Why is my card getting declined?

Posted 09 May 2023

In truth, there are numerous typical reasons why your credit card is being denied. If your card payment was refused and you're not sure why, please see the list below:
If your card is new or newly reissued, be sure it has been activated.
Check Your Card Information:

  • Double-check that all of your information was successfully input. Transposing numbers (CVV) is a common blunder.
  • Check the Card Expiration Date.
If You Have Exceeded Your Credit Limit

Depending on your card, your purchase may be refused if you are already over your credit limit or if this transaction would send you over it. While some credit cards allow you to go beyond your credit limit, other lenders may refuse the purchase.

Suspected Transaction
If you make a sizable purchase, particularly one that is out of the ordinary for you, the transaction may be examined for possible fraud. Try to confirm the transaction by entering the code (OTP), or get in touch with your bank and try again later.

Your account was terminated
Contact your bank or try adding a new card

Technical Issue

  • Try the procedure again later.
  • Call the customer support number shown on the back of your card if everything appears to be not in order. They will help you to solve the problem.
  • If not, you can checkout with PayPal and place an order.
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