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Top 30 Funny & Cheap Gifts For Work Colleagues UK by Personal Chic
Gift Inspiration

Top 30 Funny & Cheap Gifts For Work Colleagues UK by Personal Chic

28 Apr 2024
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Looking for gifts for work colleagues? Personal Chic provides the best ideas for thoughtful and stylish gifts that will surely impress your coworkers. Show your appreciation with presents for work colleagues from Personal Chic and make your colleagues feel valued and special.

Best 30 Funny & Cheap Gifts For Colleagues On Every Occasions

Research in the Journal of Marketing showed participants valued personalised products 33% higher than non-personalised ones. Similarly, a study in the Journal of Consumer Research found that humour in gift-giving triggers positive emotions such as joy, amusement, and warmth in recipients. That's why the list below features the best funny personalised gifts for coworkers, custom-made to impress your recipient.

Funny Secret Santa Gifts For Work Colleagues

Christmas is the time when Secret Santa and White Elephant exchanges become incredibly popular in the workplace. To ensure your present ideas stand out and aren't duplicated by anyone else, these cheap ideas for Christmas gift ideas for work colleagues are here to save the day. 

  • Personalised Colleagues Friends Mug

When it comes to must-have items for Christmas, mugs always make the list with over 3000 units sold during last holiday season. With measurements of 9.5 cm x 8.2 cm, our personalised Christmas mugs for colleagues are perfectly sized for their favourite beverages. Not only suitable for cosy moments sipping cocoa by the fireplace, these mugs are also ideal for busy individuals who are always on the go. With its generous beverage capacity, our printed mug is a practical solution.

Personalised Christmas mugs with girl sitting as gifts for colleagues

Customised Christmas Cups - The Ideal Gifts For Work Colleagues

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  • Jingle Hell Cat Pillow Personalised For Cat-Lover Coworkers:
Funny personalised Christmas mugs with cats for colleagues

Printed Pillows - Perfect Gifts For Colleague

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  • Paw Shape Ornament Personalised For Pet Lovers:
Personalised Christmas ornaments with dog for coworker

Custom Ornament - Best Xmas Gifts For Colleague

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  • ‘Santa Please Stop Here’ Doormat - Funny Christmas Gift For Work Colleagues: 
  • "Can't count how many guests have come to my house and commented on this doormat at the entrance." - Sarah Cowell, a Personal Chic customer. With up to 10% off the total during last year's Christmas sale at Personal Chic, customised doormat are essential gifts for work colleagues not to be overlooked. You can create your origin Christmas present ideas by customising with an illustration, their names, and festive Christmas-themed elements.

    Personalised Christmas doormats with cats for colleagues

    Ideal Gift Ideas For Colleagues - Customised Door Mats

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    • Personalised Christmas Family Door Mat
    Personalised Family Doormats for colleagues on Christmas with names

    Best Gift To A Colleague - Customised Christmas Doormat

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  • Personalised Meowy Catmas Hoodie - Amusing Gifts Gifts For Colleagues
  • Another highly praised product at Personal Chic, with over 85% of customers returning for a second purchase, is the customisable hoodie. Made of 50% preshrunk cotton and 50% polyester, and fully double-stitched, this is one of the most comfortable and durable funny gifts for work colleagues that provides support and coolness for every move of your coworker.
    Personalised Christmas hoodies custom with name and cats for coworker

    Personalised Hoodies For Christmas As A Gift For Colleagues

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  • Merry Catmas Hoodie As Secret Santa Gift For Colleagues At Work: 
  • personalises christmas hoodies with cat for coworker

    Customised Hoodies With Cats For Christmas

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  • Personalised ‘All I Want For Christmas’ Sweatshirt: 
  • Personalised Xmas sweatshirts with dog for colleagues

    Personalised Christmas Sweatshirt As Gift For CoWorkers

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    • Personalised Family Tree Posters
    Personalises Christmas Posters with family names for colleagues

    Customised Posters As Presents For Work Colleagues

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    • Personalised Best Dog Mum Ever Night Light
    personalises nightlamp with dogs for colleagues

    Personalised Night Lamp For Coworkers on Christmas

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    Gift Ideas For Colleague Leaving Work

    Don't know what to give your coworker as they leave? Personal Chic has you covered with these retirement personalised gifts that are both meaningful and humorous to bid them goodbye. For the leaving gift for a coworker, the design will focus on catering to coworker relationships. These following designs will definitely suit your needs.

    • Personalised Mugs As Gifts For Colleagues When Leaving Work

    The must-have gifts for work colleagues in the collection is undoubtedly the custom cups, which have garnered an impressive rating of up to 4.96 stars. With this item, Personal Chic offers the opportunity to replace character images on the product with personalised messages, creating truly funny leaving coworker gifts. The images featured on the mugs beautifully depict the friendship between you and your colleagues, serving as a constant reminder of the bond you share.

    • Good Luck Finding Better Coworkers Mug
    funny personalised mugs for leaving colleagues with names

    Custom Cups With Funny Messages For Colleagues Leaving

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    • Personalised Reason I Don't Punch People At Work Mug
    personalises mugs for leaving colleagues with illustration and names

    Funny Personalised Mugs As Gifts For Colleagues

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    • Personalised My Favourite Coworker Gave Me This Mug
    personalised mugs for leaving coworker with names

    Customised Mugs With Funny Message As Gifts For Colleague

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    • Coworkers By Chance Mug
    personalises mugs for colleagues leaving printed with names

    Personal Mugs With Message As A Gift For Colleagues

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    • Personalised Work Is Better With You Mug
    personalised mugs for colleagues with names and illustration

    Choosing Mugs As Unique Present Ideas For Work Colleagues

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    • Personalised Travel Is My Therapy Tote Bag

    59% of people planned to travel for at least one vacation after leaving a job or retiring (Vrbo, 2022). That's why this 'Travel Is My Therapy Tote Bag' makes the perfect gift to a colleague. As a motivational gesture, the tote bag can be customised with their name and portrait to cheer them on as they embark on their travel adventures.

    personalised travel tote bag for colleague leaving with girl illustration

    Gift Ideas For Colleagues - Personalised Tote Bag

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    • Personalised Chance Made Us Colleagues Tumbler
    personalised tumblers for leaving colleagues with names

    Useful Work Colleague Gifts - Personal Tumblers

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    • The Best Coworkers Ever T-Shirt - Gift For A Colleague Leaving Work

    As T-shirts are always Personal Chic's best seller, feel free to choose from these diverse designs the funniest one and add your own quotes, your two favourite office jokes, or design your and your coworker's illustration to make these leaving gifts for work colleagues even more humorous! Our high-grade 4D printing ensures that the design stays vibrant and intact over time.

    personalised t-shirts for colleagues with names and illustration

    Customised T-Shirts As Colleague Gifts

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  • Personalised The Best Coworker Ever Pillow: 
  • personalised pillow for colleagues with message

    Custom Pillows As Leaving Present Ideas For Work Colleagues

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    • Licence To Chill Phone Case - Funny Gift For A Colleague Leaving Work:
    personalised phone case for retirement colleagues with funny quote

    Personalised Phone Cases As Gifts For Colleague

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    Birthday Gift Ideas For Work Colleagues

    Celebrating a coworker's birthday at the office is a nice way to make them feel appreciated. To help narrow down your birthday gift ideas options, consider gifts for work colleagues that incorporate their signature touch, such as their birthdate or age.

    • Personalised Born In T-Shirt

    This lovely tee, featuring the year of birth, is perfect to celebrate your colleague's birthday milestone. A T-shirt is truly an easy-to-find gift for a male coworker that you can be sure they will like. With this personalised birthday present, you can print an illustration of you and your coworker along with a funny birthday message,  personalised names, portraits, and age printed on the gift.

    personalised birthday t-shirts for colleagues with year
    T-Shirts Personalised For CoWorkers - Gift Ideas For Colleagues

    Shop Now

    • The World A Better Place T-Shirt - Funny Birthday Gifts For Colleagues
    personalised birthday tee for colleagues with name, year and happy birthday message

    Choosing Custom Tee As The Best Gift To A Colleague

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    • Personalised You Deserve A Beer T-Shirt
    personalised birthday t-shirt for male colleagues with funny message

    Selecting Funny Personalised T-Shirts As Presents For Work Colleagues

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    • Personalised Hashtag The Basketball Mum T-shirt

    Studies from Ceros and Harvard Business show that gifts related to the recipient's interests and hobbies lead to 40% higher satisfaction. So, if your coworker loves basketball, our T-shirt would be an ideal choice.

    personalised t-shirts for colleagues with basketball girl

    Customised T-Shirts As The Perfect Gift Ideas For Colleagues

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    • New Level Unlocked Sweatshirt - Funny Birthday Gifts For Work Colleagues

    This cool apparel is a perfect gift for coworkers for colder weather, especially if your coworker's birthday falls during the cold season. Specifically designed for gaming enthusiasts, this game-themed sweatshirt not only showcases their age but also reflects their interests through the concept.

    personalised birthday t-shirt with gaming-theme and funny quotes
    Customised Sweatshirt As One Of The Best Colleague Gifts

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    • Personalised Happy Birthday To My Bestie Sweater
    personalised birthday sweatshirt for female colleagues with names and illustration

    Customised Birthday Sweaters As Work Colleague Gifts

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    • Personalised Awesome Since Phone Case
    customised birthday phone case for coworker with name and year

    Budget-Friendly Gifts For Colleague - Custom Phone Cases

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    • Personalised Birthday Queen Pillow

    Crafted from luxurious 100% polyester satin, this gift to a colleague is guaranteed to be the most plush and comfortable option when searching for gifts for work colleagues. Customise it with their name, some of their favourite quotes, and a heartfelt birthday message from you.

    personalised birthday pillow with name and happy birthday quote for coworker
    Best Personalised Gifts For Colleagues - Custom Birthday Pillow

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    • Personalised Happy Birthday My Bestie Poster
    personalised birthday poster for female coworker

    Personalised Posters For Coworker As Presents For Work Colleagues

    Shop Now

    • ‘Life Is Better With Cats’ Tote Bag - Cat Birthday Gifts For Colleagues

    With 5000+ units sold during last year, this gift for colleague is not only charming but also a proven favourite among shoppers. Crafted from high-quality canvas with sturdy seams, this tote bag customised for cat-lover coworkers can comfortably accommodate large volumes, making it a practical everyday companion for work or errands.

    personalised birthday tote bag with cat for colleagues

    Custom Canvas Tote Bag As Gift To A Colleague

    Shop Now

    Must-Know Note When Choosing Gifts For Work Colleagues

    Among a ton of present ideas for work colleagues, it's crucial to consider a few must-know notes before selecting and giving presents. Keeping these important factors in mind will ensure your gift is well-received and avoids any awkwardness in the workplace.

    • Avoid Anything Too Personal: While it's thoughtful to give a gift, you'll want to steer clear of items that are too personal or intimate for a workplace setting. Stick to professional yet friendly gifts for colleagues to maintain appropriate boundaries.
    • Mind Your Relationship: The closeness of your work relationship should guide the type of presents for work colleagues. For a distant colleague, keep it simple and generic. But you can get more personalised with a good friend at the office.
    • Don't Go Overboard: There's no need to spend extravagantly on work colleague gifts. A modest, reasonably-priced present is perfectly appropriate to avoid awkwardness or feeling indebted.
    • Include a Thoughtful Card: A gift to a colleague feels more personalised with a handwritten message or card. Take a moment to jot down a friendly note to accompany your present.

    With these distinctive gifts for work colleagues, you can demonstrate your appreciation for them and reinforce the bond among you all. After all, a contented worker is always a key contributor to a positive working environment.

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