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Best 50+ Most Funny Love Quotes for Every Recipient!

Top 50+ Funny Love Quotes for Him and Her to Show Your Love

11 Feb 2024
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Explore a world of laughter and love with Personal Chic's handpicked selection of funny love quotes. From silly anecdotes to heartfelt chuckles, these quotes bring a unique twist to expressing affection. Let the warmth of humour enhance your romantic moments, creating memories that are not only special but also filled with shared laughter.

Top 50+ Funny Love Quotes for Him & Her

Crafting a treasury of laughter and affection, our collection brings together the funny love quotes that resonate with both him and her. Delve into this compilation for a heartwarming journey through the humorous side of love.

Funny Quotes About Love for Special Occasions

In moments that call for a dash of humour and a sprinkle of romance, our assortment of funny love quotes creates the perfect blend. Explore these funny quotes in love, tailored for special occasions, and add a touch of wit to your heartfelt expressions.

  • "On our anniversary, I shall write our love story in the stars so all the heavens know of my devotion, dear heart." - Lord Bartholomew Fortescue
  • "Let us celebrate the blossoming of our love with merriment and feast on this joyous day, my fair queen." - Sir Algernon Wigglesworth
Funny Love Quotes About Love
Funny Quotes About Love
  • "Though years may pass, my love, thy beauty remains as timeless as our first tender kiss on this blessed day." - Duke Reginald Cavendish
  • "Just as spring's first daffodils bloom anew, so too does our love flourish on this special day, darling." - Viscount Tobias Flapjack
  • "On this joyful occasion, I vow to fill thy days with laughter and romance till the end of our times, sweet lady." - Earl Leopold Chucklebucket
funny love quotes
Funny Quotes About Love
  • "As candles brighten this day, so thou light up my life, filling each moment with meaning." - Marquis Percival Snodgrass
  • "Thy love is life's greatest gift, which I open joyfully on our celebrated day and treasure in my heart always." - Duke Ferdinand Pepperwhistle

Heartfelt Funny Love Quotes for Him

Expressing love takes a delightful turn with our curated selection of funny love quotes for husband. These cute funny silly funny love quotes for him not only tickle the funny bone but also unravel the warmth of affection, making each sentiment extra special.

  • "Dearest, thy antics amuse me as a jester's tricks at court. Laughter is always merrier when we are together." - Lady Genevieve Snodgrass
  • "My valiant knight, thou slayest me not with thy sword, but with thine intoxicating wit and charm." - Duchess Vivienne Cavendish
  • "Dearest, thou art as steadfast as a lighthouse, guiding my ship through stormy seas and back to thy safe harbour." - Viscountess Prunella Fortescue
  • "Beloved fool, thou art more precious to me than all the gems in the royal treasury, for thy love is life's greatest reward." - Marchioness Montgomery Rosewood
Heartfelt Funny Love Quotes for Him
Heartfelt Funny Love Quotes for Him
  • "Valiant hero, loving thee emboldens my spirit like a knight girding for a tournament. Thou art my champion." - Dame Isabella Wigglesworth
  • "Dearest treasure, thy affection is the key that unlocks my heart and fills it with joy abundant." - Lady Eleanor Ainsworth

Cheesy Funny Short Love Quotes for Her

For her, where humour meets romance, our compilation of cheesy funny short love quotes for wife unveils a world of playful affection. Dive into these quotes that encapsulate the essence of love in a delightfully cheesy way.

  • "My dear, your radiance outshines the stars. Each moment with you is like basking in the glow of a thousand suns." - Lord Bartholomew Wigglesworth
  • "Thy laughter cures all woes, fair maiden. 'Tis a soothing balm upon my weary soul that lifts my spirits skyward." - Sir Percival Fortescue
  • "Fairest flower, thy sweet voice makes the songbirds envious. Thine every word is a cherished melody my heart yearns to hear." - Duke Algernon Flapjack
  • "With but one glance from thine eyes, my heart takes flight as though borne on angel's wings to the heavens." - Viscount Leopold Snodgrass
Cheesy Funny Short Love Quotes for Her
Cheesy Funny Short Love Quotes for Her
  • "Dearest heart, loving thee feels as merry as a country fair, filled with mirthful games and sweet treats." - Lord Ferdinand Pepperwhistle
  • "My cherished rose, thy soothing embrace at nightfall wraps my weary soul in comfort, like a quilt hand stitched with care." - Duke Reginald Rosewood
  • "Beloved, thou art more precious to me than all the crown jewels in England. I treasure our love beyond measure." - Sir Montgomery Fortescue
  • "Fairest blossom, thy patience and wisdom nourish our love, allowing it to grow ever stronger like a sturdy oak." - Viscount Percival Wigglesworth

Extra Special Funny Love Quotes from Movie 

Embark on a cinematic journey through our collection of extra special funny love quotes from movies. These quotes, inspired by the silver screen, infuse your love story with laughter and bring an extra touch of charm to your expressions.

  • "My darling, our romance has more twists and turns than a Hitchcock thriller, yet through it all you remain my leading lady." - Sir Reginald Worthington
  • "From the moment our eyes first met across the crowded room, I knew our stars were crossed and destiny had cast us as soulmates." - Lady Genevieve Ellingham
  • "Every glance we share flickers like a vintage film reel, projecting my love onto the silver screen of your smile." - Countess Vivienne Montgomery
  • "Together we shall pen the greatest love story ever told, a romantic epic spanning ages that even Shakespeare could not conceive." - Lord Percival Ainsworth
  • "Through all of life's adventures, cherished one, you are the final plot twist that subverts my cynicism and renews my faith in happy endings." - Lady Ophelia Rosewood
Extra Special Funny Love Quotes from Movie
Extra Special Funny Love Quotes from Movie
  • "Oh darling, being with you is like a delightful screwball comedy - your wit leaves me tickled pink and longing for just one more wisecrack." - Duke Algernon Fortescue
  • "Your kiss sends my heart reeling like a swooning damsel in an old Hollywood romance. Play it again, my leading man!" - Lady Guinevere Pepperwhistle
  • "With you, every moment's an adventure like Indiana Jones on a quest for lost treasure. But you alone are the prize my heart seeks!" - Viscountess Petunia Snodgrass
  • "My darling, loving you is like a delightful Disney cartoon - you make my heart burst into song & fill life with magic!"

Presents to Complement your Humorous Love Quotations

Enhance the joy of sharing laughter with your loved one by exploring our selection of presents that perfectly harmonise personalised gifts with your delightful humorous love quotations. Discover unique and heartwarming gift ideas that add a personalised touch to your expressions of love.

Funny Personalised Gift Ideas for Couples 

For couples who appreciate the beauty of laughter, our assortment of funny love quotes pairs seamlessly with these personalised expressions of affection. Dive into a world of joy with our selection of personalised couple gifts that capture the essence of your unique bond.

  • Personalised Comfy Bliss Sleep Shirt T-shirt: Experience the epitome of comfort in your own personalised sleepshirt. Beside these funny love quotes above, after all, in the world of dreams and laughter, personalised bliss reigns supreme.
Personalised Comfy Bliss Sleep Shirt T-shirt
Personalised Comfy Bliss Sleep Shirt T-shirt
  • Custom Constellation Night Light: Illuminate your nights with a touch of personal celestial charm. Let it be a radiant reminder of your shared journey under the cosmic tapestry of love. Enhance your nights with this personal touch, personalised gifts for him, bringing warmth to every moment.
Custom Constellation Night Light
Custom Constellation Night Light - Funny Love Quotes
  • Personalised His and Hers Mugs: Sip your favourite beverages from mugs that tell your tale. Add a personal touch to your daily ritual with customised mugs, proclaiming your unique love story. With the photo adding feature, you also can transform this mug into a romantic gift for your partner.
Personalised His and Hers Mugs
Personalised His and Hers Mugs
  • Personalised Couple's Adventure Map: This gift will prove that cheap presents don't have to look cheap! Showcase your unique milestones, creating a visual tapestry of your love story. Crafted with care, these personalised gifts capture the essence of your journey.
Personalised Couple's Adventure Map
Personalised Couple's Adventure Map
  • Personalised Pawsome Moments Tote Bag: Unleash the charm of your feline companions wherever you go with this personalised tote. Beside these funny love quotes above, let your feline friends accompany you in every adventure with this whimsical and personalised accessory.
Personalised Pawsome Moments Tote Bag
Personalised Pawsome Moments Tote Bag - Funny Love Quotes
  • Customised Moments Keepsake Canvas: Elevate your home decor or create a timeless gift with this personalised canvas. Funny personalised gifts for him and her like this add a touch of personal flair to any space.
Customised Moments Keepsake Canvas
Customised Moments Keepsake Canvas

Sentimental and Adorable Gift Ideas for Couples 

Amidst the humour of our carefully curated funny love quotes, discover the perfect balance of sentiment and playfulness with our collection of personalised valentines gifts for couples. Embrace the charm of personalised gestures that elevate the romantic experience for you and your loved one.

  • Aromatic Love Scented Candle: Illuminate their shared journey with a thoughtfully crafted scented candle. This scented candle stands as a heartfelt addition beside these funny love quotes above, enhancing the ambiance of their home.
Aromatic Love Scented Candle
Aromatic Love Scented Candle - Funny Love Quotes
  • Date Night Box Paint Kit: Nurture their connection with a date night box paint kit, a canvas of creativity and intimacy. As they express their love through art, this kit fosters a unique way for the couple to create enduring masterpieces together.
  • Heartfelt Embrace Pillow: Embrace the softness of love with a heart-shaped pillow that goes beyond mere decor. This heart pillow is a sentimental addition beside these funny love quotes above, embodying the tenderness of their relationship.
  • Blossoming Love Glass Flower Box: Elevate their love story with a Glass Flower Box, an enchanting blend of elegance and sentiment. Preserving the beauty of flowers, this unique gift captures the essence of their blooming relationship. 
  • Jo Malone Fragrance Exploration Kit: This sensory journey offers a delightful experience for couples to discover luxurious scents together, making it a unique anniversary gift from friends. Trust in the allure of Jo Malone for an unforgettable and thoughtful gesture.
Jo Malone Fragrance Exploration Kit
Jo Malone Fragrance Exploration Kit
  • Cosy Companionship Sweater Set: Wrap the couple in shared warmth and style with matching simple sweaters. Effortlessly combining style and sentiment, these sweaters stand as heartwarming anniversary gift ideas for couples.

Discover DIY Funny Love Card Ideas Inspired

Unleash your artistic side and accompany your heartfelt messages with personal touches, adding a dash of humour with funny love quotes and funny I love you quotes to make your cards uniquely memorable.

  • Whimsical Watercolor Love Card: Create a DIY love card by experimenting with watercolours to design a whimsical masterpiece. Splash vibrant hues onto the card and pair it with your favourite funny love quotes to add a touch of humour and warmth, making your card a unique expression of love.
Whimsical Watercolor Love Card
Whimsical Watercolor Love Card - Funny Love Quotes
  • Quirky Collage Love Card: Compile a collage of shared memories, featuring photos, ticket stubs, and other mementos that hold significance. Alongside these cherished items, incorporate quotes on love funny to infuse a lighthearted and personal touch, making your DIY love card a delightful journey through your relationship.
  • Playful Calligraphy Love Card: Explore the art of calligraphy to inscribe funny quotes love quotes onto your DIY card. Use playful and expressive fonts to bring humour to your message, turning your love card into a charming and personalised keepsake that captures the essence of your relationship.

As we have seen, funny and lighthearted quotes can add a touch of levity and laughter to expressing affection, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or just because. When choosing the perfect funny love quotes or funny "I love you" quote for your valentine, think about inside jokes and silly moments you've shared. The right humorous quote can speak to your unique relationship.

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