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Top 40+ Funny Wedding Gift Ideas for Newly Married Couple
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Top 40+ Funny Wedding Gift Ideas for Newly Married Couple

08 Jun 2024
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These funny wedding gift ideas by Personal Chic are the perfect way to uniquely share the joy with the bride and groom. Whether you are looking for funny wedding gifts for the bride, the groom, or the couple, this collection has all the choices you need.

Top Humorous Wedding Gifts For Friends

72% of couples want their wedding favours to reflect their personalities and sense of humour (Brides Magazine, 2020). Therefore, Personal Chic introduces the best personalised funny wedding gift ideas for friends, ensuring both factors are covered.

A top choice for silly wedding gifts is art prints, as they add a personal and decorative touch to the couple's home. Among the myriad options available, these 4.96-rated canvases from Personal Chic stand out. These personalised wedding gifts are highly sought after because they can be customised with names, the wedding date, and illustrations.

  • Personalised Hello Will You I Do Canvas
funny wedding gift ideas hello will you i do canvas

A fun and memorable canvas, perfect for couples seeking the funniest wedding gifts.

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  • Personalised Forever And Always Canvas
funny wedding gifts forever and always canvas

A heartfelt canvas that adds a touch of humour, ideal for those looking for funny wedding presents.

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The humour comes through in the character illustrations of the bride and groom. The couple will undoubtedly be surprised and burst into laughter when they see the silly wedding gifts with their cute little illustrations. To ensure the portrait looks just like them, Personal Chic's design library offers choices for hair, eyes, skin, and even the tuxedo and wedding dress.

  • Personalised The Beginning Of Always Canvas
funny wedding gift ideas the beginning of always canvas

Commemorate the start of forever with this canvas as one of the silly wedding gifts.

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If you think the wrapping for these canvases is too obvious (and you prefer surprising funny wedding gift ideas), you can opt for personalised posters. With the same design and high-quality prints, these posters are easy to bring to the wedding. Moreover, their lightweight nature makes it easy for your friends to hang and relocate.

  • Personalised Forever And Always Poster
funny wedding present ideas forever and always poster

This romantic poster makes a wonderful funny wedding gift idea, celebrating eternal love.

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  • Personalised The Beginning Of Always Poster
funny wedding gift ideas the beginning of always poster

This poster makes a beautiful and silly wedding gift, perfect for marking the special occasion.

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Other great home decor humorous wedding gifts for newlyweds are personal doormats, offering a friendly greeting for their new home. With the couple's names and faces on it, the doormat can become their signature name sign, a perfect alternative to a metal family sign at the door.

  • Personalised Home Sweet Home Door Mat
humorous wedding gifts home sweet home doormat

Welcome guests with this personalised doormat as a humorous wedding gift, ideal for new homes.

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  • Personalised Be Aware Of Wife Door Mat
funny wedding gift ideas beware of wife doormat

A door mat makes one of the best silly wedding presents, perfect for couples with a sense of humour.

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Personal Chic’s funny wedding gift ideas won't let you leave any family member behind! If the couple are pet parents, you can be a thoughtful gift-giver with a pet portrait print. There are options for customising the whole family, including names and detailed appearances, complete with outfit types and colours.

  • Personalised Family Door Mat
funniest wedding gifts family doormat

Celebrate family with this funny wedding present, perfect for adding a personal touch to your home.

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  • Personalised Couple And Dogs Door Mat
funny wedding gift ideas couple and dogs doormat

A quirky door mat that makes a perfect joke wedding present for dog-loving couples.

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  • Personalised Welcome To My Home Door Mats Cat Lovers
funny marriage gifts welcome to my home doormat

This delightful door mat is a funny wedding gift idea for cat-loving couples.

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Here are the funny wedding gift ideas with an elevated humour level! Imagine it's a message from the pet, compelling any guest who comes to the newlyweds' house to stop, read, and burst into laughter. With the pet portraits, there's a diverse choice of breeds, some even capturing the facial expressions of the pets perfectly. Whether you want a personalised dog doormat, a personalised cat doormat, or both, Personal Chic has the perfect design for you.

  • Personalised When Visiting My House Door Mats
funny wedding gift ideas when visiting my house door mats

A humorous door mat that makes one of the most funniest wedding gifts, ideal for welcoming guests.

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  • Personalised When Visiting My House Doormat
funny wedding presents when visiting my house doormat

This doormat adds a touch of humour to your entrance with this funny wedding gift.

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  • Personalised Keep Door Closed Cats Door Mat
funny wedding gift ideas keep door closed cat doormat

This personalised doormat is a whimsical and funny wedding present for cat owners.

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Always a top seller at Personal Chic, custom mugs are a must-have in the list of funny wedding gift ideas, especially when they can be a couple's item. You can customise a set of two custom mugs for couples, one for the groom and one for the bride, with a matching message or a humorous definition about marriage. Adding their portraits on each mug will further strengthen the link and make them a cherished keepsake.

  • Personalised Marriage Mug
joke wedding presents marriage mug

Celebrate your marriage with this elegant mug, a perfect funny wedding present.

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  • Personalised Belongs To Couple Mug
funny wedding gift ideas belongs to couple mug

 A charming mug that makes a humorous wedding gift, ideal for couples.

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Every detail is crafted delicately, including the signature elements of love such as fingerprints or heartbeats, with the shirt colours and mug colours customisable. You can create mugs tailored for the bride and groom independently. For example, the navy mug could match the navy shirts of the groom, clearly indicating that the mugs are specifically for the groom, and vice versa for the bride.

  • Personalised Soul Mate I'm Hers/His Mug
silly wedding gifts soulmate mug

Show off your soulmate status with this funny marriage gift, perfect for newlyweds.

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  • Personalised Definition Of Husband And Wife Mug
funny wedding gift ideas definition of husband and wife mug

A witty mug that defines your roles, making it a great funny wedding gift idea.

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Personal Chic also offers mugs tailored to hobbies, like these travel couple mugs. These mugs are the perfect funny wedding gift ideas for their honeymoon, serving as a humorous reminder to travel and enjoy good times together throughout their marriage. With funny quotes adorning them, these personalised travel gifts become not just vessels for drinks, but also motivators for memorable adventures together.

  • Personalised Husband & Wife Travelling For Life Mug
silly wedding presents travel partners for life mug

Celebrate your adventures together with this humorous wedding gift.

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  • Personalised Travel Partners For Life Mug
funny wedding gift ideas travel partners mug

This fun and practical mug makes a perfect silly wedding gift for travel-loving couples.

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With 62% of couples expressing interest in wearing matching t-shirts with their partner (according to a Custom Ink survey in 2019), custom t-shirts have become a safe and thoughtful choice for funny wedding gift ideas for friends. They offer a blank canvas to showcase your humour through funny prints. The best part is that these prints will remain durable throughout the marriage, enduring countless washing cycles, thanks to DTG printing technology.

  • Personalised Marriage T-shirt
silly wedding gift ideas marriage t shirt

A classic t-shirt that makes a funny wedding present, celebrating your marriage with style.

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  • Personalised Husband & Wife For Travel Partner T-shirt
funny wedding gift ideas travel partner for life t shirt

Celebrate your partnership with this stylish and humorous wedding gift.

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  • Personalised Husband And Wife Travelling For Life T-Shirt
funny wedding gifts travel partners for life beach t shirt

This playful t-shirt is perfect for couples seeking funny wedding gift ideas for their travels.

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These t-shirts go beyond just showing off and hanging out. Made from organic cotton materials, they offer the softest feeling, making them suitable to wear at home and even for bedtime. They provide comfort beyond the occasion, ensuring the couple can relax and unwind in style. And for only under 25£, these are the most cheap wedding gifts that will make them laugh out loud.

  • Personalised Official Sleepshirt Dog T-shirt
funny wedding gift ideas official sleepshirt dog

A cosy and humorous wedding gift for dog lovers, perfect for bedtime.

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  • Personalised Official Sleepshirt Cat T-shirt
funny wedding present ideas official sleepshirt cat

This cute t-shirt is a funny wedding present for cat lovers, ideal for sleepwear.

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Top Funny Marriage Gifts For Groom

This section caters to those seeking funny wedding gifts for the future husband. Among the best-selling items in the wedding gift line, custom hanging wall decor, including posters and canvases from Personal Chic, will never go out of style. They offer timeless elegance and a personal touch that will be cherished for years to come.

  • Personalised Today I Call You Husband Canvas
funny wedding gift ideas call you my husband canvas

A canvas that captures the special moment, perfect for those seeking funny wedding gift ideas.

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  • Personalised Today I Get To Call You Husband Poster
humorous wedding gifts call you my husband poster

This stylish poster commemorates the big day with a personalised touch, ideal for funny wedding gifts.

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  • Personalised The Bride Only Sees You Poster
funny wedding gift ideas the bride only sees you poster

This poster makes a sweet yet joke wedding present, perfect for celebrating the special day.

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The ideal feature of these art prints is that they offer space for both a picture and a message. You can choose between an animated character or a photo for the picture, based on how you expect your funny wedding gift ideas to be. As for the message, it's carefully selected by Personal Chic's experts, combining the funniest and most sentimental words to make the groom both laugh and feel deeply moved at the same time.

  • Personalised The Bride Only Sees You Canvas
funniest wedding gifts the bride only sees you canvas

Capture the bride's loving gaze with this whimsical canvas, a great option for the funniest wedding gifts.

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  • Personalised Thank You For Being My Dream Man Canvas
funny wedding gift ideas the man of my dream canvas

Express your gratitude with this beautiful canvas, a perfect choice for humorous wedding gifts.

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  • Personalised Today A Groom Tomorrow A Husband Forever My Son Poster
funny marriage gifts today groom tomorrow husband poster

A silly wedding present that honours the groom's journey, complete with personalised details.

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Both the wedding poster and canvas are available in multiple size formats, allowing you to choose the right size that matches the new groom's space perfectly. He'll thank you later for this beautiful decor, as the versatile print with a matte finish ensures a professional display that enhances any room's aesthetic.

  • Personalised Thank You For Being The Man Of My Dream Poster
funny wedding gift ideas the man of my dream poster

This poster makes a funny marriage gift, highlighting your appreciation with a personal touch.

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  • Personalised Today A Groom Tomorrow A Husband Forever My Son Canvas
funny wedding presents today groom tomorrow husband canvas

Celebrate your son's wedding with this touching yet humorous wedding gift, showcasing a loving message.

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For the bride who can't wait to see the humorous wedding gifts for her husband-to-be being proudly showcased everywhere, here are some options that can be brought together: a customised tumbler and t-shirts. Both items are adorned with funny quotes and cute illustrations of the couple, making him proud to bring them along wherever he goes. Here are some movable funny wedding gift ideas:

  • Personalised I Don't Need Google My Husband Knows Everything T-shirt
funny wedding gift ideas dont need google t shirt

A hilarious t-shirt that makes a silly wedding gift, perfect for the tech-savvy couple.

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This custom tumbler isn't just for show; it's highly functional for keeping the groom hydrated. With a huge capacity that holds 20 oz of liquid and made entirely of stainless steel, it retains beverage temperature for extended periods. This thoughtful gesture from his lady shows care and consideration for his well-being.

  • Personalised For My Groom I Can't Wait To Marry You Tumbler
joke wedding presents cant wait to marry you tumbler

A playful and practical tumbler, ideal for silly wedding gift ideas that the groom will love.

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Top Funny Wedding Present Ideas For Bride

In this section, we'll introduce the products that have sold over 50,000 units to ensure you get an item that will definitely satisfy the bride. Topping the list of funny wedding gift ideas for the bride are posters and canvases, proving to be the most popular choices.

  • Personalised You And Me We Got This Canvas
funny wedding gift ideas we got this canvas

Celebrate your partnership with this canvas, a wonderful addition to funny wedding present ideas.

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  • Personalised You Me We Got This Poster
silly wedding gifts we got this poster

This motivational poster is perfect for couples looking for funny wedding presents to brighten their home.

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67% of women expressed interest in items featuring a special date - (CafePress survey in 2019). With this insight in mind, these art prints allow you to customise with the date. Having their special day attached under the photo enables the bride to celebrate this important milestone every day on the wall.

  • Personalised Turn Back The Clock Canvas
funny wedding gift ideas turn back the clock canvas

A nostalgic canvas that makes a humorous wedding gift, perfect for reminiscing on your love story.

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  • Personalised Turn Back The Clock Poster
funny wedding gift ideas turn back the clock poster

This poster adds a touch of humour to your wedding decor, making it an excellent funny wedding gift idea.

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The best funny wedding gift ideas are those that can last long. That's why Personal Chic uses high-resolution printing technology for these hanging wall prints to keep the prints clear and vibrant over time.

  • Personalised Our Love Story Canvas
silly wedding presents our love story canvas

A canvas about your love story, ideal for those seeking silly wedding gift ideas with a romantic twist.

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  • Personalised Our Love Story Poster
funny wedding gift ideas our love story poster

This poster tells your love story with a fun and personalised design, perfect for a silly wedding present.

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The last item to be suggested in the list of silly wedding presents is customised mugs, with over 100 designs available for her. Crafted with high-quality ceramic, these mugs can be beautifully decorated with various designs, patterns, and glazes, catering to women's aesthetic appreciation. Here are some drinkware funny wedding gift ideas for her:

  • Personalised Love You More Than I Hate Your Farts Mug
silly wedding gift ideas i love you more than i hate farts mug

This mug is one of the best funny marriage gifts, perfect for couples with a sense of humour.

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  • Personalised My Happy Place Mug
funny wedding gift ideas my happy place mug

This delightful mug makes a silly wedding present, ideal for bringing a smile to your loved one’s face.

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The bride would be delighted with your declaration of love printed on the mugs, visible to her every day. In addition to the real-face bubblehead mug style, you can also try some naughty designs that will make her chuckle and blush.

  • Personalised Love You To The Moon And Back Mug
funny wedding gifts love you to the moon and back mug

A romantic yet funny wedding gift, perfect for expressing your endless love.

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  • Personalised He/She/You Just Won My Heart Mug
funny wedding present ideas he won my heart mug

Celebrate your love with this playful mug, a great choice for joke wedding presents.

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Key Tips For Selecting Personalised And Funny Wedding Gift Ideas 

Here are some essential tips and insights to make your choices as memorable as the special day itself. From aligning with the couple's humour to adding heartfelt touches, these key tips ensure laughter and joy accompany your thoughtful yet funny wedding present ideas. 

  • Know the Couple's Sense of Humor

Understanding the couple's comedic preferences is the key to giving the funniest wedding gifts —whether they enjoy witty wordplay, clever sarcasm, or slapstick humour. Aligning the joke wedding presents with their unique sense of humour ensures it resonates with authenticity and delight.

  • Personalise with Purpose

Infuse the funny marriage gifts with personal touches that reflect the couple's journey. Incorporate inside jokes, shared experiences, or personalised details to create meaningful and truly unique funny wedding gift ideas.

  • Capture Special Moments

Choose funny wedding presents that immortalise special moments in the couple's relationship. Whether it's a photo book, custom artwork, or a personalised item tied to a significant memory, the gift becomes a cherished reminder of their love story.

Key Tips For Selecting Personalised And Funny Wedding Gift Ideas
Key Tips For Selecting Personalised And Funny Wedding Gift Ideas
  • Think Long-Term Enjoyment

Opt for funny wedding gift ideas that provide ongoing enjoyment. Whether it's a timeless keepsake, a subscription service, or an item that stands the test of time, ensure the laughter and joy it brings last well beyond the wedding day.

  • Consider Shared Hobbies

Tailor the personalised funny wedding gifts to the couple's shared interests and hobbies. Joke wedding presents related to a mutual passion add an extra layer of thoughtfulness, making it clear that the silly wedding presents are designed specifically for them.

  • Balance Sentiment with Humor

Strike the right balance between sentimentality and humour when choosing your funny wedding presents. Well-crafted funny marriage gifts should evoke both laughter and warm emotions, ensuring a heartfelt connection that resonates with the couple.

Wedding Laughter: Hilarious Activities to Spark Joy on Your Wedding Day

Embark on a journey of joy and laughter as we explore a collection of hilarious activities designed to elevate your big day that go beyond your funny wedding gift ideas. From entertaining games to side-splitting surprises, these activities promise to infuse your wedding celebration with moments of pure delight. 

  • Comedic Photo Booth

Set up a photo booth with quirky props and signs, allowing guests to capture hilarious and memorable moments. It adds a playful touch and provides everyone with lasting mementos from the celebration.

  • Funny Speech Bingo

Create bingo cards featuring humorous phrases related to wedding speeches. Guests can mark off squares as they hear these unexpected and amusing moments, turning the toasts into an interactive and entertaining game.

Hilarious Activities to Spark Joy on Your Wedding Day
Hilarious Activities to Spark Joy on Your Wedding Day
  • Dance-Off with a Twist

Organise a dance-off with unexpected challenges or themes, injecting humour and creativity onto the dance floor. It's a fun way to engage guests and create laughter-filled memories besides funny wedding gift ideas.

  • Wedding Mad Libs for Guests

Place Mad Libs-style cards on tables for guests to fill out during the reception. Collect and read a few aloud for spontaneous and hilarious stories that reflect the spirit of the occasion.

  • Unexpected Entrance

Surprise everyone with an unexpected and humorous entrance by the couple. Whether it's a choreographed dance, a funny skit, or a unique arrival, it sets a lighthearted tone for the celebration.

  • Candid Camera Challenges

Encourage guests to participate in candid camera challenges by providing disposable cameras with a list of humorous tasks. The resulting photos will capture spontaneous and amusing moments throughout the event, adding an extra touch of joy to your big day besides your funny wedding present ideas.

To sum up, these 20+ funny wedding gift ideas are crafted to add an extra dose of joy to the celebration. From personalised keepsakes to whimsical gadgets, these silly wedding gift ideas ensure that laughter becomes a cherished part of the newlyweds' journey ahead.

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