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Top 55 Ultimate Guide to Funny Wedding Wishes

Laughing into Love: The Ultimate Guide to Funny Wedding Wishes

14 Dec 2023
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Laughter is the best medicine, and what better occasion to embrace its healing power than a wedding? Funny wedding wishes add a lighthearted touch to the ceremony, creating a memorable moment and easing any pre-wedding jitters. Let's explore must-read witty wedding messages of Personal Chic!

Things to Do’s and Don’ts When Giving Funny Wedding Wishes

Funny Wedding Wishes

The Do’s and Don’ts When Giving Funny Wedding Wishes

When giving hilarious wedding messages, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your wishes are well-received and bring joy to the couple and follow wedding etiquettes. Here are some do's and don'ts to consider:

Make Sure Follow These Notes

  • Know your audience: Consider the couple's sense of humour, their families, and the overall tone of the wedding. What you find funny may not translate well to everyone in the audience.
  • Keep it clean: Avoid offensive jokes, vulgar language, or humour that might be considered insensitive. Remember, this is a joyous occasion, so keep the humour lighthearted and positive.
  • Be sincere: Even with the humour, make sure your message conveys genuine congratulations and love for the couple. This shows that your well wishes are heartfelt and not just meant to be humorous.
  • Be brief and concise: A short, punchy joke is more likely to be remembered and appreciated than a long, drawn-out story.
  • Practise your delivery: Read your wish out loud beforehand to ensure you can deliver it confidently and smoothly. Pay attention to your timing and pauses to maximise the humour's impact.

Try to Avoid Below Points in A Funny Wedding Wish

  • Overstep boundaries: Avoid jokes related to sensitive topics like finances, family issues, past relationships, or physical appearance. These topics can be uncomfortable or offensive, and it's best to steer clear.
  • Make jokes at the expense of others: Your humour should be focused on the couple and their love story. Avoid poking fun at guests, other couples, or anyone else involved in the celebration.
  • Steal jokes: While borrowing inspiration is okay, avoid rehashing overused jokes or relying solely on material from online sources. Put your own spin on things and make the humour personal and unique.
  • Be too raunchy: Remember, this is a wedding, not a stand-up comedy routine. Keep the humour appropriate for the setting and avoid anything overly suggestive or inappropriate.
  • Focus solely on humour: While laughter is welcome, ensure your message also expresses genuine warmth and well wishes. The goal is to celebrate the couple's love and union, not just get laughs.

Top Must-Read Funny Wedding Wishes - Specialized for Different Receiver

In this ultimate guide, we will explore different types of hilarious wedding wishes, providing specialised messages for different recipients. So get ready to laugh your way into the hearts of the newlyweds!

Wedding Messages Funny For The Bride

When giving funny wedding wishes for the bride, remember to celebrate her beauty, tailor the humour to her personality, highlight her strengths, include a touch of sentiment, avoid offensive jokes, keep it positive, and personalise the wish with anecdotes or inside jokes. The goal is to bring a smile to her face and create a joyful moment on her special day.

  • "Forget diamonds, Bride! True love is measured in light-years, and yours shines brighter than a quasar. I hope your journey together will be filled with wonder and adventure!"
  • "Remember that time you swore off marriage? Yeah, me neither. Welcome aboard!"
  • "May your marriage be like a celestial dance, graceful and harmonious, with occasional bursts of meteoric passion!"
  • "Never go to sleep hungry. You might wake up in the middle of the night and eat your husband's entire stash of Oreos."
  • "I hope your honeymoon involves a chartered jet, a private island, and zero customs forms. May your married life be as seamless and stress-free as express shipping."
Funny Wedding Wishes
    Discover Funny Wedding Wishes for Brides

    • "I hope your first dance is perfectly choreographed, like a ballet of forklifts and conveyor belts, ending in a passionate embrace, of course."
    • "May your marriage be like a perfectly balanced shipment, with equal parts love, laughter, adventure, and the occasional rush order, just to keep things exciting."
    • "Congratulations on finding your perfect match! May your marriage be as harmonious and balanced as the ecosystem, with each of you playing a vital role in maintaining the delicate harmony of love."
    • "May your love story be like a GPS map, guiding you both to new destinations, uncovering hidden treasures, and ensuring you never lose sight of each other."
    • "Congratulations on officially catching the good one! Now, the real work begins... training him."

    Humorous Wedding Card Messages for The Groom

    Keep the tone light-hearted and positive, avoiding any jokes that may be offensive or embarrassing. Lastly, include a touch of sentiment to show your genuine happiness for him and his new chapter in life through these funny wedding wishes for him:
    • "Congratulations on your wedding! May your love be as bright and radiant as a sunrise, filling your days with warmth and bringing a new dawn of happiness."
    • "May you always remember who wears the pants in this relationship...hint, it's not you."
    • "Marriage will be no different than sandals. It may lack extravagance, yet it offers enduring warmth, comfort, and a deep sense of belonging."
    • "Cheers to the groom! May your marriage be as strong and sturdy as your gaming chair, and may your wife always be Player 2 to your Player 1!"
    • "Congratulations, groom! You're about to start the most expensive subscription of your life: marriage! Enjoy the unlimited love and data charges!
    Funny Wedding Wishes
    Check Out These Funny Wedding Wishes for The Groom
    • "Congratulations, groom! Today, you're gaining a wife and a 24/7 personal comedian. Buckle up for a lifetime of laughter!"
    • "Hey groom, congrats! You've found your soulmate, the one who will laugh with you, cry with you, and even tolerate your questionable fashion sense. Don't let this one go! Put a ring on it before she decides she can style herself a better partner."
    • "Who would have imagined that your snoring, once seen as a disadvantage, could become the catalyst for discovering genuine love? Congratulations on finding someone with the deepest sleep and the strongest affection!"
    • "Congratulations, bride! Today, you're not just wearing a wedding gown, you're making a fashion statement that will inspire others for years to come. Shine on!"

    Funny Wedding Congratulations for Couple

    When giving funny wedding wishes for a couple, remember to keep the humour inclusive and relatable. Consider the overall tone of the wedding and the couple's relationship dynamic. Use playful wordplay, puns, or humorous observations about marriage to bring a smile to their faces.

    Keep the wishes light-hearted and positive, focusing on creating a joyful atmosphere. Remember, the aim is to celebrate their love while adding laughter and happiness to their special day.

    • "May your love be like a late-night talk show: full of energy, passion, and just enough chaos to keep things interesting."
    • "Congratulations on your wedding! May your marriage be as wild and adventurous as a safari, with plenty of laughter and animal-inspired antics."
    • "To the newlyweds, may your love be as strong as the Wi-Fi signal and your arguments as brief as a 140-character tweet. Keep your love connection strong, even when the internet goes down!"
    • "Love is a marathon, not a sprint. So, pace yourselves, enjoy the journey, and don't be surprised if you get lost a few times along the way. But hey, that's what GPS is for!"
    • "Wishing you a marriage filled with fashion-forward decisions, fabulous adventures, and a closet that's always overflowing with love. Congrats, newlyweds!"
    Funny Wedding Wishes

    Create a Happy Atmosphere Through Funny Wedding Wishes for Couples

    • "Congratulations, you two! May your love be as unforgettable as Carpool Karaoke with Beyoncé. But please, for the sake of future marriages, don't try to recreate our dance moves!"
    • "Here's to a lifetime of love and laughter! May your marriage be as fun and entertaining as a game of 'Guess Who,' except you'll always know who's guilty of leaving the toilet seat up!"
    • "Unlike my suits, which may occasionally need updating, your love should remain eternally stylish and captivating, forever turning heads and capturing hearts."
    • Let your love be a testament to the power of two souls igniting, burning bright, and illuminating the world around them with their shared passion.
    • "Like a delicious pot of stew, may your love simmer with warmth and comfort, growing richer and more flavorful with each passing year. And may your happiness be as bubbly as the champagne enjoyed after a perfect meal, overflowing with laughter and joy."

    Funny Marriage Congratulations for Best Friend

    Giving funny wedding wishes for your best friend, there are a few essential things to keep in mind. Remember to embrace your closeness and shared history by incorporating inside jokes and funny memories into your wishes.

    Tailor your humour to their unique personality, ensuring that your wishes truly reflect their sense of humour and bring a smile to their face. By keeping these considerations in mind, your funny wedding card messages will be a delightful and unforgettable part of your best friend's special day.

    • "May your laughter be a weapon against life's challenges, a shield of joy that protects you and strengthens your bond in the face of adversity."
    • "Cheers to the newlyweds! May your love be as profound and enlightening as a Zen koan, leaving you both pondering the mysteries of the universe and laughing at the absurdity of it all."
    • "To my friend, you're the banjo to my ukulele. Together, we make beautiful music. And now, you've found your own banjo. May your harmony be as sweet as our impromptu jam sessions."
    • "To my dearest friend, I'm so happy you finally found someone to tolerate your obsession with an arrow through the head."
    • "Don't be fooled by the seemingly effortless grace of some marriages! Remember, even the most impressive magic tricks involve countless hours of preparation and hidden mechanisms."
    Funny Wedding Wishes

    When a Close Friend Gets Married, What Kind of Funny Wedding Wishes Should You Give

    • "Congratulations on finding your partner in crime! Together, you can conquer anything, from assembling IKEA furniture to surviving family gatherings. You've got this!"
    • "I'm not sure what's more impressive, your commitment to each other or your ability to survive planning this wedding. Now go forth and multiply, just don't expect me to be the babysitter."
    • "Here's to a marriage that's as open-minded and accepting as a philosopher embracing different perspectives, with a willingness to listen, learn, and grow together."
    • "Forget the polished perfection of Hollywood films! May your love be a messy, hilarious, and utterly genuine masterpiece, showcasing your unique personalities and the extraordinary way you connect."
    • "May your marriage be as magical as a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered, where every day brings new surprises and endless opportunities for adventure!"

    Funny Quotes and Sayings About Married Life

    Weddings are joyous occasions filled with love, laughter, and celebration. And what better way to add an extra dose of merriment than through funny wedding wishes? A well-crafted funny wish can bring smiles, laughter, and create unforgettable memories.

    • "Marriage is like a game of 'Monopoly.' Sometimes you'll pass 'Go' and collect $200, and sometimes you'll end up in jail. Just don't forget to have a 'Get Out of Jail Free' card!"
    • "Marriage is like a magic trick: the more you practise, the more effortless it seems. But don't forget, even the best magicians have their secrets. And in marriage, the most important secret is communication."
    • "Remember, even the most staged reality shows have their unscripted moments. Embrace the drama, laugh through the breakdowns, and enjoy the ride that marriage offers, as it's guaranteed to be anything but boring."
    • "They say marriage is a 50/50 partnership. But sometimes it feels more like a 90/10 split, with one person doing 90% of the laundry!"
    • "Congratulations, my dear friend! May your marriage be as magical and enchanting as a pair of unicorns, spreading love, laughter, and sparkles wherever you go."
    Funny Wedding Wishes

    Funny Wedding Wishes Showing Messages About Married Life

    • "Congratulations on taking the plunge into the crazy adventure that is marriage! Just remember, it's like jumping into a pool of Jell-O: sometimes you'll sink, sometimes you'll float, but as long as you have each other, you'll always have a good time."
    • "Remember, marriage is like a boxing match: there will be jabs, hooks, and the occasional knockout. But as long as you fight fair and keep the love alive, you'll always win in the end."
    • "Congratulations, you two! Now the real adventure begins. Just remember, marriage is like a good sandwich: the more you put into it, the better it tastes. And don't forget the pickles!"
    • "While the future holds the unknown, like the contents of a box of chocolates, let your love be the constant sweetness that binds you together and guides you through life's twists and turns."
    • "Marriage is like a comedy sketch. You rehearse, you improvise, and sometimes you forget your lines. But as long as you keep laughing, the show goes on."
    • "They say marriage is about teamwork. But sometimes it feels more like a relay race, passing off responsibilities to each other like a hot potato. Don't drop it!"

    Keep Your Funny Wedding Wishes Alive With Practical Gifts

    Adding a touch of humour to your wedding wishes is a wonderful way to personalise your message and create a lasting memory. But how can you ensure that the laughter continues beyond the ceremony and reception? 

    Here are some practical gift ideas that can keep your funny wedding wishes alive long after the wedding day:

    • Personal Marriage T-shirt

    Get a pair of matching t-shirts with customised funny wishes that represent the couple's unique dynamic and sense of humour. It will not only make them laugh but also serve as a fun reminder of their special day. 

    Personal Marriage T-shirt is a charming and endearing gift that celebrates the everlasting love of a couple. You can tailor this T-Shirt with custom funny wedding wishes for the couple, making these quotes special and unique.

    Funny Wedding Wishes

    Personal Marriage T-shirt As A Wedding Gift

    Shop Now

    • Personalised Marriage Mug

    Look for humorous coffee mugs with witty quotes or illustrations that celebrate their new status as a married couple. Every time they enjoy their morning coffee or tea, they'll be reminded of your funny wedding wishes.

    Perfect for commemorating anniversaries, Personalised Marriage Mug from Personal Chic acts as a daily prompt of their exceptional connection and brings a cosy element to their morning rituals. Each sip taken from this mug will serve as a reminder of their affection and the considerate sentiment behind this present. 

    Funny Wedding Wishes

    Personalized Marriage Mug For Couples

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    • Personalised Happiness Is Pillow

    The Personalised Happiness Is Pillow from Personal Chic is a cosy and warm gift that carries meaningful value. This personalised wedding pillow can be customised with funny quotes and messages making it special for any couple. 

    Every time they rest their heads on this pillow, they'll be reminded of their love and the thoughtful gesture behind the gift. It becomes more than just a pillow; it symbolises their enduring connection and the love they share.

    Funny Wedding Wishes

    Personalized Happiness Is Pillow

    Shop Now 

    Remember, when selecting a gift, consider the couple's tastes and interests to ensure it aligns with their sense of humour. The key is to bring laughter and joy with your gift, complementing the funny wedding wishes you share with them.


    Funny wedding wishes have the power to bring joy, laughter, and create lasting memories. By following the do's and don'ts, exploring different types of hilarious wishes, and considering the recipients, you can craft the perfect funny wish for the happy couple. 

    Don't forget to keep the humour alive with wedding gift ideas from Personal Chic that will continue to bring laughter throughout their married life. So go ahead, spread the laughter, and let the newlyweds know that love is best enjoyed with a good sense of humour!

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