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30 Ideas for What to Write in Engagement Card

30 Ideas for What to Write in Engagement Card

02 Feb 2024
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Celebrating the engagement of your friend, sibling, son, or daughter is a special moment that calls for heartfelt sentiments. As you prepare to convey your well-wishes, consider what to write in engagement card, capturing the joy and love surrounding this significant milestone.

Guidelines for What to Write in Engagement Card

Tips on what to write in an engagement card

When writing in an engagement card for wedding gift ideas for bride, consider expressing your heartfelt wishes and congratulations to the couple. Here are some tips on what to say in an engagement card:

  • Timely Sending 

It's crucial to send your engagement card promptly, ideally within one to two months of learning about the happy news. This ensures your warm wedding gift ideas are delivered while the couple is still immersed in the joy of their celebration.

What to Write in Engagement Card

  • Quality Matters 

Elevate the significance of the occasion by investing in a high-quality card. Consider what to write in engagement card and the personal touch of handwriting your message, using paper from reputable brands.

  • Thoughtful Titles 

When addressing the couple, adhere to traditional titles like 'Mr.' and 'Ms.' for grooms-to-be and brides-to-be. Alternatively, opt for a modern approach by addressing the envelope creatively, or choose gender-inclusive options such as 'To the Happily Engaged Couple.'

  • Avoid Assumptions

Steer clear of assuming your invitation to the wedding. Refrain from making speculations about their plans or guest list, as this can inadvertently create unnecessary pressure for the couple.

Tips for Writing a Lovely Engagement Congratulatory Message

Adhere to these guidelines to craft and what to write in a happy engagement card that not only follows proper etiquette but also reflects your sincerity and thoughtfulness in celebrating the couple's joyous moment.

  • Adding a Personal Touch

When extending your congratulations, go beyond the ordinary by infusing a personal touch into your message. Depending on your level of closeness with the couple, offer genuine assistance with their wedding planning endeavours or share insightful tips to help them navigate this exciting stage in their relationship.

  • Emphasising Positivity 

Maintaining a positive tone is what to write in engagement card. Even if you intend to inject humour, exercise caution to avoid any comments that might be construed as negative. Ensure your message radiates positivity, with a tone that is light, bright, and inherently optimistic.

What to Write in Engagement Card

Writing thoughtful engagement card to express your love

  • Recalling Cherished Memories 

Deepen the connection with the couple by reflecting on cherished memories. Share the joy of discovering their connection or reminisce about significant experiences you've shared, such as memorable vacations, festive holiday parties, or other impactful life events.

  • Humour with Thoughtfulness 

If humour is a shared element in your relationship with the couple, feel free to incorporate it into your card. However, approach it with caution to ensure it aligns with the couple's taste and is genuinely reflective of your connection, avoiding forced or potentially misinterpreted attempts at humour.

  • Simplicity for Sincerity 

Rather than overthinking what to write in engagement card, embrace simplicity and genuineness. Mention specific qualities that make the couple perfectly suited for each other. Craft a celebratory card that exudes warmth and authenticity, creating a message that mirrors the kind of heartfelt sentiments you would appreciate in return.

Ideas for What to Write in Engagement Card

Writing engagement congratulations messages involves capturing the essence of your relationship with the couple and expressing heartfelt sentiments that resonate with their personalities. 

"Enjoy every moment of planning your wedding. This is just chapter one of the most exciting book."

What to write in an engagement card from parents

What to write in engagement card can reflect your unique relationship with your child and their spouse. Share anecdotes, express your emotions sincerely, and let your words resonate with the joy and excitement of this special occasion with wedding gift ideas for bride and groom.

  • "Your father and I have always tried to set an example for you of what a marriage should look like. May you always have each other’s back and each other’s heart as you navigate a new life together."
  • "We’re the luckiest parents in the world to have watched you grow into the beautiful person you are today. The moment you first introduced us to [insert name], we could tell you were head over heels, and now we’re so fortunate to welcome them into our family too."
  • "We've been waiting for this day since you were in nappies! No turning back now..."

What to Write in Engagement Card

  • "May the love you share only grow stronger as you grow older."
  • "Enjoy every moment of planning your wedding. This is just chapter one of the most exciting book."
  • "We couldn’t be happier to welcome a new son/daughter into our family. I hope you warned them what to expect!"
  • "It makes us so happy to see how happy [insert name] makes you. It’s all you could ask for your child, and we hope you stay this madly in love forever."
  • "To our wonderful son/daughter and his/her new fiancé: may this relationship blossom into endless beautiful memories."

What to write in an engagement card for sister

With ideas for a wedding gift basket, when crafting an engagement card for your sibling, infuse it with humour and references to shared memories. Thinking about what to write in engagement card funny, making it the perfect opportunity to share a laugh and express your genuine excitement for their upcoming journey.

Additionally, welcome your new sibling-in-law with light-hearted words, offering either approval or a playful warning, depending on your style. No need for anything too luxurious, this card can be the most thoughtful wedding present for sister.

  • "Throughout my life, I've looked up to you, but your decision to ask [insert name] to marry you is truly the wisest. Well done, sis!"
  • "This engagement has turned out amazingly – you get a fiancé, and I get a new sister. Wicked!"
  • "I remember the day you were born – all red and wrinkly, screaming your lungs out. It’s hard to believe you’re now old enough to get engaged! Couldn’t be prouder, congratulations."

What to Write in Engagement Card

Making engagement card the perfect opportunity to share a laugh

  • "I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I’ve already assumed I’m your maid of honour, put down a deposit for the hen, and signed us up for dance classes. You’d look pretty silly if you gave the job to someone else now, sis."
  • "You might be changing your last name, but I’m gaining a sister, and that’s a deal I’m thrilled with. Love you both and can’t wait to celebrate with you."
  • "I didn’t tease you for nothing as a kid. It was preparing you for how mercilessly I’m going to mock you when you've had one too many at the hen. Bring it on, sis."
  • "You deserve the world, and I’m overjoyed to see you've found someone who makes you beam with happiness. Here's to many more adventures, my dear sister."

What to write in an engagement card for son

Feel free to adapt what to write in engagement card with your feelings and the unique dynamics of your relationship with your son. Adding personal touches always enhances the warmth and sincerity of your wishes.

  • "Dear son, as you step into this enchanting chapter of your life, may your engagement be the prelude to a journey filled with boundless love, joy, and enduring happiness. Heartiest congratulations!"
  • "Watching you discover your lifelong love brings immeasurable joy to our hearts. May your engagement mark the beginning of a lifetime adorned with shared dreams and precious moments. Congratulations on this beautiful milestone!"
  • "From the moment we first cradled you in our arms to this significant day of your engagement, our love for you has grown with each passing moment. May your path ahead be as enchanting as the love you and your future spouse share. Congratulations, dear son!"
  • "On this special day, as you and your beloved embark on your journey together, our hearts swell with pride and happiness. Wishing you both a heartfelt congratulations on your engagement and a future filled with a love that deepens with every passing day."

What to Write in Engagement Card

"On this special day, our hearts swell with pride and happiness.”

  • "To our incredible son and the love of his life, your love story has become an integral part of our lives. May your engagement be the prologue to a lifetime filled with laughter, love, and cherished memories. Congratulations!"
  • "As you take this monumental step towards your shared future, know that our admiration for the man you've become knows no bounds. Congratulations on your engagement, and may the love you've found continue to blossom and flourish."

What to write in an engagement card to a friend

When considering what to write in an engagement card for a friend, consider incorporating references to your shared history for a touch of nostalgia. Reflecting on the early days of your friendship or memorable moments you've experienced together adds a personal and heartfelt touch for what to write in an engagement card for best friend.

  • "May you bring each other as much happiness as your friendship has brought to my life – congratulations!"
  • "We’ve been through school, uni, and that phase where we both dyed our hair together. It's strange to see you start a whole new chapter, but I can’t wait to watch the journey you’re about to take – I love you both."
  • "You two are a perfect couple and two of my best friends – I can’t wait to celebrate with you!"
  • "You gained a ring, and I gained permanent third-wheel status – and honestly, I couldn’t be happier."
  • "You two are perfect for each other. I know your marriage is going to be as strong and last as long as our friendship."

What to write in an engagement card to a friend

Lovely congratulation engagement card for best friend

  • "Of all the moments we’ve celebrated in our life together, this is the best so far. Congratulations."
  • "You’re engaged! When is too soon to start planning the hen/stag party? Asking for a friend…"
  • "I finally booked us into that spin class we’re always talking about. We’re going to need the cardio for all the wedding shopping we’re about to do!"
  • "I’m so proud of you for making the best decision of your life. No, not [insert partner's name] – I mean choosing me to be your bridesmaid/best man."

5 Engagement Personalised Gift Ideas for the Happy Couple

While what to write in engagement card conveys warm wishes, personalised gifts add an extra layer of sentiment, reflecting the unique bond shared by the happy couple. These carefully curated cheap wedding gift ideas from Personal Chic promise to encapsulate the essence of the couple's love story, offering enduring tokens that celebrate the beauty of their journey towards a lifetime of happiness.

  • Personalised Our Engagement Pillow

Mark their special day with our Personalised Our Engagement Pillow. This customisable pillow is an excellent way to commemorate their engagement and a keepsake they will cherish forever. Personalise this soft, high-quality wedding gift wrapping ideas with their names, engagement date, or a meaningful message.

What to write in engagement card

Personalised Our Engagement Pillow

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It's more than just a pillow, it's a symbol of their love and commitment. Made with comfort in mind, this pillow can be a decorative piece for their home or a soft reminder of their special day.

  • Personalised Engagement Ornament

Not only do you consider what to write in engagement card, you can celebrate their special day with our Personalised Engagement Ornament. This customizable ornament is a beautiful way to commemorate their engagement, offering a keepsake that will endure through time. An item that cannot be overlooked when brainstorming for engagement home party ideas.

What to write in engagement card

Personalised Engagement Ornament

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Infuse a personal touch into the high-quality wedding return gift ideas with their names, the date, or a meaningful message. It goes beyond being just an ornament; it serves as a symbol of their love and commitment.

  • Personalised Together Since Happy Couple Hoodies

Celebrate their love story in a fun and colourful way with Personalized Together Since Happy Couple Hoodies! This cheerful and comfortable shirt is the perfect way for them to showcase their love and spread joy wherever they go. Featuring a customizable design, they can add their own special touch by including their anniversary date, the day they met, or any other special moment in their relationship.

What to write in engagement card

Personalised Together Since Happy Couple Hoodies

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  • Personalised This Ring Makes Me Look Engaged Mug

Celebrate their engagement journey with our 'This Ring Makes Me Look Engaged' personalised mug. This playful and fun mug are delightful wedding gift ideas for groom to share their excitement with the world.

What to write in engagement card

Personalised This Ring Makes Me Look Engaged Mug

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Crafted with love, the mug is made from high-quality materials, ensuring it remains a cherished keepsake of this special time in their life. They can customise it with their names or a cute message to make it even more unique.

  • Personalised Forever Yours Mug

A true love story never ends. And for their favourite couple, a Personalized Forever Yours Mug is the perfect way to celebrate their everlasting love. With a custom design that features their names and a romantic message, this mug will be a daily reminder of the love and commitment they share.

What to write in engagement card

Personalised Forever Yours Mug

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Wrapping Up

While I don't have any ideas for what to write in engagement card,, Personal Chic can certainly help you come up with ideas or phrases that you might want to look for in a card. If you have a specific theme or tone in mind for personalised wedding gifts, feel free to let us know, and we can help you craft a personalised message or last minute wedding gift ideas that align with the occasion.
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