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Funny New Year's Resolutions

Laugh Out Loud with Top Funny New Year's Resolutions to Try

28 Dec 2023
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New Year, new resolutions! Let’s dive into the realm of funny New Year's resolutions and discover a delightful array of comedic aspirations that promise a year filled with laughter and positive vibes.

Revolutionising Goals with The Comedy Behind New Year's Resolutions

As we gear up for a brand New Year, one of the most age-old things to do on New Year's day - setting New Year's resolutions, takes centre stage once more. 

A New Year's resolution is a personal commitment or promise that an individual makes at the beginning of a New Year to improve some aspect of their life. It's a tradition where people set goals or intentions for self-improvement, aiming to bring about positive changes in various areas such as health, relationships, habits, career, personal development, or lifestyle choices. However, there's a delightful twist this time around. 

Funny New Year's Resolutions
Revolutionising Goals with The Comedy Behind New Year's Resolutions

Many people opt for a funny touch when crafting resolutions for a New Year to come. Injecting humour into these resolutions infuses an element of fun and light-heartedness, making the journey towards achieving them more enjoyable and sustainable. Moreover, funny New Year's resolutions nurture a resilient approach, empowering individuals to navigate challenges with a smile and a resilient spirit.

Where to Display Your Funny New Year's Resolutions?

After the writing, the next question will be where to display these resolutions. Here are some suggestions we give to help you place them beautifully in a way that helps ensure a steady and fun-filled journey towards achieving your aspirations.

  • Diary or Journal: Recording resolutions in a dedicated diary or journal offers a personal and private space for introspection and tracking progress throughout the year.
  • Visible Places at Home: Displaying resolutions on a prominent board or refrigerator serves as a daily reminder, ensuring they remain at the forefront of daily routines.
Funny New Year's Resolutions
Where to Display Your Funny New Year's Resolution?
  • Personalised Gifts with Printed Resolutions: Utilising personalised New Year gifts like mugs, posters, or calendars with printed resolutions not only adds a creative touch but also embeds them into daily life.
  • Digital Reminders: Leveraging technology by setting pop-up reminders on devices or creating screensavers with New Year's resolutions funny helps in maintaining focus and consistency.
  • Office Desk or Workspace: Incorporating resolutions into the workspace environment encourages a balanced approach, allowing goals to seamlessly integrate into professional life.

A Collection of Most Adorable and New Year's Resolutions Funny for Everyone

For every individual, the approach to crafting amusing and engaging New Year's resolutions varies. In this section, let's delve into an assortment of funny New Year's resolution ideas tailored for different people, ensuring a year filled with laughter and positivity.

Funny New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

When it comes to kids, guiding them towards uplifting and enjoyable resolutions becomes paramount. As children often lack significant bad habits to break, let's explore delightful resolutions that instil positive habits and spark joy in their lives.

  • I will master the art of making silly faces in the mirror every morning.
  • We will convince the tooth fairy to start a toothpaste and candy exchange program.
  • I will aim to learn how to eat ice cream without getting brain freeze – a true skill!
  • We will practise becoming the reigning champion of blanket forts in the house.
  • I will try to perfect the "dinosaur roar" and unleash it when least expected.
  • I will commit to making parents laugh at least once a day with a joke or a funny dance.
Funny New Year's Resolutions
Funny New Year's Resolution Ideas for Kids
  • I will become a certified superhero by cleaning up toys faster than a speeding bullet.
  • I will aim to grow at least an inch taller before the next New Year – with some help from veggies, of course!
  • I will try the "no vegetables left behind" policy at dinner; sneakily feed them to the dog instead.
  • I will develop the ability to identify five different bird species in the backyard and give them secret agent names.

Now that you’ve got the funny New Year’s resolutions, the next step is to put them in a special place for kids. Let’s try out our ideas below:

  • Customised T-shirts with Funny Goals for New Year: Encourage creativity and excitement by printing their funniest resolution onto a custom t-shirt. Let them wear their aspirations proudly, turning their goals into a fashion statement that brings laughter to every day.
  • Personalised Canvas: Let’s gather your kids and together draw and write their resolutions for the upcoming year. Then, frame and hang the work on the wall as a delightful canvas for their rooms. Not only does this encourage quality time with your children, but it also fosters a sense of pride and ownership in their goals, elevating their commitment to achieving them.
Funny New Year's Resolutions
Personalised Canvas to Display Your Kids' Funny New Year's Resolution
  • Make a Short and Fun Video of Resolutions: Capture the spirit of their resolutions by creating a short, lively video showcasing each funny goal. Let your kids express their aspirations with enthusiasm, adding a humorous touch.

New Year’s Resolutions for Adults with A Humorous Touch

Similar to guiding kids, adults can also benefit from resolutions that infuse humour into their daily routines. Let's unravel funny New Year's resolutions that add a playful touch to adult aspirations for the upcoming year.

  • Embrace the chaos: aspire to make my bed at least once a month.
  • Practise the fine art of remembering where I left my keys at least twice a week.
  • Attempt to become fluent in emoji to communicate complex emotions more effectively.
  • Promise to conquer the pile of unread books by turning them into stylish furniture.
  • Aim to become a morning person by hitting snooze only five times instead of ten.
Funny New Year's Resolutions
Funniest New Year’s Resolutions for Adults
  • Try yoga – or at least learn how to touch my toes without toppling over.
  • Vow to attend at least one event I RSVP'd to on Facebook (even if it's in my dreams).
  • Experiment with new recipes, with a goal to cook something that actually looks like the recipe picture.
  • Aim to become a Zoom pro by mastering the mute/unmute button without embarrassing incidents.
  • Commit to finding a plant I can't kill in less than a week – a botanical challenge!
  • Promise to resist the urge to start a new TV series until I finish at least one I've already started.

As you’ve done with crafting ideas for New Year’s resolutions, let’s explore some creative ways to display your goals here:

  • Create a Vision Board with a Twist: Take your resolutions beyond words by crafting a vision board with a humorous twist. Use memes, funny illustrations, or comical images that represent your goals and aspirations for the upcoming year. Hang this board in a prominent place as a daily dose of motivation and laughter, visualising your aspirations in a light-hearted manner.
  • Personalised Retired Woman I Do What I Want Mug: If you’re retired and plan on embracing your life more next year, why not buy yourself customised mugs with funny New Year quotes like “I do what I want this year” from Personal Chic? Let’s infuse your every sip with a humorous touch and turn your funny New Year’s resolutions into heartfelt daily reminders.
Funny New Year's Resolutions
Personalised Retired Woman I Do What I Want Mug

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  • Customised Digital Screensavers or Wallpapers: Add a touch of humour to your digital space by creating personalised screensavers or wallpapers featuring the funniest resolution for New Year. Whether on your computer, tablet, or phone, these customised screens will serve as constant reminders, infusing your digital environment with laughter and positivity.

Funny Resolutions for Friends on New Year

In the realm of friendships, resolutions take on a unique tone. Exploring funny New Year's resolutions that strengthen bonds and bring laughter into friendships is key. Let's discover resolutions that foster camaraderie and create memorable moments.

  • Organise a monthly "Laughathon Night" where we share the most embarrassing yet hilarious stories.
  • Commit to creating a secret handshake that becomes more intricate with each hangout.
  • Vow to start a group chat dedicated solely to sharing funny memes and jokes.
  • Plan a spontaneous road trip to a quirky destination, embracing the adventure together.
  • Become 'personal paparazzi' for each other, capturing the most candid and hilarious moments.
Funny New Year's Resolutions
Funny New Year's Resolutions for Friends
  • Promise to dress up in matching outrageous outfits for a day, making heads turn everywhere.
  • Host a 'Cook-off Challenge' where we attempt to recreate our worst cooking disasters.
  • Create a friendship time capsule filled with inside jokes and funny mementos to open next year.
  • Start a 'Dance Revolution' by mastering a signature dance move we can bust out anywhere.
  • Commit to writing and performing a comedy skit together, showcasing our wit and humour.

Now, let’s explore these imaginative and personalised approaches which breathe life into your resolutions, transforming them into daily reminders and shared moments of laughter with your closest friends:

  • Customised Insta Story for Both: Sprinkle your social media with humour! Create a custom Insta Story together with your friends, featuring your collective funny New Year's resolutions in a fun and quirky way. Share moments of laughter and shared goals, creating a digital canvas of resolutions that brings joy to your social circle.
  • Personalised ‘We’ll Be Friends Until We're Old And Senile’ Mug: Yearning for more hangout moments with your pals? Exchange customised mugs as fun and unique New Year gift ideas. Embed your hilarious New Year’s resolutions onto these quality mugs and elevate every tea or coffee session with shared laughter.
Funny New Year's Resolutions
Personalised ‘We’ll Be Friends Until We're Old And Senile’ Mug

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  • Virtual Resolution Party: Host a virtual resolution party with your friends! Create a fun-filled online gathering where everyone shares their humorous resolutions. From comedic toast-making to sharing resolutions in a game-show style, this virtual gathering becomes a joyous celebration of friendship and laughter-filled aspirations for the year ahead.

Hilarious New Year's Resolutions for Family

Crafting resolutions for the whole family involves focusing on strengthening familial ties. By emphasising shared experiences and moments, let's explore New Year quotes for family as witty resolutions that enhance the family bond while adding a touch of humour to create cherished memories.

  • Initiate a 'No Tech Tuesday' where we spend an entire day without any gadgets, surviving on board games and storytelling.
  • Hold a 'Funny Family Awards Night' and vote for the quirkiest family member in various categories.
  • Commit to creating a family-themed TikTok account to share our silly moments with the world.
  • Start a 'Weekly Family Talent Show' where we showcase our hidden and not-so-hidden talents.
  • Promise to have a monthly 'Dress-Up Dinner' where everyone arrives in outrageous costumes.
Funny New Year's Resolutions
Funny New Year's Resolution Ideas for Family
  • Designate a 'Random Act of Kindness Day' each month and document our hilarious attempts.
  • Commit to learning a new family dance routine and perform it at a family gathering.
  • Initiate a 'Recipe Roulette Night' where each family member gets to pick a bizarre ingredient for dinner.
  • Start a family joke book and add to it every time someone cracks a hilarious one-liner.
  • Plan a 'DIY Disaster Day' where we attempt Pinterest crafts and embrace the chaos together.

As you get the perfect resolutions for the whole family, the next step is to display them creatively with members. Here are some imaginative ways to infuse laughter and togetherness into your family resolutions, turning funny New Year's resolutions into heartwarming reminders and shared moments of joy.

  • Personalised ‘Welcome to Family Pool’ Metal Sign: Welcome the New Year with a personalised metal sign capturing your family’s resolutions! At Personal Chic, craft a unique signboard emblazoned with a humorous touch, featuring declarations like "Dive into Fun and Laughter," or "Splash into Family Shenanigans." Hang this vibrant sign at your poolside, infusing every swim with shared joy and reminders of your collective resolutions.
Funny New Year's Resolutions
Personalised ‘Welcome to Family Pool’ Metal Sign

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  • Create a Shared Comedy Scrapbook: Bond over a shared comedy scrapbook dedicated to your family's resolutions. Gather humorous illustrations, funny anecdotes, or quirky photographs that represent your collective aspirations for the upcoming year. Flip through this delightful scrapbook together, sharing laughter and envisioning your aspirations in a light-hearted manner.
  • Customised Family Comedy Night: Host a customised family comedy night featuring your funny resolutions! Utilise digital screens or printouts with witty quotes, playful designs, or shared funny photos that resonate with your family's aspirations. This event becomes a laughter-filled celebration, reinforcing your resolutions in an enjoyable and memorable way.

New Year’s Resolutions for Pets with A Funny Touch

Even our furry companions can be part of the resolution-setting fun. Similar to kids, let's explore resolutions that bring joy to our pets' lives and contribute to their well-being, albeit with a humorous twist.

  • Teach them to master the art of fetching items other than sticks – like the TV remote!
  • Initiate a 'Pet Karaoke Hour' where they can showcase their unique vocal talents.
  • Commit to learning a new trick each month, even if it involves balancing unusual items.
  • Set a goal to become a professional food critic for pet treats and rate them with paw prints.
  • Start a 'Pet Fashion Parade' where they get to strut their stuff in quirky outfits.
Funny New Year's Resolutions
Funniest New Year’s Resolutions for Pets
  • Commit to becoming the official doorbell alert system – barking or meowing upon visitor arrival!
  • Create a 'Pet Instagram Takeover Day' where they get to curate the content for the day.
  • Train them to do household chores, even if it's just fetching the newspaper or sorting socks.
  • Initiate 'Pet Olympics' where they showcase their agility and speed in fun challenges.
  • Vow to become an expert in 'Hide-and-Seek' and find the best hiding spots in the house!

Now, let’s delve into our top three creative ways to display your New Year's resolutions for pets:

  • Short TikTok Video with Pet: Create a short, engaging TikTok video featuring your pet and their hilarious resolutions! Film playful moments or add voice overs showcasing your furry friend's comical goals for the year. Share these delightful snippets online, celebrating your pet's resolutions with the world in a humorous and heartwarming way.
  • Personalised "I Work Hard So My Cats Can Have a Better Life" Tote Bag: Gift your feline companion a personalised tote bag adorned with a humorous touch! Personal Chic provides customisable tote bags featuring your funny New Year’s resolutions for pets like "I Work Hard So My Cats Can Have a Better Life." Wearing this witty customised bag, you’ll get a friendly reminder of spending time and cherishing your furry buddy more for the next year.
Funny New Year's Resolutions
Personalised "I Work Hard So My Cats Can Have a Better Life" Tote Bag

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  • Customised Pet Instagram Takeover Day: Dedicate a day for your pet to take over your Instagram! Share their amusing resolutions through customised Instagram posts. Craft witty captions or use playful designs that resonate with your pet's aspirations. From adorable photos to captions that tickle the funny bone, this Instagram takeover becomes a delightful showcase of your pet's resolutions, engaging your followers in their playful journey.

Uncovering Top Funny Resolutions for New Year with Different Purposes

Each aspect of life calls for distinct approaches to humorous resolutions. Let's dive into diverse fields of goals and explore how humour can enliven resolutions for various purposes in the upcoming year.

Funny Work-Related New Year’s Resolutions

When it comes to work, injecting humour into resolutions can make professional goals more approachable. Let's explore our funny New Year’s resolutions that add a playful edge to the workplace while aiming for productivity and enjoyment.

  • Master the art of attending meetings without getting caught dozing off, bonus points for nodding in agreement at the right moments.
  • Commit to creating an "Office Olympics" where tasks are completed with a comedic twist.
  • Start a 'Compliment-Off' challenge to see who can deliver the most absurd yet amusing compliments.
  • Aim to reply to all emails with GIFs or emojis for a day and see how it affects communication.
  • Hold 'Bring Your Pet to Work Day' every Friday – productivity might skyrocket!
Funny New Year's Resolutions
Funny Work-Related New Year’s Resolutions
  • Commit to perfecting the art of 'Desk Zen' by transforming it into a miniature golf course during breaks.
  • Initiate a 'Pun Jar' – every work-related pun adds to the jar, and the one with the most wins a prize!
  • Aim to write a satirical company newsletter with humorous takes on office events.
  • Organise a 'Tie Swap Day' where everyone exchanges their ties for more unconventional ones.
  • Commit to mastering the 'Art of Confusing Jargon' in meetings without getting caught.

For work, you can consider these inventive ways to infuse fun and motivation into your work resolutions, making them daily reminders and enjoyable celebrations of professional growth:

  • Personalised ‘I Love Being A Nurse’ Mug: Wanna remind yourself of loving your job more and being grateful for it? Why not have a customised mug with funny New Year’s resolutions printed by Personal Chic? With our quality ceramic mugs, not only the texts but also the colour, size and image can be easily redesigned by you. Let’s be creative and infuse each sip with motivation and laughter, while honouring your career goals.
Funny New Year's Resolutions
Personalised ‘I Love Being A Nurse’ Mug

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  • Craft a ‘Desk Declaration’ Display: Transform your workspace into a motivational haven! Design a desk display featuring your work-related resolutions creatively. Use sticky notes, quirky illustrations, or personalised prints showcasing your goals and aspirations. Customisable desks with funny work resolutions infuse humour into your professional space, serving as daily reminders of your career ambitions and the joy of the journey.
  • Host a 'Career Comedy Hour': Turn your professional goals into a laughter-filled celebration! Organise a 'Career Comedy Hour' with colleagues, sharing work-related resolutions in a humorous manner. Go for customisable digital screens or printouts to showcase witty quotes, playful designs, or shared funny photos resonating with your team's aspirations. This event becomes an enjoyable reinforcement of career resolutions, fostering a positive and fun-filled work environment.

Funny New Year’s Resolutions as School-Related Goals

For students and academics, resolutions can be both beneficial and amusing. Let's uncover resolutions that bring laughter to the academic journey while encouraging growth and learning in unconventional yet engaging ways.

  • Host a 'Ridiculous Hat Day' every month – learning gets a quirky upgrade!
  • Aim to invent an entirely new, yet perfectly logical, language and present it for extra credit.
  • Start a 'Funny Physics Experiment' series where experiments are conducted with amusing twists.
  • Commit to writing essays with a humorous spin, exploring absurd yet entertaining topics.
Funny New Year's Resolutions
Funny New Year’s Resolutions as School-Related Goals
  • Organise a 'Science Puns Challenge' and see who can come up with the most groan-worthy puns.
  • Aim to turn a history lesson into an interactive, humorous play or skit.
  • Start a 'Laugh Lab' where everyone shares their favourite jokes to start the day on a cheerful note.
  • Commit to making the most bizarre yet scientifically accurate project presentation.
  • Organise a 'Wordplay Wednesday' to incorporate wordplay into vocabulary lessons.
  • Aim to make an educational video with a humorous take on a complex subject.

As you have your goals for study, let’s see what  imaginative displaying methods can make your study resolutions memorable and motivational:

  • Displaying the Resolutions with Personalised ‘I'm Finally Done’ Hoodie: If you’re about to graduate this year to come, why not give yourself a cosy chic hoodie customised with an image of your resolution to successfully complete your study? With Personal Chic, you can not only craft the image but also add the funny New Year’s resolutions you have for your study journey. Let’s turn this cosy garment into a source of motivation and encourage this upcoming year.
Funny New Year's Resolutions
Displaying the New Year Resolutions with Personalised ‘I'm Finally Done’ Hoodie

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  • Writing on Facebook Post: Share your academic resolutions with a touch of wit on social media! Craft a Facebook post detailing your study goals and aspirations. Let’s create engaging posts featuring humorous quotes or designs reflecting your academic journey. Share your ambitions with friends and family, fostering support and motivation in a lighthearted manner.
  • Putting Them in a Jar: Create a jar of academic aspirations! Write down your study-related resolutions on colourful notes or cards and place them in a decorative jar. You can choose customisable jar labels or tags to add a humorous twist to your study goals. Every time you revisit the jar, you'll be reminded of your academic aspirations and motivated to achieve them with a touch of humour.

Funny Health-Related New Year’s Resolutions

Health goals often carry a serious tone, but injecting humour can make wellness pursuits more enjoyable. Let's explore these following funny New Year's resolutions that aim for health while keeping the spirit light-hearted and positive.

  • Commit to laughing for at least 10 minutes every day to boost mood and immunity.
  • Aim to make salads so funny they're called 'laugh-out-loud leafy greens.'
  • Initiate a 'Dance Party Workout' instead of a traditional gym routine – dancing off the calories!
  • Start a 'Healthy Snack Comedy Club' where healthy snacks are served with a side of jokes.
Funny New Year's Resolutions
Funny Health-Related New Year’s Resolutions
  • Commit to taking 'Awkward Exercise Selfies' – the goofier, the better!
  • Aim to meditate with a twist – incorporating laughter yoga into the routine.
  • Organise a 'Water Drinking Game' where every glass is downed with a humorous toast.
  • Commit to creating a hilarious workout playlist that includes unconventional tunes.
  • Start a 'Bizarre Yoga Pose of the Day' challenge to add a funny twist to yoga sessions.
  • Aim to create a series of funny health-related memes to share with friends.

Those are the funny New Year’s resolutions for health you can consider. Now comes the top 3 unique methods to transform health-related resolutions into enjoyable and motivating displays, adding a touch of humour to your journey towards a healthier you.

  • Humorous Fitness Journaling: Create a fitness journal with a comedic twist! Document your health goals in a journal adorned with witty quotes, funny illustrations, or amusing anecdotes related to fitness. Use customisable journal templates to infuse humour into your health journey. Each entry becomes a delightful and motivational account of your progress, wrapped in laughter and positivity.
  • Personalised ‘Grandad/Daddy's Dream Team’ Mug: Planning to improve your kids’ health by spending time playing football with them? Why not order mugs customised with balls, kids’ names and a funny promise to have more football outings with Personal Chic? These customisable coffee mugs will be a reminder for you and your kids to have quality time together and strive to have better health this year.
Funny New Year's Resolutions
Personalised ‘Grandad/Daddy's Dream Team’ Mug

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  • Customised Healthy Recipe Book: Compile a healthy recipe book with a touch of humour! Jot down your health-related resolutions alongside creative and funny recipes.You can go for customisable recipe book templates to showcase your unique health goals with playful designs and witty recipe titles. This cookbook becomes a laughter-filled guide to healthier living, inspiring you to pursue wellness goals with a smile.

Funny Goals as Lifestyle-Related New Year’s Resolutions

In the realm of lifestyle changes, resolutions can take on various forms. Exploring resolutions that infuse laughter into daily life while encouraging positive lifestyle adjustments can lead to a more fulfilling year ahead.

  • Commit to doing one household chore while wearing a superhero costume for motivation.
  • Aim to turn budgeting into a comedic storytelling session involving imaginary scenarios.
  • Initiate a 'Bad Pun Cooking Challenge' where recipes are narrated with dad-level puns.
  • Start a 'Plant Stand-Up Comedy Night' – if the plants grow better, it's a win!
  • Commit to starting a 'Comedy Club Book Club' where books are discussed with humorous twists.
Funny New Year's Resolutions
Lifestyle-Related Funny New Year’s Resolutions
  • Aim to make self-care Sundays hilarious with unconventional spa treatments.
  • Organise a 'DIY Disaster Day' where Pinterest fails to turn into amusing creations.
  • Commit to mastering the 'Art of Punny Greeting Cards' for every occasion.
  • Start a 'Tech Troubles Comedy Hour' where IT problems are narrated with a humorous touch.
  • Aim to turn journaling into a comedic recount of daily events – laughter therapy in writing!

Now, it’s time to explore what unique and unusual ways to display lifestyle-related funny New Year's resolutions:

  • Personalised Time Capsule of Lifestyle Goals: Create a time capsule filled with lifestyle aspirations! Fill it with symbolic items or notes representing your lifestyle resolutions. Include quirky objects or humorous references that embody your unique journey towards a revamped lifestyle. Bury or store the capsule in a safe place, to be revisited in the future, celebrating the achievements and memories associated with your resolutions.
  • Choosing Personalised ‘A Girl Who Loves To Recycle’ Tote Bag: Looking to embrace a greener lifestyle and enhance your recycling habits this year? Elevate your commitment to sustainability by showcasing your eco-friendly resolution with our customisable tote bag! Crafted with premium quality, this tote bag isn't just a fashion statement but a practical and stylish way to carry your funny New Year's resolutions wherever you go. Let's make a bold statement for a better planet while staying uniquely you.
Funny New Year's Resolutions
Personalised ‘A Girl Who Loves To Recycle’ Tote Bag

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  • Interactive DIY Life Wheel: Design an interactive life wheel reflecting your lifestyle resolutions! Divide the wheel into segments representing different aspects of your lifestyle goals. Customise each segment with funny icons, quirky affirmations, or humorous descriptions. Spin the wheel periodically, engaging with each aspect of your life in a light-hearted and playful manner, adding a unique spin to your resolutions.

Conclusion: Choosing Funny New Year’s Goals for Chuckles Ahead

Summarising our journey through diverse and humorous resolutions, remember: the joy lies not just in achieving but in crafting goals for the New Year. Embrace the process, infuse it with laughter, and relish each step towards your aspirations. 

At Personal Chic, we elevate your resolutions with our bespoke gifts, perfect for enhancing your goals board display. Let's cherish the journey of growth, bonding, and self-improvement, making funny New Year's resolutions not just goals but delightful moments to treasure throughout the year. Elevate your resolutions with us and make each step towards them a joyous celebration!

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