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Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Mum to Be to Show Your Truly Love
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Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Mum to Be to Show Your Truly Love

21 Feb 2024
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As the baby shower date draws near, selecting the greatest gift ideas for mum to be becomes an act of thoughtful consideration and affection. Each gift serves as a reminder of the support and excitement surrounding this joyous occasion. Explore a handpicked collection of gift ideas tailored to celebrate and cherish this special moment with the expectant mother.

gifts for mum to be ideas

Best 50+ Gift Ideas for Mum to be to Embrace Her With Love

Celebrating monumental milestones like motherhood begins with thoughtful gestures for mums-to-be. From practical new mum gift ideas to luxe pampering presents, these gift ideas for mum to be make pregnancy feel a little more magical.

Useful Gifts for A Mum to Be

Beyond physical support easing common third-trimester discomforts or new parent anxieties, ideas for gifts for pregnant friend that lend an empathetic ear or helpful hand show you truly care. Your thoughtfulness reminds expecting mothers they don't walk alone.

  • Alpaca Ivory Throw Blanket: Indulge the mum-to-be with unparalleled softness and warmth wrapped in baby alpaca yarn, ensuring cosy comfort without any irritation. The timeless elegance of the Mason alpaca throw adds a touch of sophistication to any modern home décor, making it a cherished addition among gift ideas for mum to be.
  • Ema Ceramic White Vase: Elevate her home decor with the ethereal beauty of the Ema vase, featuring a moon-inspired stippled surface and a timeless white glaze. Each delicate depression on its surface exudes elegance, making it a captivating centrepiece among present ideas for mum to be.
Ema Ceramic White Vase - gift ideas for mum to be
Gift Ideas for Mum to Be - Ema Ceramic White Vase
  • Customised Mummy Mug: Make her morning coffee moments extra special with personalised gifts for mum bearing her name or the baby's due date. The endearing phrase "Promoted To Mummy" celebrates her journey into motherhood with warmth and affection, offering perfect gift ideas for a mum to be.
Customised mummy mug - Gift ideas for mum to be
Gift Ideas for Mum to Be - Customised Mummy Mug
  • Personalized Tote Bag: Elevate her everyday style with a chic yet practical tote, customised with her name or a meaningful message. Crafted from high-quality materials, this versatile bag serves as a constant reminder of your eco-conscious commitment, making it a thoughtful choice among gift ideas for mum to be.
Personalized Tote Bag
Personalized Tote Bag
  • 50-Piece Decorating Kit: Empower her baking endeavours with our exclusive decorating kit, complete with essential tools like an icing spatula, piping bags, tips, and couplers. Whether she's a novice or a pro, this comprehensive kit enhances her creativity in the kitchen, making them practical and thoughtful gifts for a mum to be.
50-Piece Decorating Kit
50-Piece Decorating Kit

Brand New Gift Ideas for Mum Who Has Everything

For seasoned mothers preparing to expand their families, customised gift ideas for mum emphasising her one-of-a-kind personality reminds this parenting pro that milestones deserve celebration too. Tailoring gifts for mum to be ideas specifically for her proves no one else could ever replace her love.

  • Custom Flower Swing Night Light: Illuminate her nights with a personalised touch by gifting her this unique night light, symbolising the cherished bond between you and your mum. Each time it glows, it radiates the love and connection shared within your family, making it one of the best gift ideas for a mum to be.
Custom Flower Swing Night Light
Custom Flower Swing Night Light
  • Aromatic Reed Diffuser: Enhance her space with the soothing scent of a reed diffuser, allowing the fragrance to gradually infuse the air for a calming ambiance. With the simple flip of the reeds, she can rejuvenate the aroma, ensuring a constant source of tranquillity in her home, making it a thoughtful choice among gift ideas for mum to be.
Aromatic Reed Diffuser
Aromatic Reed Diffuser
  • Personalized Cat Mum Pillow: Treat the cat-loving mum to a cosy haven for her much-needed cat naps, adorned with a personalised touch. Crafted from soft, comfortable material, this pillow becomes the ultimate spot for her and her feline friend to unwind, offering a delightful blend of comfort and companionship among personalised Mothers Day gifts.
Personalized Cat Mum Pillow
Personalized Cat Mum Pillow
  • Marble Bunny Sculpture: Add a touch of charm to her decor with this elegantly crafted marble bunny, blending modern aesthetics with timeless elegance. Its adorable yet sophisticated design makes it a captivating accent piece, perfect for adorning shelves or tabletops, making it a unique addition to gift ideas for mum who has everything.
Marble Bunny Sculpture
Marble bunny sculpture - Gift ideas for mum to be
  • Personalised Phone Case: This meticulously designed phone case not only shields your device with optimal protection but also serves as a daily reminder of life's treasured moments and significant locations. It's an ideal choice as a heartfelt gift idea for mum to be or a personal memento, seamlessly blending cherished memories with practicality for everyday use.
Personalised Phone Case - gift ideas for mum to be
Gift ideas for mum to be - Personalised phone case
  • Personalised Funny Door Mat: Crafted from premium materials, this sturdy and anti-slip doormat effectively traps dirt and moisture, ensuring a cleaner home environment. This whimsical door mat makes for delightful and practical gift ideas for mum to be.
Personalised Funny Door Mat
Personalised Funny Door Mat
  • Rose Gold Metal Mirror: Versatility meets elegance in this rose gold metal mirror, featuring three magnification levels for various needs. Perfect for daily grooming routines or on-the-go touch-ups, this mirror combines functionality with sophistication for timeless gift ideas for mother in law or any special woman in your life.
Rose Gold Metal Mirror
Rose Gold Metal Mirror

Pamper Gift Ideas for Mum to Be

Transport an expectant goddess into a blissful state of relaxation with gifts for mum to be ideas specifically designed to pamper. Best gift ideas for mum to be uk say take it easy.

  • Personalized Cat Sleep-shirt: Let her showcase her feline love in style with a custom sleep-shirt featuring her beloved cat's name. Whether lounging at home or enjoying outdoor adventures, this vibrant shirt adds a playful touch to her wardrobe, making it a fun and quirky option among personalised gifts for mum to be.
Personalized Cat Sleepshirt - Gift ideas for mum to be
Gift Ideas for Mum to Be - Personalized Cat Sleep-shirt
  • Elegant White Wood Jewelry Box: Elevate her accessory organisation with a chic wooden jewellery box, adorned with a creamy lacquer finish and plush grey velvet lining. Offering ample compartments for her precious pieces, this stylish case combines functionality with elegance, making it a sophisticated gift idea for mum to be.
White Wood Jewelry Box
White Wood Jewelry Box
  • Luxurious Scented Candle: Treat the mum-to-be to a sensory escape with our exquisite scented candle, encased in a sleek glass vessel with a modern touch of purple. Whether she's unwinding after a long day or setting the mood for a relaxing evening, this Copenhagen candle becomes a thoughtful indulgence amidst gift ideas for mum to be.
  • Whittard Hot Chocolate Gift Set: Delight her taste buds with a trio of indulgent hot chocolates, curated to offer creamy richness and luxurious flavour. An ideal addition to her pregnancy journey, this decadent set brings warmth and comfort to her cosy moments, making it a delightful choice among small gifts for mum to be.
Whittard Hot Chocolate Gift Set - gift ideas for mum to be
Gift ideas for mum to be - Whittard hot chocolate gift set

Supportive Pregnancy Gifts for First Time Moms UK 

First-time mums embarking on the parenting journey deserve extra-special care as their worlds prepare to indelibly change overnight. So finding gift ideas for mum to be or perfect gift sets for mum providing local love empower new moms with strength to carry on when midnight cries and endless laundry take their toll.

  • Maternity and Nursing Pillow: With its dual functionality, it transitions seamlessly from a comforting aid during pregnancy to a valuable support for nursing or bottle feeding, making them practical and thoughtful pregnancy gifts for first time moms uk.
Maternity and Nursing Pillow
Maternity and Nursing Pillow
  • Maternity Crop Leggings: Designed to provide both support and style, they become an essential staple among your selection of gift ideas for mum to be, ensuring she stays comfortable and chic throughout her journey to motherhood.
  • Jersey Wrap & Beanie Set: Keep her cosy and stylish with a soft jersey wrap and beanie set, perfect for adding warmth and flair to her maternity wardrobe. As a thoughtful addition to your collection of gifts for a mum to be, this set ensures she feels pampered and prepared for the journey ahead.
Jersey Wrap & Beanie Set
Jersey Wrap & Beanie Set

Top Ways to Support Moms-to-Be During This Time

Here are some top ways to provide that much-needed support and ensure they feel loved and cared for during this significant time. Remember, even small gestures, like thoughtful gift ideas for mum to be, can make a big difference in their experience.

  • Emotional Support: Beside these gifts for mum to be ideas above. Offer a listening ear and words of encouragement to alleviate any anxieties or concerns she may have during this transformative period.
  • Practical Assistance: Extend a helping hand with everyday tasks such as grocery shopping, meal preparation, or household chores to ease her workload. By offering practical support, you allow her to focus on self-care and preparing for the arrival of her little one, making it a thoughtful gesture among present ideas for mum to be.
  • Attend Appointments Together: Your presence can provide reassurance and comfort, strengthening your bond and demonstrating your commitment to supporting her every step of the way, absolutely one of the most meaningful gift ideas for mum to be.

Ready to Go with Baby Shower Party Outfit 

Here are some stylish suggestions to help you look your best as you celebrate the mom-to-be's special day. And don't forget to pair your ensemble with matching accessories or gift ideas for mum to be to make the occasion even more memorable.

  • Casual Chic: Opt for a flowy blouse paired with skinny jeans and ballet flats for a casual yet stylish look. Accessorise with delicate jewellery and a crossbody bag for added flair, perfect for mingling with friends and celebrating the mom-to-be's special day.
Gift ideas for mum to be - casual chic outfit
Gift ideas for mum to be - Casual chic outfit
  • Dressy Casual: Choose a knee-length sundress in a soft pastel hue, paired with sandals or wedges for a polished yet relaxed ensemble. Add a statement necklace and a clutch for a touch of sophistication, ideal for attending a baby shower at a friend or relative's home. Remember to pick out gift ideas for mum to be that match your outfit colour, so you'll stand out and catch everyone's attention at the party!
  • Smart Casual: Select a tailored jumpsuit or romper in a neutral tone, paired with block heels or mules for a smart casual vibe. Layer with a light cardigan or blazer for versatility and style, ensuring you're comfortable and chic while enjoying the festivities.

As you embark on celebrating special occasions with your friends, family, and loved ones, may each moment be filled with joy, laughter, and cherished memories. I wish you all the best as you create unforgettable experiences together. Don't hesitate to explore the diverse array of options available, including thoughtful gift ideas for mum to be.

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