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Unveil 25 unusual Valentine’s gifts for him to surprise your man
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Unveil 25 unusual Valentine’s gifts for him to surprise your man

19 Dec 2023
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Explore a world of delightful surprises with our unusual Valentine’s gifts for him. At PersonalChic, choose from a variety of personalised and romantic gift ideas to find the ideal way to show your love, adding an extra personal touch to make his Valentine even more unforgettable.  

What Are The Most Popular Gifts in Valentine’s Day for Him? 

While figuring out the unusual Valentine’s gift for him, let’s delve a bit more into these classic and thoughtful Valentine’s gift ideas for him:

  • Traditional Valentine’s card 

Traditional Valentine's Day cards often feature a variety of symbols, including hearts, doves, and the winged figure of Cupid holding an arrow and bow. Writing him some heartfelt words through these traditional Valentine’s cards express your love and appreciation, recounting the memories you shared with him. 

unusual valentine's gift ideas for him

Traditional Valentine’s card

  • Box of chocolates

Chocolates have always been associated with love. Choosing a box featuring multiple flavors or a selection from your beloved chocolatier can give your partner's Valentine's Day and your relationship a personalized touch. 

  • A gourmet dinner at a restaurant 

On Valentine's Day, couples typically decide to spend time together for a gourmet dinner at a restaurant. You can make enduring memories by taking your beloved partner out for a special, upscale meal at their favorite restaurant.  

  • Couple photo frame 

Valentine's Day is a great time to recount your memories together. To give your love a unique touch, select a lovely frame and place a treasured photo of you and your partner inside. 

If you are looking for some unusual Valentine’s gifts for her or him to make this celebration even more exceptional, come explore our selection of unusual Valentine's Day gift ideas that will definitely surprise your man. 

Unveiling 25 Unusual Valentine’s Gifts for Him 

Explore our carefully curated list of the top 25 unique Valentine's Day gift ideas for him. This carefully chosen list, which includes personalized items and romantic tokens, will make your Valentine's Day together a memorable and loving occasion. 

Cool Valentine’s Day Gifts for Romantic Men  

Give him a unique Valentine's Day gift collection that is both romantic and out of the ordinary to express your love. Explore a curated list from thoughtful and personalized presents to original DIY Valentine's Day crafts can make excellent romantic gifts for men.  

  • Customised potted plant  

Think about surprising your significant partner with a Valentine's Day gift that will convey your careful consideration, like a customised potted plant. Enhance the basic potted plants with sentimental quotes or recollections from your shared experiences. 

unusual valentine's gifts for him

Customised potted plant

  • Handwritten love letter 

To celebrate your special moments and memories together, include a heartfelt handwritten letter that expresses your love and gratitude to him. This can serve as a priceless memento to represent your unwavering love.  

  • Personalised mug 

A personalized mug would be an unique Valentine's Day present idea for him. These special personalised mugs featured unique designs that captures your shared memories together, making your special day even more memorable. 

unusual valentine's gift ideas for him

Personalised Mug for Unusual Valentine’s Gifts for Him

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  • Personalised Couple Canvas 

Consider our personalised couple canvas as an unusual Valentine’s Day gifts for him, adding a touch of romance to his living space. To make this occasion even more momentous, you can customise these canvas using premium materials and unique designs based on his preferences or your shared memorable experiences.  

unusual valentine's gift ideas for him

Personalised Couple Canvas for Unusual Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him

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Unusual Valentine’s Day Gift Experiences for Him  

Beyond the conventional Valentine's Day celebration, we reveal a veriety of adventurous suggestions that will surprise your partner and turn this Valentine’s Day into an unforgettable experience. These unique Valentine’s Day gift experiences for him are carefully designed to enhance the occasion and make sure your love begins with an adventurous spark.  

  • Moonlight Hike 

Take into consideration a moonlit hiking excursion to experience the beauty and peace that come with hiking as an unusual Valentine's Day gift idea for him. Valentine's Day will become a memorable occasion as the night sky bursts with color, fostering more moments spent together. 

  • Water Gift Experiences 

Take him on an exciting water adventure to celebrate Valentine's Day, where a simple swim turns into an exhilarating voyage filled with sun and excitement just for him. From kayaking, surfing to flyboarding, each experience is an explosion of happiness that will make priceless memories that will keep your love alive. 

  • Sports Event Ticket 

For a sport enthusiast, consider a sports event ticket as a great choice in your list of unusual Valentine’s gifts for him. This unusual gift idea aims to inject an extra dose excitement, ensuring your Valentine with him full of memories. 

unusual valentine's gift ideas for him

Sports Event Ticket

Unique Personalised Valentine’s Day Gift for Him 

Surprise your significant other with personalized presents that go above and beyond the norm to show your careful thoughtfulness on this Valentine’s Day. Discover a carefully-chosen selection of unusual Valentine's Day gift ideas for him that transform this occasion into unforgettable experience.

  • Personalised T-shirt 

Upgrade his outfit with personalised T-shirt as a perfect personalised Valentine’s gift for him that resonates with shared memories, meaning quotes or your favourite photos together. This unusual Valentine’s gift adds a touch of love to your special connection, making them an ideal personalised and stylish unique Valentine’s gifts for him. 

unusual valentine's gift ideas for him

Personalised T-shirt for Valentine’s Day Gift for Him

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  • Customised perfumes 

Consider immersing your partner with fragrant gift ideas for Valentine’s Day such as personalised perfumes. To create a unique Valentine's gift for him, think about selecting different scents like lemongrass, rosewood, or patchouli depending on his tastes.  

  • Engraved Couple Accessories 

Consider getting engraved couple rings or a couple bracelet as personalised couple accessories for your man. These customised accessories are a potent and timeless representation of love that can express your thoughtfulness and affection. 

  • Unique Necktie 

Redefine his wardrobe with a unique necktie that embodies sotisphication and craftmanship. Whether these hand-stitched details or distinctive patterns adorn these Valentine gift ideas, these unique neckties will make an imppressive and stylish item. 

Special Culinary Present Ideas to Elevate his Valentine’s Day 

Embark on a journey beyond the tradition with our carefully curated selection of unique culinary Valentine’s gifts for him. Let's explore the world of homemade and customised customised gifts for a food enthusiast! 

  • Handmade Love Cake 

A lovingly crafted, handmade cake will add a romantic touch to your celebration. This unique homemade Valentine's Day present gives your close relationship a touch of the handmade and love, making it truly unexpected. 

unusual valentine's gift ideas for him

Handmade Love Cake

  • DIY Chocolate Truffles Set 

Add a handmade and personalised touch to unusual Valentine’s gifts for him by gifting him a DIY chocolate truffles set. These delicious treats become a delightful and edible expression of love, regardless of different shapes from hearts to the more conventional one.  

  • Wine Gift Card 

Personalized Valentine's Day gifts for him, such as a wine gift card that suits his preferences, can add a special touch to your romantic celebration. Opt for his favourite wine labels with tasting notes that complement his spirit. 

  • Edible Chocolate Gift Card 

Think of surprising your man with a edible chocolate gift card as an unusual Valentine’s gift for him. This Valentine’s gift idea will add a sense of joy and happiness, making your Valentine full of laughs and unforgettable memories. 

Unusual Valentine’s Gift Boxes for Him 

Add some warmth to your celebration with these unique Valentine’s Day gift boxes that will make for meaningful surprises and really highlight your special relationship. 

  • Self-care Gift Box 

Upgrade his daily grooming routine with Valentine’s self-care gift box that tailored to his preferences. Arrange a collection of upscale razors, colognes, or cleanser that he can customize with his preferred fragrances. This unusual Valentine's Day present for him demonstrates your considerateness in choosing gifts for him.  

  • Snack Gift Basket 

Delight their taste buds with unusual Valentine’s gifts for him like a carefully chosen snacke basket that reflects his preferences. Opt for a mix of potato snacks, snickers chocolate bars, or explore unique snacks that he’s never seen before like mini waffle cones. 

  • Apparel Gift Box 

Upgrade his wardrobe with an all-in-one apperal gift box. Choose a variety of customised boxers, neckties, or personalised sweathearts that represent his tastes. Your relationship is made even more special by this unusual Valentine's Day present, which expresses your love and thoughtfulness. 

unusual valentine's gift ideas for him

Apparel Gift Box

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Tips for Wrapping your Unusual Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him 

Explore the art of ideas for unusual Valentine’s gift for him by embracing these lovely and simple wrapping ideas for Valentine's Day gifts for your special man!  

  • Themed decorations 

Use themed decorations to heighten the anticipation of giving him a unique Valentine's Day present. Select decorations that complement the gift's theme to create a unified and striking presentation. 

  • Personalised gift wrapping paper 

Make the presentation of your unusual Valentine’s gift for him extra exceptional with personalised gift wrapping paper. Customise the wrapping paper that complements the chosen theme for your Valentine’s gift, reflecting your effect and thoughtfulness in the process of making him surprise with the presentation. 

  • Customised Gift Tag 

Select unique and artistic tags that improve the presentation. These personalised tags give a unique and creative touch that enhances the joy of giving gifts.


To sum up, these unusual Valentine's Day gifts for him provide a variety of individualized, sentimental, and adventurous options to show your affection. Every gift, whether it's personalized or handmade, is a sincere celebration of your special bond, filling your Valentine's Day with love and memories.
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