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Personalised Horse Gifts

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Personalised horse gifts are custom-curated presents with a heartfelt equestrian touch. They are the perfect present for the horse enthusiast in your life, embodying a blend of affection and sophistication. Whether celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or a special milestone, these personalised equestrian gifts are bound to galvanize smiles and create cherished memories. At Personal Chic, personalise your gift with custom features such as names, special messages, or select from a rich variety of personalised equine and horsey designs, adding a truly personal touch. Don't wait; gallop over to Personal Chic now and discover an exquisite collection of personalised gifts for horse lovers, crafted with love and meticulous attention to detail.

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Customer reviews of Personalised Horse Gifts

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Mark Curtis
07 Mar 2024
Personalised horse hoody

My daughter loves it great quality I managed to make the female rider on the picture look just like her with the same outfit she likes to wear and with her name written on it, it’s just perfect

Personalised Life Is Better With A Horse Hoodie

In search of exceptional gifts for horse lovers? Look no further, as we have an extensive range of personalised horse gifts perfect for equine enthusiasts. Uncover personalised horsey gifts including stable signs, illustrated artworks, and horseshoe-themed accessories. Our equine presents caters to both young girls and boys. All products are sourced from some of the UK's finest small enterprises.

Are Your Personalised Horse Gifts Ideal for Everyone?

Customised gifts add a special touch that makes them stand out, and personalised gifts for horse lovers are no exception. Our personalised equestrian gifts are suitable for all age groups and genders, showcasing thoughtfulness and preparation that will delight the receiver. 

Personalised Equestrian Gifts for Women 

For the females in your life who enjoy horses, such as mothers, wives, girlfriends, kids, or even female friends, personalised horse presents are perfect for any important occasion. Ideal for a woman's birthday, anniversary, or just because, our personalised horse presents provide a wonderful array of choices, ranging from humorous t-shirts to poignant decorations. 

Selecting personalised horse gifts that are suited to her interests makes sure to show your concern and admiration for the amazing ladies in your life. 

Custom Horse Gifts for Men

Even if you’re looking for unique equine gifts for important men in your life - dad, husbands, son, boyfriend or male friends, don’t skip our personalised pet gifts. Printed with recipient's names, thoughtful messages, cartoon graphics of them and their horse, these custom horse gifts such as special pet tumblers or horse mugs leave him feeling touched, appreciated, and astonished. 

Personalised Horsey Gifts for Kids

Our personalised horse presents are sure to excite the young people in your life who adore horses, such as your children, grandchildren, or siblings. When visiting our website, you can easily find the best personalised horsey gifts for your kids since there are a variety of designs, sizes and especially are made of safe, eco-friendly materials. 

So, no matter if it's for a kid's birthday, Christmas, or just because, these personalised gifts for horse lovers will catch their imagination and encourage their passion for horses, for sure!

Personalised Equine Gifts for Horse Riders

Our personalised horse gifts are made to celebrate the enthusiasm of the devoted horse riders in your life. Such as custom shirts and engraved mugs, unique gifts for horse lovers from Personal Chic are printed with horse rider’s names, special dates, their favourite photos of them and four-legged friends, or even chosen horse breeding that they own. 

With the personal touch, your practical yet unique gifts for horse lovers reflect their love for riding, creating cherished memories that they'll treasure for years to come.

A Diverse Rage Of Horse Theme Gifts To Choose

Explore our extensive collection of horse-themed gifts, designed to cater to the tastes of every equestrian enthusiast. Our range of horse enthusiast gifts offers a variety of choices for anyone looking to add an equine touch to their life or find the perfect present for a horse lover.

  • Personalised Horse Photo Gifts

Offer a gift that's not only meaningful and heartfelt but also practical. Horse enthusiasts will adore our Personalised Photo Cushions for equine gifts. Simply upload their horse's photo and choose from three sizes to create personalised horse gifts that will beautifully accent any room's decor, with its black reverse and matching piping ensuring it stands out on a sofa or favourite armchair. Crafted from allergy-free, super soft material and handsewn in the UK, these cushions as gifts for the horse lover promise comfort and quality. 

Alternatively, our HorseShoe Photo Cushion, customizable with both a photo and a name, features a charming horseshoe pattern border. For a memorable wall hanging, our Personalised Wooden Photo Canvas is a delightful choice for horse lover christmas gifts or birthday presents, easily personalised with a cherished image for a thoughtful home or office adornment.

  • Personalised Horse Apparel

From t-shirts, hoodies to sweaters, these apparel stand out with their unique personalisation options, allowing you to feature a cherished photo of your horse, select an accurate representation of your favourite horse breed, and further embroider the design with poignant quotes that touch the  horse lovers’ heart. This level of customisation transforms each t-shirt into a wearable gift for equestrian lovers to the beauty and spirit of horses.

  • Custom Horse Gifts for the Home

Greet your guests with the equestrian charm of our Personalised Horse Doormat. This durable, grey, washable doormat, boasting 100% recyclable non-slip backing, is both stylish and practical. Featuring a horse and heart cut-out motif, this personalised horse gifts can be personalised with a name, welcoming visitors with a nod to the household's horse-loving nature. Add a name for a custom stamp of personalisation, crafting an elegant and unique gift perfect for any office or living space.

Shopping Personalised Horse Gifts at Personal Chic

Discovering the perfect personalised horse gifts is straightforward with Personal Chic, where our focus on customisation and quality excellence stands paramount. Personal Chic values the profound relationships between individuals and horses, crafting a collection of bespoke gifts that reflect this enduring connection.

  • Affordable pricing for gifts for horse lovers

Personal Chic also excels in offering its high-quality, personalised horse gifts at an affordable price range, with options available from $15 to $35. Despite the modest pricing, there's no compromise on the quality of our products, including t-shirts, mugs, and canvases, among others. This approach ensures that expressing your love for horses or gifting a horse enthusiast can be both thoughtful and budget-friendly, all while being supported by our exemplary customer service.

  • High-quality and diverse choices of personalised horse lovers gifts

At the heart of Personal Chic's ethos is our commitment to quality. Every material selection and printing technique is executed with meticulous care, ensuring our horse-themed gifts stand the test of time as valued keepsakes. By using premium materials and cutting-edge printing technologies, we create vibrant and lasting personalised equine gifts that make an indelible impression.

  • Excellent Customer Service

Beyond the presents for equestrians we offer, Personal Chic prides itself on delivering an unmatched service experience. Our dedicated team is on hand to guide you through the customisation process, ensuring that every detail meets your expectations and that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Opting for Personal Chic's personalised horse gifts means selecting a thoughtful and meaningful expression of the special bond between horse lovers and their cherished animals. Present a gift that tells a unique story, radiates joy, and demonstrates your deep appreciation for the recipient’s equestrian passion, all through Personal Chic's superior service and dedication to quality craftsmanship.

Personalised Horse Gifts FAQs

How can I personalise horse-themed gifts?

You can add the recipient's name or initials to the gift personalised for horse owners or equestrians, incorporate images of their beloved horse or horse, special date, cartoon drawings or choose horse your favourite horse breed

What if I have more than 2 horses?

It's easy! We offer you to print as many horses as you wish on your personalised equestrian gifts because we have an infinite capacity for changing the quantity of horses

How long does it take to receive a personalised gift for a horse lover?

Personal Chic's production and delivery timeframes for personalised horse presents tend to change, but normally, you will receive your order 3 to 5 days after placing it. However, our manufacturing and shipping timeframes may require an additional few days for popular and exciting holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, or Christmas

Can I print more than one photo in a horse personalised gift?

Yes. On your personalised equine gifts, you can create as many photos or even cartoon graphics as you'd like. Please contact us if the number of photos you are able to send is limited by our website. We are available to you 24/7 to make sure you have the greatest personalised horsey gifts UK for birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or in the case that your pet passes away