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Best 30+ Graduation Gift Ideas UK To Celebrate The New Grad
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Best 30+ Graduation Gift Ideas UK To Celebrate The New Grad

11 Jun 2024
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Selecting graduation gift ideas can feel daunting, especially when it's meant to convey your acknowledgment and appreciation for their hard work. That's why Personal Chic has curated a range of the finest ideas for gifts for graduation UK below, ensuring any giver can easily find the perfect gift.

Meaningful Gift Ideas For Graduation For Every Grad

58% of respondents preferred receiving a personalised gift over a gift card or cash on graduation day - WowPresents' survey. This underscores the sentiment that custom gifts for graduation are the superior choice for impressing the new graduate. Here are the best ideas for graduation gifts for both men and women, collected by Personal Chic:

Personalised Graduation Gift Ideas For Him

With over 150 personalised graduation gift designs for him, you'll easily find a gift that suits him perfectly to give on his graduation day. Starting with the personalised shirt, a perennial bestseller at Personal Chic, your congratulations can be printed on a fashionable item he can wear to the graduation party.

  • Personalised Can I Go Back To My Bed T-Shirt
Personalised Can I Go Back To My Bed T-Shirt-gift ideas for graduation

Funny T-Shirt Design For Graduation

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What truly sets Personal Chic's graduation gift apart from other customisation websites is the extensive design options available. Instead of merely altering the graduate's name, you can personalise every detail of their appearance, from hair, skin, and eyes to various accessories.

  • Personalised I'm Finally Done T-Shirts
Personalised I'm Finally Done T-Shirts-graduation gift ideas

Custom Shirts For Graduates With Names and Texts

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For graduation gift ideas for those colder days, you can opt for sweatshirts and hoodies with the same graduation design. As men prefer the sporty look, these apparel are perfect gift ideas for men

  • Personalised I'm Finally Done Sweatshirt
Personalised I'm Finally Done Sweatshirt-ideas for gifts for graduation

Personalised Sweatshirt For Him With Names

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These personalised garments from Personal Chic are printed using the DTG printing technique, known for its durability when executed correctly. This method enables full-colour designs, including photographs of the graduate, intricate patterns, and gradients, to be printed directly onto the garment.

  • Personalised I'm Finally Done Hoodies
Personalised I'm Finally Done Hoodies-idea gift for graduation

Clothing Graduation Gift Ideas With Funny Design 

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The next essential custom gift for him is personalised pillows, boasting an impressive 4.96 rating on our website. These pillows provide a blank slate for you to imprint a bachelor illustration, the graduation year, and a witty graduation quote. Made from satin, they ensure the softest touch, ideal for decorating couches, sofas, or any relaxation spot.

  • Personalised I'm Done Finally Pillow
Personalised I'm Done Finally Pillow-graduation gift ideas

Personalised Pillow For Graduating Men

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  • Personalised Can I Go To Bed Now Pillow
Personalised Can I Go To Bed Now Pillow-ideas for graduation gifts

Customised Pillow Imprinted With Hilarious Message

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Customised Graduation Gift Ideas Her

According to Personal Chic sales data, these ideas for graduation gifts for her reached a total of 3000 units sold last year. Featuring a female bachelor illustration and inspirational quotes printed on them, your girl can proudly showcase the achievements she has gained. These apparel items from Personal Chic are perfect for wearable purposes, allowing her to wear them with pride at her graduation party or cherish them for years to come.

  • Personalised She Believed She Could T-Shirt
Personalised She Believed She Could T-Shirt-graduation gift idea

Graduation T-Shirts For Her Graduation

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  • Personalised She Believed She Could Sweatshirt
Personalised She Believed She Could Sweatshirt-graduation gift ideas

Inspirational Sweatshirt Design For Graduation

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Thanks to the imprints, the illustrations on the apparel are guaranteed to remain intact after washing cycles without fading, making them perfect graduation gift ideas for her. For added safety, it's advisable to use cold water for these items. This preserves them, as Personal Chic understands these items are not just used for one day but cherished as forever keepsakes.

  • Personalised She Believed She Could Hoodies
Personalised She Believed She Could Hoodies-gift ideas for graduation

Custom Graduation Hoodies With Inspirational Texts

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Personal Chic breaks the stereotype that graduation graduation gift ideas must always be inspirational. In addition to gift ideas for graduation that are with uplifting messages, shirts printed with funny quotes are also welcomed.

  • Personalised Can I Go To Bed Now Hoodies
Personalised Can I Go To Bed Now Hoodies-ideas for gifts for graduation

Customised Graduation Hoodies With Girl’s Portrait

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  • Personalised Can I Go Back To My Bed Now Sweatshirt
Personalised Can I Go Back To My Bed Now Sweatshirt-graduation gift ideas

Personalised Sweatshirt With Funny Quote For Graduation

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Another item that truly complements a girl is a customised pillow. To tailor it for graduation, you can design her appearance on the pillow. Personal Chic's design library enables you to choose every little detail, from hairstyle and eye colour to skin tone and shoe wear, ensuring the character looks exactly like her.

  • Personalised I'm Finally Done Pillow
Personalised I'm Finally Done Pillow-idea gift for graduation

Customised Graduation Pillow For Her With Funny Text

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Graduation Gift Ideas At Each Academic Level

Personal Chic recognises that various age groups have unique graduation present requirements. In this segment, we offer a variety of ideas for gifts for graduation customised to each particular level of achievement, ranging from sentimental custom gifts to funny items.

University Graduation Gift Idea

63% of graduates prefer practical gifts that can help them transition into their post-college life - Retail Me Not’s survey, 2020. So, the graduation gift ideas featured in this article focus on practicality and professionalism, aligning with the age of university graduates.

Ranked as the second-best seller among all customised gifts at Personal Chic, personalised mugs emerge as other practical ideas for graduation gifts. Especially for those entering the workforce after university, the mug's compact size won't take up much space on a desk. It is also microwave safe, making it convenient for busy workers who don't have much time. 

Crafted from dishwasher-safe ceramic material using high-firing techniques, these mugs can retain their prints through washing cycles and withstand temperatures up to 400°F without the risk of cracking or breaking.

  • Personalised The Tassel Was Worth The Hassle Mug
Personalised The Tassel Was Worth The Hassle Mug-ideas for graduation gifts

Personalised Mugs For College Friends' Graduation

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As another drinkware graduation gift idea, our graduation tumbler offers premium functionality. Apart from its hydration capabilities, this tumbler also keeps beverages fresh and maintains heat for long days at work.

  • Personalised All Your Memories Tumbler
Personalised All Your Memories Tumbler-graduation gift ideas

Customised Tumbler With Graduation Message

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Our next recommendation for graduation gift ideas is wall hangings, as the new grad needs something to enhance and beautify their new space as they become independent. If you prioritise durability and a professional display, this canvas is the perfect choice. Otherwise, you can also opt for posters for their lightweight and easy relocation.

  • Personalised BA Business Management Poster
Personalised BA Business Management Poster-graduation gift idea

Personalised Graduation Poster With Bachelor's Illustration

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  • Personalised BA Business Management Canvas
Personalised BA Business Management Canvas-gift ideas for graduation

Personalised Canvas Printed With Majors

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With our wall hanging graduation gifts, you can customise the recipient's name, graduation year, and even their major at school. Incorporating all these details, Personal Chic utilises modern printing techniques with vivid and vibrant colours, ensuring they are printed prominently and catch the eye.

At Personal Chic, the ideas for graduation gifts aren’t just for the new grads – the joy can be shared with their parents too! With a customisable illustration of the graduate that matches their appearance and a short, delightful quote, the personalised apparel can also be a perfect graduation gift idea for mum or dad.

  • Personalised Proud Mom Of A Graduate T-Shirt
Personalised Proud Mom Of A Graduate T-Shirt-graduation gift ideas

Clothing Graduation Gift Ideas For Grad's Parents

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  • Personalised Proud Mom Of A Graduate Hoodies
Personalised Proud Mom Of A Graduate Hoodies-ideas for gifts for graduation

Custom Hoodies For Grads' Mum

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  • Personalised Proud Mom Of A Graduate Sweatshirt
Personalised Proud Mom Of A Graduate Sweatshirt-idea gift for graduation

Funny Sweatshirts for New Grads' Dads

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Idea Gift For Graduation For Highschool Grad

An article on recommended giving high school graduates gifts tailored to their interests and hobbies. Therefore, we will introduce you to products that align with the recipient's passions.

  • Personalised Cat Official Sleepshirt T-shirt
Personalised Cat Official Sleepshirt T-shirt-graduation gift ideas

T-Shirts To Give On High School Grads

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  • Personalised Cat Dad By Day Gamer By Night T-Shirt
Personalised Cat Dad By Day Gamer By Night T-Shirt-ideas for graduation gifts

Customised Shirts For Cat Dad's Graduation

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With sizes ranging from XS to 5XL, you have the flexibility to design a graduation shirt gift for both girls and boys, catering to every body shape. Personal Chic also allows you to choose from a diverse range of shirt colours, from neutral tones to vibrant colours like pink or sky blue to ensure your graduation gift ideas match their interests.

  • Personalised Born In T-Shirt
Personalised Born In T-Shirt-graduation gift idea

Birth Year T-Shirts Customised For ' Graduation

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  • Personalised The World A Better Place Since T-Shirt
Personalised The World A Better Place Since T-Shirt-graduation gift ideas

Customised T-Shirts Printed With Year Born

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When it comes to young graduates, electronic-related graduation gifts are always a winner - Retail Me Not survey, 2022. Therefore, a phone case gift will certainly impress them. You can choose designs that reflect their interests, or take it a step further by personalising the phone case with their unique touch—whether it's their illustration, favourite shirt colour, or even their birth year.

  • Personalised Our Favourite Place To Be Phone Case
Personalised Our Favourite Place To Be Phone Case-gift ideas for graduation

Personalised Phone Case Printed With Photo

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  • Personalised Easily Distracted By Dogs And Books Phone Case
Personalised Easily Distracted By Dogs And Books Phone Case-ideas for gifts for graduation

Ideas For Gifts For Graduation For Girl Who Loves Reading Books

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  • Personalised Best In My BookWorm Era Phone Case
Personalised Best In My BookWorm Era Phone Case-graduation gift ideas

Personalised Phone Case - Best Graduation Gift Ideas

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Our extensive selection of phone case choices caters to both iPhone and Android users, encompassing popular brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, and others. With one layer composed of hard plastic and the other crafted from high-quality tempered glass with soft silicone edges, you can be confident that the phone case will effectively protect their device, making it an idea gift for graduation for anyone.

  • Personalised I Have Plans With My Cat Phone Case
Personalised I Have Plans With My Cat Phone Case-idea gift for graduation

Phone Case Printed With Photo For High School Grad

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  • Personalised When I Needed A Hand Phone Case
Personalised When I Needed A Hand Phone Case-ideas for graduation gifts

Personalised Phone Case For High School Grad

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Best Graduation Messages To Show Your Appreciation

In addition to thoughtful graduation gift ideas, a sincere graduation message can truly make the day complete. Here are some uplifting graduation messages for your loved one who is graduating.

  • "To my fellow graduates, as we go on the next chapter of our life, let us take with us the lessons learned, connections formed, and aspirations shared. "Our journey has only just started."
  • "From surviving group tasks to celebrating huge and little achievements, our time together has been nothing short of amazing. "I wish my fellow graduates a future as bright as our memories."
  • "To the students who became friends and the friends who became family, thank you for the endless memories and unflinching support. Here's to the next adventure that awaits us. Congratulations, grads!"
  • “From late-night study sessions to unexpected coffee outings, we've accomplished so much together. Your drive and sense of humour made every occasion special. Congratulations on graduating, my buddy. Here's to many shared experiences!”
  • “Our trip has been a tapestry of hard labour, enjoyment, and friendship. Your steadfast commitment and positive attitude made difficult times easier. Congratulations on graduating, and here's to more shared success!”
Thoughtful Messages To Send On Graduation-graduation gift ideas

Thoughtful Messages To Send On Graduation

  • “We've shared a lot of laughter, late nights, and learning experiences. Your perseverance and optimism have always impressed me. Congratulations on graduating! Here's to achieving greatness together in the future.”
  • "To my fellow graduates, may the lessons taught both inside and beyond the classroom assist us in our future endeavours. Here's to lifelong memories and friendships.
  • "To my incredible classmates, thank you for the fun, late-night study sessions, and great experiences. Here's to our bright future. Congratulations, grads!"
  • "In the mosaic of our university experience, each moment signifies a shared victory, a lesson learned, and a memory treasured. Congratulations to my fellow grads on this historic event."
  • "To my fellow grads, as we embark on a new chapter, let us bring with us the memories and friendships we've built. Congratulations on your tremendous success!"

A carefully selected idea gift for graduation acts as a heartfelt congratulatory gesture on their momentous day. With this hand picked selection of graduation gift ideas from Personal Chic, your recipient will not only be impressed but also profoundly touched by your thoughtfulness - making you the ultimate gift giver.

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