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Top 30+ Gift Ideas for Nanny to Show Your Appreciation
Gift Inspiration

Uncover Top 30+ Gift Ideas for Nanny to Show Your Appreciation

06 Apr 2024
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Choosing gifts for the nanny who has provided love and care to your little ones can sometimes be challenging. To help you perfectly show your appreciation, in this article, we have curated a collection of the most heartwarming gift ideas for nanny that will surely make them feel cherished.

What to Consider when Choosing Gifts for A Nanny

When choosing gifts for a nanny, it's essential to consider several factors to ensure your gesture is thoughtful and well-received. So, here are some suggested points to keep in mind when picking your gift ideas for nanny:

  • Her Personality and Interests: A gift that perfectly matches with her image and vibe can touch her heart. So, let’s select one that resonates with her hobbies, preferences, and lifestyle.
  • The Length of Time She's Been with Your Family: You can incorporate some details capturing some memorable moments during her time in the family. This can make her smile from the heart as it reflects the bond and rapport you share.
  • Practicality and Utility: Something practical can be a worth trying option for her. So, let’s think of items that enhance her daily life, such as useful gadgets or cosy accessories.
  • Sentiment and Appreciation: For further touch of emotion, never miss on infusing your gift ideas for a nanny with a heartfelt note expressing gratitude for her dedication and care.

Exploring A Collection of 15+ Gift Ideas for Nanny on Different Occasions

For different occasions, you will need different types of gifts. So, without further ado, in this part, we will look at the curated list of best gift ideas for nanny family that will leave a long lasting impression.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Nanny

It’s a heartfelt manner to have when giving presents to a nanny on Christmas. So, during the festive season, let’s express your gratitude with our suggested gifts that warm the heart. 

  • How about a custom family portrait illustration featuring your nanny alongside the children she cares for? This heartfelt gift captures the bond between nanny and family, serving as a cherished keepsake of memories shared during the festive season.
  • Personalised ‘Jingle Hell Cat Christmas’ Mug: Such lovely Christmas gift ideas for nanny can make any nanny who loves cats go “aww” and smile a heartfelt smile when receiving them. Moreover, don’t forget to add more details that reflect her and messages to wish her a Merry Christmas while you customise this personalised cat mug with Personal Chic.
Gift Ideas For Nannies

Personalised ‘Jingle Hell Cat Christmas’ Mug

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    • DIY Spa Gift Basket: Create a DIY spa gift basket filled with luxurious bath bombs, scented candles, and pampering treats. This thoughtful gift provides your nanny with the opportunity to relax and unwind after the hectic holiday season, showing your appreciation for her hard work and dedication.
    • Personalised ‘Official Christmas Dog Outfit’ T-Shirt: This cute customised dog-themed Christmas tee from Personal Chic will never fail to bring a smile to any nanny who’s a dog lover. With thoughtful personalisation brought by such personalised gifts for dog owners, you can turn this season into an unforgettable memory for her.
    Ideas For Nanny Gifts
    Personalised ‘Official Christmas Dog Outfit’ T-Shirt - Best Gift Ideas For Nanny

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    • Personalised Recipe Book: As you wonder what Christmas present ideas to have for her, why can’t it be a personalised recipe book filled with your family's favourite holiday recipes? You can attach handwritten notes expressing gratitude for your nanny's cooking and care throughout the year to express your gratitude uniquely.
    • Customised Name Necklace: Gift your nanny a beautiful name necklace featuring her name or initials, crafted in sterling silver or gold. This personalised piece of jewellery from our collection of ideas for nanny gifts serves as a stylish accessory and a heartfelt reminder of the special bond she shares with your family.

    Present Ideas for Nanny Birthday

    When choosing the right ideas for nanny gifts to celebrate her special day, you can opt for those that reflect her interests and personality. Here are some suggestions of ideas for nanny gifts to consider:

    • Personalised ‘My Squad Calls Me Nanny T-shirt’: This can be a heartwarming gift for her on birthday as it’s specially designed just for her. With the customisation options available here, you can add her name and the kids’, edit the image printed on the tee to best capture the moment of her among kids.
    Gift Ideas For Nanny Family
    Personalised My Squad Calls Me Nanny T-shirt

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    • Handcrafted Photo Album: Create a handcrafted photo album filled with cherished memories and moments shared with your nanny throughout the year. Include photos, mementos, and handwritten notes expressing gratitude for her love and dedication, making her birthday truly memorable.
    • DIY Succulent Garden Kit: Gift your nanny a DIY succulent garden kit complete with everything she needs to create a beautiful indoor garden. Such creative gift ideas for nanny birthday can promote relaxation and mindfulness, allowing her to nurture her green thumb and brighten up her living space.
    • Personalised Name Bracelet: Surprise your nanny with a beautiful personalised name bracelet featuring her name or initials engraved on a delicate charm. This meaningful gift serves as a stylish accessory and a constant reminder of the appreciation and love she receives from your family.
    • Personalised ‘Birthday Queen’ Mug: Of all the birthday gift ideas out there, this is surely among the most delightful and thoughtful presents to surprise the nanny on this special occasion. With Personal Chic, you can move her heart a little more by infusing a touch of personalisation when redesigning it by the image and text to print on the mug.
    Gift Ideas For Nanny Birthday

    Personalised ‘Birthday Queen’ Mug

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    Best Gifts for Nanny Last Day

    As your nanny's time with your family comes to an end, bid farewell with thank you gift ideas for nanny that express your gratitude for her dedication and care. Here are some must-try options for ideas for nanny gifts last day to impress her:

    • Customised Memory Scrapbook: Create a personalised memory scrapbook filled with photos, notes, and mementos commemorating the time spent together. This heartfelt gift serves as a touching tribute to the special bond shared between your family and your nanny, preserving cherished memories for years to come.
    • Personalised ‘Best Nanny Ever Reviewed By Kids’ T-shirt: With this lovely customised tee from Personal Chic, you can bid farewell to the nanny in a cheerful way which will pamper and tickle her at the same time. Furthermore, you can easily customise this present by its image/ text to display and colour/size to make it best suit the nanny, making her feel truly cherished.
    Thank You Gift Ideas For Nanny

    Personalised Best Nanny Ever Reviewed By Kids T-shirt

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    • Baked Treats Basket: Bake a selection of homemade treats, such as cookies, brownies, and cakes, to create a delicious gift basket for your nanny. Include a handwritten recipe book with your family's favourite recipes, allowing her to recreate the taste of home wherever she goes.
    • Handprint Flower Canvas: You can guide your kids to draw a handprint flower picture, teach them to decorate it with details that show their love and gratitude to the nanny. This suggestion from our collection of cheap personal gifts is not only simple to make but also conveys a strong emotional touch.
    • Farewell Gift Basket: Put together a farewell gift basket filled with her favourite treats, snacks, and self-care goodies. Include a handwritten note expressing gratitude for her contributions and well wishes for her future endeavours, making her last day truly special and memorable.
    • Personalised ‘This Nanny Belongs To’ Pillow: This lovely  option from our collection of thank you gift ideas for nanny offers a wonderful way to say thank you to her on the last day. When you customise it more by the image and messages printed and the colour and size designed, you infuse the gift with heartfelt love and sentiments that will touch her heart.
    Christmas Gift Ideas For Nanny

    Personalised This Nanny Belongs To Pillow

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    Thank You Gift Ideas for Nannies

    It can just be a normal time when you want to say thank you for her kindness. Choosing gifts to do so doesn’t need to be so stressful. Just look at her personality and interests, you’ll find the best one. And, here are some choices for the best thank you gift ideas for nanny to consider:

    • Personalised ‘Nanny Little Flower Hearts’ T-shirt: As you look for the best personalised gifts for nanny, this option should not be missed! With a little more customisation like adding the names of the nanny and kids, editing the image printed on the tee and choosing the best colour and size, this little delight can easily turn into the best gift for her.
    Gift Ideas For Nanny Birthday

    Personalised Nanny Little Flower Hearts T-shirt

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    • Personalised ‘Nanny Flower Garden’ T-shirt:  Why don’t you try such heartfelt gift ideas for nanny with this beautifully customised tee from Personal Chic? With the idea of representing your kids with beautiful flowers, together they form her lovely flower garden. On receiving it, she’ll be surprised by the thoughtfulness it shows.
    Gift Ideas For Nanny Last Day

    Personalised Nanny Flower Garden T-shirt

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    • Personalised Thank-You Card Set: Create a set of personalised thank-you cards featuring photos and messages from your family, expressing gratitude for her care and dedication. Such personalised gifts allow her to reminisce about the moments shared and serve as a reminder of the impact she has made on your lives.
    • Personalised ‘Nanny Love Flower’ Pillow: This beautiful decor item will not only adorn her space but also represent the gratitude and care you have for her. Let’s add a further touch of personalisation with our various choices of customisation to make this present a heartfelt keepsake for her.
    Thank You Gift Ideas For Nanny

    Personalised Nanny Love Flower Pillow

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    • Personalised ‘My Love For You Is Much Bigger Than The Sun’ Mug: You can express your gratitude with gift ideas for nanny that makes her laugh out loud. With this funny design, you can easily make her shake with laughter. Choose the best funny image of your kid to print in her! With the hilarious quote, she will laugh out loud and cherish this gift forever.

    Personalised My Love For You Is Much Bigger Than The Sun Mug

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    • Personalised ‘Its Too Peopley Outside’ Mug: This humorous mug customised with an image of her sleeping soundly and refusing to go outside will tickle any nanny who has been looking for an all-day sleep. To make it even more touching and fun, don’t forget to customise it more whether by text, by image or by design.
    Gift Ideas For Nanny Birthday

    Personalised Its Too Peopley Outside Mug

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    Thoughtful Etiquette to Maintain when Giving Gifts for Nannies

    Much like the gift ideas for nanny, the way you deliver and present them is of the same importance. The proper, heartfelt and thoughtful manner will make them feel appreciated. So, as you give the gifts, keep these etiquette tips in mind to ensure your gift is well-received:

    • Don’t rush and don’t leave it till the last minute: Timing is important, so you need to pick an appropriate time to present your gift. Such moments that may be rushed or stressful for your nanny should be eliminated from your list. Instead, you can give the gift during a calm and relaxed moment, allowing her to fully appreciate the gesture.
    • Add a touch of personalisation for a further sense of thoughtfulness: You should take the time to deliver the gift in person if possible, accompanied by a genuine expression of gratitude. For personalisation, you can customise the presentation by sharing specific examples of how her care and dedication have positively impacted your family.
    • Don’t be impersonal but respect boundaries: Be mindful of your nanny's personal space and boundaries when presenting the gift. Ensure she feels comfortable and at ease, respecting any cultural or religious sensitivities she may have.
    • Craft thank-you message for follow-up: After presenting the gift, follow up with a heartfelt thank-you message or note expressing your appreciation once again. Let your nanny know how much her hard work and dedication mean to you and your family, reinforcing the value of her contributions.
    Gift Ideas For Nanny Last Day

    Thoughtful Etiquette to Maintain when Giving Gifts for Nannies

    In conclusion, by carefully choosing gift ideas for nanny, you can show appreciation for her invaluable contribution to your family in a unique way. For more gift ideas for nannies, visit Personal Chic, where you'll find a curated collection of gifts designed to make your nanny feel truly special. 

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