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Top 35 Sports Gift Ideas that Will Level the Love for the Game
Gift Inspiration

Top 35 Sports Gift Ideas that Will Level the Love for the Game

03 Jun 2024
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When it comes to gifting for the sport lovers in your life, your chosen sports gift ideas need to be unique and thoughtful in order to impress them right. But how and where to find them? Well, in this very article, Personal Chic will recommend you a thoughtful collection of sport gifts that will satisfy different tastes.  

Customised Apparel as Stylish Sports Gifts to Try

So, according to a survey by Vistaprint, 71% of consumers stated that they are more likely to appreciate a gift if it is personalised or customised for them. Therefore, we will introduce you to a list of best Personal Chic’s sports gift ideas categorised into different types so that you can have more inspiration and a wider choice range.

In a survey carried out by Fansided, the result showed that 37% of sports fans consider personalised clothing items to be the most meaningful sports-related gift they have received. So, let’s get our exploration of gifts for sports people started with a list of our best-sellers' custom sport-themed tees as sports gift ideas below. 

For the most popular sport in the United Kingdom - football, here comes 18 different designs that recorded over 7,000 thousand sales each last year, proving an irresistible charm for any football fans:

So, let’s get started with designs of personalised football gifts which will become a perfect fit for him:

  • Personalised Football Isn't Just A Game, It's My Life T-shirt
sports gift ideas football isnt just a game t shirt

Featuring a bold statement about the love for football, this custom tee is best for your football kids.

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  • Personalised Man Football Shirt T-shirt
sport gifts football t shirt

Capturing an image of him and his team, this football tee is perfect for any man with soccer love.

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  • Personalised Football Is Calling. I Must Go Now T-shirt

Unlike other generic t-shirts with cheaper prices that fade quickly, such Personal Chic shirts are printed using DTG printing technology. These custom tees’ prints are sharp, do not stick to the fabric, and do not fade or peel over time.

sports gift ideas football is calling t shirt

Wittily displaying an enthusiastic football statement, this tee is perfect for any male football lover.

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  • Personalised Eat. Sleep. Football. Repeat. T-shirt
gift ideas for sports lovers eat sleep football repeat t shirt

This tee, featuring a funny design of his favourite football routine, is best to make any football lover LOL.

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And, for her, we have:

  • Personalised Married To Football T-shirt
sports gift ideas married to football t shirt

Perfect for any female footballers, this lovely customised t-shirt is perfect to show off her football love.

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  • Personalised Cool Sport Mum T-Shirt
sport gift football mum t shirt

This tee, which can be customised with her photo with the ball, is best to celebrate her football passion.

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And if you are, to be specific, looking for some sports gift ideas for your family member who has an interest in football, Personal Chic presents you with the following tee designs. Made from 100% ring-spun cotton in solid colours, and a blend of 90% ring-spun cotton and 10% polyester for the Sport Grey variant, such tees as gifts for sports fans are indeed  breathable and absorbs sweat well, ensuring that you stay comfortable even if you wear it for sports all day long.

  • Personalised Sporty Daddy T-Shirt
sports gift ideas sporty daddy t shirt

This special t-shirt, customised with his awesome pose on the field, is perfect to honour any football fathers.

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  • Personalised Best Dad's Football Team T-Shirt
gifts for sports people daddy team t shirt

This tee, humorously designed with his kids in a football team, is perfect to tickle any dad loving the game.

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  • Personalised Football Grandad/Dad T-shirt
sports gift ideas football grandad dad t shirt

With a cool football design and a proud display of his age, this tee is perfect as the birthday gift for dad.

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  • Personalised Grandad's Football Gang T-shirt

Don’t worry if it’ll fit him or not! The shirts we suggest for sports gifts for men here come in a wide range of sizes (XS - 5XL), making them suitable for everyone and all ages, so any football daddy can wear them perfectly.

gifts for sports fans daddy football gang t shirt

This tee, starring his kids in football uniform, is perfect as an unforgettable sport gift idea for him.

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  • Personalised The Best Football Dad Ever T-shirt

And, if you prefer a sentimental touch, this option is for you!

sports gift ideas best football dad ever t shirt

This tee, featuring the image of him and his kids on the field and a touching quote, can move any dad.

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  • Personalised Best Football Dad Ever T-shirt
sports gifts for men best football dad ever t shirt

Short and straight to the point, this tee proudly prides him as the best football dad ever.

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  • Personalised Dad's Dream Team T-shirt
sports gift ideas daddy dream team t shirt

This tee, featuring a beautiful animated image of him with his kids on the field, is best for any football dad.

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  • Personalised Official Football Daddy T-shirt
sport gifts official football dad

This cool t-shirt, featuring a chic design with his kids’ names, is perfect to make any football dad go “aww”.

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But, as according to a study by Vistaprint, 62% of men said they appreciate receiving gifts with a humorous or playful element, infusing a touch of humour to such custom gifts for his football tees is an amazing idea to try out:

  • Personalised Football Daddy T-shirt
sports gift ideas football daddy regular but cooler

This tee, featured with a funny football quote, is perfect as sports gift ideas to flatter any football daddy.

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  • Personalised Best Football Dad Ever Just Ask...T-shirt
sport gift best football dad ever just ask t shirt

Playfully designed with a witty quote, this custom tee is best to make any football dad shake with laughter.

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  • Personalised I Have Too Titles, Daddy And Football Trainer, And I Rock Them Both T-shirt
sports gift ideas i have two titles daddy t shirt

Designed with a playful style, this tee declares his pride on being the best football daddy ever.

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  • Personalised Dad's Dream Team Football T-shirt
gift ideas for sports lovers daddy dream team t shirt

You can wear this matching sport t-shirts with your children, making family bonding time more fun.

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  • Personalised Best Football Team Ever T-Shirt
gifts for sports people best football team ever t shirt

For the best footer dad, this is the Best Football Team Ever T-Shirt that celebrates his team.

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Wait! It’s not over. If you look for some truly unique designs for the football mummy you know, here are the gifts for sports fans from Personal Chic that you should consider:

  • Personalised Sporty Mummy T-Shirt

With the same design as the personalised sporty daddy t-shirt above , this tee is customised with thoughtfulness, but is for the mummy with football love.

sports gift ideas mummy football t shirt

This chic tee, featuring a design to show her confidence on the field, celebrates any mom’s football love.

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  • Personalised Loud And Proud Sports Mum T-Shirt
gifts for sports fans loud and proud sports mum t shirt

This lovely t-shirt, featuring a design and a witty quote, is best to cheer her up for any football game.

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  • Personalised Football Mum T-Shirt
sports gift ideas football mummy t shirt

This tee, customised with a minimalist style, is perfect to honour her love for football with her kids.

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Not just for football, Personal Chic also wows you with the following must-try designs for tennis and basketball. With up to 4.99/5 star review for each, here are some suggestions of sports gift ideas that will leave a strong impression for any sport lover:

  • Personalised Tennis Mum T-Shirt
gift ideas for sports lovers tennis mum t shirt

This cute tee, featuring her animated image with the tennis racket, is perfect for any tennis mum.

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  • Personalised I'm Not Yelling, This Is My Tennis Mum Voice T-Shirt
sports gift ideas im not yelling t shirt

Designed with a funny quote, this tennis custom tee is perfect to make any girl with a tennis love laugh.

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And for basketball, here are some designs of custom basketball gifts for customised apparel to try out. Of course, these t-shirt designs are also available for sweatshirts and hoodies, making them great for gifts and suitable for playing sports in any weather..

  • Personalised Best Basketball Dad Ever T-shirt

“Really, really pleased with the T-shirt. It was the spot on for a great birthday present-surprise. Good quality, fantastic choice of images. Highly recommend it!”, says Marinella - our thrilled customer! Well, so if you look for a basketball gift that’s lit, this one with quality will never fail to impress.

sport gifts best basketball dad ever t shirt

This tee, designed with a sentimental touch and a simple style, is perfect to move any basketball dad. 

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  • Personalised Hashtag The Basketball Mum T-shirt
sports gift ideas basketball mum t shirt

This tee, featuring a design of a funny hashtag, is best as a great choice from all gift ideas for sports lovers.

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And, for a golfing enthusiastic dad, here’s one more design not to miss:

  • Personalised Best Dad By Par T-shirt
gift ideas for sports lovers best dad by par t shirt

This tee, featured with his funny proud image with golfing essentials, honours any dad with golf passion.

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Personalised Drinkware as Must-try Gift Ideas for Sports Lovers

Moving on with our next category of personalised sports gift ideas - personalised mugs! Whether you look for some football present delights, personalised golf gifts, or any other sport gifts surprises, Personal Chic, now, recommends you a list of sport mug designs that received up to 99% of positive responses in our survey on personalised drinkware list last year. 

Let’s start our list of gifts for sports people with these sport gifts mugs from Personal Chic for the ladies who loves sports:

  • Personalised Football Mum Mug
sports gift ideas football mum awesome mug

With a cute design of her animated image on the field, this mug celebrates moms with football love.

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Hey, but to make your custom mug extra special for her, here’s a little tip - infusing some laughing vitamins as in a survey by Retail Me Not, up to 48% of people were found to prefer receiving gifts that make them laugh or smile. So, here are some funny personalised tennis gifts to try out:

  • Personalised Tennis Mum, Normal Mum But Cooler Mug
gifts for sports fans tennis mum mug

This playful mug, customised with a witty quote, is best to pride her on being the best tennis mum.

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  • Personalised I'm Not Yelling, This Is My Tennis Mum Voice Mug

Here’s what our lovely customer - Liz gets to say about this adorably mug - “I’m absolutely pleased with this mug. Decent quality and it’s easy to get my own design!”. Well, that’s true! Apart from two types available: the Ceramic Mug, which is made of white ceramic, and the Two Tone Mug, which has a coloured interior and a white exterior, we have various customisation options for text, image available to add a touch of flair to your daily coffee or tea ritual.

sports gift ideas tennis mum voice t shirt

Embracing a humour touch brought by a funny tennis quote, this mug is best to make her laugh hard.

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  • Personalised Never Underestimate An Old Lady Mug
gifts for sports people old lady mug

This tee, featuring a funny yet cute design of a senior lady with tennis, is best to honour her tennis love.

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So, such ceramic mugs from Personal Chic are practical and stylish sports gift ideas for her beverage needs. Featuring a C-handle and rounded corners for a comfortable grip, these sports gifts for men are both microwave and dishwasher safe, making it easy to use and clean. 

As we continue the search, you may wonder “what’s about for him?”. So, here are some must-have ideas from Personal Chic’s list: 

  • Personalised Best Dad/Grandad By Par Mug
sports gift ideas best dad by par mug

This mug, designed with a cute image of him with golf pars, is perfect to celebrate any golfing dad.

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  • Personalised Grandad/Daddy's Dream Team Mug
sports gifts for men daddy dream team mug

With a cute design, this special mug is best to move any football dad’s heart.

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  • Personalised ‘I Can't. I Have Football With My Kids’ Mug
sports gift ideas i have football with my kids mug

This funny tee, allowing it to be customised with his actual pic, is best to tickle any dad with football love.

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Other Custom Sports Gift Ideas for Sports Lovers

Apart from customised apparel and drinkware, there are still many other options for thoughtful sport gifts. From Personal Chic, we have designs for personalised sport tote bags, and canvases which will capture the eye of any sports lover right at the first glance:

  • Personalised Tote Bag

Available in nine vibrant colours—Natural, Black, Irish Green, Light Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, and Yellow—there's a shade to suit every style. The bag is designed for spot cleaning only and should not be placed in a washing machine to maintain its quality.

gifts for sports fans tennis mum tote bag

This bag, coming with an animated image of her on the court, is the best option of sports gift ideas for her.

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  • Personalised Canvas

Opting for decor items as gift ideas for sports lovers is, indeed, a great idea. Here are the two canvas designs in the sports gift category making up to about 700 sales last year from Personal Chic:

Offering stunning, colour-saturated photo reproductions on a fine-textured, brilliant-white canvas, our custom tote bags ensure your images are displayed with vibrant clarity. Moreover, as they are stretched on a pine wood frame and hand-stretched to achieve optimum tautness, this canvas provides a professional and polished appearance.

  • Personalised Grandad/Daddy's Football Dream Team Canvas
sports gift ideas daddy dream team canvas

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  • Personalised Grandad Daddy Dream Team Canvas
gifts for sports fans dad dream team canvas

This canvas, embracing a touch of cuteness and sentimentality, can celebrate the family love for football.

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In conclusion, in your journey of finding the best sports gift ideas to pamper the sports lovers in your life, the key to a perfect gift is to choose gifts customised just for them. With your thoughtfulness and love shown wholeheartedly through our suggested sport gift suggestions above, we hope that they’ll be impressed with your care and you have a happy time on the gift-giving journey!

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