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st patrick's day decorations
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The 20 Best St Patrick's Day Decorations & DIY for 2024

28 Feb 2024
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When St. Patrick's Day approaches, amidst the festive atmosphere, St Patrick's Day decorations play a pivotal role in setting the scene. If you're searching out the perfect St Patrick's Day decoration ideas, look no further! Join us as we embark on a journey to discover fantastic ways to adorn your home with vibrant green decorations and fully embrace the spirit of this joyous occasion. Let's make this St. Patrick's Day a celebration to remember! 

Origin of St Patrick's Day

Before we immerse ourselves in the vibrant world of St Patrick's Day decorations, let's uncover one of the most interesting st patrick's day facts - the true history behind it. While many may assume that St. Patrick's Day originated in the United States, its roots actually trace back to the United Kingdom.

Decorations For St Patrick's Day

Origin of St Patrick's Day

St. Patrick, the esteemed patron saint of Ireland, was born in Britain during the latter part of the 4th century. His life took a significant turn at the age of 16 when he was abducted by Irish raiders and sold into slavery to a Celtic priest in what is now Northern Ireland. Despite enduring six years of captivity and toil as a shepherd, Patrick eventually managed to escape back to Britain. However, rather than turning away from Ireland, he felt compelled by his Christian faith to return to the land of his captivity, this time as a missionary.

Driven by his religious fervour, Patrick dedicated himself to spreading the message of Christianity throughout Ireland. Establishing monasteries, churches, and schools, he left an indelible mark on the island and its people. The narrative of St. Patrick's life has been embellished over time with legends and folklore, including the famous accounts of him banishing snakes from Ireland and using the shamrock to elucidate the concept of the Holy Trinity. 

20 Thrilling St Patrick's Day Decorations - Ready to Get Sham-Rocked!

Get ready to infuse your St. Patrick's Day celebration with excitement and charm! From DIY projects to personalised accents, we've curated 20 thrilling St Patrick's day party decorations that will transform your space into a festive paradise. Dive into these creative ideas and get ready to sham-rock your St. Patrick's Day festivities like never before!

St Patrick's Day Decor

Thrilling St Patrick's Day Decorations 

DIY St Patrick's Day Decorations

Why not unleash your creativity and add a personal touch to your St. Patrick's Day decor with these engaging DIY projects. Whether you're crafting charming shamrock men or constructing whimsical leprechaun traps, these St Patrick's day decoration ideas are sure to bring smiles and laughter to your celebration! 

  • Shamrock Man

Craft your own Shamrock Man using simple materials like green construction paper or felt. Not only one of St Patrick's day activities, but it's also a fantastic idea to add a touch of magic to your home decor. Let your imagination run wild as you personalise your Shamrock Man with fun details and accessories. It's a wonderful way to infuse your home with charm and whimsy during this festive season!

  • Mason Jar with Four-Leaf Clover Tags

Repurpose ordinary mason jars into charming St. Patrick's Day decor by adding Four-Leaf Clover Tags. These tags can be made from cardstock or craft paper and attached to the jars with colourful ribbons. Fill the jars with candies, flowers, or even LED lights for a festive touch that will brighten up any room.

St Patrick's Day Party Decorations

Mason Jar with Four-Leaf Clover Tags

  • St. Patrick’s Day Gnomes

Get creative with St. Patrick’s Day Gnomes, adorable little creatures that add whimsy to your decor. Crafted from fabric scraps, felt, and beads, these St Patrick's Day decorations can be customised to suit your style. Place them on shelves, mantels, or tabletops for a dose of Irish charm.

  • Leprechaun Trap

Spark the imagination of children (and adults) with a personalised home decor - DIY Leprechaun Trap. Use household items like shoeboxes, glitter, and gold coins to create a clever trap that will capture the elusive leprechaun's attention. 

Encourage kids to decorate their traps with shamrocks, rainbows, and other lucky symbols, then wait in anticipation for St. Patrick's Day morning to see if they've caught a leprechaun!

  • Dollar Store Wreath

Why not add a touch of festive flair to your St. Patrick's Day decor with a Dollar Store Wreath. Gather inexpensive materials such as foam shamrocks, ribbon, and artificial flowers from your local dollar store and let your creativity shine. 

Assemble these items into a charming wreath that can be hung on your door to welcome guests or displayed indoors as a vibrant centrepiece. 

  • Shamrock Streamers

Transform any space into a St. Patrick's Day wonderland with Shamrock Streamers. Using green crepe paper or ribbon, create cascades of shamrocks that can be hung from ceilings, doorways, or staircases. 

Whether you're hosting a party or simply want to infuse your home with Irish charm, Shamrock Streamers are an easy and affordable way to enhance your St Patrick's Day decorations.

St Patrick's Day Decoration Ideas

Transform Any Space Into A St. Patrick's Day Wonderland With Shamrock Streamers

  • Clay Pot Leprechaun Hats

Crafting miniature Leprechaun Hats using clay pots and paint is a thrilling idea to add a whimsical touch to your St Patrick's day party decorations. These adorable hats can be displayed as table centrepieces or used as party favours for guests to take home and cherish. 

Furthermore, with their adorable design and your creative touch, they also make for one of the best St Patrick's day gifts. Trust me, they'll bring as they adorn your loved ones' spaces with a sprinkle of Irish charm and whimsy.

  • Garland Shamrock Sign

String together paper shamrocks or fabric flags to create a vibrant and eye-catching display that celebrates the spirit of St. Patrick's Day. Hang the garland above doorways, mantels, or party tables to add a festive touch to your home decor. 

Whether you're hosting a large gathering or enjoying a cosy celebration with loved ones, a Garland Shamrock Sign is a charming way to spread St. Patrick's Day cheer throughout your home.

Brew-Tastic St Patrick's Day Table Decorations

Why not elevate your St. Patrick's Day table with brew-tastic decorations that will delight your guests and set the stage for an unforgettable celebration? Get ready to impress with fantastic St Patrick's Day decorations that will make your table shine with Irish charm!

  • Party Hat Table Setting

Adorned with shamrocks, leprechauns, or Irish phrases, these Party Hat Table Settings make sure to add a whimsical element to each place setting, inviting guests to join in the merriment of the occasion.

  • Patrick's Day-Theme Utensils

Featuring designs inspired by shamrocks, rainbows, and pots of gold, these utensils ensure to add a touch of charm to your table settings while complementing the overall theme of your celebration.

Decorations For St Patrick's Day

Sharock-Theme Utensils

  • Irish Flag Table Runners

Pay homage to Ireland's rich heritage with Irish Flag Table Runners that add a patriotic flair to your St Patrick's Day decorations. Featuring one of St Patrick's day symbols, these runners serve as a striking centrepiece that honours the spirit of St. Patrick's Day. 

  • Printable St. Patrick's Day Napkin Wraps

Add a personalised touch to your table settings with Printable St. Patrick's Day Napkin Wraps. Customise these wraps with festive designs, Irish blessings, or humorous phrases, creating a memorable dining experience for your guests. 

  • Irish Candle

Set the mood with the warm glow of an Irish Candle, infused with scents inspired by the Emerald Isle. Whether it's the crisp scent of fresh rain or the comforting aroma of Irish peat, these candles add ambiance to your table while invoking the essence of Ireland.

St Patrick's Day Decor

Set The Mood With The Warm Glow Of An Irish Candle

  • Cork Coasters

Protect your table surfaces in style with Cork Coasters featuring Celtic motifs and traditional Irish symbols. These coasters not only serve a practical function but also add a touch of elegance to your table decor. 

Best St Patrick's Day Cake Decorations

No St. Patrick's Day celebration is complete without a delicious cake adorned with the best decorations! Here is a curated list of St Patrick's Day decorations for cake. These cake decorations will tantalise your taste buds and add a festive flair to your dessert table. 

  • Gold Coin Sprinkles

Add a touch of opulence to your St. Patrick's Day cake with shimmering Gold Coin Sprinkles. These edible embellishments will dazzle your guests and evoke the richness of Irish folklore. 

  • Rainbow Cake Layers

Stack layers of colourful cake batter to create a mesmerising spectrum of hues that will delight both the eyes and the taste buds. Whether you opt for bold primary colours or soft pastel shades, your rainbow cake will be a showstopper at any St. Patrick's Day celebration.

St Patrick's Day Party Decorations

Rainbow Cake Layers

  • Lucky Charms Garnish

Infuse your St. Patrick's Day cake with a dose of luck by garnishing it with Lucky Charms cereal. These whimsical marshmallow shapes, reminiscent of childhood nostalgia, add a playful touch to your dessert. 

Sprinkle these St Patrick's Day decorations atop your cake or use them to adorn cupcakes for a charming and irresistible treat that will enchant guests of all ages.

  • Green Velvet Layer

Similar to its classic counterpart, red velvet, this emerald-hued cake boasts a rich and moist texture that melts in your mouth. Paired with creamy frosting and adorned with festive decorations, the green velvet layer adds a touch of elegance to your dessert table.

  • Irish Cream Flavoured Frosting

Whip up a batch of creamy frosting infused with hints of coffee and whiskey, creating a luscious topping that complements any cake flavour. Whether you opt for a traditional buttercream or a silky ganache, Irish Cream Flavoured Frosting adds an irresistible Irish twist to your dessert.

St Patrick's Day Decoration Ideas

Irish Cream Flavored Frosting

  • Greener Grass Classic Sprinkle

Sprinkle your St. Patrick's Day cake with Greener Grass Classic Sprinkle for a burst of colour and flavour. These vibrant sprinkles feature shades of green and gold, echoing the lush landscapes and shimmering treasures of the Emerald Isle. 

Top Customised Items to Elevate Your St Patrick's Day Decor Project

Add a personalised touch to your St Patrick's Day decorations with these popular personalised items. From personalised doormats to shamrock mugs, these custom decorations for St Patrick's day will showcase your unique style and Irish pride!

  • Personalised St. Patrick's Day Doormats

Why not step into the festivities with personalised doormats on Patrick’ Day that welcomes guests with open arms? Picture your family name or a heartfelt Irish blessing proudly displayed at the doorstep, setting the stage for laughter and camaraderie. 

Trust me, more than just a doormat, it's a symbol of hospitality that invites everyone to share in the joy of the occasion and adds a touch of joy to the day.

St Patrick's Day Party Decorations

Personalised St. Patrick's Day Doormats

  • Personalised Shamrock Mugs

Raise a toast to the spirit of St. Patrick's Day with personalised mugs that capture the essence of the holiday. Customise your own mugs with initials, lucky charms, or playful messages. 

With their unique and festive colours, trust me, they're perfect for adorning your table and inviting your friends or family to enjoy a dinner with an Irish menu. Additionally, with high-quality printing, our mugs ensure longevity, allowing you to cherish them for years to come.

  • Personalized St. Patrick's Day Symbol Canvas

Bring the beauty of Irish culture from St Patrick's Day decorations into your home with a personalised canvas. Adorned with iconic imagery like shamrocks and leprechauns, each canvas tells a story of heritage and tradition. 

Add your family name or a meaningful Irish phrase, and suddenly, it becomes a reflection of your identity and pride—a piece of art that speaks to the soul.

Decorations For St Patrick's Day

Personalized St. Patrick's Day Symbol Canvas

  • Luxuriate in Personalized Green-Theme Sequins Pillows

How about transforming your living space into a luxurious retreat with personalised green-theme sequined pillows? Customise them with your initials, family crest, or favourite Irish sayings, and watch as they elevate your st patrick's day decor to new heights of charm and comfort.

Additionally, personalised pillows make great gifts. They offer a unique way to surprise your friends with something green and special. One of the best features I adore is the ability to hide your photo in the sequin pillows—it's fun and adds a personal touch to your gift-giving experience!

  • Personalised Happy St. Patrick's Day Posters

Let’s illuminate your home with personalised Happy St. Patrick's Day posters that radiate joy and festivity? Picture vibrant colours, playful fonts, and personalised messages coming together to create visual masterpieces that capture the spirit of the holiday. 

Hang personalised posters proudly in your home, and let them serve as reminders of celebration and goodwill throughout the year.

St Patrick's Day Decoration Ideas

Personalised Happy St. Patrick's Day Posters


As you prepare to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, let your creativity shine with these delightful decorations that capture the essence of Irish charm. Whether you're crafting DIY masterpieces or adding personalised touches to your decor, embrace the spirit of the holiday and share the joy with friends and family. With these St Patrick's Day decorations, your celebration is sure to be a sham-rocking success!

Furthermore, explore our custom products from Personal Chic. With a diverse array of creative and unique items, our high-quality products are guaranteed to make your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations more memorable than ever before!

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