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17 Best Yoga Gifts to Surprise Your Favourite Yogi Creatively
Gift Inspiration

17 Best Yoga Gifts to Surprise Your Favourite Yogi Creatively

04 Jun 2024
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When it comes to choosing the best yoga gifts for your favourite yogis, it might not be an easy task to handle. Many questions regarding how to choose, and what present ideas for yoga lovers to pick can leave you feeling overwhelmed. However, in this article, Personal Chic is about to help you out with a thoughtful collection of best yoga gift ideas to have. 

Personalised Yoga T-shirts as Fashionable Gifts for Yogis

Before we get into the exploration of yoga gifts, let us spill the tea first - the secret key to the best yoga gifting is choosing personalised gifts for yoga lovers! But why? Well, in a survey by Gift Trends Insights, it’s revealed that up to 75% of sport and fitness enthusiasts, including yogis, prefer receiving personalised sports gift ideas.

With such great preference for personalised gifts, Personal Chic have, accordingly, curated a collection of our best sellers products in the yoga category gifts which will perfectly show that you’ve put thought and effort into the present, making it more meaningful and memorable. 

Starting the list, here comes top 9 different yoga tee designs recording a wonderful sale of over 1000 units each last year:

  • Personalised This Mummy Loves Yoga T-Shirt 

“Very well made, soft, washed well, lots of compliments. Friends asked for the website.”, reviews Miriam - a thrilled customer of Personal Chic. Well, just like what she got to say about such a tee, our customised apparel are made with quality! With DTG printing technology, the prints are sharp, non-sticky, and resistant to fading or peeling over time.

yoga gifts this mummy loves yoga t shirt

This tee, with a customisation of her name and image, is best to wow any female yogi.

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  • Personalised Yoga Mummy T-Shirt
gifts for yoga lovers yoga mother t shirt

This tee, with a cute animated image of her in a yoga pose, is a must-try option of yoga gifts for women.

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  • Personalised Best Yoga Partners For Life T-Shirt
yoga gifts yoga partners for life t shirt

Featuring an image of two ladies meditating for yoga, this tee is best as gifts for any yoga couple.

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Well, in a study by GiftTree, it was found that 41% of people consider funny or witty personalised gifts as the most memorable and appreciated gifts they have received. So, let’s infuse some laughter into your custom apparel to bring joy to your favourite yogis. With Personal Chic’s extensive customization options, including text and image editing, size choices (from S to 5XL), and various colours, you can easily create something unique and entertaining just for them. 

  • Personalised All Hot Mums Do Yoga T-Shirt
yoga gift ideas hot mums do yoga t shirt

Levelling up with a funny yoga quote, this humorous tee is best to tickle any yoga mama.

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  • Personalised Never Underestimate An Old Lady T-Shirt
yoga gifts old lady with a yoga mat t shirt

This tee, featuring an adorable yet funny animated image, is best to entertain any yoga lady.

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And, if your favourite yogis are also dog or cat parents, personalising your yoga gifts to reflect their pet love can bring an unexpected love. So, here are some of the best customised pet-themed t-shirts with a yoga design that will be surely perfect for any yogis.

  • Personalised Yoga Is Like My Cats T-shirt

This personalised cat t-shirt, available in up to 6 colour options including black, white, grey, navy, blue and pink, allows you to showcase your love for yoga and cats in style. 

yoga present ideas yoga is like my cats t shirt

With an image of a lady doing yoga with her cats around, this tee celebrates any female yogis loving cats.

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  • Personalised A Love And Yoga And My Cats T-Shirt

This is another design for yoga present ideas from our collection of personalised gifts for cat lovers. Much like our custom apparel, any design found on Personal Chic can be made into t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, or long sleeve shirts.

yoga gifts all i need is love yoga and my cats t shirt

Embracing a sense of cuteness and aesthetics, this simple tee is best to show off her love for yoga and cats.

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  • Personalised Love And Yoga And My Dogs T-Shirt

And, if you are searching for personalised gifts for dog owners, this special tee which received up to 4.99 out of 5 star reviews is what not to miss.

present ideas for yoga lovers all i need is love yoga and my dogs t shirt

This tee, designed with a lovely pic of her and her dogs doing yoga, is best to honour her love for yoga.

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Custom Drinkware as Thoughtful Yoga Gifts from Personal Chic

Interestingly, when it comes to personalised yoga gifts, custom drinkware steals the show! According to a FitRated survey, 38% of yoga enthusiasts would love to receive personalised drinkware, with water bottles topping the list as the go-to gift. So, as we continue to the next part of the exploration of gift ideas for a yoga lover, Personal Chic recommends these custom mugs and tumblers as thoughtful personal presents for her and surprising personal gifts for him to celebrate their love for yoga.

  • Personalised This Mummy Loves Yoga Mug

Receiving up to 98% of positive responses in our survey on custom mugs for sports lovers, this mug’s quality has been proved. Plus, this stylish and practical option of present ideas for yoga lovers is designed with a comfortable C-handle and rounded corners. It's both microwave and dishwasher safe, ensuring ease of use and cleaning. With dimensions of 9.5 cm x 8.2 cm and a 325 ml (11 oz) capacity, it provides ample space for your favourite yogis’ drink.

yoga gifts this mummy loves yoga mug

This mug, featuring an image of a yoga practitioner, is best as one of must-have yoga gifts for women.

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  • Personalised Protect Your Own Energy Mug

Just look at what our fascinated customer Anne talked about this mug design - “It was fun actually designing the mug, for my mom. It arrived very quickly, and was exactly as I'd hoped, it raised a smile in mom's face and everyone who saw it thinks it's brilliant!”. Well, it is designing fun with Personal Chic. Normally, for any mug design, you can choose between two types available: the classic Ceramic Mug in white ceramic, and the Two Tone Mug with a coloured interior and white exterior. But, with such mugs for yoga present ideas, you can even customise in detail with different yoga poses.

yoga gifts protect your energy mug

This beautiful mug, designed with a yoga-themed image of her mediating, is one of must-try yoga gifts.

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For another choice of drinkware presents, our tumblers are here to save the day! Crafted from 100% stainless steel, it ensures durability and resistance to rust, staining, and corrosion. And, with a generous capacity of 20 oz, it’s perfect for keeping your beverages at the ideal temperature.

  • Personalised Life Is Always Better With Yoga Tumbler
yoga gifts life is better with yoga tumbler

This tumbler, featuring a proud and witty yoga quote, is best to celebrate the love for yoga of any yogi.

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  • Personalised I'm Not Sugar And Spice Tumbler
gifts for yoga lovers im not sugar and spice tumbler

Featuring a witty yoga quote and a yoga pose, this tumbler is perfect as one of the best gifts for yogis.

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Personalised Decor Items and Phone Accessories as Unique Yoga Presents

The choices for perfect gifts for yoga lovers do not limit to just apparel and drinkware, here’s we go over some other suggestions of yoga gifts personalised thoughtfully with a yoga theme to best capture the attention of any yogis.

So, according to GiftInsight, personalised phone cases with yoga themes or nameplates account for 18% of all yoga-related gift sales. With such popularity, Personal Chic introduces these two phone case designs as gift ideas for a yoga lover which all registered about 700 unit sales last year.

  • Personalised Life Is Always Better With Yoga Phone Case

These 2-Layer phone cases of Personal Chic offer a robust combination of materials, featuring a hard plastic outer layer and a high-quality tempered glass inner layer with a soft silicone edge for enhanced protection. The back is crafted from durable tempered glass, surrounded by soft TPU for added flexibility and shock absorption.

yoga gifts life is better with yoga phone case

This phone case, with a yoga theme and a yoga proud quote, makes a thoughtful gift for any yogi.

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  • Personalised Sky Above, Earth Below, Peace Within Phone Case

Utilising UV printing technology, the design for yoga presents is vibrant and long-lasting, ensuring your phone case remains as stylish as it is protective. Moreover, as it’s available for a wide range of devices, from the latest iPhone 14 series, including the iPhone 14, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max, to older models like the iPhone X, there's an option to suit every yogis’ needs and preferences.

gifts for yoga lovers sky above earth below phone case

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Now, let’s move on with other yoga gifts - personal door mat and pillow to try with Personal Chic! 

In a survey by, 27% of yoga practitioners were found to have received personalised decor items like wall hangings or throw pillows with yoga-related designs or quotes as gifts. 

  • Personalised Before You Come In My Space Doormat
yoga gifts check your energy doormat

This customised doormat, with a personal message, makes a welcoming gift for any yoga enthusiast.

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  • Personalised I'm Not Sugar And Spice Pillow
gifts for yoga lovers im not sugar and spice pillow

With a personalised yoga-related design, this throw pillow is a perfect addition to any yogi’s home decor.

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In conclusion, choosing the perfect gifts for yoga lovers can be a rewarding yet challenging task. However, with thoughtful personalisation and our suggested collection of yoga gifts above, we hope you can surprise your favourite yogi with yoga gift ideas that truly resonate with their passion for yoga.

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