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Top 25+ Coworker Funny Gifts to Boost Workplace Bond
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Exploring Top 25+ Coworker Funny Gifts to Boost Workplace Bond

04 Apr 2024
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It’s a game-changer when laughter is infused into the workplace. Therefore, coworker funny gifts are always favoured on most gifting occasions. In this article, let’s explore more with us the collection of witty presents that make such a delightful addition to any workplace.

What Kind of Jokes to Avoid when Choosing Funny Gifts for Coworkers

Laughters are the goal when choosing funny gift ideas for coworkers. However, it’s really necessary that you tread carefully to ensure your humour is well-received. Embarrassment and offence are what to avoid. So, here are some kind of jokes or funny touches that shouldn’t be infused in your funny gifts for coworkers:

  • Personal Attributes: It’s the worst when jokes about physical appearance, such as weight, height, or any physical features are made. At the same time, your choice of gifts for coworkers funny shouldn’t make remarks about someone's appearance to ensure that no one feels singled out or self-conscious.
  • Personal Life: Although personalised gifts for coworkers are welcomed but too much inappropriate personalisation it can cause annoyment. So, avoid jokes for your coworker funny gifts that delve into someone's personal relationships, romantic history, or family matters.
Funny Gifts For Coworkers
 Kind of Jokes to Avoid when Choosing Funny Gifts for Coworkers
  • Appearances: You should also avoid jokes about clothing choices, hairstyles, or any other aspects of appearance that could be perceived as mocking or judgmental. Everyone has their own sense of style, and it's important to respect individual choices.
  • Sensitive Matters: Don’t infuse your funny gift ideas with jokes related to sensitive topics such as mental health, financial struggles, or past traumas. Making light of these issues can be hurtful and insensitive, and it's important to create a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone feels safe and respected.

Suggesting Top 25+ Coworker Funny Gifts that Spread the Joy

In this section, we’ll look into different gift ideas for work colleagues to create unforgettable moments and strengthen the workplace bond.

Funny Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

Christmas is the best time to exchange gifts with your colleagues. And, choosing funny Xmas gifts for coworkers can spread cheer. With a bit of holiday humour, our suggested option of funny Christmas gifts for coworkers will surprise your colleagues and make the workspace filled with “ho ho ho”:

  • Desktop Christmas Tree Pen Holder: This miniature Christmas tree doubles as a pen holder, bringing a festive touch to your coworker's desk. Complete with tiny ornaments and twinkling lights, it's a charming way to infuse the holiday spirit into the office while staying organised.
  • Personalised ‘Official Christmas’ Dog Outfit T-Shirt: Wish them a rest-well Christmas with this funny designed tee. Featured with a lovely image of them sleeping soundly with pets to enjoy Christmas and your further customisation, this can become their light-hearted surprise for the season.
Gifts For Coworkers Funny

Personalised Official Christmas Dog Outfit T-Shirt

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  • Festive Socks with Funny Quotes: Keep your coworker's toes warm and their spirits high with a pair of festive socks featuring funny holiday-themed quotes. Whether they're rocking around the Christmas tree or dashing through the snow, these socks are sure to spread joy and laughter.
  • Personalised ‘Meowy Merry Christmas’ Door Mat: If they are interested in cats or are the cat parents, this option from our coworker funny gifts collection is definitely your go-to option. With a little more customisation, this doormat can grant them good laughs whenever they coming back or leaving home.
Funny Gift Ideas For Coworkers

Personalised Meowy Merry Christmas Door Mat

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Funny Coworker Secret Santa Gifts

Secret Santa exchanges are a beloved tradition in many workplaces, offering the perfect opportunity to exchange lighthearted gifts with colleagues. When selecting funny Secret Santa gifts for coworkers, think outside the box and opt for presents that are playful yet practical. Here are some options for the best coworker funny gifts to ensure that everyone leaves the exchange with a smile on their face:

  • Desktop Punching Bag: Help your coworker relieve stress in style with this desktop punching bag. Compact yet durable, this present from our collection of personal presents for him suctions to their desk for easy access whenever they need to blow off steam in a lighthearted way.
  • Personalised ‘Some People Make Me Wonder’ T-shirt: You can easily incorporate the workplace jokes to this tee. With the witty design, this tee also allows further customisation in terms of image and text so that the gift can make anyone in the game laugh hard. 
Gifts For Coworkers Funny
Personalised Some People Make Me Wonder T-shirt
  • Sarcastic Desk Nameplate: Add a touch of humour to your coworker's workspace with a sarcastic desk nameplate. From "Professional Procrastinator" to "Chief Coffee Drinker," these Secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers are sure to spark laughter and camaraderie among colleagues.
  • Personalised ‘Reason I Don't Punch People At Work’ Mug: This funny designed mug from our collection of funny coworker secret santa gifts will never fail to ignite the laugh. You can also easily customise it more with our customisation options to make it the one-of-a-kind gifts for the exchange.
Coworker Leaving Gift Funny

Personalised Reason I Don't Punch People At Work Mug

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  • Inflatable Neck Pillow with Funny Design: Make business trips and long commutes more enjoyable with an inflatable neck pillow featuring a hilarious design. Such coworker funny gifts can guarantee that they will provide much-needed comfort on the go.
  • Personalised ‘Working with Me is Your Gift’ Mug: This tee with a quirky touch added by the quote and design is a perfect choice for any Secret Santa game. Featured with a witty quote, funny images of everyone at work or in the team, this gift can make anyone burst out laughing while enjoying coffee at work.
Funny Coworker Secret Santa Gifts

Personalised Working With Me Everyday Mug

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  • Emergency Clown Nose: Ensure your coworker is always prepared for moments of levity with an emergency clown nose. Compact and easy to carry, it's the perfect accessory for impromptu office pranks or spontaneous bursts of laughter during dull meetings.

Coworker Funny Gifts to Say Thank You

Expressing gratitude to your coworkers doesn't have to be serious business. You can show your appreciation with our list of gifts for coworkers funny to bring a smile to their face and warmth to their heart. Our following gifts convey your gratitude in a light-hearted and memorable way.

  • Personalised ‘Coworkers by Chance, Friends by Choice’ Mug: You can say cheers to your workplace bond while expressing your gratitude with this funny custom mug. With further customisation, this gift from our list of funny gift ideas for men will not only bring you guys fun but also create memorable moments when sipping coffee together.

Personalised Coworkers By Chance Mug

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  • Thank You Toilet Paper: Add a playful twist to a practical gift with thank you-themed toilet paper. Each sheet is adorned with humorous messages of appreciation, making it a cheeky yet thoughtful way to say thank you to your coworker for their hard work and dedication.
  • Personalised ‘This Is An Awesome Manager’ Mug: You can say thank you to your them for being an awesome manager to you with this funny designed mug. Let’s customise it more so that it captures their image best, add your crafted quote to express your gratitude in a cheerful way.
Gifts For Coworkers Funny

Personalised This Is An Awesome Manager Mug

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  • Coffee Mug Warmer: Keep your coworker's coffee warm and their spirits high with a coffee mug warmer featuring a humorous design. Such personal presents for her adorned with funny quotes about caffeine add a touch of whimsy to their daily routine.
  • Office Survival Kit: Help your coworker navigate the ups and downs of office life with an office survival kit filled with funny essentials. This kit from our selection for coworker funny gifts has everything they need to tackle whatever the workday throws their way with a smile.
  • Personalised ‘My Favourite Coworker Gave Me’ Mug: You can make them laugh hard with this quirky mug self claiming you to be their favourite. Such gifts for coworkers funny will definitely become their favourite and their source of laughter in the workplace.
Funny Christmas Gifts For Coworkers

Personalised My Favourite Coworker Gave Me Mug

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  • Desk Plant with Funny Pot: Brighten up your coworker's workspace with a desk plant housed in a funny pot. Choosing this present from our collection of funny gift ideas for her, you can add a pop of greenery and humour to their desk, reminding them to take a moment to appreciate the little things.

Funny Gift Ideas for Coworkers Leaving

Saying goodbye to a coworker can be bittersweet, but it also presents an opportunity to send them off with a smile. So, let’s consider our below collection of funny gift ideas for coworkers leaving the company to celebrate their time with your team while also offering a fond farewell. 

  • Customised Farewell Mug: Send your departing coworker off with a customised farewell mug featuring funny inside jokes or memorable moments shared in the office. It's a heartfelt way to commemorate their time with your team and wish them well on their next adventure.
  • Personalised ‘Good Luck Finding Better Coworkers Than Me’ Mug: You can choose this cheeky mug from our collection of coworker funny gifts that combines humour with sentimentality. With its playful design and personalised touch, it's sure to bring a smile to their face as they embark on their next chapter.
Coworker Leaving Gift Funny

Personalised Good Luck Finding Better Coworkers Than Me Mug

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  • Office Bingo Game: Keep the laughs going with an office bingo game filled with hilarious scenarios and inside jokes from your coworker's time with your team. Whether it's "accidentally hitting 'reply all'" or "getting stuck in the elevator," this game is sure to be a hit at their farewell party.
  • Personalised ‘Finally Retired, Now I Have Time For My Motorbike’ T-shirt: You can toast their leaving for retirement in style with this hilarious t-shirt featuring a customised design. This personalised gift is a fun and memorable way to celebrate their newfound freedom.
Funny Coworker Secret Santa Gifts

Personalised Finally Retired, Now I Have Time For My Motorbike T-shirt

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  • Funny Farewell Card: Say goodbye with a laugh by presenting your coworker with a funny farewell card filled with witty messages and humorous illustrations. It's a heartfelt yet light-hearted way to express your appreciation for their contributions to the team and wish them the best in their future endeavours.
  • Personalised ‘Who Cares I'm Retired With My Cat’ Mug: For the coworker who's trading in office politics for purring companionship, this personalised mug is the perfect farewell gift. With its humorous message and customised design, it's a playful nod to their retirement plans and a heartfelt token of appreciation for their time with your team.
Funny Gift Ideas For Coworkers

Personalised Who Cares I'm Retired With My Cat Mug

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  • Desk Plaque with Funny Quote: Give your departing coworker a desk plaque featuring a funny quote or inspirational message to remind them of their time with your team. Whether it's a witty saying about work-life balance or a humorous farewell message, it's a thoughtful gift that they can cherish long after they've left the office.

Thoughtful Etiquette to Maintain when Giving Funny Gifts for Coworkers

While funny gifts can bring joy and laughter to the workplace, it's essential to observe thoughtful etiquette to ensure your gestures are well-received. Here are some points to consider when giving our funny gifts to your coworkers:

  • Include a Thoughtful Card: You should prepare a thoughtful card accompanying your coworker funny gifts to express your appreciation. Let’s personalise the message to acknowledge their contributions or to simply convey a heartfelt sentiment. 
  • Wrap the Gift Thoughtfully: There’s nothing wrong with giving gifts without wrapping. However, the excitement can be levelled up when it is thoughtfully wrapped. It shows your care and consideration for the recipient.
  • Present the Gift with Respect: When presenting the funny gift to your coworker, do so with respect and consideration for their feelings. Avoid tossing or throwing the gift, as this may come across as disrespectful or dismissive. Instead, offer the gift with a smile and a warm greeting, acknowledging the occasion and expressing your genuine appreciation.
  • Respect their Reaction: Not everyone may react the same way to personalised novelty gifts, and that's okay. Respect your coworker's reaction, whether they respond with laughter, surprise, or a more subdued appreciation. Avoid pressuring them to react a certain way or making jokes at their expense. Instead, focus on fostering a positive and inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and valued.
Funny Gifts For Coworkers

Thoughtful Etiquette to Maintain when Giving Funny Gifts for Coworkers

To wrap up, coworker funny gifts are a fantastic way to sprinkle laughing vitamins into the workplace. Let’s come to Personal Chic for a wider range of funny gifts for coworkers that are sure to delight and entertain.
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