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Christmas Symbols

Exploring Christmas Symbols and Their Festive Meanings

28 Nov 2023
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Pine trees, baubles, cards... surely everyone knows they are irreplaceable symbols of Christmas. But why are they there, what is the story behind them, will be answered today. In this article, we will delve into the enchanting world of Christmas symbols, exploring their origins, traditions, and the festive meanings that have made them timeless icons of the season.

Some Fun Facts About Christmas Holiday That You Might Not Know Yet

As we embark on this festive journey, let's begin with some intriguing facts about the Christmas holiday that might surprise you. Trust us, you may not know all about this information!

  • Christmas was not always celebrated on December 25th? The date was chosen to coincide with the winter solstice and the Roman festival of Saturnalia. 
  • The practice of placing stockings near the fireplace originates from the tale of St. Nicholas, who reportedly placed gifts in the stockings of three impoverished sisters.
Christmas Symbols
Some Fun Facts About Christmas Holiday
  • The practice of using Christmas trees, one of the most important Christmas symbols, has ancient roots, dating back to the Egyptians and Romans. In their winter solstice celebrations, they adorned their surroundings with evergreens as a symbol of hope for the imminent return of spring.
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was originally conceived as a marketing strategy. In 1939, Montgomery Ward, a department store, tasked one of its copywriters with developing a Christmas story for children that could be distributed as a promotional giveaway.
  • The figure of Santa Claus goes by different names across the globe. In Germany, he is referred to as Kris Kringle, while in France, he is known as Père Noël. Italy identifies him as Babbo Natale, and in Russia, he is called Ded Moroz.

The Most Popular Christmas Symbols And The Story Behind

Now, let's embark on a delightful journey as we delve into the captivating narratives and fascinating origins behind some of the most beloved Christmas holiday symbols. Each of these iconic emblems carries with it a rich tapestry of tradition and history that adds to the enchantment of the holiday season.

12 Days Of Christmas - The Most Recognisable Xmas Symbol Song

What are the 12 days of Christmas? "The Twelve Days of Christmas" is a timeless and whimsical Xmas symbol originating in 18th-century England. With its catchy tune and cumulative structure, the song counts down the days to Christmas through a series of increasingly extravagant gifts. 

Christmas Symbols
Symbols of Christmas - 12 Days Of Christmas

Beyond its musical appeal, the song carries historical and religious undertones, symbolising various aspects of Christian teachings. "The Twelve Days of Christmas" has endured through the ages, inspiring countless adaptations and creative reinterpretations, making it a cherished part of the holiday season worldwide.

Wreaths - The Xmas Symbol That Can't Be Missed On Any Door

Wreaths stand as unmistakable Christmas symbols, adorning doors with festive charm and welcoming holiday spirit. Originating from ancient traditions symbolising strength and eternity, Christmas wreaths have evolved into a central feature of holiday decor. The circular shape represents unity and the eternal nature of the Christmas spirit.

Whether crafted from holly, pine, or adorned with colourful ribbons, wreaths universally convey a message of welcome and celebration. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, wreaths hold symbolic significance, embodying the joy and togetherness of the season. 

Christmas Cookies - The Delicious Symbols Of Xmas

In ancient times, communities gathered around the winter solstice to enjoy feasts before the cold weather destroyed their crops. Additionally, the wine and beer, which had been fermenting since spring, were finally ready to be consumed. 

Christmas Symbols
Christmas Cookies - The Delicious Symbols Of Xmas

As Christmas gradually replaced these solstice celebrations during the Middle Ages, the tradition of feasting persisted, now accompanied by the crucial addition of desserts. Bakers utilised costly ingredients such as butter, lard, and sugar for these festive occasions, experimenting with warm spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. 

Candy Canes - Another Delicious Symbol Of Xmas

Here's an interesting piece of Christmas trivia you might not be aware of: according to legend, a choirmaster invented them to keep choir boys occupied during lengthy Christmas services. Shaped like a shepherd's crook, the candy canes are Christmas symbols that symbolise Jesus as the shepherd of his followers. 

In some versions of the story, the white of the candy cane signifies purity, while the red represents the blood of Christ. The 1920s saw the mass production of this treat in America, solidifying its status as a Christmas symbol.

Christmas Tree - The First Symbol Of Christmas To Pop Up

Has anyone here ever had a headache at least once about finding how to decorate a Christmas tree? The iconic Christmas tree, adorned with twinkling lights and ornaments, takes center stage in homes around the world. Its origin can be traced back to Germany in the 16th century, where fir trees were decorated to celebrate the festive season. 

Christmas Symbols
Christmas Tree - The First Xmas Symbol To Pop Up

Today, the pine trees stand as Christmas symbols of life, light, and the enduring magic of the holidays. Whether artificial or freshly cut, the Christmas tree stands as a beacon of festive spirit, radiating joy and marking the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year.

Mistletoe - The Romantic Christmas Holiday Symbols

With roots in ancient Druidic and Norse customs, mistletoe symbolises peace and goodwill. Evolving over time, the kiss under the mistletoe has become a cherished and affectionate gesture, fostering spontaneous moments of connection during the festive season. 

In contemporary décor, mistletoe adds a whimsical touch, symbolising love and togetherness. As it graces doorways, mistletoe not only enhances holiday decorations but also embodies the warmth and romance of the season.

Christmas Card - An Indispensable Part On Christmas Eve

Originating in the 19th century, the tradition of exchanging Christmas cards gained popularity as a way to convey warm wishes and spread festive cheer. Today, these cards come in a variety of designs, from traditional scenes to modern and creative expressions, reflecting the diverse ways people celebrate the season.

Christmas Symbols
Christmas Card - One of the Indispensable Christmas Holiday Symbols

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Christmas cards hold sentimental value, carrying messages of love, gratitude, and well-wishing. The act of sending and receiving cards on Christmas Eve has become a cherished ritual, fostering a sense of connection and togetherness, even when physical distances separate friends and family.

We all know that this is one of the Christmas symbols, but it cannot be denied that thinking about what to write on a Christmas card always makes anyone worry. Because, it's hard to express everything in just one card, right?

Stockings - Where The Magic Comes In The Magical Night

Stockings bring magic to Christmas night, hung with anticipation and joy. Originating from St. Nicholas leaving gifts for three sisters, stockings have become symbols of festive surprises. The tradition of filling them with small gifts captures the essence of Christmas generosity. 

As they hang in anticipation, these Christmas symbols add a touch of magic to the holiday experience, making Christmas a time of wonder and delight.

Christmas Ornaments - Bring The Colorful Scene To Your House

Christmas ornaments bring vibrant scenes of colour to holiday decorations. These festive adornments, whether hung on a tree or displayed around the home, play a central role in creating a visually enchanting and joyful atmosphere during the Christmas season.

The act of decorating a Christmas tree with ornaments is a cherished ritual, symbolising the joy of the season and the spirit of togetherness. Each ornament carries with it the memories of holidays past and the shared experiences of family and friends, especially if they are personalised Christmas ornaments

Christmas Symbols
Christmas Ornaments - One of the Most Important Christmas Holiday Symbols

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With those personalised Xmas ornaments hung on the tree, you can leave your mark anywhere in your home. You have the flexibility to choose from a variety of customisation options, such as colours, designs, and personal messages. Moreover, some personalised ornaments allow you to include photos, turning them into mini photo frames. 

Giving Christmas Gifts - The Never-Fading Christmas Symbols

The tradition of giving Christmas gifts has ancient roots, influenced by biblical tales and the enchanting legend of Santa Claus. Originating from the Magi's gifts to the newborn Jesus, the act of giving has evolved into a cherished tradition symbolising love, thoughtfulness, and the joy of sharing during the holiday season.

However, why do we give Christmas presents? The magic of secret gift-giving, whether from Santa or among friends and family, adds an element of surprise and wonder, which makes it one of the most popular Christmas symbols. The careful selection of gifts, the anticipation of unveiling surprises, and the shared happiness contribute to the festive atmosphere.

Christmas Symbols
Giving Christmas Gifts - The Never-Fading Symbols of Christmas

Beyond the wrapped packages, the act of giving is a reflection of the bonds that tie loved ones together. The tradition involves meticulous planning, whispered conversations, and sometimes playful deception to maintain the surprise, adding to the overall enchantment of Christmas. 

Suggest The Cosiest Christmas Gifts Ideas (In Case You Don't Have Any Ideas Yet)

So, we understand the story, the importance of Christmas gifts and other Christmas symbols. Next, don't forget to prepare them mindfully. Isn't it weird to meet your loved ones with empty hands or an unprepared gift? It feels like you're not really blessing that person!

Of course, outside the store there will be a million options for you. But what does it take to make a gift special enough that every time the recipient sees it, they will exclaim without hesitation that you gave it to them? It's about adding a little difference by giving personalised Christmas gifts.

Sometimes, choosing a personalised gift is easier than choosing a store-bought gift. Because you can easily make requests for them, instead of having to strain your eyes to find the right gift for your request. Below are meaningful options for you.

  • Personalised Christmas Door Mats

Let the warm welcome begin even before guests enter the house! Just imagine! Distant relatives, guests who haven't seen each other for a long time - they have come through a long journey and wind and snow and the first thing they see is a warm greeting at the door. It's Christmas, it's great if every detail in the house shows care!

The key is, you can indeed craft them yourself! If you want the mats to be a gift, you could personalise them with their family name, a cheerful greeting, some cute Christmas symbols or even a lighthearted holiday message—whatever suits their preferences! Rugs aren't limited to Christmas; personalised Christmas door mats can enhance your decor throughout the entire year!

Christmas Symbols
Personalised Family Christmas Door Mats

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  • Personalised Christmas Mugs

What's better than cold winter nights sipping hot cocoa in an armchair next to the fireplace? But you know what would make this experience even cooler? That is: use a cup made just for you!

It has not stopped here. You know, we always feel closer to people who have something in common. With these personalised Christmas mugs, you won't just have a cool accent; If your whole family owns one, it's an extremely sturdy tie! That's why these mugs are claimed one of the best gifts for Xmas!

Christmas Symbols
Personalised Nana Christmas Mugs

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  • Personalised Christmas Sweatshirts

In winter, thick and warm sweatshirts are indispensable - such unofficially Christmas symbols! But what will make your gift of sweatshirts different from the recipient's previous sweatshirts! That's a personalised Christmas element incorporated into the shirt!

Especially, if you are afraid to share your thoughts because you think it's cheesy, rest assured, the shirts will speak for you. You can put messages on the personalised Christmas sweatshirts and they will be sent to the recipient!

Christmas Symbols
Personalised Best Christmas Mum Ever Sweatshirt

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  • Personalised Christmas Hoodies

Similar to the item above but will be mixed with a bit more youthfulness, modernity and dynamism - seems like someone is talking about hoodies, right? And even giving hoodies shows a higher level of care, because they have a hood, which can protect the recipient's head, ears and neck, keeping them warm even on the coldest winter days.

Hoodies are already cool, but let's make them even cooler! Choose personalised Christmas hoodies that reflect the personality of the recipient and maybe even a funny joke that only you and that person know; Or whatever you want, print it and give it to the one you love!

Christmas Symbols
Personalised Merry Catmas Hoodie

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  • Personalised Christmas Pillows

Transform your living space into a winter wonderland with personalised Christmas pillows. From decorative accents to cosy companions, these pillows add a touch of holiday magic to any room.

Why can we be sure that these pillows will make the gift recipient jump with joy? Guess what we usually like to do in winter? Surely everyone likes to lie down on the sofa, watching year-end shows while holding a pillow. And more specifically, every time they look at the pillow, the recipient will remember how much you care about them.

Christmas Symbols
Personalised Dear Santa, My Son Did It Pillow

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In conclusion, the importance of Christmas symbols extends beyond mere decorations; they are woven into the fabric of our subconscious, our lives, and our childhood memories. From the ancient traditions of wreaths and mistletoe to the modern allure of gifts, each symbol carries a unique story that contributes to the rich tapestry of the holiday season.

As we embrace the festivities and exchange gifts under the glow of Christmas lights, let us cherish the timeless symbols that bring joy, warmth, and a sense of magic to this special time of year.

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