personal Chic

As dog lovers ourselves, we understand that each furry friend is unique, and so should be their representation on your morning coffee mug. At Personal Chic, we offer a variety of personalised dog mugs tailored to capture the individuality of your beloved canine companion. From custom dog mugs featuring your pet's name to a personalised dog face mug, we've got your canine coffee needs covered.

  • Custom Dog Mug With Name

Celebrate your dog's personality with our custom dog mugs with names. Be it 'Rex', 'Bella', 'Max', or 'Daisy', we understand that a dog's name is often an extension of their personality. So, why not let your four-legged friend's name take centre stage on your morning brew? Crafted with love, our personalised dog mugs with names allow you to savour your favourite drink while adoring the name of your favourite furry friend.

  • Custom Pet Portrait Mug Personalised Dog Face Mug

If you're someone who can't get enough of your dog's adorable face, our custom pet portrait mugs are just what you need. Our talented artists take your pet's photo and turn it into a beautiful illustration, creating a one-of-a-kind personalised dog face mug. With this mug, you're not just drinking a cup of coffee or tea; you're creating a daily ritual to show off the love for your pet!


Nothing beats starting your day with a warm beverage and the sight of your favourite furry friend. Personalised dog mugs make for fantastic personalised gifts, cherished keepsakes, and conversation starters, all while putting a smile on your face. So why wait? Head over to Personal Chic and get your paws on the perfect custom mug today. Remember, happiness is a warm puppy… on a mug!

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