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15 Teacher Leaving Gifts UK to Show Gratitude for Best Teacher
Gift Inspiration

15 Teacher Leaving Gifts UK to Show Gratitude for Best Teacher

16 Apr 2024
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With the end of the term swiftly approaching, parents and students alike will be seeking teacher leaving gifts to say thank you to their teachers and teaching assistants. For those special individuals who wish to craft something heartfelt, we've compiled a list of the gift for a teacher that is leaving to provide inspiration.

15 Teacher Leaving Gifts That Are Meaningful And Memorable

The most valuable gift you can give a teacher is happiness and hope and that can be done with something simple. A heartfelt thank you. A hand written note, and if you’re so inclined, some teacher gift ideas.

Teacher Leaving Gifts For Nursery Teachers

Expressing gratitude through leaving gifts for nursery teachers is essential to convey the invaluable service and peace of mind they offer. These teachers leaving gifts should genuinely reflect heartfelt appreciation for their dedication and support.

  • Personal Tote Bag For Leaving Teacher
  • The tote bag can be used for carrying books, papers, or personal items, serving as a daily reminder of appreciation from their students or colleagues. These customised gifts for a teacher who is leaving is more than just a practical accessory— they are heartfelt going away presents for teachers to the heroes who shape children every day. It could be personalised with the teacher's name, a special message, or perhaps a design that reflects their interests or the subjects they teach. 

    Personalised Real Life Heroes Tote Bags are perfect gifts for a teacher who is leaving, celebrating their invaluable role

    Personalised Real Life Heroes Tote Bag

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    Personalised Teach Love Inspire Tote Bags are the greatest teachers leaving gifts who love something useful and environmentally friendly

    Personalised Teach Love Inspire Tote Bag

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  • Personal Cute T-shirt for Teacher
  • Wrap the kid's favourite teacher in a warm embrace of appreciation with a personalised t-shirt as leaving teacher gifts. It could feature cute or witty graphics related to teaching, along with a personalised touch such as the teacher's name or a farewell message. The T-shirt provides a comfortable and casual way for the teacher to remember their time at the school or institution. Every time they wear this gift for a teacher that is leaving, they'll be reminded of the lives they've touched, the minds they've shaped, and the profound difference they've made.

    Personalised Best Teacher Ever Apparel is designed with a bold and eye-catching design proclaiming "Best Teacher Ever," customised with the leaving teacher's name and cute drawing

    Personalised The Best Teacher Ever Apparel

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    Personalised Vintage Teacher T-Shirt is one of the awesome goodbye gifts for teachers who have a fondness for retro styles and a passion for teaching

    Personalised Vintage Teacher T-Shirt

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    Personalised Math Teacher T-shirt features a stylish design with math-themed elements, your math teacher definition, and your leaving teacher's name

    Personalised Math Teacher T-shirt

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  • Thank You Teacher Chalkboard Tin: 
  • Cherished by teachers, the Thank You Teacher Chalkboard Tin offers a personalised touch to declutter their desk and organise their stationery. Every aspect of the teacher leaving gifts can be tailored to their preferences, ensuring a meaningful and practical gift.

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  • Handmade Farewell Gifts For Teachers Painted Diy Plant Pot
  • Crafting this charming terracotta plant pot is a delightful and straightforward project. You can find these gifts for a teacher leaving easily at a garden centre or supermarket, then select a flower you believe your teacher will adore. Use paints and brushes to decorate the pot, including the heartfelt slogan "thank you for helping me grow." Once it's dry, the nursery teacher leaving gifts ready to be presented to your teacher with gratitude.

    Customised Teacher Leaving Gifts From Kids

    Saying goodbye to a beloved teacher is a bittersweet moment for students. To show their appreciation and bid farewell in a memorable way, many kids opt for customised teachers leaving gifts. These heartfelt leaving teacher gifts are a reflection of the special bond shared between teacher and student, making the farewell all the more meaningful.

  • Personal Mug Teachers Leaving Gifts UK
  • These beautiful gifts for a teacher leaving serve as a token of recognition for their hard work and dedication. Personalised mugs for teachers, made of high-quality ceramic, is designed to withstand daily use while maintaining its attractive appeal. Tailored with the teacher's name, a heartfelt note, or even an inside joke cherished among colleagues, this mug becomes a daily tribute to the teacher's influence and the cherished memories.

    Personalised The Best Teacher Ever Mug is printed with the leaving teacher's name, a special message, and cartoon graphic with education theme

    Personalised Best Teacher Ever Mug

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    Practical for everyday use, the Personalised Best Teacher Ever Mug is a heartfelt memento of the leaving teacher's devotion to and influence on the growth of young minds

    Personalised The Best Teacher Ever Mug

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    Personalised Best Teacher Ever Mug for teacher's leaving has a teacher cartoon graphic, a meaningful statement, and the teacher's name

    Personalised Math Teacher Mug

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  • Personal Canvas/Artwork Goodbye Gift for Teacher
  • With each stroke of colour and every carefully chosen word, teacher leaving gifts capture the essence of a teacher's dedication, guidance, and unwavering belief in their students. Personalise gifts for leaving teachers with the name of that exceptional teacher who shaped your path, and let it serve as a visual tribute to their invaluable role in your journey. Customise this canvas with the name of that remarkable teacher who left an indelible mark on your journey through education. As it hangs on your wall, it becomes a visual tribute to their invaluable contribution to your growth and development.

    Personalised The Influence of A Good Teacher canvas features a picture of the instructor, classroom and a tree shape

    Personalised The Influence of A Good Teacher Canvas

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  • Personalised Photo Glasses Cleaning Cloth
  • It is perfect for teachers who rely on clear vision. Made from microfiber, these cloths effectively wipe away smudges without leaving streaks. What's more, they can be customised with a photo of their choice, whether it's their favourite fictional character, dream holiday destination, or a memorable snapshot of the class.

  • Umbrella Poem
  • For the shy kid who prefers a subtle gesture, this umbrella tag serves as perfect teacher leaving gifts. Rather than delivering the message directly, they can simply attach it to their umbrella or coat. Creating it is a breeze—just gather cardstock, a pen, scissors, and a small piece of ribbon to secure it to the umbrella.

    Leaving Gifts For Students From Teachers

    As the school year comes to a close, teachers often seek to express their gratitude to their students for their hard work and dedication. Leaving gifts for students serves as a token of appreciation and a way to commemorate the time spent together in the classroom. 

  • Cake or Candy Hamper
  • Offering something edible or drinkable are often good and unique teacher gift ideas. Biscuits, chocolate, tea, coffee, wine, or a mixed hamper are all likely to be well-received. For childcare settings with multiple caregivers, teacher leaving gifts hampers containing baked goods, sweets, chocolates, or even fruit can be shared among the team, fostering a sense of camaraderie and appreciation.

  • Seasonal Ornaments
  • The seasonal leaving gift for nursery teacher serve as tokens of gratitude and symbols of the special bond between teacher and child. These seasonal ornaments are crafted exclusively for teachers, incorporating cute hobbies symbols like pets or books alongside festive elements for various occasions. Personalised touches such as the teacher's name, school name, or a special message make these ornaments a delightful and thoughtful addition to the teacher's home or classroom decor. These gifts for leaving teachers uk nurture the relationship between teacher and student and belonging in the classroom community.

    Personalised We Regret Nothing Christmas Ornament as a humorous and heartfelt leaving gift teacher

    Personalised We Regret Nothing Christmas Ornaments

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    Personalised Meowy Catmas Christmas Ornament for teacher's leaving features a charming Christmas theme, complete with teacher's feline friend

     Personalised Meowy Catmas Christmas Ornaments

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    The teacher's adorable cat, a sincere note to the leaving teacher, and a cat shape are all printed on the personalised Meowy Cat Christmas ornament

    Personalised Meowy Cat Christmas Ornament

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  • Personal T-Shirt Leaving Gift Teacher Uk
  • These teacher leaving gifts allow you to customise it with a kid's name or a special message, making it a unique and cherished addition to their winter wardrobe. This combination of style and comfort makes the T-shirt a versatile piece that can be worn casually or dressed up, depending on the occasion. As teachers bid goodbye to their students and colleagues, wearing these personalised T-shirts allows them to showcase their love and appreciation for the meaningful relationships they've cultivated.

    This fun T shirt design for leaving teacher highlights the phrase "Chillin' With My Beloved Peeps," which represents the strong relationship that exists between a teacher and students

    Personalised Chillin' With My Beloved Peeps T-shirt

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    Personalised Let It Snow T-Shirt as one of the cutest teacher leaving gifts during the holiday season

    Personalised Let It Snow T-Shirt

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  • Inspirational Books: 
  • Select a book as leaving presents for teachers that aligns with each student's interests or aspirations and write a personalised message inside the cover. Choose titles that offer inspiration, motivation, or guidance as they embark on their next journey.

  • Memory Journals: 
  • Provide each student with a memory journal as a teacher leaving gifts where they can reflect on their favourite moments, lessons learned, and achievements during their time in your class. Encourage them to continue adding to the journal as they progress through their educational journey.

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    Handmade Farewell Gifts For Teachers

    While many children may choose a traditional "thank you" mug or perhaps a box of chocolates, those who truly care often opt for homemade gifts. To inspire those select few, we've compiled a list of the best DIY thank you teacher gifts.

  • Personal Card/Massage
  • A card or written letter with a personal message of genuine appreciation holds significant value. Written from the perspective of the child, they can express their favourite lessons, fun facts they've learned, or what they admire about their teacher through teacher leaving gifts. If your child is too young to articulate thoughts, a handmade card or drawing serves as heartfelt customised gifts.

    Personal Card/Massage Attached With Going Away Presents for Teachers

    Personal Card/Massage For Going Away Presents for Teachers

  • Hobby Related Gift
  • Selecting a gift directly relevant to the teacher demonstrates thoughtfulness. Conversations with your child may reveal specific interests or needs mentioned by the teacher, such as upcoming holidays, favourite pets, or preferred items like sharpie pens or mugs. Tailoring the teacher leaving gifts shows attentiveness and appreciation.

  • Teacher Survival Kit: 
  • It's no secret that every teacher relies on stationery and a bit of sugar to power through the school day. So why not lend a helping hand and create a survival kit that covers both bases as leaving gift teacher? 

    Guideline For Choosing Goodbye Gifts For Teachers

    With so many teacher leaving gifts, it can be difficult to choose. Here are some tips to make the decision easier:

    • Embrace Sentimentality: A sentimental tribute can enhance the significance of the gift and leave a lasting impression. Consider incorporating memories or inside jokes shared with the departing teacher to make the gift more meaningful.
    • Avoid Clichés: Steer clear of common going away presents for teachers which may come across as impersonal. Instead, opt for unique and thoughtful items that demonstrate thoughtfulness and effort.
    How to Choose Goodbye Gifts For Teachers
    Guideline For Choosing Goodbye Gifts For Teachers
    • Set a Budget: Determine a budget for teacher leaving gifts to ensure consistency and fairness across departures. This helps streamline the selection process and ensures that each teacher receives an appropriate token of appreciation.
    • Consider Practicality: Take into account the teacher's future plans and lifestyle when choosing leaving presents for teachers. Avoid bulky or impractical goodbye gifts for teachers that may not suit their needs or preferences post-retirement.

    ‘Thank You’ Messages To Appreciate Teacher’s Love And Care

    It's essential for every student to show respect and appreciation for their teachers' hard work and dedication through teacher leaving gifts or messages. This can be done through simple gestures like a thank you note or message, which lets them know that their efforts are valued and recognized. 

    • Teaching a child to navigate life is a true teacher’s gift. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me.
    • You’ve encouraged us to grow as students, and you’ve remembered we are also growing people, delivering your instruction with love, warmth, and caring. I want to thank you, more than any teacher leaving gifts!
    • Dear Teacher, Thank you for challenging me to do my best and instilling a passion for learning to excel. I will be ever grateful to you.
    ‘Thank You’ Messages To Appreciate Teacher’s Love And Care
    ‘Thank You’ Messages To Appreciate Teacher’s Love And Care
    • I don’t know if I’ll ever have another teacher like you, someone with endless patience and enthusiasm. Your lessons will always be remembered fondly by me.
    • Thank you, Teacher, for successfully making a positive impact on the class. You will always be missed.
    • Thank you for always taking the time to thoroughly review the lessons and make learning so much fun. I’m thrilled I had you as my teacher!
    Here are some of our teacher leaving gifts. Our list includes a variety of personalised teachers presents, from sweet gestures to practical items. If none of these ideas appeal to you or if you prefer not to spend time making something yourself, you can always explore our range of pre-made teacher leaving gifts.
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