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Easter Activities

30+ Best Easter Activities for All Ages to Celebrate the Season

15 Mar 2024
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With over 30 Easter activities that are appropriate for all ages, you can take your family on an egg-sighting excursion and enjoy the festivities together. There are lots of fun things to do for everyone to enjoy during this festive season, including crafts and egg hunts.

Exploring the Timeless Easter Traditions Through Generations

Take a trip down memory lane with us as we explore the classic Easter activities for eyfs that have been cherished for centuries and passed down from generation to generation, bringing the spirit of the holiday alive and vibrant. 

  • Egg Decorating and Egg Hunts

Embark on a pleasant Easter egg hunt with your loved ones and friends, where kids will create lifelong memories by decorating eggs as Easter gifts for boys and searching excitedly for hidden prizes.

Easter Activity

Egg Decorating And Egg Hunts Are Two Traditional Activities On Easter Day

  • Attending Church Services

Embrace the spiritual essence of Easter by attending church services, where generations come together to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. These Easter activities allow people to find solace and renewal in the timeless rituals and messages of hope.

  • Easter Baking 

Continue the cherished custom of baking for Easter by kneading dough for braided Easter bread and hot cross buns. Along with preserving culinary legacy through shared recipes and practices, this Easter activity will fill your home with the comforting aroma of freshly baked goods.

  • Easter Parades

Participate in the delightful spirit of Easter parades, where communities come to life with beautiful costumes, colourful floats, and lively music, bringing generations together in festivity and revelry as they parade in harmony.

  • Easter Candle Lighting

Easter festivities are best enjoyed in the comforting glow of candlelight, which represents the eternal light of Christ and the hope of resurrection. This traditional practice of lightening candles together as a family or congregation carries faith and traditions from one generation to the next.

Easter Holiday Activities

Easter Candle Lighting Symbolises The Eternal Light Of Christ And The Promise Of Resurrection

Best Easter Activities for All Ages to Celebrate the Season 

With our carefully chosen assortment of engaging activities, suited for people of all ages, immerse yourself in the joyful festivities of Easter. These activities, which range from imaginative crafts to customary egg hunts, ensure to leave participants with priceless memories.  

Festive Easter Door Decor Ideas to Hop Into The Season

Hop into the Easter spirit with our festive door decor ideas that promise to bring seasonal charm to your home. From vibrant wreaths to playful bunny decorations, these creative and fun Easter activities will welcome the season with style and delight. 

  • Easter Wreath

A lovely Easter wreath with vibrant eggs, flowers, and amusing bunny decorations will welcome guests. This Easter activity can brighten your entrance door and create a festive atmosphere for the season.

Easter Activities For Adults

A Charming Easter Wreath Adorned With Colourful Eggs, Flowers, And Playful Bunny Accents

  • Spring Floral Arrangement

A lovely springtime floral arrangement with pastel flowers and fresh greenery will brighten up your entryway. These Easter activities for schools evoke the spirit of renewal and new beginnings that Easter brings.

  • Easter Bunny Door Hanger

Welcome guests with whimsy and charm with charming Easter rabbit door hangers. It will showcase the holiday's distinctive symbol and provide happiness to everyone who enters.

  • Easter Basket Door Pocket

Transform your door into a festive display with an Easter basket door pocket filled with faux grass, eggs, and festive treats, offering a delightful surprise for passersby and adding a touch of Easter magic to your home.

  • Easter Egg Door Mat

Consider fun Easter activities for teens like laying out an Easter egg door mat at your doorstep, featuring colourful egg-shaped designs. These easter gift ideas welcome guests with a playful nod to the holiday and provide a cheerful first impression.

Easter Activity Sheets

Lay Out An Easter Egg Door Mat At Your Doorstep Welcoming Guests With A Playful Nod To The Holiday

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  • Felt Bunny Banner

String up a felt bunny banner along your door frame or porch railing, featuring sweet bunny silhouettes and pastel colours in your Easter activities for adults that add a whimsical touch to your Easter décor and spread joy to all who pass by.

Easter DIY Projects for the Whole Family to Craft Memories

Gather the whole family for a memorable Easter crafting session with our DIY easter craft activities. From egg decorating to handmade bunny decorations, these creative Easter holiday activities promise to spark joy and create cherished memories that last a lifetime. 

  • Decorate Easter Eggs

Join the family for an exciting egg decorating as easter activities for preschoolers. Using colourful paint, stickers, and glitter, make one-of-a-kind, exquisite Easter eggs that will be treasured as mementos for years to come.

Easter Craft Activities

Gather The Family For A Decorating Session To Create Unique And Beautiful Easter Eggs

  • Create Easter Bunny Masks

Get creative with the kids by handmade Easter activities such as adorable bunny masks using paper plates, construction easter activity sheets, and craft supplies, sparking their imagination and adding a playful touch to Easter festivities.

  • Create Easter Cards

Create personalised greetings that bring love and joy over the holiday season by spending precious time together creating handcrafted Easter cards for friends and family. You can use colourful paper, markers, and stickers to make this project.

  • Decorate Easter Baskets

Consider Easter Sunday activities near me like customising Easter baskets with ribbons, bows, and decorative accents, filling them with goodies and treats to surprise loved ones and make Easter morning extra special for everyone.

  • Create Easter Garland or Bunting

Create colourful paper or fabric Easter garland or bunting with images of bunnies, eggs, and springtime themes to liven up your place and get the mood for Easter celebrations. These are excellent Easter activities for adults to enjoy the festive vibe of the holiday.

Fun Easter Activities

Add A Festive Touch To Your Home Decor By Crafting Easter Garland

  • Make Easter Bonnets or Hats

Designing and decorating Easter bonnets or hats with flowers, ribbons, and feathers can bring joy and laughter as you parade around in style for the holiday.

Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas to Keep Everyone Entertained

Dive into the Easter spirit with our egg-cellent hunt ideas! Whether you're seeking hidden treasures or embarking on nighttime adventures, these creative Easter activities for preschoolers guarantee a hopping good time for the whole family. 

  • Golden Egg Grand Prize

To create a sense of suspense and excitement for the hunter, hide a golden egg among the others and present a large prize to the fortunate hunter who finds it.

  • Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Organise a scavenger hunt where participants must find specific items or complete tasks to earn clues leading them to hidden Easter eggs, keeping everyone engaged and entertained throughout the hunt.

Easter Activities For Schools

Organise A Scavenger Hunt Where Participants Must Find Hidden Easter Eggs Through Clues

  • Treasure Map Hunt

Think of Easter activities for schools like creating a treasure map leading participants on an adventurous journey to find hidden Easter eggs, igniting imaginations and fostering teamwork as they follow clues to uncover the treasure.

  • Puzzle Piece Eggs

Hide eggs containing puzzle pieces, challenging participants to collect all the pieces and solve the puzzle to reveal a special message or image, adding a fun twist to the traditional Easter egg hunt through these easter holiday activities.

  • Colour-Coded Eggs

Assign each participant a specific colour and hide eggs corresponding to their colour, encouraging teamwork and cooperation as they work together to find all their eggs and complete their collection.

Easter Sunday Activities Near Me

Assign Each Participant A Specific Colour And Hide Eggs Corresponding To Their Colour

Entertaining Games for Easter Activities to Celebrate the Season

Enhance your Easter festivities with our engaging selection of games, meticulously chosen to add excitement and enjoyment to the celebration. From classic egg relay races to spirited bunny hop competitions, these things to do on Easter Sunday cater to participants of all ages. 

  • Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Put a festive spin on the classic party Easter activities for toddlers by playing "Pin the Tail on the Bunny," blindfolding players and challenging them to stick the tail on the bunny while aiming for accuracy and giggles.

Easter Activities For Schools

Put A Festive Spin On The Classic Party Game By Playing "Pin The Tail On The Bunny

  • Easter Bingo

A bingo game with an Easter theme that has pictures of bunnies, eggs, and spring flowers will bring joyful moments to your guests. Players will compete to fill their bingo cards, creating excitement and amusement..

  • Easter Egg Bowling

Create a bowling alley with plastic Easter eggs serving as pins and a ball for players to roll. This festive and entertaining twist on bowling encourages players to smash as many eggs as they can.

  • Easter Egg Decorating Contest

Hosting an Easter egg decorating competition as creative easter activities for teens. Give them eggs, dye, stickers, and other decorations, and see who can come up with the most colourful and unique designs.

Easter Sunday Activities Near Me

Spark Creativity And Friendly Competition With An Easter Egg Decorating Contest

Personalised Easter Gifts That Capture the Spirit of the Season

Step into the Easter season with our personalised gifts, meticulously crafted to embody its spirit. Each custom Easter basket and engraved decoration is a testament to the joy and love shared during this special time, making them perfect for creating lasting memories with loved ones. 

  • Personalised T-shirt 

Besides Easter activities, craft a custom Easter-themed t-shirt adorned with playful bunny motifs or vibrant Easter egg designs. These easter gift ideas for kids ensure the recipient stands out in festive fashion during Easter celebrations.

Easter Activities For Teens

Craft A Custom Easter-Themed T-Shirt Ensuring The Recipient Stands Out In Festive Fashion

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  • Custom Pillow 

Design a personalised pillow featuring Easter-inspired imagery or heartfelt messages, offering a cosy and decorative accent that brings the spirit of Easter into any room with warmth and charm.

Easter Activities Eyfs

Design A Personalised Pillow Featuring Easter-Inspired Imagery Or Heartfelt Messages

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  • Night Light 

Gift a customised night light adorned with charming Easter scenes or adorable bunny illustrations, providing a comforting glow that illuminates the darkness with the joy and renewal of the Easter season.

Easter Activities For Preschoolers

Gift A Customised Night Light Adorned With Charming Easter Scenes

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  • Tote Bag 

Easter personalised gifts like a tote bag with Easter-themed designs or the recipient's name, providing a functional and beautiful item for carrying Easter

Easter Activities For Toddlers

Personalise A Tote Bag With Easter-Themed Illustrations Or The Recipient's Name

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  • Tumbler

Personalise a tumbler with charming Easter designs or happy Easter wishes to give a reusable, eco-friendly gift that keeps drinks warm or cold and infuses every sip with the delightful spirit of Easter.

Things To Do On Easter Sunday

Customise A Tumbler With Delightful Easter Patterns Or Cheerful Easter Greetings

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  • Canvas 

Create a bespoke canvas print featuring captivating Easter scenes or uplifting quotes. These easter gift ideas for toddlers offer a beautiful and meaningful gift that captures the essence of the season and serves as a cherished reminder of Easter's significance.

Things To Do For Easter

Create A Bespoke Canvas Print Featuring Captivating Easter Scenes Or Uplifting Quotes

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We hope you've found ideas to make this season particularly special with our 30+ greatest Easter activities for all ages. These activities, which range from traditional egg hunts to imaginative crafts, ensure enjoyable holidays for all involved and provide them with cherished memories and memorable experiences. 

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