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The Ultimate Canvas Sizes Chart to Make Your Wall Art Perfect
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The Ultimate Canvas Sizes Chart to Make Your Wall Art Perfect

25 Mar 2024
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When purchasing a canvas for your home (or for your artwork, if you're an artist, of course!), one of the crucial decisions you'll face is selecting the right size from the canvas sizes chart. The size of the canvas on your wall can greatly impact the visual appeal and overall feel of your artwork. Therefore, we'll provide you with a wall art size guide, offering insights into the factors to consider when making this important decision.

What Is a Canvas Sizes Chart?

Canvas size chart (standard canvas sizes) has gained popularity for a good reason. It simplifies the process for buyers to imagine how canvas printing will look in their homes. Moreover, it aids in determining the appropriate size to fit their wall space. If you are a seller or artist, utilizing standard canvas sizes can enhance your chances of selling your art effectively.

While standard canvas sizes are readily available, they shouldn't restrict your artistic vision. Select the size that best complements your artwork, considering the dimensions of the room where it will be showcased. Refer to the canvas sizes chart below for assistance in making the optimal decision for your artwork:

Wall Art Size Guide
Canvas Sizes Chart

5 Standard Sizes For Your Wall Art

Selecting the perfect canvas sizes on wall is an essential decision that can greatly influence the visual impact and overall feel of your creation. In this section, we'll suggest a wall art size guide to help you navigate this important aspect of artistry with confidence and clarity.

Small Canvas Sizes

To small canvases, you have two standard sizes to choose from: 

  • 4 x 8 inches (approximately 10.16 x 20.32 centimeters)
  • 5 x 7 inches (about 12.7 x 17.78 centimeters)
Canvas Size Chart

Small Canvas Sizes

These dimensions for canvas size chart are commonly used for greeting cards and postcards and are excellent for creating intricate and detailed paintings. They're also a great idea if you want a single image to make a bold statement.

One of the small canvases' advantages is their affordability and ease of transport compared to larger sizes. They offer the flexibility to experiment with various techniques and styles before committing to a larger piece. However, it's essential to keep in mind that the smaller canvas sizes chart may limit the level of detail you can incorporate into your painting.

Besideas, small canvases are versatile and well-suited for creating mini masterpieces that can adorn different spaces, including offices, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. They're also perfect for crafting a series of paintings that complement each other when displayed together, creating a cohesive visual narrative. 

Medium Canvas Sizes Chart

When it comes to medium-sized canvases, you've got plenty of options to choose from. We're talking common sizes like 8 x 10 inches, 9 x 12 inches, 11 x 14 inches, 12 x 12 inches, and 12 x 16 inches, offering versatility for your creative projects.

Canvas Size Guide

Medium Canvas Sizes Chart

These canvas sizes on wall provide more room to work compared to smaller sizes, allowing for experimentation with different brush sizes and techniques. While they may be pricier and slightly trickier to transport, medium-sized canvases are perfect for making a statement or creating a focal point in any room. So, if you want to send unique canvases for someone for special events, personalised items with medium sizes are the perfect choice that they can treasure for years to come. 

Large Canvas Sizes

When you're aiming for art that turns heads and commands attention, nothing beats a large canvas. These bad boys are perfect for capturing the grandeur of seascapes and landscapes, giving you plenty of space to let your creativity soar. Check out the canvas sizes chart:

  • 18 x 24 inches (approximately 45.72 x 60.96 centimeters)
  • 20 x 24 inches (about 50.8 x 60.96 centimeters)
  • 24 x 36 inches (around 60.96 x 91.44 centimeters)
  • 30 x 40 inches (approximately 76.2 x 101.6 centimeters)
  • 36 x 48 inches (about 91.44 x 121.92 centimeters)
Large Canvas Sizes On Wall
Large Canvas Sizes

Now, why go big? Simple – large canvases create a jaw-dropping focal point in any room, adding a touch of drama and sophistication. But let's keep it real – they're not the easiest to transport and store, given their size. And make sure you've got enough space to hang them – they demand their spotlight!

When it comes to displaying a large canvas, location is key. This isn't your average wall decor – it's a statement piece that deserves center stage. So, steer clear of cluttered walls and give it the spotlight it deserves in a prominent spot where it can steal the show.

Mini Canvases

Mini canvases are perfect for artists who love to paint in miniature. Typically measuring under 4 x 6 inches, these little guys pack a punch. You'll also find square mini canvases in two popular sizes: 2 x 2 inches and 3 x 3 inches.

Mini Canvas Sizes Chart
Mini Canvases

What's great about mini canvas sizes chart? Well, they're fantastic for experimenting with new techniques or ideas on a small scale. Plus, they're super portable, making them ideal for artists on the move. However, working small has its challenges too – achieving fine details can be tricky, and larger brushes may not play nice. Still, mini canvases are perfect for creating small pieces that can be easily displayed or gifted.

Square Canvas Sizes

Square canvases are everywhere, and they're not just for Instagram! Ranging from mini sizes to a whopping 40 x 40 inches, they offer a unique way to showcase your art. You'll find canvas sizes chart like 8 x 8 inches, 10 x 10 inches, 12 x 12 inches, and beyond.

Square Canvas Size Chart

Square Canvas Sizes


Well, they're perfect for creating a series of related pieces that look sleek and cohesive. But there are some downsides too – framing and displaying square canvases can be a bit tricky, and they might not suit every type of artwork. Still, if you're looking to make a statement or create a unified collection, square canvases are worth considering.

Considerations When Selecting Perfect Canvas Size

When faced with the task of selecting the right canvas size for your artwork, numerous factors come into play. Each element contributes to the overall success and resonance of your piece. Knowing that, today, our canvas size guide will suggest some key considerations to help you have the perfect size for your artwork.

Canvas Aspect Ratio

When we talk about canvas aspect ratio, we're essentially chatting about the relationship between the canvas's height and width on canvas sizes chart. Why does it matter? Well, nailing the right aspect ratio is key to ensuring your painting looks just right – balanced and proportional.

Wall Art Size Guide

Canvas Aspect Ratio

Now, you'll often come across common aspect ratios like 3:4 or 4:5, but don't feel boxed in – you can choose any ratio that speaks to your artistic vibe. Just remember, some ratios and canvas sizes on wall might hit your wallet a bit harder than others.

Choosing Your Space

When it comes to displaying your artwork, one of the elements to consider when deciding what dimensions to choose from the canvas sizes chart is space. Think about lighting, decor, and the overall vibe of the room. 

Canvas Sizes On Wall

Choosing Your Space While Considering Canvas Sizes On Wall

First off, let's talk about lighting. If you've got a sunny, bright space, go for vibrant colors that dazzle in the sunlight. For dimmer areas, darker hues or accent lighting can add drama and depth.

Consider the size of your space too. A large canvas commands attention in a roomy setting, while a smaller one suits a cozy corner just right.

Now, onto decor. Your artwork should harmonize with the room's style, not clash with it. Think about colors, textures, and the overall theme. Your art should complement, not compete, with other elements in the space.

By mulling over these details, you'll find the perfect spot to showcase your artwork, ensuring it shines in its rightful place.

Budget-Friendly Canvas Options

Let's face it – art supplies can put a dent in your wallet, and canvases are no exception. But fear not! There are savvy ways to stretch your budget without compromising quality.

First off, consider buying in bulk or sets. This slashes the cost per canvas sizes chart, especially handy if you're planning a series. Opt for pre-stretched canvases to save time and money compared to DIY stretching.

Canvas Size Guide

Budget-Friendly Canvas Options

Next, think outside the canvas box. Canvas panels or paper are wallet-friendly alternatives that still offer a great surface for your creativity to shine. Perfect for honing your skills or trying out new techniques.

And don't forget about discounts! Keep an eye out for sales and promotions at art supply stores or online. Snagging high-quality canvases at a fraction of the cost? Now that's a stroke of budget genius.

Canvas Material

Selecting the right material significantly influences how to clean a canvas print and how to make decisions for your canvas sizes chart. Let's explore the two primary options: cotton and linen.

Canvas Sizes Chart

Canvas Material

  • Cotton Canvas
  • Cotton canvas, crafted from cotton duck, offers flexibility and affordability. It's widely accessible, making it perfect for small or medium sizes for your artworks on a budget. However, it's prone to shrinkage, yellowing, and deterioration over time. 

  • Linen Canvas
  • Linen canvas, made from linen fibers, boasts unmatched durability and stability. It resists shrinkage and deterioration, ensuring your artwork stands the test of time. However, being made from these materials makes it more difficult to clean than cotton ones. Plus, with higher price, linen canvas is the go-to choice for larger artworks aiming for museum-quality results.

    Stretched Canvas Vs. Canvas Panels

    Besides the wall art size guide, when it comes to picking the perfect canvas for your artwork or how to hang a canvas, you've got choices: stretched canvas or canvas panels. 

    Wall Art Size Guide

    Stretched Canvas & Canvas Panels

  • Stretched Canvas
  • Stretched canvas features canvas stretched over wooden frames, offering a traditional yet flexible painting surface. It comes in various canvas sizes charts, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your artwork. Stretched canvases are reliable, durable, and easy to hang once your masterpiece is complete.

  • Canvas Panels
  • Canvas panels are canvas glued to sturdy boards, providing a flat and stable painting surface. They're budget-friendly, easy to store, and perfect for artists on the go. However, they lack the flexibility and texture of stretched canvases, limiting some creative possibilities. So, If your art style involves painting on the sides of the canvas (deep edge painting), stretched canvas is necessary to provide a wrapped edge for paint application.


    Canvas sizes chart plays an important role as the foundation upon which creativity flourishes. So, from information from Personal Chic, we hope our canvas size guide helps you to find the perfect size for your wall art. 

    By understanding canvas sizes on wall and considering various factors such as subject matter, composition, or practicality, you can confidently select the ideal canvas for your masterpiece. 

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