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Gift Wrapping Ideas: Creative Ways to Make Your Presents Pop!
Gifts Guide

Gift Wrapping Ideas: Creative Ways to Make Your Presents Pop!

12 Oct 2023
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Gift wrapping ideas can transform any present from ordinary to extraordinary. At any celebration, it's often the most thoughtfully wrapped gifts that catch our eye and leave a lasting impression. Personal Chic champions this ethos, offering inspiration to elevate every gifting occasion.

Why is Gift Wrapping Important?

Every gift has a story, and how you wrap it can set the prelude for the tale inside. Presentation isn't just about aesthetics; it's about conveying emotion, anticipation, and appreciation.

Gift Wrapping Ideas
The Importance of Gift Wrapping Ideas

We've all heard the adage, "First impressions count." The initial sight of a beautifully wrapped gift creates anticipation and excitement. It's the wrapping that sets the stage for the gift inside, making the entire experience memorable.

Classic Wrapping Ideas with a Twist

While traditional wrapping methods have their charm, introducing a twist can elevate your gift presentation to a whole new level. Dive deep into a blend of classic and contemporary ideas, ensuring your gift becomes the talk of the event.

Gift Wrapping Ideas with Ribbons and Bows

Ribbons and bows have been staple components of gift wrapping for ages. But instead of sticking to the conventional ways of tying them, let’s explore some intricate techniques. From the flamboyant double-looped bow to the elegant rosette bow, there’s a style for every gift.

Gift Wrapping Ideas
Gift Ideas Wrapping with Ribbons and Bows

Consider using ribbons of varying widths or even layering them for a more opulent look. The colours, materials, and textures of the ribbons you choose can immensely impact the final appearance. A satin ribbon might denote luxury, while a rustic twine bow might suggest something handmade or organic.

Incorporating Gift Tags and Personal Messages

The addition of a gift tag can instantly personalise any present. But why stick to the mundane when you can make it magnificent? 

Handwritten tags, for instance, add a deeply personal touch, each stroke reflecting thought and care. They evoke a sense of nostalgia and authenticity, unmatched by any printed label. However, if neatness or a specific design is what you’re after, printed tags, especially those custom-designed, can be an excellent choice.

Gift Wrapping Ideas
Incorporating Gift Tags and Personal Messages for a Unique Wrapping

Moving beyond just tags, have you ever considered personalised wrapping paper as one of the gift wrapping ideas? Imagine the joy on your loved one's face when they see not just their name on a tag but also printed on the wrapping paper itself. Emphasising personalisation doesn't end with the gift inside; it starts with the wrapping.

Sustainable Wrapping with Brown Paper

In a world that's leaning towards sustainable choices, brown paper wraps stand out as a trendy yet eco-friendly option. 

But don't mistake its simplicity for plainness when it comes to brown paper gift wrapping ideas. The rustic, raw charm of brown paper serves as a blank canvas for your creative pursuits. Pair it with colourful ribbons, dried flowers, or hand-painted designs, and you have a masterpiece in hand.

Gift Wrapping Ideas
Brown Paper Wrapping Ideas for Gifts

Furthermore, brown paper isn’t just environmentally-friendly but also versatile. Its neutral tone complements almost any ribbon colour, and its texture adds a tactile quality to the gift. Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary, or just a token of appreciation, brown paper adds an understated elegance, making it a sustainable and stylish choice.

Occasion-Specific Ideas for Wrapping Gifts

Each occasion has its own spirit, mood, and traditions. When we wrap gifts, these sentiments should be reflected in our choice of colours, textures, and patterns. Here, we'll delve deeper into wrapping ideas specifically tailored for three significant occasions: Christmas, weddings, and birthdays.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Ah, Christmas! A season where gifts are exchanged under twinkling lights and next to roaring fires. The choice between traditional and modern designs can be a delightful dilemma. Traditional colours like deep reds, forest greens, and gold evoke nostalgia, bringing back memories of past celebrations. They connect us to age-old Christmas stories and traditions.

Gift Wrapping Ideas
Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

On the other hand, modern designs often involve minimalist patterns, metallics, and unconventional colours like pinks or blues. They offer a fresh, contemporary take on the festive season. Combining both can result in a beautiful medley of the old and the new, making your gifts truly stand out under the Christmas tree.

Wedding Gift Wrapping Ideas

Weddings are a celebration of love, unity, and new beginnings. The gifts presented on this special day should encapsulate these sentiments. When wrapping wedding gifts, elegance is key. Opt for understated designs that have a touch of sophistication. 

Gift Wrapping Ideas
Wedding Gift Wrap Ideas

Pastel shades, subtle patterns, and materials like lace or silk can be perfect choices. Embellish with satin ribbons, pearls, or even a sprig of baby's breath for that added touch. Remember, weddings often have colour themes, so matching your wrapping with the wedding's palette can be a thoughtful touch.

Birthday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Birthdays, the yearly reminder of life's vibrancy and joy, call for wraps that are as lively as the occasion itself. Go all out with bright colours, bold patterns, and funky designs. Think vibrant oranges, radiant purples, or electric blues.

Gift Wrapping Ideas
Birthday Gift Wrap Ideas

Play with themes: if it's a child's birthday, maybe add some cartoon characters or animals. For a teen, perhaps some pop culture references or glitters. For adults, elegant patterns or sophisticated solid colours with vibrant ribbons might just do the trick. The aim is to make the birthday boy or girl feel special, even before they see what's inside!

Gift Wrapping Ideas Step by Step

Gift wrapping is an art form, and like all art, it requires the right tools, techniques, and a touch of creativity. Let's delve deep into the process of how to gift wrapping ideas, ensuring that every gift you give radiates the same affection with which it was chosen.

Choosing the Right Materials

The foundation of any beautifully wrapped gift is the materials you select. 

  • The wrapping paper sets the mood - glossy papers scream luxury, while matte textures exude understated elegance. Patterns can be playful or sophisticated, so think of the recipient's personal style. 
  • Ribbons can add a flair of sophistication or a dash of fun, depending on their texture and colour. Satin ribbons bring elegance, while jute or twine ribbons offer a rustic charm. 
  • Finally, gift tags aren't just identifiers; they're personal messages. Whether hand-written or printed, they convey the giver's emotions and make the recipient feel special.
Gift Wrapping Ideas
Choosing the Right Materials Before Gift Wrapping

Step by Step Guide to Wrapping a Boxed Gift

  1. Measurement: Start by placing the box on the unwound wrapping paper to estimate the amount you'll need. Ensure there's enough paper to cover all sides of the box.
  2. Cutting: Once measured, cut the paper. It's better to have a little excess than too little.
  3. Fold and Tuck: Place the gift face down on the paper. Fold one edge of the paper over the box, securing it with tape. Then, fold the other edge, ensuring a tight fit.
  4. Sealing the Ends: At the open ends, fold the top and bottom edges inward, forming a triangle on both sides. Fold those triangles in, taping them securely.
  5. Tidying Up: For a professional touch, make sure all edges are neatly creased, and tape is hidden or used sparingly.
Gift Wrapping Ideas
Step by Step Guide to How to Gift Wrapping Ideas

Decorating with Ribbons and Additional Elements

Once your gift is wrapped, it's time to embellish! There are several gift box decoration ideas. Ribbons can be tied in bows, wrapped around the box, or even curled for a playful touch. When using additional elements like ornaments or dried flowers, it's essential to ensure they complement the wrapping paper and ribbons. 

Remember, these elements should enhance the overall look, not overpower it. Think of them as the cherry on top, giving your gift the final touch of perfection.

Gift Wrapping Ideas
Elavate Your Wrapping with Gift Box Decoration Ideas

Tips for Wrapping Odd-Shaped Gifts

We've all faced that moment of dread - being presented with an oddly shaped gift and wondering how on earth to wrap it. But with a little creativity and some handy techniques, you can ensure that even the most awkwardly shaped gifts look spectacular. Dive into these innovative wrapping ideas for gifts tailored for those peculiarly shaped presents.

Gift Wrapping Ideas Without Box

Let's face it; not every gift comes in a neat, easy-to-wrap box. But that shouldn’t stop you from making it look chic and presentable. To begin with, select flexible wrapping materials like tissue paper or soft fabric. These can be moulded around the shape of the gift, reducing the chances of awkward bulges or rips.

Gift Wrapping Ideas
Ideas for Wrapping Gifts without a Box

Secure with decorative tape or stylish ribbons to keep things in place. If you're wrapping something delicate, consider adding layers of bubble wrap underneath the final wrapping layer. Remember, the aim is to provide a seamless look while ensuring the gift remains the focal point.

Using Baskets and Transparent Wraps

For those items that deserve a bit of showcasing, baskets paired with transparent wraps are your best friends. Start by selecting a basket that complements the size and theme of your gift. Lay down a soft layer, like shredded paper or fabric, at the base. Once you’ve placed the gift(s) in the basket, wrap it up with cellophane or any transparent sheet.

Gift Wrapping Ideas
Basket Gift Ideas Wrapping with Cellophane

These basket gift wrapping ideas with cellophane keep the contents visible while still retaining an element of surprise. Tie it off with a ribbon or decorative string, and voila, your stylishly wrapped gift is ready to be presented.

Gift Ideas Wrapping for Soft Items

Clothes, plush toys, and scarves can sometimes seem like a wrapping nightmare. But instead of reaching for the nearest gift bag, try something more original. 

Fabric wraps, inspired by the Japanese art of Furoshiki, can be both elegant and eco-friendly. Select a beautiful piece of cloth, spread it out, place your gift in the centre, and fold and tie the fabric. It’s that simple! 

Gift Wrapping Ideas
Creative Gift Ideas Wrapping for Soft Items

Not only is this method sustainable, but the recipient also gets an additional gift in the form of the wrap itself. Another idea for plush toys is to use them as part of the wrapping for another gift. For instance, a plush bear can 'hug' a box of chocolates, secured with a ribbon, making it a two-in-one present.


Gift wrapping isn't just about concealing a present; it's about adding to the overall experience of gifting. It's the anticipation it builds, the personal touch it conveys, and the love it symbolises. 

So, the next time you're wrapping a gift, remember these gift wrapping ideas and make every present a masterpiece. And while you're at it, why not pair your beautifully wrapped gift with something personalised from Personal Chic? After all, it's the thought that counts. Go and check out personalised gifts Personal Chic today!

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