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mother's day activities for toddlers

Quality Bonding with Joyful Mother's Day Activities for Toddlers

17 Feb 2024
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Celebrating Mother’s Day with toddlers is a heartwarming opportunity to forge lasting bonds through joyful activities. In this article, we'll explore the essence of creating quality time with your little ones on this special occasion, offering a collection of delightful Mother’s Day activities for toddlers.

Top Priorities when Planning and Doing Bonding Activities with Toddlers on Mother’s Day

Planning and engaging in Mother’s Day activities with toddlers is a precious opportunity to strengthen the bond between parent and child. To ensure a truly enriching experience, certain priorities must be considered. Let's explore the top considerations for creating memorable and enjoyable mothers day activities with your little ones on this special day.

Safety First

  • Safety is paramount when planning activities for toddlers. Ensure that the chosen activities are age-appropriate, with no small parts that could pose a choking hazard.
  • Opt for non-toxic materials and child-friendly tools, prioritising their well-being throughout the celebratory experience.
  • Create a secure environment, free from potential hazards, allowing both you and your toddler to focus on the joy of the activities.

Mothers Day Ideas For Toddlers

Priorities when Doing Mother's Day Activities for Toddlers

Engagement and Interaction

  • Select Mother’s Day activities for toddlers that encourage interaction and engagement, fostering a sense of connection between parent and toddler.
  • Choose games and crafts that align with your toddler's interests, ensuring their active participation and enthusiasm.
  • Be present in the moment, offering encouragement, praise, and shared laughter, enhancing the quality of the bonding experience.

Creativity and Personalisation

  • Embrace the creativity of toddlers by incorporating activities that allow for self-expression and personalisation.
  • Choose crafts and projects that enable your toddler to showcase their unique personality, creating keepsakes that hold sentimental value.
  • Personalise the activities based on your child's preferences, making the Mother’s Day celebration a reflection of their individuality and creativity.

Suggesting 20 Most- Favoured Mother’s Day Activities for Toddlers

Let’s embark on a journey filled with joy and connection as we present the 20 most-favoured Mother’s Day activities for toddlers. This curated collection promises to make your celebration extra special, offering a diverse range of experiences that will leave lasting impressions on both you and your little ones. Let the exploration of these delightful activities commence, creating cherished memories on this Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Activities for Toddlers who Love Crafting

Unlock the world of creativity and imagination with Mother’s Day craft activities specially tailored for toddlers. Dive into a realm of colourful possibilities where little hands can create heartwarming masterpieces. These crafty Mother's Day activity ideas for toddlers not only celebrate the essence of Mother’s Day but also serve as tangible expressions of love from your toddler.

  • Handprint Flower Cards: Transform tiny handprints into vibrant flower cards. The charm lies in the personal touch, as each petal represents a little handprint, creating a unique and heartwarming masterpiece that mothers will treasure.
  • Macaroni Necklace Crafting: Dive into the world of jewellery-making with macaroni necklaces. The fun is in the stringing and threading, fostering fine motor skills, and the end result is a wearable piece of art that toddlers proudly present to their mums.
  • Paper Plate Portraits: Create adorable paper plate portraits by drawing facial features and embellishing with craft materials. The joy of this activity is watching toddlers explore their artistic flair, producing cute and funny renditions of their beloved mums.
  • Crayon Art on Canvas: Melt crayons onto canvas to form a vibrant, abstract masterpiece. The excitement when doing such Mother’s Day activities for toddlers comes from watching the colours blend and create unique patterns, resulting in a visually stunning artwork that toddlers can proudly gift to their mothers.

Mother's Day Activity Ideas For Toddlers

Mother's Day Activities for Toddlers - Crayon Art

  • Sock Puppet Creations: Transform old socks into lovable sock puppets. This activity sparks creativity as toddlers design characters with googly eyes, felt, and fabric scraps. The charm lies in the puppet show that follows, bringing joy and laughter to Mother’s Day celebrations.
  • Bubble Wrap Printing: Engage artistic toddlers with bubble wrap printing. The fun lies in dipping bubble wrap into paint and pressing it onto paper to create textured masterpieces. This tactile activity stimulates creativity and results in colourful, abstract art.
  • Footprint Art: Explore footprint art by dipping little feet into paint and stamping them onto paper. The joy comes from the giggles as toddlers feel the ticklish sensation and create adorable footprint characters, turning their feet into artistic tools.

Mother's Day Sensory Activities for Toddlers

Embark on a sensory adventure designed to captivate and stimulate your toddler’s senses on Mother’s Day. These sensory activities go beyond traditional celebrations, offering tactile and immersive experiences that enhance your child’s cognitive development. Immerse yourselves in a world of textures, scents, and sights, creating a Mother’s Day celebration that engages all the senses.

  • Scented Playdough Fun: Infuse sensory delight with scented playdough. The charm is in the pleasing aromas as toddlers knead and mould the dough, enhancing tactile and olfactory experiences that stimulate their senses.
  • Sensory Bin Exploration: Create a Mother’s Day-themed sensory bin with materials like coloured rice, silk flowers, and textured fabrics. The joy in the tactile exploration is brought by such Mother’s Day activities for toddlers as toddlers sift through the materials, promoting sensory development in a playful setting.
  • Floral Scent Guessing Game: Introduce a guessing game with scented flowers. The charm lies in blindfolding toddlers and letting them identify different floral scents, enhancing their olfactory senses and creating a playful, fragrant experience.

Mothers Day Ideas For Toddlers

Flower Guessing Game

  • Water Bead Sensation: Immerse toddlers in the sensory wonder of water beads. The charm of these DIY mothers day ideas for toddlers lies in the transformation of tiny beads into soft, squishy spheres, providing a unique tactile experience that fascinates and captivates young minds.
  • Feather Tickling Fun: Explore the sense of touch with feather tickling. The joy is in the gentle sensation as toddlers engage in feather play, promoting fine motor skills and creating a delightful experience that adds a touch of whimsy to Mother’s Day celebrations.

Baking Activities as Must-Try Mothers Day Ideas for Toddlers

Turn your Mother’s Day celebration into a delicious adventure with baking activities crafted especially for toddlers. From mixing ingredients to the sweet aroma of baking, these Mother’s Day activities for toddlers not only satisfy the taste buds but also create delightful memories. Explore the joy of creating together in the heart of the kitchen, making Mother’s Day a delectable and heartwarming affair.

  • Cookie Decorating Extravaganza: Transform plain cookies into edible works of art with colourful icing and sprinkles. The charm is in the creative freedom toddlers have to decorate their own cookies, turning a baking session into a delightful and tasty masterpiece.
  • Mini Fruit Pizza Creation: Craft mini fruit pizzas using a variety of fruits as toppings. The fun comes from the hands-on experience of arranging colourful fruit slices, introducing toddlers to healthy ingredients and creating a visually appealing and tasty treat.
  • Cupcake Decorating Party: Elevate Mother’s Day with a cupcake decorating party. The joy lies in the excitement of choosing toppings like frosting, sprinkles, and edible decorations, allowing toddlers to unleash their creativity and craft delectable treats for their mums.

Mother's Day Activities For Toddlers

Making And Decorating Cupcakes

  • DIY Sandwich Shapes: Make sandwiches exciting by cutting them into fun shapes with cookie cutters. The charm is in the novelty of creating sandwiches that look like stars, hearts, or animals, adding a playful touch to a simple and enjoyable Mother’s Day meal preparation.
  • Fruity Smoothie Blending: Blend together a colourful and nutritious fruity smoothie. The fun comes from the blending process as toddlers mix different fruits, creating a delicious and healthy beverage that adds a refreshing twist to Mother’s Day celebrations.

Mother's Day Activities to Give Bible Lessons for Toddlers

Infuse meaning into your Mother’s Day celebration with activities that provide gentle Bible lessons for toddlers. These purposeful moments brought by such Mother's Day activity ideas for toddlers create a unique blend of faith and celebration, offering valuable teachings in an age-appropriate and engaging manner. Share the spiritual significance of Mother’s Day with your little one, fostering a connection that goes beyond the ordinary.

  • Noah's Ark Animal Pairs: Introduce the story of Noah's Ark by pairing toy animals and placing them in a makeshift ark. The charm of such meaningful Mother’s Day activities for toddlers lies in the hands-on exploration as toddlers learn about the biblical narrative through imaginative play, fostering a connection between faith and fun.
  • Creation Collage: Illustrate the story of creation by crafting a collage with pictures of animals, plants, and people. The joy comes from arranging and pasting images, allowing toddlers to visually grasp the sequence of creation while creating a beautiful and educational artwork.
  • Fishermen's Net Fishing Game: Share the story of Jesus calling his disciples to become fishers of men. The fun part is the fishing game where toddlers use a toy net to 'catch' paper fish with images of disciples, combining playfulness with a valuable biblical lesson.

Fishermen's Net Fishing Game with Bible lessons

Fishermen's Net Fishing Game with Bible lessons

  • Jonah and the Whale Sensory Bin: Bring the story of Jonah and the whale to life with a sensory bin filled with water beads and toy whales. The delight comes from reenacting the tale in a tactile setting, promoting sensory engagement and understanding of the biblical narrative.
  • David and Goliath Craft: Explore the story of David and Goliath through a craft activity where toddlers create a slingshot and 'defeat' a paper Goliath. The heartfelt memory is created in the interactive crafting, allowing toddlers to grasp the courage and faith displayed by David in a hands-on and memorable way.

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Choosing Heartfelt Gifts as Keepsakes for Mother’s Day with Toddlers

When it comes to Mother’s Day with toddlers, the joy isn’t just in the activities – it's also in choosing heartfelt keepsakes. 

Picture the adorable handprints on a custom-made card or a tiny fingerprint on a personalised ornament. The fun and charm lie in selecting thoughtful gifts, turning these moments into cherished mementos. From awards for the "Best Baker" in Mother’s Day activities for toddlers to items for Mothers Day decorations that bear the mark of your toddler's creativity, each piece becomes a tangible token of love. 

For an even more delightful touch, why not consider personalised gifts for Mother's Day that seamlessly complement your activities and the special bond shared between mothers and toddlers? 

Look no further than Personal Chic, where a delightful array of customised Mother’s Day gifts awaits. These Mothers Day ideas for toddlers for keepsakes, crafted with care, serve as heartwarming reminders of the laughter, love, and unique moments celebrated on Mother’s Day – a treasure trove of memories cherished by both mum and little one. 

Now, let’s delve into the top Mother’s Day gifts customised for the fun games and activities you'll share with your toddlers, exclusively brought to you by Personal Chic.

  • Personalised Best Mum Ever Reviewed By Kids T-shirt

Why not add a touch of humour to your Mother's Day toddler activities with our customised T-shirt? Crafted with a witty twist, this delightful tee boasts a playful message, proclaiming you as the 'Best Mum Reviewed by Kids.' It's a charming and lighthearted addition to your celebration. 

Plus, at Personal Chic, we offer various customisation options, allowing you to edit the image, text, size, and colour of all personalised gifts for mum for an extra personal touch. With this whimsical tee, your day with toddlers is bound to be a truly memorable and laughter-filled experience. 

Mothers Day Ideas For Toddlers

Personalised Best Mum Ever Reviewed By Kids T-shirt

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  • Personalised This Mummy Belongs To Little Cute Kids

Picture this – a witty customised mug, a perfect blend of sentiment and functionality for your Mother's Day festivities. Whether it's adorning the party setup as charming decor or serving as heartwarming gifts and keepsakes, this custom mug adds a personal touch to the celebration.

And here's the fun part – at Personal Chic, you can tweak and tailor it to your liking. From customising the text to choosing the colours, make this mug uniquely yours. So, as you sip your favourite drink during the party with your little ones, let this mug be a symbol of love and cherished moments. 

Mother's Day Activity Ideas For Toddlers

Personalised This Mummy Belongs To Little Cute Kids Mug 

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  • Personalised Welcome to Family Pool Metal Sign

Get ready to make a splash on Mother's Day with our personalised metal sign for family’s swimming outings! If you're planning a fun-filled swimming outing with the whole family as Mother’s Day activities for toddlers this year, this creatively designed sign is the perfect touch. Featuring a charming depiction of the family enjoying pool time, it sets the mood for a day of laughter and bonding. 

And here's the best part – at Personal Chic, we offer customisation options! Edit the text, choose your preferred size, and make this sign uniquely yours. Dive into Mother's Day with style and a personal touch, creating memories that will last long after the pool fun is over! 

Mothers Day Ideas For Toddlers

Personalised Welcome to Family Pool Metal Sign

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  • Personalised Mother's Garden Ornament

Sprinkle a bit of personalised charm in your Mother's Day decor activities with our personalised ornament! Crafted to perfection, this adorable ornament adds a touch of warmth and nostalgia to your special day. Personal Chic takes it a step further – you can tweak the design, choose colours, and add custom text. 

Whether you're creating a miniature garden or simply enhancing your home's ambiance, this personalised gift adds a delightful touch to your Mother's Day activities. It's a keepsake that not only decorates your space but also captures the essence of the day spent with your little ones. 

Mother's Day Activity Ideas For Toddlers

Personalised Mother's Garden Ornament

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  • Personalised Mummy's Sweethearts Pillow

Indulge in sweetness with our customisable – a heartwarming addition to your Mother's Day celebration! Adorned with an abundance of heart shapes, each carrying the names of your precious toddlers, this pillow is designed to capture the essence of love. 

And here at Personal Chic, we understand the importance of personalisation. You can edit the pillow with your choice of colours, fonts, and even add adorable details to suit your style. It's not just a pillow; it's a canvas of cherished memories and a perfect companion for your Mother’s Day activities with the little ones. 

Mothers Day Ideas For Toddlers

Personalised Mummys Sweethearts Pillow

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As we conclude this journey into Mother’s Day activities for toddlers, let's revel in the heartwarming moments forged and memories etched in time. 

Embrace the intricacies of planning, cherish every giggle and creative endeavour, and bask in the unparalleled joy of motherhood. No matter what Mother's Day activity ideas for toddlers you have, may this Mother’s Day be a tapestry of love, laughter, and lasting connections, weaving a beautiful narrative that resonates with the unique bond shared between you and your precious toddlers. 

Happy Mother’s Day!

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