I did not receive an order confirmation email. What should I do?

Posted 09 May 2023

If you did not receive an order confirmation email after placing an order, here are a few steps you can take:

  • Check your spam or junk folder: Sometimes, order confirmation emails can get filtered into your spam or junk folder, so check there to see if the email ended up there instead of your inbox.

  • Verify your email address: Make sure that the email address you provided during the checkout process is correct and spelled correctly. If the email address is incorrect, you may not receive the order confirmation email.

  • Wait a bit longer: Sometimes, order confirmation emails can take a little bit of time to arrive, especially if there is high volume or if there are technical issues. Wait a few hours or a day to see if the email arrives.

If you still can't find anything, it's possible that your email address was entered incorrectly. Get in touch with us via support@personalchic.com. We're pleased to fix the email address and resend you the order confirmation. In other cases, the order may not have gone through, contact us before placing a new order to avoid a duplicate order.

By Timind Website
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    How do I find more information about Personal Chic products?

    For more product details including size charts, colors and types, please visit our "Products". If you need further assistance, please contact us via email at support@personalchic.com.

    Posted 09 May 2023
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    Where can I find the size guide?

    Once you click on a specific product page, with available colors, details, and a sizing chart, it will be displayed. Clicking on the link labeled "Size guide", which is located...

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