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Top 15 Father’s Day Activities to Celebrate His Day Uniquely

Top 15 Father’s Day Activities to Celebrate His Day Uniquely

13 May 2024
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Father’s Day is the best time to honour the greatest men in our lives. Apart from flowers, cakes and gifts, thoughtful Father’s Day activities are what make the celebration extra special. So, in this guide, let’s inspire you with various father's day activity ideas creating cherished moments for all.

Top 15 Father’s Day Activities to Do for Fathers day

Considering who joins the activities on Father’s Day is important to make sure your chosen things to do for fathers day is not just fun but also appropriate. So, in this section, let’s look at different lists of ideas for Father's Day activities which are catered to suit different participants.

Father's Day Activity Ideas for Toddlers

Welcome to a world of delightful and heartwarming Father's Day activities for toddlers! In this section, we’ll help you answer what to do on Fathers Day to celebrate Dad with the little ones in tow. 

Well, in general, kids would prefer fun and want something creative, so here are some interesting things to do for Father’s Day that will keep father and kids entertained:

  • Handprint Art: Create adorable handprint art with non-toxic paint on paper or canvas. Let toddlers explore colours and textures while making a personalised masterpiece for Dad.
  • Outdoor Picnic: Pack a picnic basket with toddler-friendly snacks and head to the park for a fun outdoor picnic. Enjoy sandwiches, fruits, and snacks while soaking up the sunshine and fresh air.
  • Storytime with Dad: Settle down with a pile of Dad's favourite storybooks and cuddle up for a special Father's Day storytime. Let toddlers pick out books and turn the pages as they listen to Dad read aloud.
  • DIY Card Making: Provide toddlers with craft supplies like stickers, markers, and colourful paper to create homemade Father's Day cards. Encourage them to decorate the cards with drawings and messages for Dad.
  • Music and Dance Party: Put on Dad's favourite music and have a dance party in the living room! Toddlers can show off their dance moves and enjoy grooving to the beat with Dad.
Fathers Day Activities For Dad And Toddlers
Best Father's Day Activity Ideas For Dad And Toddlers

Father's Day Activities for Preschoolers

When celebrating Father’s Day for dads and preschoolers, you can try such ideas that foster bonding and create cherished memories. So, here comes a treasure trove of Father's Day activity ideas designed especially for preschool-aged children to make this day filled with laughter, creativity, and special moments together. 

  • Nature Scavenger Hunt: Take a nature walk with Dad and go on a scavenger hunt to find items like leaves, flowers, and rocks. Create a checklist and see how many items you can find together.
  • Cooking Together: It’s great to teach your preschooler to honour his dad and, at the same time, to get hands-on in the kitchen skills  like mixing ingredients, rolling dough, or decorating cookies.  With such Father’s Day activities for cooking-lover dads, they can all have fun and create lasting memories.
  • Making DIY Father's Day Decor Canvas: Let’s get crafty and start some DIY projects with dads. You can have your kids paint pictures of their father and together turn it into a decor canvas. By spending time drawing, colouring together, preschoolers will have quality time for the day.
  • Sporting Time with Dad: If he’s a sports lover, why don’t miss out on the chance to celebrate his passion on the day. Let’s take your kids out to his favourite game with their dad and take pictures of them having a great time on the field.
  • Family Movie Night: Have a cosy movie night at home with Dad. Let preschoolers pick out their favourite movies or Dad's classics, make popcorn, and snuggle up together for a fun movie marathon.
What To Do On Father's Day For Dad And Preschoolers

What To Do On Father's Day For Dad And Preschoolers?

Activities for Adults on Father’s Day

It's time for the grown-ups to shine on Father's Day! In this section, we'll uncover exciting and meaningful activities designed for adults to celebrate their special day with style and substance. So, let's dive into our collection of ideas for Father's Day activities and make it unforgettable for the dads who mean the world to us.

  • Golf Outing: Plan a day of golfing with Dad at his favourite course. Enjoy a friendly game of golf together and soak in the beautiful surroundings while bonding over shared interests.
  • Beer Tasting: Visit a local brewery or set up a beer tasting at home with a selection of craft beers. Spend the day sampling different brews and enjoying quality time together.
  • Family Sport Game: For sporty dads, hosting a sport game for the whole family is a wonderful choice when it comes to Father's Day activities for adults. As we prepare for the game, let’s prepare personalised uniforms and cups to make it more special for him.
  • Outdoor Adventure: Go on an outdoor adventure like hiking, biking, or kayaking with Dad. Explore nature, challenge yourselves, and create lasting memories in the great outdoors.
  • Spa Day: As you wonder what to do on father's day, why not treat Dad to a relaxing spa day? With pampering massages, facials, and pampering treatments, he can indulge in some well-deserved self-care and unwind together in a tranquil spa setting.
Ideas For Father's Day Activities For Adults
Ideas For Father's Day Activities For Adults

What to Notice when Choosing What to Do on Father’s Day

Even though your love and effort behind the act of planning things to do for Fathers Day are what matters, you still need to consider various factors to avoid any inappropriateness leading to unhappy or awkward moments for the day. So, here are some points to keep in mind when you decide on what Father’s Day activities to plan:

  • Plan in Advance: Ask yourself early the question of when is Father's Day to avoid last-minute rush. Having clear awareness of time will help your preparations go smoothly.
  • Dad’s Interests: Take Dad’s interests and hobbies into account when selecting activities. Whether he enjoys cooking, tinkering in the garage, or exploring the great outdoors, tailor the day’s plans to his passions.
  • Physical Limitations: Be mindful of any physical limitations Dad may have. Choose activities that are suitable for his abilities and comfort level to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone involved.
  • Energy Level: Consider Dad’s energy level and preferences for the pace of the day. Some dads may prefer a relaxed gathering at home, while others may be up for an adventurous outing. Select activities that match his desired level of activity.
  • Involvement: Let’s consider carefully who to be involved in your Father’s Day activities! As discussed above, for different fathers and children, the preferences for what to do on Fathers Day varies.
  • Meaningful Experiences: Focus on creating meaningful experiences that strengthen the bond between father and child. Whether it’s sharing stories, creating new memories, or expressing gratitude, prioritise activities that foster connection and love.
  • Flexibility: Remain flexible and open to adjustments based on Dad’s feedback and preferences throughout the day. Be willing to adapt plans as needed to ensure everyone has a fantastic time.
Notes For Things To Do For Fathers Day
What To Notice When Choosing Things To Do For Fathers Day?

But, to truly make Father's Day celebrations special, mere parties, trips, and bonding activities may not be enough. Research by RetailMeNot reveals that 72% of fathers feel more appreciated when their families put thought into selecting a meaningful gift. So, don’t miss out on this powerful way to make him feel delighted.

Making the Activities Extra Fun with Thoughtful Father’s Day Gifts

Now, it’s time to make his special day more memorable and fulfilled with not just Father’s Day activities but also meaningful Fathers Day gift ideas. But, wait! Here’s an interesting fact to consider - research by Uncommon Goods found that 74% of fathers say they would prefer a unique, personalised gift over a generic, non-customised present.

So, that's where Personal Chic comes in. Our top sellers for personalised gifts for Father's Day last year were a hit, with each selection garnering over 2,000 sales solely during the celebratory month. Now, let’s dive in:

  • Custom Mugs
  • Ranking in the top best seller list, such personalised tees are made with quality ceramic material and ready to be customised further in terms of text for a happy fathers day message, colour and image for capturing his vibe. Here are some designs you can consider:

    Personalised Grandad/Daddy's Gang Mug

    customised fathers day mugs for dad with kids illustration
    Cute Mugs Personalised For Dad With Kids

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    Personalised Like Father Like Daughter Mug:

    personalised mugs for fathers day from daughter

    This mug, featuring a quote about father-to-daughter bond, is best as a Father's Day gift from daughter.

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    Personalised Dear Daddy Mug:

    custom ceramic mugs for fathers to be with message from babies

    This custom mug, featured with a lovely baby image and heartfelt message, is perfect for fathers to-be. 

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    Personalised This Awesome Daddy Belongs To Mug

    custom fathers day ceramic mugs from kids to dad

    This mug is designed with a heart-touching quote and images to move any dad on Father’s Day.

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    Infused with not just a touch of thoughtful personalisation but also a touch of cuteness, you’ll find a daddy personalised gift that will make any father-to-be go “aww” on this special Father’s Day.

  • Personalised Phone Cases
  • Making up to about 2,500 units sold in the month of Father’s Day celebration last year, the below phone case designs allow fathers to show off his love for his little monsters and help strengthen the family bond.

    Personalised Our Favourite Place To Be Phone Case

    custom fathers day phone case with photo for fathers

    Give a custom photo phone case as one of the fun Father's day activities

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    Personalised Dad's Little Monster Phone Case:

    custom monster phone case for dad on fathers day with funny design

    Designed with cute animated monster-like images of fathers and kids, this phone case celebrates him uniquely.

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    Personalised Dad You Are Out Of This World Phone Case

    custom photo phone case for dads on fathers day

    This cute phone case, customised with the picture of fathers and kids, is best to say Happy Father’s Day.

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  • Custom Pillows
  • Crafted from 100% Polyester Satin, our pillows boast durability with reinforced seams and a convenient zipper. Their double-sided print adds flair to his any space. Here are some products to try:

    Personalised Grandad Daddys Gang Pillow:

    custom fathers day pillow for dads with kids portrait

    Customised with lovely pictures of his kids sending love wishes to him, this pillow is best as Father’s Day gifts.

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    Personalised Grandadsaurus Daddysaurus Pillow

    customised fathers day pillow for dad with dinosaur illustration

    This pillow, featured with cute dinosaur design and funny quotes, is perfect for Father’s Day celebration.

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    Personalised This Grandad Belongs To Pillow

    custom pillow for fathers from kids with cute design

    What to do on Fathers day? - Give him a gift of comfort with a customised pillow!

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  • Printed T-shirts
  • If you prefer something wearable for him on this special, the following tees from our collection of t-shirts are options not to miss. With quality printing technique, they can be machine washed freely without losing its vibrant colours or softness.

    Personalised Grandpasaurus Shirt

    custom t-shirts for dad on fathers day with dinosaur

    Wearing matching personalised t-shirts with dad are one of the fun Father's day activities

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    Personalised Dad Grandpa Kid Fist Bump Shirt

    customised fathers day t-shirt for dad with fist bump

    What to do on Father's day? - Get him a Personalised Dad Grandpa Kid Fist Bump Shirt!

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    Personalised This Awesome Grandpa Belongs To T-shirt

    custom shirts for fathers with kids illustration
    Cute Dad Shirts For Fathers Day

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    Personalised Grandad's Gang/Daddy's Gang T-shirt

    funny shirts for dads on fathers day with all little kids
    Little Kids' Illustration On Fathers Day Shirts

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    Personalised Grandpas Papas Little Monsters T-shirt

    customised fathers day shirts for dad with monster
    Funny Dad Shirts Printed With Cute Monsters

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    All of these Father’s Day gift ideas are perfect for all dads and other father figures in our lives, from thoughtful personalised uncle presents to personalised grandad gifts.

    In conclusion, Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the special bond between fathers and their children. With our guide for Father’s Day activities above, we hope you can create lasting memories and show Dad just how much he means to you. And, happy Father's Day!

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