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How To Print On Mugs
Gifts Guide

Step-by-step Guide for How to Print on Mugs as Personalised Stuff

06 Apr 2024
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If you want to do DIY mug printing for personal use or produce them in bulk for selling, we will show you how to print on mugs, from the simplest to the most advanced method.  Different types of how to print on cups and mugs require different tools and skills. Each of them also has pros and cons. Let’s find out what these printing techniques are and the best way of printing on coffee mugs.

What Are The Steps of How To Print On Mugs?

If you want to unleash your creativity and make something unique, one-of-a-kind, ceramic and glass painting by hand is an ideal option to try. Whether it’s how to print on black mugs or white mugs, you can turn any ideas from your imagination into beautiful mug prints with a guide for how to print on mugs at home. It allows you to express your artistic self with no limitations. Moreover, each piece made is a unique piece that wouldn’t be duplicated. So here are the steps of how to print a picture on a mug.

How To Print On Mugs At Home

How To Print On A Mug

  • Choose your mugs:

Before diving into the printing process, it's crucial to select the perfect mugs for your designs. Much like selecting a canvas for painting, consider factors such as size, surface material, colours, and shapes to ensure your mug comes out as intended as personalised gifts.

  • Craft your designs:

Tailor your designs based on your chosen methods of how to print on mugs. For hand painting, screen printing, or pad printing, opt for simpler designs with a limited colour palette. However, if your printing method allows for intricate details and a multitude of colours, feel free to unleash your creativity. Utilise design software such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Canva, or Procreate to craft your digital art effortlessly.

  • Print your designs:

Once your design files are ready, it's time to bring them to life on your chosen mugs. Depending on the printing technique selected, the steps for printing will vary. Below are instructions for how to print on mugs using sublimation and screen printing techniques.

5 Methods of Mug Printing Printer That Widely Used

Here are 5 methods for how to print on a mug that any client can use to personalise their coffee cup printing designs and get it plastered on it! There are some methods of how to print photo on mug at home without iron as you can see in this list.

How To Print Images on Mugs with Digital Photo Printing

Experience the cutting-edge of mug and cup personalization with our digital photo printing service as a way of how to print on mugs. 

  • Direct Image Printing: Load a design template into the printing machine, which can print the image directly onto the mug surface.
  • Specialised Coatings: Mugs are coated with a specially formulated layer that is optimised for digital printing. This coating helps to ensure optimal ink adhesion and colour vibrancy, resulting in long-lasting and fade-resistant prints.
How To Print Designs On Mugs

How To Print Images on Mugs with Digital Photo Printing

  • Waterslide Transfer Technology: Utilise innovative waterslide transfer technology to affix your designs onto the mug surface seamlessly. This technique ensures that the prints are durable and resistant to wear and tear, even with regular use and washing.
  • Process Application: The digital printing machine utilises inkjet technology to directly apply the design onto the surface of the mug. The printer's print head moves back and forth, depositing tiny droplets of ink onto the mug according to the digital design.

How To Print Designs On Mugs With Pad Printing

Pad printing is a versatile and precise technique used for printing designs on cups and mugs. Originating from its success with golf balls, this method for how to print on mugs has been adapted to cater to various surfaces, including metal, ceramic, plastic, glass, and silicone.

  • Multi-Color Printing: Utilise multi-color pad printing techniques to print designs with multiple colours. This involves using separate printing plates and pads for each colour in the design, allowing for complex and vibrant prints.
  • Rotary Pad Printing: Employ rotary pad printing machines for high-speed and high-volume production. These machines use a rotating carousel to transfer inked pads onto multiple mugs simultaneously, increasing efficiency and productivity.
How To Print Photo On Mug

How To Print Designs On Mugs With Pad Printing

  • Specialty Inks: Experiment how to print on mugs with specialty inks such as metallic, fluorescent, or glow-in-the-dark inks to create unique and eye-catching effects on the mugs. These inks can add visual interest and enhance the appeal of the printed designs.
  • Laser Etching: Combine pad printing with laser etching techniques to create textured or dimensional effects on the surface of the mugs. Laser etching can be used to add fine details or patterns to the printed designs, further enhancing their visual impact.

Direct Screen for How To Print Photo On Mug at Home Without Iron

You will need a printing machine for mugs. Achieve simplicity and elegance in cup design with our direct screen printing service. Through this method of how to print on mugs, ink is meticulously pressed through a screen or mesh, creating crisp, clean designs with every application. 

  • Direct Screen Printing: Utilise a special screen attached to a frame for direct printing on mugs or use a template for precise designs.
  • Stencil Application: Apply a thin paper stencil on the screen to block areas where pigment should not enter, ensuring precise designs.
  • Vibrant Results: Pour a thick layer of opaque pigment over the screen and allow it to dry for vibrant and durable mug designs suitable for regular use.
  • Fast Printing: Direct screen printing is recommended for fast printing results, ideal for how to print on coffee mugs of large quantities.

Dye Sublimation Method for How To Print a Picture On A Mug

For how to print on mugs, indulge in vibrant colours and impeccable clarity with our dye sublimation printing technique, setting the standard for photographic-quality mug and cup customization. 

  • Special Coating Requirement: Sublimation printing requires special mugs with a coating that aids in easy transfer, ensuring crisp and vivid designs.
How To Print On Coffee Mugs

Dye Sublimation Method for How To Print a Picture On A Mug

  • Heat Press Transfer: Place the mug and transfer paper into a heat press machine, ensuring the paper is positioned correctly over the mug surface. Apply heat and pressure to the mug using the heat press machine. The sublimation ink on the transfer paper will vaporise and penetrate the polymer coating on the mug, permanently embedding the design into the surface.
  • Durable Results: The transferred design is durable and suitable for regular use, making it ideal for personalised gift items or small-scale promotional items.

Litho or Transfer Printing Technique

It’s how to print photo on mug at home without iron. Step into the realm of timeless elegance with our litho printing method as the way of how to print on mugs, delivering classic sophistication to ceramic mugs.

  • Heat and Press Technique: Transfer the design from paper to the mug surface using heat and press techniques, ensuring accuracy and detailed designs. This involves calibrating the printer and adjusting color profiles to achieve the desired color accuracy.
  • Transfer Paper Selection: Choose specialised transfer paper designed for litho or transfer printing. This paper is coated with a heat-sensitive adhesive that allows the design to be transferred onto the mug surface.
How To Print Photo On Mug

Litho or Transfer Printing Technique

  • Printing Process: Print the photo or design onto the transfer paper using a standard inkjet printer. Ensure that the printer settings are adjusted to accommodate the transfer paper.
  • Heat Application: Use a heat source, such as a heat press machine or a handheld heat gun, to apply heat to the transfer paper. The heat activates the adhesive coating on the transfer paper, causing the design to transfer onto the mug surface. Experiment with multiple transfer layers to achieve more complex designs or layered effects on the mug surface. This technique of how to print on mugs allows for greater creative freedom and customization options.

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Be Special and Convenient with Cute Mug Printer in Personal Chic 

If how to print on cups and mugs is still a matter for you, you can solve this by selecting a printed mug in Personal Chic. Not only has many types of printed mug, but we also personalise it according to your request. Here are some best seller mugs in our shop:

  • Personalised Bookaholic Mug

As you ask how to print designs on mugs, let's answer it for you. This customisable mug can be tailored with the reader's name, a beloved literary quote, or artwork of classic book covers, making it a unique gift and you don't need to know how to print on mugs. Ideal for enjoying a hot beverage during those quiet hours spent with a good book, these personalised mugs are not just a functional item, but a celebration of the love for literature.

How To Print On Mugs At Home

Personalised Bookaholic Mug

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  • Personalised Born In 2002 Mug

This mug is a tribute to the year you entered the world. Crafted with care and personalisation, it's an exceptional vessel that captures the essence of your journey. Whether it's for your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or any beverage you cherish, this mug encapsulates the memories and experiences of that era. With answers for how to print on mugs, embrace your unique birth year story as you take each sip, letting the mug symbolise the time that marked your beginning.

How To Print On A Mug

Personalised Born In 2002 Mug

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  • Personalised This Human Belongs To Mug

Treat the dog lover in your life to a "Personalised This Human Belongs To Mug, a humorous and heartwarming gift that highlights the loving bond between canine and human. Printing on coffee mugs can be customised with the dog's name and a playful message, asserting that the human is, indeed, the furry friend's loyal companion. As they sip their favourite beverage, they'll be reminded of the love, laughter, and life lessons their four-legged pal has brought into their world.

How To Print Images On Mugs

Personalised This Human Belongs To Mug

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  • Personalised Dog Mom Dog Dad Mug

These are absolutely funny coffee mugs. Don’t have to know how to print on mugs. You still celebrate the unbreakable bond between humans and their four-legged companions with this paw-sitively delightful Personalised Dog mum Dog Dad Mug! Whatever dog mum or personalised dog dad mug, it's the perfect gift to show their furry pals with love and devotion. This charming mug is a tribute to the beautiful friendship between humans and their loyal pups.

How To Print On Black Mugs

Personalised Dog Mom Dog Dad Mug

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  • Personalised Soul Mate I'm Hers/His Mug

You don’t have to wonder how to print on glass mugs with this mug. Crafted with quality materials, it's not just a mug, but a daily reminder of the love and appreciation you hold for him. Perfect for his morning coffee or evening tea, this mug becomes a cherished keepsake in your marital journey. Regardless of how to print on mugs, it's an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or simply as a spontaneous expression of your love, making every sip a celebration of your unique relationship.

How To Print On Coffee Mugs

Personalised Soul Mate I'm Hers/His Mug

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Printed mugs make for wonderful gifts and mementos. If you want to print a photo on a mug yourself at home to make your own personalised mug, print out your image or text using a sublimation printer, place it on the mug, and then transfer the image using the heat of an iron. If you don’t have a sublimation printer or don’t get how to print on mugs, let’s go to Personal Chic and choose your best printed mug here.

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