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  • Best 20+ First Fathers Day Gifts UK Any New Dad Will Love
Best 20+ First Fathers Day Gifts UK Any New Dad Will Love

Best 20+ First Fathers Day Gifts UK Any New Dad Will Love

11 May 2024
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When it comes to finding the perfect first Fathers Day gifts, Personal Chic has you covered with a diverse selection of unique Father's Day gifts for first time dads from personalised t-shirts and custom mugs to printed door mats. Additionally, we provide heartfelt wishes that perfectly complement your Father's Day gifts for new dads to make him feel special!

First Father's Day Apparel Gifts For Dad To Be

The first Father's Day holds special significance for new dads as it signifies their entry into fatherhood, necessitating personalised gifts to honour this momentous occasion. Indeed, 44% of new dads said they would most appreciate a personalised gift for their first Father's Day (P&G).

As a customer favourite, with over 45,000 units sold last year and boasting an impressive average rating of 4.98 stars, Personal Chic's personalised Father's Day t shirts are perfect first Fathers Day gift ideas for new dad. Whether it's his photo, a charming illustration, or a humorous Father's Day message, the possibilities to customise your own first Fathers Day gifts are endless.

  • Personalised You're Going To Be An Amazing Daddy T-Shirt
personalised first fathers day t-shirt for new dad with message

Dad Shirts Personalised With Quotes

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  • Personalised Dad Level T-Shirt
  • personalised t-shirt for new dad on the first fathers day with game theme

    Personalised T-Shirts - Best Fathers Day Gifts For New Dads

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    Using DTG printing technology, these personalised first Father's Day shirts are ideal personal Fathers Day presents, guaranteeing that every customised detail is depicted with exceptional clarity and realism. 

  • Personalised Soon To Be Daddy T-Shirts
  • personalised father's day t-shirt for new dads with vibrant colours

    Custom T-Shirts For New Dad With Cute Design

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  • Personalised Dad Grandpa Kid Fist Bump Shirt
  • customised father's day t-shirts for new dads with fist bump

    Custom Dad Shirts - Ideal Fathers Day Gifts For New Dads

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    Feedback From The Customer:
    "Love this T-shirt! Easy to order, good quality, arrived on time. Will definitely be ordering another one when my next kid arrives!!!” - Dianne Marijewycz
  • Personalised Legend, Husband, Dad Since T-Shirt
  • customised fathers day tee for new fathers with name and year

    Giving A Customisable Tee As 1st Fathers Day Gift

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  • Personalised This Daddy Belongs To T-shirt
  • customised father's day tee for new dads with fist bump

    Cute T-Shirts Design For First Father's Day

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    Crafted from a blend of 90% ring-spun cotton and 10% polyester, they boast high-quality printing for enduring comfort. These machine-washable custom tee designs serve as ideal first Fathers Day gifts as they include convenient features like peel-off labels, ensuring all-day comfort for the wearer. 

  • Personalised Daddy Fist Bump T-shirt
  • customised shirts for the first father's day with fist bump

    Customised First Fathers Day Shirts For New Dad

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  • Personalised The Best Dad Ever Fist Bump T-shirt
  • father's day shirts personalised for new dad with names

    Customisable Fathers Day Shirt For A New Dad

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    Custom Drinkware as First Fathers Day Gifts 

    Aside from customised apparel, personalised drinkware also ranks among the top 3 best-selling personalised gifts for Father's Day , making it one of the best first Fathers Day gift ideas. That's why these personalised mugs from Personal Chic have secured a spot on this list as must-have Fathers Day gifts from bump.

  • Personalised Dad To Be Mug
  • customised mugs on first father's day with photo

    Funny First Fathers Day Mugs For New Dads

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  • Personalised Dear Daddy Mug
  • personalised custom mugs for first father's day from the baby

    Cute Custom Mugs For New Dads From The Baby

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    With this personal gift for him, that dad will be greatly appreciative, as they save his time spent staying up late to lull the baby to sleep or caring for the new mother. 

    Crafted with materials safe for both microwave and dishwasher use, this 325 ml (11 Oz) first Father's Day mug is certified one of the best father to be Father's Day gift ideas ensures convenience without compromising on quality, ensuring that his coffee or tea remains warm for extended periods.

  • Personalised See You Soon Daddy Mug
  • personalised father's day ceramic mugs for dad from baby

    Personalised Ceramic Mugs From The Baby

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  • Personalised The One Becomes A Daddy Mug
  • personalised ceramic cups for father to be with picture

    Customised Ceramic Cups - Best 1st Fathers Day Gift

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    Additionally, even when used for hot beverages, the prints on these personalised mugs for dad retain their freshness without fading over prolonged use, courtesy of the UV printing technique, which makes unique and durable first Father's Day gifts.

  • Personalised Daddy We Can't Wait To See You Mug
  • customised father's day mugs for fathers to be with photo

    Personalised Mugs For New Dads With Baby's Message

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  • Personalised I Can't Wait To See You Daddy Mug
  • customised father's day ceramic cups for new dad from the baby

    Cute Mugs Personalised For New Dads As Fathers Day Gifts For New Dads

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    These custom mugs are perfect personalised gifts to daddy as they ensure that your mug is the only one in the world with your own foetal ultrasound image. 

    Moreover, Personal Chic offers a diverse array of pre-made arts for these Fathers Day gifts from bump. Like a cartoon baby nestled in the mother's belly, it allows you to unleash your creativity and create the ultimate first Fathers Day gifts.

  • Personalised I Can't Wait To Meet You Daddy Mug
  • personalised father's day mugs for fathers to be with message and photo

    Custom Ceramic Cups For Daddy From Baby

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    Besides the appearance of characters, Personal Chic also provides different tone colour for your mugs first Father's Day gifts with classic white and 5 two-tone colours. Additionally, for even more personalisation, you can design the background and frame.

  • Personalised An Amazing Dad Mug
  • personalised ceramic cups for new dads with illustration and message

    Customised First Fathers Day Cups For Dads

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    If you seek additional customisation for your Fathers Day mugs or have any specific requests for your first Fathers Day gift, our dedicated customer service team is always on hand to help bring your vision to life. 

    Personalised Father's Day Home Decor Gifts For New Dad

    Transforming a first Father's Day gift into a permanent fixture in the home is the perfect way to cherish the moment every day. The decorative first Fathers Day gifts available at Personal Chic provide customisation options, enabling you to express the dad's unique style and craft a home environment that reflects his tastes and interests.

  • Customised Pillow For First Father's Day
  • With nearly 2000 units requested and sold during the last Father's Day season, customised pillows are undoubtedly a fantastic idea for Fathers Day gifts from bump. 

    It provides much-needed comfort for both expectant mothers and new dads, offering a soft place to rest during moments of relaxation. Its versatile size is also suitable for any living space, whether placed on the couch, bed, or in the nursery, making it one of the best first Father's Day gift ideas.

  • Personalised Best Dad Ever Fist Bump Pillow
  • personalised pillow for new dads with fist bump

    Customised Pillow As First Father's Day Gift Ideas

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  • Personalised Daddy and Kids Holding Hands PIllow
  • customised father's day pillow with kids and dad holding hand

    Meaningful Personalised Pillow With Dad And Kids' Hands

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  • Personalised Legend Pillow Father
  • personalised father's day pillow for dad with names and year

    Personalised Pillow As First Fathers Day Present

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  • Personalised First Father's Day Wall Prints
  • At Personal Chic, you have two options for wall hangings as first Fathers Day gifts: posters, known for their lightweight and easy replacement, or canvas prints, valued for their durability and professional appearance. 

    Regardless of your choice for a first Fathers Day present, you'll find a variety of aesthetic Fathers Day gift ideas to customise and print your love with the highest quality and unique texture.

  • Personalised Daddy Are You Ready Canvas
  • personalised canvas for new fathers with photo and message

    Printed Canvases As Fathers Day Gifts For New Dads

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  • Personalised I can Hear You Say Love Me Poster
  • personalised father's day canvas for new dads with photo

    Personal Canvas Printed With Baby's Message To Dad

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  • Personalised The Night You Became My Daddy Canvas
  • customised fathers day canvas for new dads with photo from the baby

    Canvas Personalised For First Father's Day

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  • Personalised Dad We Love You More Than All The Stars In The Sky Canvas
  • customised father's day canvas for new dad printed with night photo and names

    First Father's Day Canvas Personalised For New Dads

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    With the vast array of Father's Day canvas ideas from Personal Chic, you can expect crisp, colour-saturated photo reproductions on fine-textured brilliant-white canvas, stretched over a pine wood frame. 

    Additionally, Personal Chic ensures that each canvas is hand-stretched to achieve optimum tautness, resulting in a high-quality and professionally crafted piece of wall art and making the best first Fathers Day gifts.

  • Personalised This Daddy Belongs To Canvas
  • personalised first fathers day canvas for fathers with photo

    Customised Canvas For New Dad On The 1st Fathers Day

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  • Personalised Family Canvas
  • customised family canvas for first fathers day with names

    Printed Father's Day Canvas Featuring Names

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  • Personalised This Daddy Belongs To Canvas
  • custom fathers day canvas for new dad with fist bump

    Personalised Canvas For First Father's Day

    Shop Now

    This customised father to be Father's Day gift for new dads utilises Fujifilm photo paper, renowned for maintaining sharpness, clarity, and colour accuracy over time. 

    With high-quality printing technology and faithful colour reproduction on quality paper, your photo, new dad illustration, or message will appear clear and smooth on the Father's Day poster, ensuring a lasting and visually stunning result for these first Fathers Day presents.

    Remember to note when is Father's Day UK and place your order for a first Father's Day gift early. Since Personal Chic's products are made-to-order, they require a few days for production and shipping.

    Best Father's Day Wishes To Send A New Dad 

    Besides choosing first Fathers Day gift ideas, it can also be quite challenging to brainstorm what wishes to send to the new dad and express your heartfelt congratulations to him. With Personal Chic's assortment of Father's Day messages, you will have a wealth of sincere messages readily available to send with your first Fathers Day gifts.

  • Happy Father's Day! Enjoy every step of this journey, from restless nights to treasured hugs. Your passion and affection are as brilliant as the morning light.
  • Happy Father's Day, dude! Your passion for parenting is absolutely inspirational. Remember: the path may be difficult at times, but the benefits are incomparable. Keep glowing!
  • Wishing you a Father's Day full with everything that makes fatherhood great: laughter, love, and plenty of coffee! Here's to more experiences with your mini-me.
  • Happy Father's Day! From late-night feedings to innumerable diaper changes, you've approached parenthood with grace and affection. Let's celebrate the fantastic father you've become.
  • fathers day messages to send with the first fathers day gift
    First Father's Day Messages To Send The New Dads

    To convey your heartfelt wishes, you can write them on a card and attach it to your 1st Fathers Day gift. Alternatively, for a more emotionally impactful connection, you can express your thoughts in person when presenting your daddy to be Fathers Day gifts.

  • Happy first Father's Day, buddy! Parenthood is a crazy trip, but I'm certain you'll get through it with your sense of humour and undying love. Keep being awesome!
  • I wish you a Father's Day full with all the delights of parenthood, including messy games, bedtime tales, and wonderful memories. You're doing an amazing job, new dad!
  • Happy Father's Day! As you commemorate this important day, take time to consider the relationship you have with your child. Your love is developing them into the remarkable person they are meant to be.
  • To the coolest new father in town: May your Father's Day be as spectacular as your parenting abilities. Keep living the dad life and remember to savour every minute with your mini-me.
  • On your first Father's Day, I'd like to convey my appreciation for the wonderful father you've already become. Your love, patience, and commitment are extremely inspirational. Here's to many more memorable times with your little bundle of joy!
  • As your recipient marks his first Father's Day as a dad, let your first Fathers Day gifts share the joy and give him the biggest cheer up. Hope that you pick the best first Father's Day gift from Personal Chic and successfully embody the laughter, understanding, and support. With the right choice, your Fathers Day gifts for new dads will be cherished forever!

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