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Ideas For New Dad Gifts
Gift Inspiration

Top 45 Ideas for New Dad Gifts that Pamper Him Right

28 Mar 2024
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Is he going to become a father soon? And are you looking for meaningful ways to honour the new dad in your life? Then, let me welcome you to a bundle of joy as we explore the universe of blessings and delight in this post with carefully selected ideas for new dad gifts that span a range of various occasions and preferences.

Top 15 Ideas for New Dad Gifts on Different Occasions

We have thoughtful gift ideas for new dad to make every occasion more memorable, whether it's the joyous atmosphere of Christmas, the cosiness of birthdays, or the appreciation on Father's Day.

Christmas Gift Ideas for New Dads

During the festive season, what’s better than to delight the new dad in your life with a thoughtful Christmas gift that celebrates his journey into fatherhood. So, let’s look at our selection of ideas for new dad gifts here and choose the one that will delight him well:

  • Customised Family Portrait: Immortalise the joyous moments of fatherhood with a personalised family portrait. Such daddy personalised gift captures the essence of his new role and serves as a heartwarming reminder of the love shared within the family.
  • Dad Joke Book: This funny gift from our collection of ideas for new dad allows you to bring laughter to the holiday season.  You can either buy it or collect from the Internet to make a special dad joke book just for him. 
  • Personalised Family Christmas Tree Canvas Let’s give him a family Christmas tree canvas to commemorate a beautiful chapter of his life. Personal Chic offers you complete freedom to customise your work. You have the ability to edit the size and shape, change the displayed images, and even modify the printed texts. As you proceed, we suggest selecting a picture of him and the new baby and creating quotes that will sincerely remind him of the day.


Gift Ideas For New Dads
Personalised Family Christmas Tree Canvas

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  • DIY Handprint Ornament Kit: DIY Ornament kit isn’t a bad choice for the new dad, especially when it is about handprint. With it, he can imprint his little one's tiny hand and turn it into a festive ornament.
  • Personalised Christmas Stocking: Make his first Christmas as a dad extra special with a personalised stocking adorned with his name and a festive design. This thoughtful gesture adds a touch of warmth and personalization to the holiday season, reminding him of the joyous milestone.

Ideas for New Dad Gifts on Birthday

It’s his birthday so why not celebrate his new role to make this day extra memorable for him with a meaningful gift? In this part, we suggest top 5 ideas for new dad gifts that will surprise him well on birthdays:

  • Adventure Experience Day: Creating more unforgettable moments for this occasion is appealing. So, let’s treat the new dad to an adrenaline-pumping adventure experience day. It can be skydiving, bungee jumping, off-road driving. 
  • Customised Watch with Baby's Birth Date: A special custom watch with the baby’s birthday can truly touch his heart. With the sentiment it brings, you can get the best birthday gift ideas for new dad.
  • Personalised ‘Dad's Little Monster’ Phone Case: Our phone case features a unique and playful design, making it a great gift for the new dad. This phone case is sure to bring a smile to the kid's face with its adorable animated monster design. In addition, Personal Chic also offers the opportunity to further customise it by adjusting the colour and size, as well as editing the images and texts, allowing you to create something truly one-of-a-kind.


Gift For New Dad Ideas
Personalised Dad's Little Monster Iphone 13 Phone Case

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  • DIY Memory Jar: As you wonder what the best ideas for new dad gifts are, why not create a DIY memory jar filled with handwritten notes from loved ones sharing heartfelt wishes, memories, and words of encouragement? This keepsake is  perfect for reflecting on during quiet moments.
  • Gourmet Cooking Class for Dads: If he’s into cooking, this gift option should not be missed by you! This interactive and educational experience allows him to hone his skills in the kitchen while discovering new recipes and techniques to impress his family.

Father's Day Gift Ideas for New Dad

What better time to show your appreciation and love to the new father than on Father's Day? So, let’s delve into our collection of gift ideas for first Fathers Day that show appreciation for the new dad in a special way:

  • Customised 'Dad and Me' Photo Frame: If you like the idea of giving him something symbolic that can be proudly displayed, let’s get him a customised 'Dad and Me' photo frame featuring a cherished photo of the duo. 
  • Family Adventure Day Pass: The family bond can be strengthened with a family adventure day to theme park, zoo, or anywhere he likes. Such experiential ideas for new dad gifts allow him to create lasting memories with his loved ones while enjoying quality time together.
  • Personalised ‘Like Father Like Daughter T-shirt’: Do you want to surprise the new dad uniquely? If yes, this custom T-shirt featuring a clever quote like "Like father like daughter," is your must-choose option. It highlights his joy in being a father in a special way. Moreover, not only does it create a delightful statement piece, but Personal Chic also offers the freedom to personalise the colour, size, and even modify the images and text, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind creation that reflects his individual style and personality.


Best Gift Ideas For New Dads
Personalised Like Father Like Daughter T-shirt

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  • Personalised Leather Wallet: Elevate his everyday essentials with a personalised leather wallet engraved with his initials or a meaningful message. Such personalised Fathers Day gifts add a touch of sophistication to his accessories collection, ensuring he carries a piece of love wherever he goes.
  • Dad and Baby Matching Outfits: Embrace the bond between father and child with matching outfits for dad and baby, whether it's coordinating t-shirts, onesies, or hats. This adorable gift showcases their special connection and makes for adorable photo opportunities on Father's Day and beyond.

Top 15 Must-Have Gift for New Dad Ideas for Different Givers

It matters how you relate to the new dads! For this reason, you should think about your position when selecting gifts for new dads. Let's dive into our carefully curated selection of ideas for new dad gifts in this section, which is meant to accommodate the various viewpoints and bonds of gift-givers. 

Gift Ideas for New Dad from Wife

As a wife, you can celebrate your partner's new role with a heartfelt gift that expresses your love and admiration. Below is our carefully curated collection of best gift ideas for new dads that will surely make him treasure:

  • Customised Family Portrait Painting: This heartfelt gift from our ideas for new dad gifts list can immortalise the special bond between father and child and serves as a timeless keepsake for the love and connection within the family.
  • DIY Memory Book: A DIY memory book filled with photos, anecdotes, and heartfelt messages documenting the journey of fatherhood allows the new dad to reminisce on cherished moments and reflects the depth of your love and appreciation.
  • Personalised ‘Dad/Husband The Legend’ T-shirt: Choosing to gift T-shirts is a simple and convenient option. However, to add a special touch, let's choose a personalised dad t shirt for a more personal feel. This tee design from Personal Chic is truly one-of-a-kind, featuring a meaningful quote that marks an important milestone in one's life - the transition from being a husband to becoming a dad. In addition, Personal Chic offers the option to personalise it even more by modifying the printed image, the text, the colour, and the size.
Gift Basket Ideas For New Dads

Personalised Dad/Husband The Legend T-shirt

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  • Personalised Watch with Engraved Message: A stylish watch engraved with a meaningful message or the baby's birthdate will never fail to impress the new father. This practical yet sentimental gift adds a touch of sophistication to his everyday accessories.
  • Dad and Baby Matching Outfits: It’s great to see the father and baby in matching outfits like t-shirts, onesies, or hats. Such ideas for new dad gifts with adorable touch like this will make him go “aww” upon getting the gift..

Ideas for New Dad Gifts from Parents

Grandparents play a special role in welcoming a new addition to the family. So, let’s surprise the new dad with a thoughtful gift that highlights his bond with the baby and celebrates his journey into fatherhood. Here’s our top 5 suggestions to pick from:

  • Customised Wooden Keepsake Box: A personalised wooden keepsake box engraved with the new dad's name and the baby's birthdate, providing stylish storage for treasured mementoes and capturing the essence of fatherhood.
  • Fatherhood Journal: If you want practical and interactive ideas for new dad gifts, this journal can be your go-to option. It is filled with prompts and quotes for the new dad to document his thoughts, experiences, and milestones, fostering self-reflection and creating a cherished keepsake. 
  • Personalised Family Canvas: As a parent, you can truly embrace the beauty of fatherhood by gifting your son with a special keepsake that immortalises precious moments with his little one. Customise this canvas with your family's name, the baby's special birthday, and a precious image capturing the bond between father and child. You effortlessly achieve all of these with Personal Chic, transforming it into the ideal gift for the new father.
Gift Ideas For New Dad From Wife

Consider Ideas For New Dad Gifts with Personalised Family Canvas

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  • Family Tree Photo Frame: Surprise the new dad with a family tree photo frame adorned with pictures of loved ones, symbolising family growth and unity, celebrating his role as a father.
  • Personalised BBQ Set: Delight the new dad with a personalised BBQ set engraved with his name or a special message, perfect for bonding moments with family and friends, combining his love for grilling with a personal touch.

Best Gift Ideas for New Dads from Friends

Friends can show their support and excitement for the new dad with unique and meaningful gifts. With our suggestions of ideas for new dad gifts below, your thoughtful gestures can go a long way in making him feel valued.

  • Dad Survival Kit: A curated survival kit packed with essentials like coffee, energy snacks, and humorous parenting books, helping the new dad navigate fatherhood with ease and bringing a smile to his face.
  • Personalised Whiskey Decanter Set: Elevate his whiskey enjoyment with a personalised decanter set engraved with his initials or a special message, offering a sophisticated way to unwind and celebrate his new role in style.
  • Personalised ‘Papa and Son - Unbeatable Together’ T-shirt: This unique garment offers a heartfelt way to celebrate fatherhood, allowing you to customise it with your names and a meaningful date. With Personal Chic, you effortlessly create a personalised gift that encapsulates the unbeatable bond between father and son. Give the new father a gift he'll cherish, symbolising the unbreakable connection shared with his little one.


Birthday Gift Ideas For New Dad

Personalised Papa and Son: Unbeatable Together T-shirt

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  • DIY Baby Memory Box: Let’s craft a special memory box filled with the baby's first outfit, hospital bracelet, and milestone cards. The heartfelt gesture brought by these ideas for new dad gifts captures the precious moments of parenthood and reflects the thoughtfulness of your friendship.
  • Outdoor Adventure Experience: Treat the new dad to an outdoor adventure like camping, hiking, or fishing, providing an opportunity to recharge and create lasting memories with friends in nature.

Top 15 Gift Ideas for New Dads Based on Type of Gifts

One approach to selecting the perfect gifts for new dads is to explore various gift categories. Now, let's dive into a thrilling journey of gift-giving excellence as we present the finest 15 gift ideas for new dads, neatly organised by category. 

Funny Gift Ideas for New Dads

Do you want to make him go “ha ha ha” when receiving your special gifts? If yes, why not inject some humorous elements into the new dad's life with a funny gift that brings joy and amusement. In this part, we’ll recommend you top quirky ideas for new dad gifts to have:

  • Baby Owner's Manual Book: This funny gift for new dad offers tongue-in-cheek instructions and hilarious illustrations on newborn care, combining practical advice with comedic relief for any new dad.
  • Dad Joke Mug: Brighten his mornings with a dad joke mug featuring hilarious puns and witty one-liners guaranteed to elicit a chuckle with every sip. Such a custom dad mug can add a touch of humour to his coffee breaks and showcases his newfound dad humour with pride.


Father's Day Gift Ideas For New Dad

Personalised Dont Mess With Papasaurus Grandpasaurus T-shirt

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  • Baby Mop Onesie: Transform cleaning into a comical affair with a baby mop onesie that doubles as a floor-cleaning device while the little one crawls, adding a fun twist to parenting chores and sparking conversations at playdates.
  • Dad Bod Repair Kit: Choose for this kit set novelty items like a mini exercise wheel, inflatable dumbbells, and a humorous fitness manual for reclaiming his pre-dad physique. In this way, this light-hearted gift encourages him to embrace his dad bod with laughter and motivation to stay active.
  • Dad Bod T-Shirt: Celebrate fatherhood with a tongue-in-cheek t-shirt featuring a humorous slogan or graphic, encouraging him to embrace his new physique with confidence and a sense of humour.


Funny Gift Ideas For New Dads

Select Dad Joke Mug for Ideas For New Dad Gifts

Sentimental Ideas for New Dad Gifts

Gifts that deeply resonate with the recipient have the power to create cherished memories that endure. Let's select a heartfelt gift that truly captures the essence of fatherhood. Discover our wide range of gift ideas for dad that are sure to impress him:

  • Personalised Storybook: Create a personalised storybook featuring illustrations and a heartfelt narrative that celebrates his journey into fatherhood and the bond with his child. This sentimental gift allows him to share special moments with his little one and creates cherished memories for years to come.
  • Handwritten Letter from Baby: Arrange for a handwritten letter from the baby expressing love, gratitude, and admiration for their dad, accompanied by adorable hand or footprints. This touching gift captures the innocence and sweetness of infancy, strengthening the emotional connection between father and child.
  • Personalised ‘You’re Going to be An Amazing Dad’ Mug: This thoughtful mug serves as a daily reminder of encouragement and support, customised with the dad-to-be's name for an extra personal touch. With Personal Chic, you can effortlessly create a heartfelt gift that celebrates the excitement and anticipation of becoming a father. Give the dad-to-be a meaningful keepsake that will inspire and uplift him on his journey ahead.


Gift Ideas For New Dads

Personalised An Amazing Dad Mug

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  • Custom Family Tree Artwork: Commission a custom family tree artwork that showcases the generations of his family, symbolising the roots and growth of his newfound fatherhood journey. This meaningful gift from our collection of ideas for new dad gifts serves as a visual representation of his legacy and the love shared within the family unit.
  • Engraved Fatherhood Keychain: Gift him an engraved keychain featuring a meaningful message or the baby's name, serving as a daily reminder of his role as a father and the bond shared with his child. This small yet sentimental gift holds immense sentimental value and can accompany him wherever he goes.

Best Gift Basket Ideas for New Dads

Would you like to give the new dad a delightful surprise? Then, you won't want to pass up on a thoughtfully selected gift basket packed with his preferred goodies, must-haves, and little luxuries. Here, we'll discuss various ideas for gift baskets for new fathers:

  • Tech Lover's Dream Basket: You can assemble a basket filled with cutting-edge gadgets, wireless headphones, a portable phone charger, and smart home devices, catering to his passion for innovation and enhancing his tech-savvy lifestyle. 
  • Dad's Survival Kit Basket: Why don’t you curate a basket with energy snacks, coffee, humorous parenting books, and soothing muscle rubs, equipping him with essentials to tackle fatherhood with a smile?
  • Gourmet Grilling Basket: Treat the new dad to a gourmet grilling basket packed with premium BBQ sauces, marinades, gourmet seasonings, and grilling accessories to indulge his love for outdoor cooking. This indulgent gift basket from our selection of ideas for new dad gifts allows him to relax and unwind while showcasing his culinary skills to family and friends.
  • DIY Diaper Duty Survival Basket: It will be amazingly fun if you create a basket with humorous items like nose plugs, diaper-changing goggles, wipes, and sanitizer, bringing laughter and practicality to the challenges of diaper duty.
  • Ultimate Relaxation Basket:  Spoil the new dad with a basket filled with luxury bath products, candles, a plush robe, and massage oils, providing a well-deserved retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation after a day of parenting.
Gift For New Dad Ideas

Basket Gifts for New Dad

To sum up, choosing gifts for new dads is a meaningful way to celebrate their journey into fatherhood. Whether it's for Christmas, birthdays, or Father's Day, the right gift for new dad ideas can express love, appreciation, and support. For more diverse ideas for new dad gifts, visit Personal Chic and explore our curated collection. Celebrate new fatherhood with thoughtful gestures that leave a lasting impression.

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