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30+ Best Cat Mug Ideas UK That Are Purr-fect For Cat Lovers
Gift Inspiration

30+ Best Cat Mug Ideas UK That Are Purr-fect For Cat Lovers

14 May 2024
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If you're looking for the purrfect way to start your day, Personal Chic has got you covered with the coolest cat mug ideas around! Whether you're a feline fanatic or just love a good cuppa, this collection of cat mugs will add a touch of whimsy to your morning routine. 

Best Cat Personalised Mug Ideas For Occasions

Whether you're searching for gift ideas for cat lovers and think about a cat on mug on a special occasion or simply want to enjoy the holiday breeze, Personal Chic's holiday-themed cat cups are ready to serve.

Adorable Christmas Cat Mug Ideas

With a staggering 2000 units of Christmas cat mugs sold last holiday season, these personalised mugs with cats are perfect for combining a love for cats with the cosy spirit of Christmas. Here are some top-selling Christmas mugs with cat according to last year's sales data at Personal Chic.

  • Personalised Dear Santa Bring Me Catffee Mug
  • personalised christmas cat mug for cat lovers

    Christmas Mugs With Cats And Quotes

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  • Personalised Jingle Hell Cat Christmas Mug
  • personalised christmas cat mugs for cat lover with funny illustration and text

    Funny Xmas Ceramic Cup Personalised For Cat Lovers

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  • Personalised Meow Mug
  • personalised cat mugs for cat parents on christmas

    Personalised Christmas-themes Cat Mugs

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    Every personalised mug carries the essence of the season with Christmas-themed cats and heartwarming holiday quotes. The customisation options are unlimited, allowing you to select facial expression, Christmas-themed accessory and turn your dream cat mug ideas into reality.

  • Personalised Life Is Better With Cats Mug
  • personalised xmas-themed cat mugs for cat lovers with quotes

    Customised Ceramic Cat Mugs With Text

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  • Personalised Cat Mum Christmas Mug
  • personalised cat mum mugs with christmas theme

    Christmas Mugs Printed With Cat For Cat Mum

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    At Personal Chic, you can fully customise the cat character to match the exact breed of your beloved pet. You can choose from four main categories: long hair, short hair, Scottish Fold, and Sphynx, each with its own array of colours to choose from.

  • Personalised Meowy Mug
  • personalised christmas-themed cat mugs for cat owners with message

    Personalised Christmas Mugs For Cat Owners

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  • Personalised Best Cat Dad Ever Mug
  • dog dad mugs personalised with christmas theme and funny message

    Best Custom Cat Mugs For Cat Dads

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    Crafted from high-quality ceramic, these Christmas cat mugs are ideal gift ideas for animal lovers having the capacity to keep beverages hot for an extended period, all while ensuring the print remains vibrant without fading. This feature makes the cat cups perfect for cosying up by the fireplace and enjoying hot cocoa. 

    Spooky Halloween Personalised Cat Mugs UK

    These personalised cat mug ideas perfectly blend spooky and cute elements, perfect as personalised gifts for cat lovers. Expertly designed, they showcase your chosen image or spooky artwork with unmatched clarity and vibrant colours, sure to send chills down your spine.

  • Personalised Halloween Cat Mum With Hat Mug
  • personalised halloween cat mug for cat lovers with funny design

    Halloween-themed Mugs For Cat Mum

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  • Personalised Cat Mum Sitting On Broom Mug
  • halloween cat mum mugs designed with spooky theme

    Customised Halloween Mugs For Cat Mum

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  • Personalised Cat Mum Mug
  • personalised halloween-themed mugs for cat mum with vibrant colours

    Personalised Cat Mugs On Halloween

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    You can customise the cat illustration on the cat personalised mug with spooky attire, from witch hats to brooms. If you have some extra special touch to your cat mug ideas, you can also add a name for distinction and tweak some text to match the Halloween vibe.

  • Personalised All I Need Is Pumpkin Spice Mug
  • personalised cat mugs with halloween design

    Cute Personalised Cat Mugs For Cat Lovers

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  • Personalised Halloween Is Better With Cats, Cat Witches Mug
  • personalised halloween themed cat mug for cat mum with message

    Customised Halloween Mugs Printed With Cats

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  • Personalised Mother Of Meownsters Mug
  • personalised halloween cat mum mugs for cat lovers

    Cat Mugs Personalised For Cat Mum On Halloween

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    In addition to customising the cat, you might want to consider incorporating holiday decorative elements like pumpkins, ghosts, haunted houses, candy, jack-o'-lanterns, or even your illustration portraying witches into your cup with the cat to enhance the spooky atmosphere even further.

  • Personalised Cat Mum Halloween Mug
  • cat mum mugs personalised with halloween theme, spooky font and picture

    Halloween-themed Mugs For Cat Mum

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  • Personalised Cat Mum Mug
  • personalised cat mum mugs with cat walking for halloween

    Spooky and Cute Cat Mug For Cat Mum

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  • Personalised Happy Halloween Human Servan Mug
  • personalised cat mugs for cat owners with halloween theme

    Funny Halloween Cat Mugs For Cat Owners

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    Unique Cat Mug Ideas For Cat Parents

    With a rating of 4.97 on Personal Chic, it's clear that these personalised cat mugs are more than just for special occasions—they're practical and adorable items for daily use, making them unique personalised gifts for pet lovers. Whether you're seeking ideas that bring relaxation and laughter or a heartfelt gift with a cat-themed message, the list below is perfect for any cat parent.

    Personalised Cat Mugs UK For Cat Mum

    Sharing her experience with Personal Chic's personalised cat mugs UK, Michelle Farnell, a satisfied customer, left her feedback on the website: "Excellent quality, great size. Also love the cartoon of me and my cat. Was able to get them to really look like us both."

    And this will be any customer's experience at Personal Chic, as you can receive a mug with your and your cat's illustration looking just like you in reality. Here are the best cat mug ideas that are perfect cat gifts for women.

  • Personalised This Amazing Cat Mum Belongs To Mug
  • personalised cat mum mugs with cute cat design and text

    Customised Cat Cups For Cat Parents

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  • Personalised I Love You Mom A W Hole Lot Mug
  • funny cat mug designs personalised with cat breed and funny quote

    Funny Message From Cat On A Cat Mug

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  • Personalised Cat Mum A Regular Mum But Cooler Mug
  • funny cat mum mugs printed with message and cat illustration

    Funny Ceramic Cups With Cat Prints

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    If you’re a mum of lots of cats, you still can put all of them on the cat personalised mug. However, if some items have a limited number of cats and you have more than that, simply contact our customisation service to fulfil your request for cat mug ideas.

  • Personalised Behind Every Good Woman Is A Cat Mug
  • personalised cat mum mugs with message and cat portrait

    Funny Mug Printed With Cat Design

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  • Reason I Love Being A Cat Mum Mugs
  • customised ceramic mugs for cat mum with cat portraits

    Funny Cat Cups Personalised For Cat Mum & Dad

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  • Personalised Life Is Better With Cute Cat Mug
  • cute cat mug design with beach theme for cat mum

    Funny Mug Design For Cat Owners

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    Among all the cat mug designs, Personal Chic offers inspirations for the message for all cat mums. However, if you want something more personal, you can completely change the default text and add your own quote, slogan, or favourite cat joke to the mug.

    Cat Cups Customised For Cat Dad

    Other beloved designs at Personal Chic are the funny coffee mugs for the cat dad, a keyword that sees non-stop increases on our website and also one of the most popular cat mug ideas. With over 200 mug designs to choose from, you can select the funniest cat mug for cat dad and brighten your day every time you take a sip.

  • Personalised I Have Plans With My Cat Mug
  • custom ceramic mugs for cat dad with funny message

    Personalised Ceramic Cat Mugs With Funny Design

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  • Personalised Cat Dad By Day Gamer By Night Mug
  • personalised cat dad mug with gaming theme for gamers dad

    Cat Cup Customised For Cat Dad

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    With a capacity of 325 ml, these personalised cat mugs can easily hold enough beverage for a lengthy chat, a relaxing time, or a busy work session. Microwave and dishwasher safe, these mugs are incredibly convenient for those who are always busy and don't have much time to spare.

  • Personalised This Amazing Cat Dad Belongs To Mug
  • customised mugs for cat dad with message from the cats

    Funny Cat Mugs For Cat Dads Designs

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  • Personalised Behind Every Good Man Is A Cat Mug
  • personalised cat dad cups with cat portraits and funny quote

    Cat Cups For Cat Dad With Messages

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  • Personalised I Love You Dad A W Hole Lot Mug
  • personalised ceramic dad cup for cat lovers with funny design

    Custom Ceramic Cups For Cat Dads

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    These mugs with cat don't just come in one basic colour. You have two choices: a single-colour mug and a two-tone mug. With five colours to choose from, simply select your favourite. And don't worry about the print fading, as UV printing ensures that all the details stay as fresh as new.

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    How To Customise Your Cup With Cat At Personal Chic?

    While Personal Chic has assembled a diverse array of designs for mugs printed with cats, guaranteeing you'll never be short of inspiration, we want to ensure that you’re clear with how to customise a cat mug. Here's a guide:

  • Choose Your Favourite Cat Mug Ideas: Personal Chic provides a variety of styles and themes to suit every cat owner's taste and personality. Therefore, you're encouraged to choose the printed design that most closely aligns with your preferences, showcasing the special bond between you and your feline companion.
  • Customise The Mug According To Your Desires: Take your time when customising your cat mug on Personal Chic, as we offer numerous customisation options to ensure you create the perfect design. You can personalise your mug with names, images, specific cat breeds, colours, and even choose different sizes. Carefully go through the customisation process to ensure that the cat on your mug looks exactly like your beloved furry friend.
  • Review, Modify, and Perfect Your Design: After the customised design for your cup with cat is finished, Personal Chic will provide you with a proof to examine. Once the design is accepted, you can proceed to complete your order.
  • Chill And Wait For Your Mug: Once you click the order button, Personal Chic meticulously prints and packages your personalised mug. You can then track the location of your package using the bill of lading code provided on the delivery website.
  • Choosing the best cat mug designs requires extra consideration to ensure they're perfect. With the cat mug ideas from Personal Chic, hope you've discovered the ideal one. Let the cat mug represent the strong bond between you and your furry friend.

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