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Top 20+ Fathers Day Craft Ideas UK To Celebrate Dads With Love
Gifts Guide

Top 20+ Fathers Day Craft Ideas UK To Celebrate Dads With Love

15 May 2024
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Fathers Day craft ideas make the perfect gift for those dads who claim they want nothing, yet secretly desire something homemade! Personal Chic has rounded up the best craft ideas for Father's Day, easy enough for every kid to make for their dad.

Best Fathers Day Craft Ideas That Will Impress Dads

When is Father's Day? This year, it falls on 16th June. Father's Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate dads with love and appreciation. Indeed, the ideas below offer the best Fathers Day crafts to try this upcoming Father's Day. 

Somehomemade father day crafts are ideal for crafting newbies and other Fathers Day crafts for kids can be enjoyed by toddlers, preschoolers, and even babies willing to lend a hand—or foot—for a print. All will help create fun Father's Day activities for mom and kids to do for dad!

Father's Day Craft Ideas For Toddlers

As Father's Day approaches, parents seek creative Father's Day arts and crafts to involve even the littlest family members in celebrating Dad. These "Fathers Day craft ideas for toddlers" for simple yet meaningful projects that will surely bring smiles to Dad's face.

  • Handprint Or Footprint Card: Set up a workspace with non-toxic paint and folded cards. You can assist your toddler in dipping their hand or foot, then gently pressing onto the card. Add a message for this creative Father's Day craft like "You're the best dad hands down!" for a personal touch.
  • Father's Day craft ideas with handprints for dads
    Handprint Card For Dads On Fathers Day
  • Tie-Shaped Artwork: After cutting tie shapes from paper, provide crayons, markers, or stickers. Your toddler can decorate the ties as they like. Consider writing "Happy Father's Day!" and their name for personalisation.
  • craft ideas for Father's Day with tie shape for fathers
    Tie-shaped Father's Day Crafts
  • Handprint Apron: Lay out a plain apron and fabric paint. Your toddler can dip their hands and press onto the apron with your guidance. Add their name or a message like "Daddy's Little Helper" for a personal touch.
  • handprint Fathers Day crafts ideas for fathers
    Father's Day Craft Ideas With Handprints
  • Finger Painting Masterpiece: This one is certified one of the easiest and most popular Fathers Day crafts for kids. Prepare a painting area with paper and washable finger paints. Encourage your toddler to explore and create freely. Once dry, consider framing their artwork for a special keepsake.
  • Finger Painting is the best creative Father's Day craft
    Creative Father's Day Craft Made From Hand Painting
  • "Best Dad Hands Down" Handprint Banner: Cut a long strip of paper and provide washable paint. You can help your toddler stamp their handprints along the strip. Write "Best Dad Hands Down'' above. If you need Fathers Day craft ideas that can be hung as a festive decoration, this one is the answer. 
  • Fathers Day crafts that are easy to make for kids
    Father's Day Craft That Is Easy To Make For Kids
  • Handprint Baseball: For a personalised touch, grab a baseball from the toy bin and imprint your child's hand on top. Now Dad can cherish their little one's handprint during every game of catch.
  • homemade father day crafts with handprint and baseball
    Handprint Baseball - An Easy Homemade Father's Day Craft
  • Washi Tape Crafts Stick Frames: Even the tiniest tots can join in on this easy craft. They can select washi tape to wrap around craft sticks, which serve as the foundation for this adorable hanging frame.
  • homemade father day crafts with photo for dads
    Father's Day Crafts For Kids With Photo

    Father's Day Craft Ideas For Preschoolers

    Continuing the journey of celebrating Dad's special day, we explore "Fathers Day crafts ideas for preschoolers." These delightful homemade father day crafts are tailored to engage young ones in creating heartfelt homemade Fathers Day gift ideas that Dad will treasure.

  • Paint-Tipped Golf Tees: Golf presents remain a timeless choice for Father's Day because many fathers adore spending time on the course. These hand-painted tees, a gift from his beloved family, will ensure he reminisces about them with every swing.
  • homemade father day crafts for dad with color painting
    Color Painting Golf Tees as A Father's Day Craft
  • Father's Day Shirt Cards: Handmade Fathers Day cards will always be a hit. Regardless of his preferences, crafting a card resembling Dad's beloved shirts is easily achievable. Simply gather some patterned paper and a few miscellaneous items commonly found at home.
  • Father's Day arts and crafts created with card and shirt shape
    Father's Day Shirt Cards For Any Dad
  • Father's Day Sports Donuts: Buy a packet of glazed mini donuts and adorn them with white, red, blue, and brown frosting to depict Dad's preferred sports. Arrange the delightful soccer balls, footballs, and basketballs on artificial grass, adding toothpicks with miniature pennants for a sporty touch. This gift stands out among Father's Day craft ideas as it truly reflect the dad’s passion and hobby!
  • Fathers Day crafts for kids that are easy to make
    Father's Day Sport Donuts For Dads
  • Paper Airplane Garland: Does Dad have a passion for history? If he does, use it for your choices of Fathers Day craft ideas. Fold paper maps into miniature aeroplanes. Stamp messages on each, then use hot glue to attach string or twine to link them together. Display his new aeroplane garland during the Father's Day festivities for all to admire!
  • Fathers Day craft ideas with paper that don't take too much time
    Paper Airplane Garland - A Popular Father's Day Craft
  • We Love Dad Banner: Gather contact paper, double-sided tape, sturdy cardstock, and a personalised banner template to craft this meaningful sign. Hang this creative Father's Day craft above the snack bar or mantle to add a heartfelt touch to Dad's special day.
  • Fathers Day craft ideas with message for dads
    Father's Day Craft With A Message
  • Tin Can Pencil Holder: Transform an old tin can (ensure there are no sharp edges!) by painting and customising it with a cherished photo. Dad can repurpose it to store pencils, flowers, or any other items he requires.
  • Fathers Day craft ideas with tin can for dads
    Tin Can Pencil Holders For Office Dads
  • Father's Day Hammer Card: Craft a DIY card for Dad showcasing one of his favourite tools is also one of the easiest Fathers Day crafts ideas. Use twine, foam squares, a card base, and a hammer embellishment. Fold sturdy cardstock for the base, attach the hammer, and write a heartfelt message inside to show your appreciation.
  • Fathers Day craft ideas with footprint
    Hammer Card With Footprints

    Fathers Day Craft Ideas For Tweens & Teens

    It's also time to involve tweens and teens in making memorable Father's Day arts and crafts! Explore these engaging "Father's Day Craft Ideas For Tweens & Teens" that offer a perfect blend of creativity and sentimentality.

    • Painted Father's Day Plate: The first thing to do is select a plain ceramic plate. Then, you should gather acrylic paints, brushes, and stencils. Paint your design onto the plate and then let this creative Father's Day craft dry. Optionally, you can seal with clear acrylic sealer.
    Father's Day craft ideas for tweens and teen to do
    Painted Father's Day Plate For Dads
    • Leather Keychain: Start by cutting leather strips to the desired length and punching a hole for the key ring. Next, personalise the leather by stamping Dad's initials or a meaningful symbol onto it. Attach the key ring and secure it in place using rivets or strong glue.
    keychain as one of the best craft ideas for Father's Day
    Leather Keychain - A Practical Craft For Father's Day
    • Homemade BBQ Rub: Begin by mixing spices and herbs in a bowl to create Dad's favourite flavours. Once combined, package the homemade BBQ rub in decorated jars and label them accordingly. Be sure to include instructions for use along with the labelled jars.
    Homemade craft ideas for Father's Day for cooking dads
    Homemade BBQ Rub For Dads Who Love Cooking
    • Decorated Journal: Personalise a plain journal for Dad by adding drawings, collages, or inspirational quotes to the cover. Use markers, stickers, or decoupage techniques to decorate the cover to your liking. Fill the journal with heartfelt messages and memories for Dad to enjoy.
    easy craft ideas for Father's Day from kids
    Make Dad A Cute Decorated Journal
    • DIY Coasters: Transform plain ceramic tiles into stylish coasters by painting or decorating them with acrylic paint, markers, or decoupage. Once the decorations are complete, seal the coasters with clear varnish to protect them. Attach felt pads to the bottom of each coaster to prevent scratches on tabletop surfaces.
    practical Fathers Day crafts ideas for dad from kids
    Practical Craft Ideas For Father's Day

      Top-pick Personalised Father's Day Gifts For Dad

      Personalised gifts are an extension of crafting, allowing you to design every little detail on a custom item. The difference from these above Fathers Day craft ideas is that we've gathered the materials for you! Here are the best-selling personal Fathers Day presents during the last Father's Day at Personal Chic.

    • Personalised Father's Day Shirts For Dads
    • T-shirts remain a favoured option for personalised family presents, with nearly 50,000 units sold at Personal Chic, making unique Father's Day gifts for dad. Personal Chic presents a diverse choices of craft ideas for Father's Day for these personalised t-shirts for Father's Day, allowing you to select the funniest design and infuse it with your creativity by incorporating kids’ names, funny Father's Day quotes, your dad's favourite jokes, or his catchphrase.

    • Personalised I Am Not Retired I Am A Professional Daddy T-Shirt
    • personalised fathers day t-shirt with bear illustration

      Funny Fathers Day T-Shirts With Bear

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    • Personalised Dad Kid Fist Bump Shirt
    • personalised fathers day t-shirt for dad with fist bump

      Fathers Day Shirts Personalised For Dads

      Shop Now

      Meticulously crafted from 100% ring-spun cotton for solid colours and a blend of 90% ring-spun cotton and 10% polyester for grey, these personalised dad t shirts provide exceptional softness and breathability, ensuring comfortable wear throughout the day. Enhanced with our 4D printing technology, the prints on the shirt remain clear and durable, lasting for an extended period, making them unique and functional Fathers Day craft ideas.

    • Personalised This Daddy Belongs To T-shirt
    • customised fathers day t-shirt for dad with kids illustration and names

      Custom Fathers Day Tee Printed With Kids

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    • Personalised Daddy's Gang T-shirt
    • custom fathers day t-shirts for daddy with kids name and illustration

      Funny Customised Dad Shirts For Father's Day

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    • Customised Mugs For Father's Day
    • Personalised daddy mugs, adored by many at Personal Chic with an outstanding rating of 4.98, are your ticket to a Father's Day gift that's bound to impress Dad. These Father's Day mugs boast a variety of designs, ranging from cartoon characters and amusing animal illustrations to personalised photo mugs, providing the perfect canvas to showcase his personality.

    • Personalised Daddy's Gang Mug
    • custom ceramic mugs for fathers day with funny design

      Custom Ceramic Cups For Fathers Day

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    • Personalised Daddysaurus Mug
    • customised fathers day mugs for fathers with dinosaur

      Customisable Mugs With Dinosaur For Fathers

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    • Personalised Papas Little Monsters Mug
    • custom ceramic mugs for fathers day with monster illustration

      Funny Customised Dad Mugs With Monster Illustration

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      You have a variety of options for Father's Day mugs: a solid colour mug or a two-tone mug. With five colour choices, including red, black, sky blue, bottle green, and navy, you can easily select the hues that best match your dad's preferences.

    • Customisable Daddy Phone Case For Father's Day
    • Crafted from durable plastic and high-quality tempered glass, our dual-layer phone cases are designed to withstand the test of time, just like the bond you have with your dad. In addition to personalising with his name and photo, you can make these your Fathers Day craft ideas extra special by customising the appearance of the father on the phone case, from hair colour and beard shape to skin tone and accessories.

    • Personalised Our Favourite Place To Be Iphone 14 Phone Case
    • custom fathers day phone case printed with photo

      Personalised Phone Case For Dad On Fathers Day

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    • Personalised Dad's Little Monster Iphone 14 Phone Case
    • personalised fathers day phone case with monster illustration for dads

      Cute Phone Case Customised For Daddy

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    • Personalised Dad You Are Out Of This World Iphone 14 Phone Case
    • customised photo fathers day phone case with message for dads

      Photo Phone Case For Fathers On Fathers Day

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      Feedback from Personal Chic’s Customer:

      "Brilliant, unique products. The colour and quality are great. Personalised products with a quirky theme. Highly recommended." - Jo McCullen

      In summary, these Fathers Day craft ideas offer a wonderful opportunity for children to spend quality time and celebrate the unique bond between fathers and their kids. With our Father's Day craft gift guide, we aim for children to create lasting memories and express their deep appreciation for Dad. Wishing you a happy Father's Day!

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