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15 First Father's Day Gifts That Will Make Rookie Dads Spit Out His Coffee!

15 First Father's Day Gifts That Will Make Rookie Dads Spit Out His Coffee!

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10 May 2023
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When it comes to fatherhood, there are many moments that a dad will cherish for a lifetime. But none quite compare to the first Father's Day - the day where he officially becomes a daddy. From the sleepless nights to the endless diaper changes, it's a rollercoaster ride that every new dad deserves a big celebration, complete with sentimental cards, fun activities, and of course, the perfect Father's Day gifts.

Whether he's still counting down the days until the little one arrives or he's already deep in the trenches of parenting, our list of first Father's Day gifts will celebrate his journey to fatherhood in style. Trust us, with these gift for dad ideas including personalised Father's Day gifts and cheap father's day gifts, he'll be feeling like a champ and a truly upstanding dad in no time.

Gifts for a New Daddy: Best Parenting Gifts

Parenting is the journey of a lifetime, full of ups, downs, and plenty of spit-up. And for first-time fathers who just begin to navigate the murky waters of parenthood, they'll need all the help they can get - anything that can make parenting easier. It’s time to skip the boring presents and go for first Father's Day gifts that show you understand the trials and tribulations of parenting. 

Willow Recycled Backpack Diaper Bag

Let’s help your favourite new dad upgrade that ratty old backpack and join the diaper bag club without feeling like a total dad stereotype with this 1st fathers day gift. Not only is this bad boy made from recycled materials, but it also has all the bells and whistles he could ever want in a diaper bag.

Nuna Cudl 4-in-1 Baby Carrier

Parenting can be a workout - a never-ending cycle of lifting, holding, and carrying. But with this first Father’s Day gift, dad can finally be hands-free while still keeping his baby close. 

This baby carrier is the superhero of all carriers, allowing dad to carry his little one with ease and comfort, while also being versatile enough to grow with his baby as they go through different stages.

The Ultimate Dad Hoodie

If you're looking for a first Father's Day gift that will make parenting a breeze, go all forth with this beloved garment that screams "I'm a dad, and I'm not afraid to show it." Equipped with a plethora of pockets, the classic piece of clothing is the perfect gift for new dads for storing all of those baby essentials that a new dad needs.

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Best Grooming Daddy Gifts

Being a new dad can be exhausting, and sometimes personal care can fall by the wayside. But with a little help from some high-quality grooming gifts for daddy, any dad can look and feel like a million bucks. So this Father's Day, why not give the fathers day gifts of grooming? Not only will the fathers day present help the rookie dad in your life look and feel his best, but it's also a subtle way of saying "I love you, but it's time to ditch the unkempt look."

Jack Black Beard Grooming Set

The late nights, the diaper changes, and the constant chaos - all has turned a new dad's life upside down. But it doesn't mean he can't still look and feel his best. 

With this grooming set as gifts for fathers day, dad can tame even the wildest of beards and keep his facial hair looking and feeling silky smooth, right in the comfort of his home.

The Body Shop Hydrating & Protecting Hemp Gift Set

Whether he's a seasoned pro at self-care or needs a little push in that direction, this self-care father's day gift idea is absolutely a thoughtful and practical first Father's Day gift

Not any average grooming daddy gifts, it's packed with all the essentials that a new dad needs to keep his skin hydrated, protected, and looking its best. With all the diaper changes and sleepless nights, doesn’t he deserve a little extra TLC with this 1st fathers day gift?

Philips Norelco Shaver 7700

If you want to give your rookie dad the first Father's Day gift of a perfectly groomed beard or moustache, this electric shaver is the way to go. With its advanced shaving system and precision trimmer, it’s by all means is the ultimate new dad gift for the modern dad who wants to keep his beard or moustache in tip-top shape. 

Daddy Gifts: Best Fashion Gifts

Sure, dad might be content with his trusty old sweatpants and t-shirt combo, but with the right Father's Day gift, you can turn him into a fashion icon. From stylish sunglasses to trendy tee, there's no shortage of fashion-forward first father’s Day gifts to choose from.

Ray Ban Standard Classic Wayfarer Sunglasses

Whether he's lounging by the pool, taking the kids to the park, or just running errands around town, the sunglasses that have been gracing the faces of cool dads everywhere since the 1950s is the father's day gift idea that never fails to help our dads stay classy.

With their iconic design and durable construction, this first father’s Day gift is the perfect accessory for any dad who wants to look as cool as a cucumber, particularly when the little ones are acting up in public.

Like Father Like Daughter Personalised T-shirt

Imagine a tired but proud papa holding his squishy newborn daughter in his arms, both dressed in matching "Like Father, Like Daughter" personalised t-shirts with their names on it. It's the ultimate fashion first father’s Day gift that screams "I'm a dad now, and I'm rocking it."

Not only is this personalised father's day gift a stylish addition to any freshman dad's wardrobe, but it's also a reminder of the special bond between father and daughter. The unique father's day gift is a symbol of the shared traits and quirks that make them a dynamic duo.

Bonobos The Rec Short

As a new dad, life can get hectic, and the last thing he wants to worry about is what to wear. How about giving him the ultimate multitasking present for new dads that can handle anything a new dad throws his way?

Need to chase after a crawling baby? No problem. Forgot to pack a diaper bag? This pair of practical but fashionable shorts have him covered with their spacious pockets.

Best Pamper Gifts for New Dad

At the end of the day, every new dad deserves a little pampering and appreciation for all they do. What better time to send those first Father’s Day gifts of relaxation, indulgence, and self-care than this Father’s Day that is right around the corner?

Bespoke Post Retreat Box

If your rookie papa is in need of some alone time to unwind and escape the chaos of daily life, he won’t be able to resist this gift for a new daddy.

Whether it's taking a nap under the sun or curling up with a good book, this hammock and blanket combo is the absolute relaxation station. Isn’t it a wonderful first Father’s Day gift to help a new dad recharge after a long day of diaper changes and baby feedings?

Alexander Del Rossa Men's Cotton Pajamas

If you're looking for the perfect pampering first Father's Day gifts, consider this daddy gift of comfort and relaxation. With their classic design features a button-front shirt and matching pants made from high-quality materials, these pyjamas will keep any new dad feeling cool and comfortable all night long.

Theragun Prime

A first Father’s Day gift that delivers a deep tissue massage is hard to go wrong with. With state-of-the-art technology, this powerful massage gun is an excellent present for new dad to help any papas unwind and soothe sore muscles after a long day of parenting - in the cosiness of his home.

First Father's Day Keepsake Gifts

When it comes to Father's Day, there's no better way to celebrate a new dad than with a keepsake personalised gift for dad that he'll treasure for years to come. Whether it's a sentimental reminder of his new role as a father, or a unique fathers day gift from daughter or fathers day gift from son that captures a special moment in time, a keepsake personalised gift will show him just how much he's loved, and give him a lasting reminder of the joy and love that comes with being a father.

Daddy You're The World Personalised Canvas Print

Are you ready to knock a new dad's socks off with the perfect new dad gift for his first Father's Day? Then you can't pass up this personalised canvas - a warm hug and a high five rolled into one.

Featuring a touching message and moments of love and appreciation, this customised canvas is like a time capsule, capturing all the joy and love of this special moment in a new dad's life. It's like the perfect mixtape, filled with all the love and appreciation a new dad deserves.

Memories From Your Father

Trust us, this is one daddy to be gift that won't gather dust on a shelf or end up in a donation pile. The unique father's day gift is a time machine that transports him and his family back to the most precious moments of his fatherhood journey, like the first time his baby smiled or the moment they took their first steps. 

Family Puzzle Heart Personalised Night Light

Get ready to puzzle your way into your rookie dad's heart with this unique personalised night light. This thoughtful and creative first Father’s Day gift is sure to put a smile on his face as he looks upon the names of his loved ones all pieced together in a beautiful puzzle design.

And let's face it, with all the late-night diaper changes and feedings, a soft glow of the LED light will make all the difference. With this personalised father's day gift, he can enjoy the moments with his little one while being surrounded by the love and warmth of his family.


Being a new parent is no easy feat, and our freshman papas deserve all the appreciation in the world. This Father's Day, make sure to celebrate the new dad in your life in the best way possible with a thoughtful and unique gift for fathers day that will make him spit out his coffee (in a good way, of course!). Whether he's a dapper dude who loves to dress up or a laid-back guy who enjoys relaxing at home, our top picks of first Father’s Day gifts will take him aback in excitement!

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